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AguPips start gearing up for the 35th Pautakan

By jrldizon

August 28, 2008 – One of the UP Aguman’s most popular pet projects, the Pautakan 2008 was officially launched by the Educational Committee, headed by its Chairperson Buduy Mallari, during a GenMeet held last Thursday. Now on its 35th year, it will be held on October 23-25, 2008 at D
on Bosco Academy Pampanga. This year’s theme is “Individual Excellence through Team Play”.

Numerous elementary and high schools from Pampanga will challenge the defending champions Holy Family Academy (Elementary) and Don Bosco Academy (High School) for this year’s titles. The eventiual Jade (35th) Champions will win trophies and medals of pride and honor and of course, a year's worth of bragging rights. for being the brightest academic team in the whole province of Pampanga. The high school champion will also earn the privilege of representing UP Aguman and Pampanga in PatalaSanlahi, an academic competition featuring the champions of the all the other provincial organizations in UP Diliman.

This year, the EducComm’s objective is to come up with one, if not the best, of the most unforgettable and most prestigious Pautakan, in line with UP Aguman’s 35th Anniversary. Rightly so, Pautakan 2008 is endorsed by the Department of Education in Pampanga.

During the launch, the task assignments of the Aguman’s six working committees were announced with the details and target deadlines. Each member was also organized into the different subject categories for the making of the Pautakan questions. These lists of committee and questions assignments and an updated questions guideline (originally written by Arch. Roland Alejandrino, Diquit-Diquit 1996A) were uploaded in the Files section of the residents’ Yahoo! Group.

The Educational Committee is composed of the following members: Buduy Mallari, Renz, Caliguia, Josef Marimla, Joms Caylao, Cindy Paguio, RJ Esguerra, Ruth Henson, Neicy Nicdao and Anj Herico.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Closet Admirer Another


Dear Binibining Bangs,

My name is Colbie Cailaou, a 4th year high school student and I wrote to you because I have no one else to ask payo from. Actually, I did like ask some of my friends, pero they were like clueless talaga on what to do. I really wish my dilemma was as about a girl. Pero awkwardly enough, it’s about a guy!

I met this guy named Santiago (yes, as in the capital of Chile) at school. He signed up for the first time at the Debate Club at the start of this school year. Since I’m actually an incoming officer of the club, I was a little friendlier to him to make him feel welcome in the club. And even to the ibang newbies, at that. We like, don’t belong to the same section and he’s like bagong transfer at our school, pero because of club activities, we were acquainted with each other more than usual.

So there was this one event when we got assigned to the same ad hoc committee. Well of course, club work is not a hundrend percent exciting, so during the boring parts of it, we were able to have a little chit chat, share a few personal experiences, stuff like that. Umm, yeah, I can like consider him as a really good acquaintance talaga. Probably even a friend na rin, because I agreed to be his partner in other future club activities because we have a good working relationship na rin. And, gosh! That’s when things started to go berserk!

Since he was not in my main barkada naman talaga at school, we weren’t really like hanging out palagi. One day na lang bigla, he seemed aloof. Then I heard of a chismis that he was like galit at me. I am not really the confrontational person and besides, I felt that I did not do anything to him naman kasi, so I just let the issue pass without addressing the issue. We’re not that close anyway. Then a common friend told in me that he was like, hurt or something because I was ignoring him daw, especially since he considers me his best friend. I was like, “Err mei gaud! What was he thinking calling me his bestfriend?!” Does he expect me to like call him like that, too? It's just crazy!

For a moment, I considered talking to him pero he was acting up so I just let the issue pass. Again, besides, he doesn't matter at all in my universe. But then the chismis got worse! People are now saying that the reason he was being such a baby about our ‘friendly away’ was because he actually liked me. OMFG!

Now our common friends and colleagues at the club are saying that I should patch things up with him or else the Debate Club will be affected. Back when we were still parang friends, we agreed to co-head a certain event during our school’s Foundation Day. And now that we need to like, make ayos some stuff for the event, we’re not on the best terms.

I want to patch things up with him naman, if only to save the working relationship. Pero I feel weird knowing that he’s gay pala all along and that he has feelings for me. I can’t freakin' like him back! I really like a certain girl from our sister school and we’ve been dating for months already. And the truth be known, I am not just into those kind of relationships! I am conservative noh! I feel insulted already, because this is not the first time that another guy made papansin to me and gave malice to the way I befriended them. Am I like a gay magnet or something?

And now, my clubmates has set a date and time for us to talk. But I don't know what to say to him! I might end up punching him or something. Please please help me.
BBBB, Colbie Cailaou


Haller Baler Colbie! OMV! (Oh my veggie!) I must say, sumakit ang bangs ko sa letter mo, ano? Englishing kung Englishing!

So going back to your problem another, it’s soooo high school. You’re just being you, I suppose. First of all, talk in a public place, okay? Dahil wit po natin knows kung anechi ang pwedeng maganap sa mga "closed-door meeting" you know? Haha!

Second of all, just be honest. Statement kung Statement! After all, honesty is the best policy, next to godliness and orderliness. Pero careful ka lang at huwag sana chakahin and pagkatao ng sisterette nating nagtatago pa sa closet. Dahil sa totoo lang, mas malamang kaysa hindi, mas hagGardo Versosa ang life ni marzi, lalu na’t preeshie pa itong si ineng sa school. At syempre wala pa siyang amiga galore para maging shoulder to cry on just in case ma-depress ang lola mo sa mga pagdump mo sa kanya.

Do you have any idea how unrequited love feels? Gush! It's suuu pinful! Sabihin na natin that it’s not your groovy kind of life, pero it is to him, you know. Kumbaga ikaw ang Sergio ng kumare nating si Marimar! Haha! Hindi mo naman kailangan makipagbahay-bahayan, ano. Be sensitive lamang and let him down easily. It’s the least you can do for our poor purple butterfly. He's already being hit hard, everyday, by people who are afraid na afraid sa mga may berdeng jugo, so wag na jumoin. Keribelles?

As for your Debate Club situation, well, be professional na lang. After all, that’s what being a leader is about. Eh ano naman ngayon kung may past tense ang performance niyo? Basta’t malinaw sa kanya na hanggang tingin lang talaga siya sa iyo, then there shouldn’t be any problem. Ngayon, kung may i afraid ka na baka any any e bigla ka nyang ichova sa dilim, huwag kang assumero, keri? Unless betchina ka ng buong kaharian. Haha! (And if that's the case... ano na nga ulit number mo? haha!) Hindi naman nya makukuha ang n*ta mo kung wit mo ivovolunteer!

As for his being the needy and clingy as a friend, it’s his problem already, you know. Sabi mo nga, "he’s like, not naman talaga like your main barkada like". So wag shang imbentotera ng mga bestfriend stories. At best friend pa talaga ang term of endearment niya, haha! Pwede namang honeybabes, sweetheart, cupcake, bukopie, dava?! Sa mga friendships ay walang nagaganap na 'tawagan'. Eh sino ba ang may sabi na kailangan may best friend? Baka naman gusto niya eh magpa-recognize pa kayo sa Office of the Principal at mag-request ng official tambayan for more?! Or magka-theme song at logo! Haha!

As for his being gay... Sure kaba na kumarzi ang minchung itey? Baka naman ikaw lang nag-iisip? Haha! Sabihin mo sumulat siya sa akin at tutulungan ko siyang marealize kung ano ba talaga siya, bwahahaha! Nevertheless, ipaintindi mong mabuti sa kanya how his affectations make you feel uneasy. Minsan may mga tao talaga na akala nila wala lang ang mga sinasabi o ginagawa nila sa mga object of their true affection, pero meron, meron, meron! Sampalin mo! Haha!

For the meantime, keep your interactions professional and your personal bonding at a minimum. Ikaw na rin ang nagsabi, you’re not even that close. I am sure naman na makakahanap siya ng iba niyang friends sa campus niyo, yung mga pipol na keri ang lahi ng mga sweet. Well, sadly hindi ikaw yun, or pwede rin daw? Haha! Huwag kang mag-alala, makaka-move on din siya! But huwag mo naman siyang iwasan na para siyang ketongin, kawawa naman...dalhin mo na lang siya sa ospital for more charity! Haha!

