Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aguman Luau Party well-attended

December 29, 2007 -- Almost 90 Aguman alumni and residents gathered for a night of reminiscing and camaraderie for the kick-off party of UP Aguman’s 35th Year at the Simple Asia Restaurant & Bar, Angeles City. The event was spearheaded by the UP Aguman Alumni Foundation, Inc led by its President, Meliza Santos-Henares. The residents also took part in the preparations by helping out in the decoration of the venue.

The alumni and resident members donned their best Hawaiian attire for the Luau-themed party. Vicky Keys (27 One 1979B) and Renan Del Rosario (Charter) were crowned the Queen and King of the Luau for having the best attire.

The Opening Remarks by Charter member Marian Santos-Nash kicked off the evening’s formal program. It was followed by the roll-call of all members starting with the residents, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s and 1970s alumni and then finally, the three Charter members present – Meliza Santos-Henares, Marian Santos-Nash and Renan Del Rosario. Most applauded in terms of their hilarious reminiscing antics were undoubtedly, the 1970s batch, led by Rosve Henson (1976B) and Kenn Ramirez (1978B).

LEFT: The venue for the event, Simple Asia Restaurant & Bar, is owned by Aguman Alumna, Vicky Keys (27-One 1979B).
RIGHT: The wacky 1970's batch, as they introduced themselves and divulge old 'secrets'!

After a Hawaiian feast consisting of roasted calf, pork kebab and garlic fish to name a few, in true Aguman bonding style the fun games began, as prepared by Rosie Dayrit (Siklab 1980A) and the residents’ Membership Committee. Some of the games were Pinoy Henyo, Bring Me and the classic Charades.

Aside from the fun games, intermission numbers were also performed: the Dance Medley of the 1970s Batch, “Mutya Ning Aguman” Kevin Peñalba’s (Langgotsi 2006B) repeat performance of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and the impromptu stand-up act of Felipe Pablo IV (Langgotsi 2006B), who spoofed Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez.

Past UP Aguman Presidents that were present during the Luau Party were also honored: Rosve Henson (1978-79), Rene "Powie" de Guzman (1983-84), Jose Erwin Enriquez (1989-90), Greg Bituin (1993-94), Leslie Salunga (2002-03), Joeven Rex Dizon (2003-04), Joman Laxamana (2005-06) and Celine Dagdag (2006-07). Charter member Meliza Santos-Henares was also recognized for her exemplary leadership of the UP Aguman Alumni Foundation, Inc since its inception.

The prizes for the winners and the recognized individuals were Kapampangan Ensaymadas and baskets of fruits for the New Year.

LEFT: Some residents and some Alumni at the registration table.
RIGHT: The resident AguGels enjoy their free party

The alumni members present were:
Marian Santos-Nash, Charter
Meliza Santos-Henares, Charter
Renan del Rosario, Charter
Froilan "Froi" Tinio, 1974A
Rissa Hipolito-Tinio, 1974C
Edwin Dayrit, 1975A
Joseph "Boogie" David, Jr, 1976A
Christine Bautista, 1976A
Amelia "Mae" Dizon, Perez, 1976A
Joaquin "Jake" Manalastas, 1976A
Melina "Meng" Tinio-Arreza, 1976A
Alma Dionisio-Porciuncula, 1976A
Sanc Pugeda, 1976A
Rosve Henson, 1976B
Cecilia Batac, 1978A
Kenn Melencio Valentino Ramirez, 1978B
Gloria "Goya" Roque-Canlas, 1979A
Victoria Jane "Vicky" Keys, 27 One 1979B
Julie Riparip-David, 27 One 1979B
Rene "Powie" de Guzman, Siklab 1980A
Rosario "Rosie" Dayrit, Siklab 1980A
Mary Ann "Meng" Bernard, Bisaclat 1981A
Gerardo Pangan, Siklab 1980A
Malou Hipolito-Tuñgol, Sican 1983A
Annette David, Sangmetung 1985B
Jose Erwin Enriquez, Tanikala 1986A
Doby Pineda, Tanikala 1986A
Jose Victor Martin, Jr., Tanikala 1986A
Greg Bituin, Pamikalugud 1990A
Jennifer Manarang-Canlas, Pamikalugud 1990A
Patrick Canlas, Abe-Abe 1991A
Anna Katherine "Katen" Morales-Sabile, Abe-Abe 1991A

James David, Kawul-Kawul 1991B
Cherry "Cheks" Esguerra-Roa, Sapunggul 1993A
Lec David, Pecat-Pecat 1993B
Carel Roxas, Pecat-Pecat 1993B
Leslie Salunga, Ambula 2000A
Mary Ann Laud, Ambula 2000A
Andre Galang, Salagpi 2001A
Argel Joseph Casupanan, Salagpi 2001A
Joman Laxamana, Kasaup 2002A
Diana Jean Sarmiento, Kasaup 2002A
Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A
Krystel "Ngotty" Cruz, Sampelut 2003A
Jean Avy Dimabuyu, Kaputul 2004A

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alumni Luau Night for UP Aguman's 35th Anniversary

Tuluy na tuluy ne ing Alumni Luau Night as the kick-off party of our dear organization's 35th year of glorious existence!