So there pader. Another frablem hopefully solved!


Dear Binibining Bangs, pwede ka bang maging editor sa aming tabloid? ~Bulgar
OMFV! Sersyal! But noooowr. Happy na ako here eh. This is my home na talaga. I am a true blue Aslag Onliner! (Parang bus transit). Let’s not burn bridges. Dito ako nagkabreak, dito na ako mamamatay, haha!

“This is pure genius.” ~The New York Times
OMFV ulit! Haha! Lumevel ang ating bida!! Haha! Teka, ako nga pala iyon, haha. Ibang level talaga. Pero gaya ng nasabi ko, Aslag Online forever! Wohoo! Iba pa rin talaga ng level dito. Ang mahilera lang ang bangs ko sa mga tulad ni Nic Nicdao, John Carl Gozun at marami pang iba, lalo pa itong humahaba, hehe.

PaBIDA of the Week:
Binibining Bangs, paki-greet naman yung kras ko na itago na lang natin sa pangalang Miss Kotetsu, birthday niya sa August 30. Thanks! Fan mo siya. ~Mr. Solis
O Miss Kotetsu, happy birthday! Jusko, anhaba ng bangs mo ah. Pinapa-greet ka pa talaga niya. Gawin ba akong PA? Haha! Anyway, glad to be the bida PA. Mas magiging kayo kung ibili mo siya ng cake. Sa Red Ribbon, pagawa ka ng fondant cake dun. Paprint mo: “Happy birthday, Mrs. Solis!” Para winner!

Di tulad ng aking naipangako, hindi pa muna ako nakapag-podcast. Next time na lang, ha? Busy-busyhan with acads ang lola niyo. Promise next time, bida ever with audio na talaga!

Laging tandaan, ang taong di marunong magmahal ng sariling wika, sa call center naglipana! Oh siya, shine na!

Binibining Bangs

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Wisdom Tooth

It was at 11 pm on the Ides of March when her phone rang. While lying on her bed, she answered the call.

“Hi Anna, can we meet next week? We need to work with our report in Theology. It’d be best if we prepare early…and oh, by the way I bought a Latin-English dictionary to help us understand the new supplements,” the caller said.

“Ah, sure we can meet. Um, Giovanni, about your –”

“Damn, my wisdom tooth hurts, and I don’t know if I should have it removed,” he broke in.

“Really? Um, about your personal problem…um, are you okay now?” she asked.

There was long silence. Giovanni sat on his chair beside his bed and stared at the dark sky. He saw the nimbus clouds filling the sky.

“Sort of. I mean –” he said in a soft voice. Giovanni’s eyes expressed sadness. “I still don’t know who I am. I don’t know if I’m fucking Superman who helps, but doesn’t receive any help.”

Anna frowned. She looked outside her window and saw the raindrops starting to fall.

“I save my friends, but they cannot save me from the mist of loneliness. How can I inspire my friends when I know I don’t have any inspiration? I share my wisdom with others, but having it brings much pain in my heart.” he softly said, and his tears started to fall.

“Stop it Gio. Please don’t make it a big deal. Just calm down.”

“How do I calm down?!” he cried out. He sobbed with his tears, but still continued to rant as if he didn’t hear what Anna said. “Someone said that I’m Santa Claus. Hell yeah, he’s right! I always give gifts to the friends I want to give importance, but I don’t feel any in return! I bring out money to treat many friends when I enjoy their company so much, but I don’t know why I do it. I always spare time with them just to listen to their problem, and somehow give possible solutions. Still, I’m the one who experiences pain in the end. Did I lack anything? Tell me!”

“Uh,” she reacted. She felt the depression of Giovanni, for she knew him by heart. She knew that he was a generous and courteous man, but people wouldn’t care see his sincerity. She also knew that he was actually seeking for importance. She thought that for ages, Giovanni had been feeling the need to change his self. He had been searching for true friends who could answer who he is and who he should be.

It was raining so hard. The heavens wept.


The sun gave the coffee shop’s green mermaid beautiful rays.

“Yeah, let’s do this report and give it our best!” he said with high spirit. Giovanni sat down and brought out their Theology draft report and dictionary. “What do gestum and gigno mean? Hmm, here, yeah,” he mumbled while he was turning the pages of the dictionary.

“So Mister Emo is not crazy anymore, eh?” Anna jokingly asked as she laughed.

“Pardon? Haha!” He laughed gleefully.

She raised her left eyebrow while smiling.

“Nah, I guess that night, you gave the best piece of advice,” he said as he remembered what Anna told him that night.

“You experience pain because of a certain reason… Only you yourself can define who you really are. Maybe you need other people to help you, but they are just the motivations for you to change. Plus, the choices that you make define who you really are. You keep on searching for importance, but can’t seem to notice that there are people who give you such. You overlook us. You already have what you want but you seem to aim and hunger for the impossible. It’s your choice to make a change to yourself, and that mere choice will redefine you.”

“How’s your wisdom tooth? You said you had it removed,” she asked.

“My dentist chose not to. Well, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I just had to stand on the pain and wait for it to grow.”

“So, Giovanni, do you have the answer to your question?”

“…of who I am?”

She nodded.

He stared at the dictionary and smiled.


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Announcements: FinComm Updates

*PAUTAKAN 2008: Available nala reng sponsorship letters for Pautakan 2008. Kuma nakayu keng tambayan and inform the FinComm member na maka-assign kekayu.
*Have-Your-Havs Raffle Draw! Available nala reng raffle tickets. 100 tickets per member.
Draw Date: September 17, 2008
*Mag-submit nakayu rin design for shirt, lanyard and pins for Pautakan 2008.

FinCOMM Members:

I remain, not for myself alone,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Announcement: Upcoming Pinanari 2008A Activities

MemComm would like to remind the AguPips of the following activities:

August 25 - Socio-Cultural Committee Workshop
August 27 - Buddy Que Yan and Mems Quiz
August 28 - Buddy Getup Party at Vinzon's Rooftop
September 3 - Talents Night at Vinzon's Rooftop
TBA - Records & Publication and Membership Committee Workshop

The alumni are more than welcome to attend the activities! Sana makalabas kayu.
Residents, attend tamu ne? Masaya ini!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wala Akong Maisip Na Title

Ode to Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash

It’s no secret that the main reason why I joined Aguman was THE Pautakan. Naturally, the moment I was asked to choose which committee I wanted to be a part of, I chose the committee that had the most to do with the prestigious competition: Educ.
More people expected me to be in Records & Pub since I was a writer in high school and my beloved buddy
was the org secretary. But it never came to the point where I had to choose between Educ and Records & Pub, because the moment I learned that Educ was the committee in-charge of Pautakan, I swore (you heard it right, my beloved Orochimaru-sama. I did not just promise, I swore) to dedicate myself to that committee. Halfway through my application I had already been begging Gboi big time to make me a part of his committee. (And early this year I made a deal with Buduy to make sure that I stayed in Educ. ^_^)
And thus, you could imagine what I felt when, during my first semester as a member of Educ, I heard people say a few very unflattering remarks about my committee.
As a member of the committee they were bashing, of course I was hurt. But I have to respect other people’s rights to express their opinions, especially since the claims weren’t exactly baseless. It’s true; our committee was and is still far from perfect. There were a lot of issues we had to contend with, a lot of responsibilities we weren’t able to accomplish, a lot of things we could have done better. There certainly were times when we failed as members of the committee and as members of the organization.
But then again, which committee never screwed up?
I accept that in all our capacity as humans, we make mistakes. But just as we shouldn’t judge a person based solely on his or her mistakes, I think our worth as a committee shouldn’t be judged solely on our screw ups as well. After all, for all that our past mistakes could be worth, there were also responsibilities that we were able to deliver and there were things that we were able to do right. That’s true, too.
It’s my second semester in Educ, and as far as I’ve seen, Gboi and Buduy’s ways of running the committee are as different as Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. One tries to shoulder as much responsibility as he could, the other tries to get everyone involved. Three things stay the same despite the difference in leadership style. We try to do our duties. There are times when we succeed. There are times when we fail.
I’m not saying that we’re better than other committees or it’s wrong to bash Educ or any other com. What I’m saying is that we AguPips all contribute in making Aguman events great. We all have responsibilities, though there may be times when we’re not able to do all of them. But what’s important is that we work together and we look after each other.
For me, that’s what makes this family great.

The Babes

A lot of times, when I get attached to someone because he or she gives me a lot of attention, I tend to get very annoyed whenever that person gives somebody else the same kind of attention. Someone who used to be a part of my life put it this way: he said I was possessive. Now why did I say ‘used to be a part of my life’? Well, his remark pissed me off so much that I decided to prove to him how easy it would be for me to share him with the whole world. Now he could declare himself as public property, for all I care.
I am not possessive. I just… get annoyed easily.
If there was a person I’d be attached to in this org, it would be my buddy (who happens to be our current President). What could I say? She’s the greatest – she took care of me, was very supportive and protective, she made sure I knew and had what I needed. She cut majors so we could satisfy application requirements, she opened her personal life to me, and she treated me like I was her little sister. And so I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that I felt this familiar feeling of annoyance again when she took another buddy this semester.
Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous whenever my Budd does something for my sibling that she didn’t do when I was an app. Like when she said that she was going to print a fact sheet for my sibling for Buddy Que Yan. Heck, we just cheated during that contest. A few members know this and have been teasing me about it, so before things get out of hand, let me tell you what the real deal is.
Fortunately, our situation is a lot better than the other buddies who are now in the buddy-fight of their lives. While I did tell my Budd that I didn’t really want to have a sibling yet, she never promised me anything, and so there are no broken promises here. More importantly, I do know that the relationship I have with my Buddy is not shallow – we won’t grow apart just because of time or distance or other people who may come our way. I guess I can’t help feeling jealous at times because that’s the way I am, but I keep myself in check: I do realize that in this org, we’re all part of one big family and we shouldn’t develop bonds with just a few people, like our buddies. Buddies are there to help you through the application, but when you’re in, it’s like everyone becomes your buddy. Believe me when I say that I’d love to have more people in this family, and if a way to do that is to support my buddy’s taking in another app (Of all people, I’m the one who knows how great she is as a buddy), I’m fine with it.
As for that ‘doing what she didn’t do when I was an app’ thing, I told you, I keep myself in check. If there’s anything that sitting in Math 109 this sem has taught me, it’s being logical. (Ne, Kuya Gboi? J) We learn from our past experiences and we try to do better the next time. My Budd learned that cheating in Buddy Que Yan will not take you anywhere (although we did make it to fourth place) so this time she’s doing it right.
So to Jhennybabes, I love you like a sister and you know it; I get jealous at times but I tell you about it and I never keep it from you. Nothing has changed; you’re still the best, and you’re still my Budd. ^_^ And to Jhonababes… Matdas ka! (Kidding!) Everything’s been explained. Just do things right and I’m sure we’ll get along. ^_^

It’s a Mems Thing

I remember the first comment I wrote in our apps’ logbook when I was an applicant. My buddy wrote some lame joke and I scribbled ‘Haha, funny! Go Budd!’ beside it. The next day, I saw that someone had written a remark about what I wrote.
One word. ‘Duh!’
I wanted to cry. The handwriting was unmistakable; it was Mike’s. How worse can this get, I thought. Mike was a guy I supposedly knew before college and he was even my classmate in a GE subject. He was supposed to be kind to me!
A lot of times when I was an app, I thought that the mems were downright nasty. Many times they laughed at us, they were mean to us, and they took pleasure in playing with us. But now that I am a member and there’s a bunch of apps here, (no offense to Carlo and Demsen, I love you guys, but I just couldn’t feel the app process last sem) I realize that maybe being kind of nasty to apps sometimes is a mems’ thing. You don’t have anything against them and most of them time you’re actually kind to them, but there are just times when you want to see how much the kids would take or how far they are willing to go to be a part of this family.
I laugh at the fact that now that I’m a member, I’m doing the very things I that thought were nasty when I was an app! Kuya Justin shared a funny tactic: when apps greet him, he doesn’t say anything and just looks at them poker-faced. The apps are stricken and quickly go as far as they could away from him. After this, he laughs at what he just did. And big time too. J
Recently, an app made his first comment in their logbook. ‘Apps,’ he wrote (You gotta admire this guy’s fiber. He didn’t even say ‘co-apps’), ‘Eku buring mamasang makaba. Iklian niyo. Sulat kayo lagi’. Before I could even think about what I was doing, I had written an obscenity (in screaming letters too) beside his note. It was followed by the lines ‘Anong ‘apps’'? Baket, feeling mo mem ka na? Feeler!’
Now that’s a hundred times worse than your ‘Duh!’, ne Mike? ^_^

ACLE with Kuya Marco and Bong

I know that this column’s already long, but I couldn’t bear to leave this out.
In the middle of ACLE, Kuya Marco, Kuya Bong and I found ourselves together in a table in Casaa, sharing a pack of chips and two plates of tacos. It was by far the most interesting conversation I’ve had with anyone this month: we talked about the four-person debate that was going on in PH 108 as we ate, me joining the other AguPips who’ll rent the house next to Kuya Bong’s and the outrageous Lamborghini Reventon. I don’t know how we arrived at the weird subject, but near the end, these two guys ended up trying to explain to me why they thought some men masturbate. They gave an informally academic explanation, mind you.
After their explanation, we decided to leave and were on our way back to 108 when Kuya Bong blurted out, “Di ba pag kumain ka ng kamatis may red-red sa tae mo?”
I looked at him in amusement. “Ows?”
Kuya Marco was unimpressed. “Pati din naman pag kumain ka ng pakwan.”
Sigh. Alternative Classroom Learning Experience indeed. The things you learn only from your orgmates.

Domo Arigatou

Rex-sama, domo arigatou for you-know-what. ^_^

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Performance versus Appearance

Living in a household where a lot of people come and go, I have my share of time observing how people use their techie gadgets. The most common thing people have these days are laptops and desktops. Desktops are cheaper and have more computing power than laptops but laptops provide portability. Statistically speaking, laptops are more common than desktops. I could go on and talk about how Linux-based OS would be a better option but I’d rather not, since most of you who might read this haven’t or have minimal experience with Linux-based OS. What I’ll just talk about is how to help your “toy” perform better and maximize its hardware capabilities. (All suggestions would not involve pirated software of course!)

Which OS should you use?
It depends actually. Whatever was provided when you bought your laptop, you should use it because you paid for it. There is no such thing as free XP or free Vista. Vendors are just saying it’s a package and it’s free but you are actually paying for the OS. Now if you have a choice whether to get a vista laptop or XP, go for XP. Vista is so damn slow and takes up so much space and you only get sub par graphics with your desktop which you don’t really need. Plus, using Vista will give you that annoying security thing every time you copy or delete or execute files. Ah, stupidity and redundancy at its finest. And may I quote Rex on this one, “It’s just like the guards at mall entrances – they pretend to check your bag but in reality, it’s just for show. It’s practically useless and just a waste of time.”

How can I maximize my XP experience?

I would suggest you use nLite on your XP installer to get rid of things that you don’t need before installing to your laptop. This will get rid of languages that you don’t really use and extra drivers to hardware that your laptop doesn’t have. An nLited version of XP would help you trim down your installation requirements to less than 2GB. If XP is already installed in your laptop, I suggest you change your settings to “adjust for best performance”. This would remove unnecessary themes and eyecandy that would just consume your RAM. Refer to this document.

What antivirus should I use?
This one is the ultimate question for Microsoft product users. I don’t recommend Norton, since the whole thing just unnecessarily eats up your resources. (Norton Ghost? Are you there?) If it were 2 years ago, I will suggest AVG but I don’t recommend it now. Try Avast. It’s free and lightweight! If you’re using Linux, it’s worry free surfing. No malware to watch out for and no viruses to infect your system! Sorry, I couldn’t help it! Haha!

WTF?! Windows Media Player can’t play *.avi and *.mp4 files?
Yeah. Yeah. Sucks huh? That’s windows for you, haha. The media player would suggest you download codecs from the internet but that wouldn’t be a good idea. Instead, use VLC media player which plays almost all video formats – including FLVs so you don’t need FLV players after getting videos from YouTube.

I have internet! Yay!
I suggest you install a download manager and a torrent manager so you can download stuff you like. What’s the difference? Download managers help you resume direct downloads in case you get disconnected while torrent mangers are well for torrents. I suggest you use μTorrent and Flashget. These two don’t eat up a lot of resources and are free from ads and spyware.

When you browse websites, don’t do so using IE7. It is the devil! Aside from its copycat use of tabs, it’s just a lousy upgraded browser Microsoft created with very few add-ons. Use Firefox! Aside from being much more secure than IE7, Firefox has a lot of plug-ins and extensions that could help you customize your browser as you please. With Firefox, you get the ultimate browsing experience!

If you have instant messenger accounts like Yahoo! (ya-hoooh! Not yahhhh-hooh), Gmail, AOL etc., use Pidgin so that you can put all these accounts in one window. Plus, Pidgin is a lot faster than YM is because it does not have the voice call option. If you want to do voice calls, use Skype instead. It’s way better!

Some other reminders! When installing new software to your laptop, as much as possible, always do custom installations. This will help you remove the things you don’t need. For example you want to install Nero and you don’t do custom install, you will get a movie player, a video creator, a video streamer etc. These other things might already be part of your system. All you really need is software to burn CDs/DVDs so just install what you need.

Stay away from porn sites! Do not click that Angelina.jolie.exe file or that blinking cute blond girl. Malicious software and viruses usually lurk in these sites because users usually can’t resist going deep into these sites. If you really can’t resist the temptation of browsing porn sites, I guess the best way to browse is through Linux-based OS. And if you want pornography, just click here. (Please don’t click the link. Pornography is bad!)

Is that all? No other handy softwares?
7zip. For compressing and uncompressing files! It’s free!
Rename! Mass rename files! (only for the OC people!)

That’s it for now. I hope I don’t get fired for writing a very boring column. Haha! I hope I could make an interesting one next time. Oh! And one last thing, Try creating a folder named “con” in windows. I’ll give one hundred bucks to anyone who can do it. Haha! Bye!


10 plus 10 is 100!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UP Aguman makes its grand return in the ACLE

By Kenshin

August 14, 2008 -- T
he UP Aguman participated again at the UPD University Student Council's Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) and featured lam, the first ever Kapampangan TV series.

After not being able to participate for a year from the traditional university event, presenting a broader sense of the Kapampangan spirit to centennial year through the discussion and screening of the lam has been the main goal of the organization.

In line with this, Educational Committee Chairperson Ferdinand Mallari, Jr and Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson Jeremiah Torrico invited Jason Paul Laxamana (head of the Kapampangan youth group "Kalalangan Kamaru" and the writer-director of lam), Mau Aquino (General Manager of Infomax 8, the channel where lam will be shown), three out of the seven lead actors and other staff of the production team, for a discussion of broadcasting and the role it plays with the cultivation and restoration of our sense of ethnicity not only with thoughts but also in our actions. To the delight of the audience, the full first episode of lam was shown for the first time. It was also discussed how the use of our own native language can enhance the effects of regional broadcasting with its target audience.

being the first ever Kapampangan-oriented TV series, aims to restore the now fluctuating Kapampangan cultural awareness of our youth due to being exposed to popular culture and teach the Kapampangan younger generation the things that we our unconsciously forgetting.

Left: Jer and Buduy join the two speakers, Ms. Mau Aquino and Jason Laxamana.
Right: Prof. Nilo Ocampo, with other guests, listens attentively to the speakers.

which literally means "gift", tells the story of a young man named Yubs who possesses a supernatural gift. At first, he didn't actually realize the extent nor the use of his ability except as a way to exact revenge to those who bully him because of his somewhat unusual background, until a group of other "gifted" individuals started to reach out to him and invited him to be a part of their movement. And thus starts his journey to self-searching which leads to other "exciting" people as well as events that may change the course of his life.

The actual TV premiere of the program will be on August 27, on Infomax 8, a community cable channel that broadcasts from City of San Fernando.

Kalalangan Kamaru is the same group behind the release a few months ago of the 1st Kapampangan Rock Album RocKapampangan, which is a compilation CD of 16 Kapampangan songs by 16 Kapampangan bands. The advocates in the group, along with producers from Infomax 8, view lam as another groundbreaking event for all Kapampangans in Pampanga and other places.

Aguman's presentation of lam was attended by other Capampangans students from UPD, Broadcast Communication students, some language majors, and even a student from nearby Miriam College. One of the more prominent attendees of the ACLE was CAL Professor Nilo Ocampo, who was a Kapampangan himself. After the talk, the Infomax 8 team requested recorded feedbacks from Prof. Nilo Ocampo, the Aguman officers and other attendees. The soundbites were later used for the news feature about the ACLE on the evening newscast of Infomax 8. The good feedbacks even from the non-Kapampangan students after the screening demonstrated its possible welcome of lam and other regional TV series in the regional broadcasting world.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Confused Heart Another!

Aslag Online presents the first ever advice column from none other than your favorite AOL writer/contributor other than Neicy, Binibining Bangs! She is now formally accepting letters where you can ask for advice on your many different problems. Use codenames if you don't want your identities revealed. She will never divulge your real names if you trust her enough to actually submit them, unless she is given a big sum of money. She was quoted to have said, "Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon, bawal magkasakit!" How that statement is connected, we don't know. Just send your letters to up(dot)aguman(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject "Payong Pabida". This is open even for non-AguPips. For any messages, type them in on the comments section. Binibining Bangs herself will answer your fan mails and letters. Okirampa? DISCLAIMER: Follow Binibining Bangs' advices at your own risk. Haha!


Dear Binibining Bangs,

I’m Joelry Delamar Crusada, a college student from the land of guys-running-naked. Like your average kikay girl, I’m juggling my compromising academic life, my demanding organizations and a crazy-sometimes-absent social life. I am writing this letter with a very confused heart. For some people, my problem is a classic plot in Filipino movies, or a recurring subject in most blogs, but for me, it’s definitely an SOS situation. To make complicated things simple: my heart beats for two persons. I have been trying to answer the cliché question: “Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you, or are you going after the one you love?” Well to fairly describe the situation, I’m gonna tell one special moment I had with each of them so you can have an idea of what I’m into.

I have been with my boyprin, Bittrel, for three happy years now. The journey has been totally amazing. Like normal couples, we have had the best and the worst of times. He is my best friend and I can be myself around him. Bittrel is the simple and silent type, he’d let things cool down first before we talk about something we don’t agree about. One thing I love about him is he leaves small notes and candies that make me fall in love like a high school girl every time. There was this one time when I had a big fight with my Mom so I called him up, crying and depressed. Minutes later, he was at my doorstep bringing blueberry cheese cake and double-dutch ice-cream to comfort me. He sat at my side until I fell asleep. When I woke up, he left me a note in my hand and hot chocolate on my side table. Bittrel never fails to assure me that he loves me, and most of all he is probably the kindest person I have ever met.

On the other hand, I have this other guy who I met, back when Bittrel and I were just friends. Diomendelev was my biggest crush at that time. We would argue in class, tease each other, and be friends all at the same time. It was an “exciting” relationship. He’d show up at my door and ask me right then and there to go out of town, or anywhere new, with him. There was this one time when me and my friends celebrated my “belated happy birthday” at the mall food-court. We were having a nice time, when suddenly my name was being called at the microphone of the activity center. “May we please call on Ms. Delamar Crusada to come upstage?” I was so embarrassed, ‘cause everybody was suddenly looking for “Delamar Crusada” from the people at food-court. My friends were cheering for me to play along, a band was singing a birthday song and what else could I do? For fun’s sake, I got up and by the time I stepped on the stage, Diomendelev was there holding a bouquet of flowers smiling. Ideally, this would be a happy ending, but Diomendelev and I never happened, because he had to leave the country for a sports training. When he came home after a year, we couldn’t go back to the way it was. He was busy, I was busier and it was so convenient to settle for friendship. Now, he’s trying to bring back whatever it is that we had, and obviously I cannot play that game anymore.

I love Bittrel, and I loved Diomendelev. I want to be with someone who makes me uncomfortable and excited. But I also want to be with someone with a love that’s sure. Should I take the chance and finally see what might have been? Or do keep the sweet status quo?

I hope you can help me, because I don’t want to hurt anyone with my troubled heart.
XOXO, Joelry Delamar Crusada


Hi Joelry Delamar Crusada!

First of all, thank you for entrusting Payong Pabida with your love problem. As you know, nag-uumpisa pa lang ang column na itey, and I am really looking forward to help my readers with their pabidang lurve and layp frablems.

Second of all, kamusta naman ang codename mo dava? Bidang bida, haha! Kaya ko napili ang letter mo eh -- pangalan pa lang, bida na. Di ko naman talaga nabasa yung problema mo, haha!

Pero huwag ka, when I read your letter, bigla kong naalala ang kabataan ko. Na-experience na rin ng lola niyo ang kaguluhan na yan kaya I can just imagine na maloka-loka ka na by now. But seriously, kahit tumambling-tambling kapa dyan e siguradong may masasaktan sa isa or dalawa sa inyong tatlo.

Ang chika mo e confused ka kung sino ang pipiliin. Pero technically lamang ano, wala na dapat pilian na magaganap dava? According to the Bible (religious?), bawal ang dalawang jowaers. Mag-share ka naman daw kasi sa ibang atetra na tulad ko, haha! Ikaw na mismo chumika na you’re off the market, kaya Atechi, panindigan mo na yung buframels mo. Sayang naman yung three happy years, edi parang joke lang pala nung sinabi mong lurve mo si boyprin Bittrel?

Just in case naman na piliin mo ang amazing adventure, ingat-ingat lamang ano. Malay mo, it will not be what you hoped for. One more thing, hindi ba mejo selfish kung sundin mo yung gusto mo at the price of hurting your buframels? Oo nga, you’ll be able to answer the “what ifs” of your heart, pero naman duuy, naisip mo ba, what if si Bittrel na pala yung minchu na inimbento for you?

From where I’m standing, I understand na si Diomendelev (Russo ba siya? Kalurky ang pag-pronounce, haha! Parang volleyball player! Haha!) ang lost love mo, pero lost China na nga yun diba? Speaking of China, sa Beijing, CHINA ang Olympics ngayon. Wala lang, sharing. Meron po kasi tayong tinatawag na “moving on” at nasa Merriam-Webster Dictionary po ito, page 56. Majojonda na tayee, at by now, alam mo na yung DAPAT. Marzi, hindi lahat ng gusto, e pwede or tama. Okay, sabihin na nating nag-go go go ka at kinarir mo nga itong si Diomendelev, pero diba forever mo paring dadalhin sa conchens mo na sinaktan mo itong napakabait na si Bittrel? Hindi ka lang nawalan ng buframels, nawalan ka din ng bespren.

Lahat naman tayong mga gurlz e bet na bet magkaron ng mahabang hairlamey, pero kung meron kang nasasaktang iba, keri na siguro ung maging kalbo ka nalang dava? Chika!

Pero seriously, kung love mo pa ang buframels mo, stay. Pero kung hindi na, be honest. Sabihin mo lahat ng reasons bakit, kailan, saan, ano, papaano, magkano! Haha! And in case hindi maging Winnie Monsod ang chever nyo ni Diomendelev, huwag mag-regret. Isipin mo na lang nag-multiple choice exam ka na one item lang, all or nothing tapos mali yung nabilugan mo dahil banlad ka!

Sana nakatulong ako na mainspire man lang kita na maging fair ano. May kasabihan nga tayo, wag maglaro ng apoy kung wala kang pot holder! Haha!

To the Aslag Online Team, salamat sa suporta at tiwala ano?! Anganda ng intro niyo para sa akin. Sana pinost niyo yung bank account ko kung saan kayo pwede magdeposit ng bribe, este donations! Haha!

Dear Binibining Bangs, Bwiset ka! Bakit lagi mo na lang akong binubuking sa mga Eksenang Agu mo! Maghanap ka ng ibang pagtitripan! ~JCD
Well, well, well, look do we have here? Kasalanan ko bang pabida ka lagi, ha? Huwag ka kasing pumaPrimetime Bida kapag may Aguman activity nang di ka napapansin. Atribidang bata!

Dear Binibining Bangs, I am such a huge fan. Iba ka talaga. Sana every week mayroong Eksenang Agu, hindi lang tuwing may major events ~Secret Admirer
Maraming salamat. Pinapahaba mo naman masyado ang bangs ko, haha! Kapagod naman masyado kung every week may Eksenang Agu diba? Ano ako, reporter? Tumambay ka kasi, nang hindi ka nahuhuli sa chika at sa mga bonggang bonggang bonding! Alam mo, kilala kita eh. Kapag wala ka sa tambayan, ikaw pinag-uusapan, haha! Kaya mag-aparisyon ka okay? Laters!

Dear Binibining Bangs, sana naman ireveal mo man lang eventuall ang mga identities ng mga blind items mo. Ang hirap kasi hulaan nung iba. ~Low Gets
Naku, naku, mag-Promil ka na lang. Baka may pag-asa pa. Kung di mo pa rin magets, nako ewan ko na lang. Are you on Vista XP? Padagdag ka na rin ng RAM, para bumilis bilis ka, haha!

PaBIDA of the Week:
Dear Binibining Bangs, sino ka ba talaga? Sabi nila ikaw daw si Yek. Yung iba naman, ikaw saw si Rex. Lalaki ka Pala? Ano ba talaga? Gusto kita ma-meet! Tinamaan na yata ako sa iyo. ~Your biggest fan
Aba! Ang ganda ko! Hahaha! I love you, too! Haha! As for your question.. Ninu ako? Metung yang sikretu yan na eku panyabyan. Kaluguran yu ku, balu ku! Haha!

Laging tandaan, kung sweet ka nung bata, beklurre ka pagtanda! Osha sha Padilla, sa uulitin!

BBBB (Because the ‘B’ is so much cooler than the ‘X’ and ‘O’ combined! Haha!),
Binibining Bangs

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Seven Capital C's

Obviously this column title was derived from the rock band “Michael Learns to Rock”. Don’t know why but I’m into changing existing phrases and titles to my advantage lately. I can’t help it, haha! Anyway, I think it suits the whole writing thing because it’s been a while since the last time I wrote on a regular basis and now I’m trying to learn to write again. I’m neither good nor exceptional at this like my fellow columnists are so the tense of ‘learn’ here is still at its present form. I could have chosen “Michael Learned to Write” if only I could produce flawless artiks like Neicy. But no, haha! So bear with me every tenth of the month. I’m the last columnist to debut and my debut article is about tips that might be very well useful everyday. Try it for once, if it doesn’t bring you any good, just discard the whole idea, haha! Now, let me present you *drum roll please* The Seven Capital C’s! *clap clap* Hope you’ll enjoy it.

1. Cast away

Waking up is one of the best things that happens to us everyday. So try not to spoil it by thinking of all the problems you had yesterday and the ones that are in line to meet you as you stand up. Doing so instantly weighs you down and brings you immediately back to bed. (Ala pa man me-drain naka). There are things that are worth leaving behind like worries of failing the day’s exam or fears of screwing up in a presentation. It won’t help. Instead, start the day with a light heart and positive aura. Cast your burdens away including the disappointment for waking up even before the climax of your dream began. (Emu ne pakitagalan, ala rin, haha). Together with gargling, washing up and taking a bath which removes physical burdens perfectly braces you for a fresh start. (Try mu one time e magmulmul, patingapun kang mabayat panandaman diba?) This is precisely the point of casting away.

2. Catch up
A lot of things happen overnight so try to make up for it by reading the news or listening to the radio. Our country might already have changed from Republic of the Philippines to Bangsamoro Republic without you knowing. Same goes for the people around you and even those who are far away, ask them how they are and what’s up with them. One of my friends actually is about to be a daddy this month or he might already is, I don’t know. I just had knowledge of his girlfriends’ pregnancy last week and whoala, she’s giving birth this month already! I didn’t even know he has a girlfriend! Anyway, I missed a lot really because I was not able to consistently catch up with all the things; everything seems to be moving in rapid flux. Don’t let it reach the point where you barely know anything or anyone but your job or your course. So catch up on the lessons you’ve missed, on family and friends, on the recent movies and books, latest songs and gadgets, on our economy, on the Olympics, be UPDATED! You’ll never know, you might be living way too behind the others. (Pota managkat ka pang manalbeng Kung Fu Panda and Iron Man, nuko, komusta ka).

3. Copycat
Imitating is not a bad nor a prohibited thing, stealing is. We rub elbows with hundreds of people everyday, some we idolize, some we despise, some we don’t care about and some we notice. The point is, try to learn from all of them especially those who are closer. You are not numb to not recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each. Adopt the strengths and avoid the weaknesses, you’ll be surprised of the outcome and of how much you’ve learned from copying. Remember, speaking is one its products. I know no one who learned how to speak on his/her own (tabalu mu kareng aliwa). Another good thing with this is that it spreads, because someone will definitely notice your strengths and copies them as well (makarine nung ala lang akopya, tin kang problema nung makanita). BE CONTAGIOUS!

4. Critical
Be critical! We have the highest faculty of reason so being gullible is not an option, have a brain filter. You would not want to be absorbing all ideas without careful scrutiny and even a slight suspicion. Don’t tell me you actually believed in the text message regarding a magnitude 8 earthquake in the Philippines?! Haha! Know how to separate fact from fiction! Moreover, you should not just stand with the mistakes around you, try to clarify them – ask questions, give comments, and share opinions. (Masanting din kung pati keng sarili mu mag-criticize ka). A critical mind produces ideas that most likely won’t fall into error. Keep in mind that being critical is not synonymous with self-righteousness so be open to criticisms as well. That is why we have this so called “constructive criticism” to solidify schemas not to liquefy.

5. Calm cool
No matter how much you plan the day ahead, if something wrong will happen, it will. Remain cool whenever shitty things occur. Being otherwise will contribute nothing more than the worsening of the situation. The best thing to do is find a remedy. (Eka magbusit, masora la pa keka reng abe mu). And every time intense conversations take place, never tone with the other party’s mood and voice; it will just amplify the whole thing. (Eya sigo yan nung kalmadu ka mu kasi maglupa yang berat, haha). Always be suave and calm so you could organize your thoughts more and blurt nonsense words less. This helps; it will prevent you from being involved in more chaotic arguments and situations. Chill out!

6. Comical
Our face contains a thousand facial muscles so use them! Laugh and smile a lot or the muscles will simply sag like big eye bags. Never let a day pass without a smile crossing your face, it is a worthy exercise and medicine for the heart and soul – better than Century Tuna. Smiling attracts people but smiling alone kind of scares them (malamang). It is also the best way to make friends, to delay time to think of an alibi and the safest way to say “I don’t know” in a class recitation. In addition, try joking once in a while, even if no one laughs, they will surely appreciate the effort. Besides, no one has died yet for being corny so try cracking jokes until you get it right. This makes any setting a joyful place to be in.

7. Count up
Count blessings instead of sheep before sleeping. Evaluate your day, if you have slept even before you evaluate then good, it means everything is just fine, if you can’t sleep, then you’re in deep trouble. Tsk tsk. Examine the things you have done and what happened the whole day. Have you accomplished your day’s goal? Are you happy with it or not? If happy, sleep tight. If not, ponder on the things that you could have done to make the day better, asses your actions and plan instead of being depressed or emo. If you can’t think of a solution, sleep anyway and just cross your fingers and hope for a better day. This is the secret for having good dreams instead of nightmares.

I hope I did make sense. These 7 C’s are basically concepts which I got out of the 7th C, things that I think would certainly make each of my day way better and worthwhile. These are things I came up with in my sanctuary, which is my bed. So I don’t just sleep there, I think too. This proves that there are really lots of things you can do in your bed or wherever your comfort zone is. You can try to construct your own C's too (akalain mo!) depending on what will suit your needs better. Good luck! I wish all of you better and brighter days to come!

FinComm holds another successful Rummage Sale

By Denesse Handumon

August 9, 2008 -- The Finance Committee spearheaded another fund raising activity for the second time this school year and the third time since February 2008. The rummage sale was held at #1 Marilag St., UP Village. The activity was supervised by the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chairperson, Justin Dungca, with the help of other FinComm members, Jewel dela Cruz, Fergie Panganiban and Rex Roque. Other members who took time to help out in activity were Ferdinand Mallari, Jr, Ruth Henson, Elaida Castro, Jennifer Castro, and Romina Goce.

The rummageables sold were mostly men's shirts, children's wear, sandals, blankets, shorts, pants, and blouses. A large portion of the rummageables was donated by Mel Henares, an alumna from the Charter batch. The total earnings amounted to almost P3000.

For this, the FinComm wants to extend its gratitude to everyone who supported the activity, hoping that the same support will be given to the other upcoming fund raising activities especially that the 35th Pautakan will be launched soon. Next in the line-up of fund raising activities is a Havaianas raffle contest. The raffle tickets and the sponsorship letters for Pautakan 2008 shall be released in the coming days.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Doing It for the First Time

Hello! This is Felipe. I’m a columnist (gosh, I’m imagining that this is the nature of my work). But I really haven’t mastered the art of THE column. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t a columnist or a writer during my high school newspaper life. I purposely volunteered as a cartoonist, for that was a field where I really excel in. And for that, I wouldn’t just really focus on coming up with articles for my column. Well, except this one.

But I really like the idea of owning a column. It is a dream-come-true. Speaking of dreams, I would really appreciate it if:
1. More people were vegetarian. It would enforce the Animal Welfare towards goodwill. I truly believe that people should take care of animals.
2. More people were to become rich. This is the good version of number 3 which is:
3. More kids who run along the railroad with no underwear were to be banished. This is the evil version of number two.

Now, maybe you’re wondering what my column would be all about. So I want to show you what was supposed to be my article’s debut ‘gala performance’.

“I'm going to make a column about you.”

Chris cringed and squinted his big eyes and I got his message. He just didn't like my idea.

I just have to say something, some back up details to support my case. In a cake, I should now smother it with icing. Or in a roof, I should now adorn the holes with some sticky gray stuff so no one would notice that the roof is breaking down. But I don't intend on doing the roof thing. I'm a no blue collar worker. “Well, it would be fun. My orgmates will get to know you without even seeing you! That would be like Harry Potter. Or Sherlock Holmes. Or Cinderella..”

“Or like Billy Erika Rose!” Kate cried out in a way that anyone within her 10-m radius would hear.

“Who's she?”

“Nothing. Just a character from a book that I've read.” She flushed like when my roommate heard his crush/village mate or when my orgmate, Mr. Wet Pants, wet his socks (of course by the natural law of names, he wet his pants, not his socks).

Well, I still have to proceed to my inquisition. “What book was it? Who wrote it? Where did you buy it? Huh?” Then, I munched some fries (well, I really don't remember if I really did munch some fries back then. I just thought that it's spunky).

She then told me that it was The Rose Tatoo: The Rape in Amontillado by Judith McNaught. I really do think that her name implies kinky stuff. “It's about a blossoming relationship between a jet setter and a notorious artisan set in a complicated and interlaced situations. It's wittily written.” Well, I would like to believe in what she has said but I soon found out that Billy Erika Rose was a character in a Tagalog romance pocket books of the Yaya Sisterhood (Isang Tapse, tik out *ting*)

Chris insinuated that they were like Makapili, “We're known, but we're not seen. Or we're like the air; you can feel it, but you can't see it. That will make us like ghosts”

Kate snickered, “But ghosts don't exist.” Then Chris and I looked at each other and then looked at her knowingly.

“Well say that to the woman beside you.” Chris suggested to Kate, knowing that there's no visible person beside her.

“Well what about you Kate? What do you think? A column about you. Isn't that fun?”

She agreed nonchalantly. This is what I hate about her. She just seems not to care sometimes. And those times are when she doesn't bother to butt in and when her mind has gone to oblivion – which happens a lot, by the way. I don't intend to label her as inane or something, but she really thinks of so many things that disturbs her.

“Can't you say anything else? I mean, it's you that I'm gonna exploit and you're just okay with it?”

“Well..”, she was queasy on this part and I remember her sipping some of her soda to clear her throat or to make me believe that she has something to say but the truth is she's thinking of something to articulate, “I think that you won't be bothering to update that column of yours anyway. Look at your blogsite and Multiply account. They're either dormant or extinct. Your Friendster account is even treading towards becoming extinct. How can you even contribute a regular column?”

“Well Kate and Chris, this is for real. I am committed to do it. So what now? Any reactions?”

“Flip, I'm okay with it. A column about me is not good. But if you're doing it, it's gonna be fine.” I, then, sought for a reassurance. “You won't do much harm and exploitation. If you're devoting a column about your friends, that wouldn't mean it's entirely about us. It would still be about you. Well, with a dash of your friends. There's a difference between the two. Everything you do is always about you.”

After absorbing what I have said, Kate wanted to know what the main theme will be. But Chris was vehemently asking what his name would be. He wanted him to be known as Kyle or Dylan. Kate wants Meisha (name of her idol: don’t get started with that, because her real idol is Claudine Barretto) as a name. I told them that I was still thinking about it.

When they were so excited to know what my column name would be, I was blank. I never thought of what my column would be known as. I don't want it to be called “Felipe's Column”- that would be like, duh? And I want to get a pseudonym, but it wouldn't serve its purpose since gossips spread within the organization like an HIV in some African country.

Sunday Dine Out Club started when Red Horse, Faber Castle, Girbaud (we have this same bag), and Photoshop were still applicants to our organization. I invited them to eat outside one Sunday night. We ended up eating in House of Sisig which serves cakes (of course, by the natural law of names they dish out sisigs). This has been regular for a month and a half.

Now, this is where Chris and Kate come in. After the termination of Sunday Dine Out Club, I underwent a withdrawal stage. I invited my friend Chris to eat somewhere. We ate at McDonald's Philcoa (which by the way is Top 1 when it comes to being the worst branch of McDonald's and ironically nearest to UP). Kate, back then was Chris' friend and not mine, was eating alone. We joined her, I got to know her and we became friends. We ate out regularly. McDonald's has been our default choice, and the Sunday Dine Out Club was relaunched.

We meet every Sunday at McDonald's Philcoa to talk about our lives, and everything and everyone around us. That would include everything outside the store or else, we can't talk of anything but the oh so lousy service of that branch and the eerie Service Crew of the Month picture which explicitly manifests itself among the never-mind-the-service-cause-we-wanna-eat customers.

End. But not finished.

My original column was supposed to be about me and my “friends” (Which were non existent. They were supposed to be my egos appearing to be my friends). My column title should have been “Sunday Dine Out Club”. Then, after having my test read with some real, breathing, existing friends who occupy space, I was kinda disheartened to pursue my theme. I was much too novice to handle such complicated theme. I realized that writing an article means informing the readers while effectively expressing myself, not leaving them in a vague state.

Oh well, watch out for my next post! Teehee!
I really wanted to end my column here. I can't help but rant.

One fine Sunday afternoon, I have isolated a strange virus. The Big Bow Virus. The victims were known as Blair witches.

Every corner in every mall, you'll find a Blair witch with a very cute, dainty, small bowtie enough to cover her soul! What in the world is that?! It's a manifestation of a TV show which is fictional in nature. The ribbon was too big! I can hear the bowtie babble, “I'm a ribbon! Big big ribbon! Oh yes, I'm a tushy plushy biggie ribbon! I'm cute, oh yezshaimzuzhakyutbigribbon!!!” I was in the verge of tearing their dress apart, 'coz I thought that they were gifts. This might sound alarming, it may raise crime rate, specifically sexual abuse which is accidental in nature.

While a friend of mine liked it (because it was like Renaissance all over again, but big bowties-slash-headbands weren't the fad during that period, were they?), I never really liked the ribbon idea. It grabs too much attention. You won't see the eyes of a woman which are the windows to her soul.

This big bow thing is stupid. For the love of all things good and pure, get your own style.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Announcement: ACLE Updates!

AguPips, we are in need of an LCD projector for our ACLE this coming Thursday, AUGUST 14, 2008. Kindly text us for any information on where we can rent an LCD projector.

Here are the final details for our ACLE.
álam: 1st Ever Kapampangan TV Series, The Emergence and Challenges of Philippine Regional Broadcast Media".
1. The Philippines as a racially and culturally diverse nation state
2. The process of nationalization: Unity in Uniformity VS Unity in Diversity
3. The concept of National TV: is it genuine?; Underrepresentation of non-tagalogs
4. The concept of Regional/Non-Tagalog Media: non-Tagalogs are non-Filipinos; Pinoy Rock vs Bisrock, Pinoy Teleserye VS Visayanovela, OPM VS OKM - MYX
Challenges of Regional Broadcast Media: Can they represent the Filipino community in the global village?; ational TV's lack of support for regional shows (linguistic barrier), colonial mentality, hope, cable tv, or wowing national TV through international acclamation; Demonization of regionalism
5. The State of Kapampangan Mass-Media, Kapampangan TV news, RocKapampangan; Kapampangan Ku, pagmaragul ku; Resolution requiring Pampanga based mass media firms to produce Kapampangan shows; print Kapampangan columns
6. K
álam: the first ever Kapampangan TV Series; advocacy of the project and its production framework - every member is half cultural worker

For Screening
Sample of Kapampangan TV news
Sample of KApampangan radio
Sample of Personalan Talk show
Pampanga's feature on Ka'lam
Music Video: 5 Against The Wall's Alang Sugat
Music Video: Mernut's Oras
Episode 1 of

Jessica Soho's feature on
Jessica Soho's feature on RocKapampangan

For Exhibit
RocKapampangan on Philippine Daily INquirer
Kálam on SIP Magazine

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Unity Night breaks the ice for Pinanari 2008A

By jrldizon

August 6, 2008 – Members and applicants converged at the tambayan last Wednesday night for the first major application process activity for Pinanari 2008A, their Unity Night. Activities and mini-games were prepared by the Membership Committee for the night’s gathering that aimed to ‘break the ice’ between the members and the newly introduced applicants and let them feel that they are really welcome to the Aguman family. A simple feast of pancit, egg sandwiches, orange juice and chips was served and prepared by the applicants.

The first bonding activity was participated by everyone present. Each member and applicant shared three pieces of trivia about themselves and the person seated to their right had to determine which among the three information is false. The diverse revelations were not void of witty jibes and hilarious quips by the other members, something that is certainly characteristic of Aguman gatherings.

After a quick game of bubble gum blowing for the applicants, the rest of the mini-games were “duels” between the members and the applicants. The MemComm members facilitated the “Ang Pinaka” and Exhaust Games. Lastly, the classic “Blanket” Game was played, where the members and applicants choose representatives that will shout the other player’s name once the ‘blanket’ between the two groups is unveiled. Even if most rounds were won by the members, they were all fun-filled and enjoyed by the applicants, too. As always, the Aguman members’ gift of injecting entertainment and comic relief at any activity proved to be the overall highlight of the night. The applicants and the rest of the members laughed hard at the antics of the funniest and wackiest members who were in attendance.

The applicants took the opportunity to approach the members for their signatures, especially since the attendance is considerably big for the weeknight activity. They also had the chance for some alumni signatures since alumni Argel Casupanan (Salagpi 2001) and Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A) came for a visit in time for the Unity Night. In the end, the night proved to be a preview for the applicants on what the Aguman family spirit is all about and the organization that they wish to be officially part of very soon.

August 12-15 Challenge Week
August 19-22 Buddy Week


Monday, August 4, 2008

Incoherence and Randomness

Therapy. Writing can be a consistent buddy when inconsistent emotions drop by. It can also be a constant reliever of boredom and lack of attention. I guess that is why it is never unusual that I scribble thoughts on yellow paper while pretending I’m listening to the lecture or I type away words on a blank document while having my fifteen minute or so break from reading about enzymes and nucleic acids. But mind you, I write even if I am no writer. Yes, you heard it write, uhm, right. I never had the penchant for sharing my feelings, ideas, and other stuff through writing. But people had wrongly stereotyped me as a “writer” because of my college degree. (Yes, I can finally say this! College degree!) Call it pressure! Well, I can present to you confidently my countless academic papers, but again, not my mediocre writing. *Insert Jean with IC here* I write for the sole reason (ok, one of the reasons) that writing can be therapeutic.

Connection. A few weeks back, Kuya Wexie sent a message asking if I am interested to “own” a column on Aslag Online. I purposely chose not to reply right away, because, as always, my thoughts are bickering inside my head. But I know that I don’t want to lose contact with my beloved Aguman and AguPips. And AOL, just like Friendster and Multiply, is my virtual connection with this family. So after 24 hours, I texted Kuya Wexie and inquired if the “offer” is still open. Hola, open pa! So there, I committed to submit a monthly article. Aside from painstakingly squeezing the creative juices in my cerebellum on a monthly basis, I will try my best to keep my deadlines. And that starts after this article! Late na kasi ito. *embarrassed smile* There, I write because writing can maintain relationships and connections.

Title. Prior to inquiring about the availability, I already have a title for my column! *laughter* Yes, Quack! Well, the master pointed out that I might appear fraudulent as the word suggests. But come to think of it, I am a “fake”. I don’t have the genuine talent for writing and I am yet to develop a fit strategy for a medical student. That is why, if only I can command people, I prefer not to be labeled a writer nor a doctor because I am not. I am still a work in progress!!! To add, “quack” was the first idea that entered my mind and it never left. I remember the time when I was thinking of a name for Happy, our toy poodle. The whole family was brainstorming with various pet names but I stood by my first pick, which is Happy, and I eliminated all the other suggestions. *grins* Besides, “quack” caught your attention, right? *tawa hanggang tenga*

First Lesson. Revert your thoughts to a more serious matter. The Cell. Bow. We all know that the cell is the basic unit of life. And in order for the cell (and the organism) to survive, various materials go in and out of the cell and several processes occur amazingly inside this microscopic thingy. (I don’t like Histology, by the way.) Moving on, the cell is enveloped and protected by none other than the cellular membrane. Now, I think you know that the most important characteristic of the cell membrane is its semi-permeability. This suggests that the cell is selective with the substances that it permits to enter and to exit. So what is the point I am trying to make? Throughout our life, people come and go and most of the time, we decide who to keep and who to let go. But then, there are those hardheaded ones who will try so hard to break the barrier in order to penetrate your quiet life (think bacteria and viruses!). Then, there are those who will leave without prior notice. And there are those who freely float inside your circle of life (how lucky they can get!). But then again, all people we encounter, even for just a millisecond, leave a spot on our canvass. They add color, bright or dark, to our changing portraits, just like the substances that nourish or degrade the cell. As the cell is adaptive to change, we are too. And as the cliché goes, change is inevitable. It is just the way of life, otherwise, we are probably dead right now.

So my dear, the time will come that you have to say goodbye to your current life. You have to bid farewell to UP, too, as I scarily did just two months ago. You will worry that the people you’ve come to love and treat as brothers and sisters will be gone too, but remember, you have the choice to keep the people you want in your life. But it will never be the same again. Besides, you still have endless memories to treasure (hello, pictures!). So, be not afraid of change. It will come.

Welcome to my new life! =)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MemComm officially begins the 2008A application process

By jrldizon

UP Aguman's Membership Committee, headed by Internals Vice-President Acey Duarte has officially began the application process for the 1st semester, AY 2008-2009. The recruitment period and orientation immediately followed after the Acquaintance Party held last July 9, 2008.

Last July 23, the applicants were formally presented to the General Assembly with the batch name Pinanari, the Kapampangan word for 'rainbow'. They chose this name because they believe that coming from different high schools and having different personalities, they are as diverse as the colors of the rainbow, but united under one natural visual spectacle. Also, rainbows are known to appear after the rain. The applicants related this natural process to the challenges and hardships that they are about to face and hopefully conquer during the organization's application process. Some of the members joked that expectedly, this batch of applicants should come with a 'pot of gold'.

Prior to the presentation, the MemComm held a meeting to determine and discuss the batch name and the batch officers.
Batchhead: Bencio
Assistant Batchhead: Diana
Secretary: Carousel
Treasurer: Abi

Last July 30, the Buddy Bidding was held after the weekly GenMeet. The MemComm prepared an intensive slide show presentation of all the members who were available for bidding, to help the apps in choosing the right buddies for them. The buddy-mems were given codenames during the bidding, thus the apps did not know the identities of the personalities they were bidding for. The eventual buddy-pairs are as follows (Buddy-app ~ buddy-mem, bid amount):
Lawrence ~ Mae, P200
Roe Anne ~ Justin, P200
Roween ~ Jowie, P500
Ham ~ Loree, P500
Bryan ~ Trish, P500
Nicole ~ Kenn, P500
Kim ~ Michael, P550
Ann ~ Fergie, P600
Raxiel ~ Kevin, P600
Erika ~ Aries, P650
Abi ~ Gboi, P700
Quill ~ Lea, P700
Bencio ~ Ruth, P700
Migz ~ Elai, P755*
Ruby ~ Carlo, P850
Carousel ~ Anj, P900
Diana ~ Bong, P1000
Jona ~ Jen, P1250
Julyn ~ Feps, P1310

Julyn's bid of P1310 for Felipe set the record for the second highest ever bid for a buddy. The record is still held by Pie (Kaputul 2004A), who bid now alumnus Philbert (Ambula 2000A) for P1600. Their celebrity-themed sigsheet was released last August 1.

Stand by for any announcements of upcoming application activities by the MemComm.
The Membership Committee is composed of Elai, Marco, Trish, Jill, Lea, Jann, Paul and of course, Acey.
For the meantime, mark your calendars for the following schedule:
August 6 -- Unity Night
August 12-15 -- Challenge Week
August 18 -- Apps' Do Day

Friday, August 1, 2008

Announcement: Aguman's ACLE

We're happy to announce na sure ne ing ACLE tamu! Here are the details:

DATE: 1-5pm, August 14, 2008
VENUE: PH 108-110

The tentative title is Kalam: the Gift of Regional Broadcast Media. But we are still accepting suggestions. But please give your suggestions ON OR BEFORE MONDAY.

It's about the emergence of regional broadcast media, focusing on the Kapampangan local media. Maging speakers tala reng Kalalangan Kamaru, dahil ila ing producers ning first ever Kapampanganovela on Philippine TV.

If you have any questions, ask JER or BUDUY.
Write in your comments on the comments section!

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