DATE: Saturday, December 29, 2007, 5.30-10pm
VENUE: Simple Asia Restaurant & Bar
192 Friendship Highway, Anunas, Angeles City

ATTIRE: Hawaiian
Male: Shirt with Floral print;
Female: Floral dress, special gifts for those in grass skirts
There will be a "Best Hawaiian Attire" category. Leis will be provided.

COST: Alumni Member (Charter - 90s batches) - P1,000
Alumni Member 2000 batches - P600
Residents - FREE
Guests - P600
Alumni members can pay on the venue.

For the residents, TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING:

We are in-charge of the decoration of the venue. So maranun tamu mag-meet para a-decorate before the party itself.

The Meeting Place, SM City Clark
*Carpool service for all of us is being arranged by the Execom, para sabe-sabe tamu miras keng resto. All you have to do is COME ON TIME. Nung ali, malakwan kayu.

*Gift-Giving Part 2 is postponed. Further details will be announced soon.

*Please bring talahib (seriously! Lalu na retang mangakaba), scissors and tapes.

* We have a dance number: Kagat-Labi and Papaya. Bawal ang KJ!

RESIDENTS who have confirmed their attendance:
1 Joms
2 Loree
3 Frida
4 Marco
5 Anj
6 Bong
7 Elai
8 Fergie
9 Jann
10 Jewel
11 Jill
12 John Carl
13 Justin
14 Kevin
15 Michael
16 Ruth
17 Phoebe
18 Pie
19 Rej
20 Trish
21 Rex
22 Yek
23 Allandail
24 Cindy
25 Felipe
26 Adrian
27 Buduy
28 Cyrille
29 Kath
30 Diana
31 Aries
32 Denesse
33 Paul
34 Jowie
35 Don
36 Erika
37 Daphne

RESIDENTS who have confirmed that they couldn't attend:
Jen (of Brgy. Matatalaib. Sayang! Makapagdala ka sanang madakal na talaib! haha!)
2 Bal
3 Cathz
4 Jer
5 Khen
6 Kim
7 Kitch
8 Lea
9 Neicy
10 Porshe
11 RJ
12 Rose
13 Thea
14 Zelm
15 Mae
16 Jerome
17 Andrew
18 Josef
19 Kenn

For inquiries, just text DAPHNE (Her number can be found at the bottom of this page). Bawal itanong ang mga nakasulat na dito!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays, AguPips!

Compiled by Thea & kingofchocolates

Greetings from Qatar! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, AguPips! In Bahasa, Selamat Hari Natal dan Tahun Baru!

AguPips, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In Hiligaynon, Malipayon nga Paskwa, Mahamungayaon nga Bag-ong Tuig sa inyong tanan!

World Peace and sana totoong may cash prize ang ms. Agu.. Hehe!

Wish ku gumraduate on time at abalu da reng egana-ganang tau ing tune diwa ning Pasku.

Sana tuluy-tuloy ne maging masaya ing lovelife ku!

Mumunang dili, buri ke mung igreet deng Baskal! Hello Mi, Trish, Jewel, Jill, Jann, John, Nic, Don, Jerome, Khen, Mae! Ot detang aliwa ali nala magpapakit?! Alam nyo na sino kayo! Makamiss tuluy! Budz Mike! Itang christmas gift ku ne tas malapit ne rin tang birthday ko.. haha! Thanks in advance! Kuya Kevin, salamat sa libre nyo ng Records..haha! Grabe mekadakal ku ata kanta. Momi Ferg ali naka magwalang fone ne.. tsaka enaka magstraw kasi mas makalyu ita! Kuya Gboi.. keng January 3 ne! May pera na siguro tayong pambili. Hi FinComm (Kuya Justin, Buduy, Ate Pie, Ate Cy, Jewel, Ate Lea, Don, Kuya Joms, Kuya Paul)! Hello mu rin keng Orange Family (Kuya Kers, Ate Cel, Kuya Marco, Ate Loree, Kuya Jer, Mike)! We're the best! Haha! Matimtiman Girls (Ate Denz, Ate Jen, Ate Lai, Ate Ruth, Ate Porshe), salamat sa palagi nyong pag-offer ng bahay nyo! hehe.. Kuya Feps at Kuya Justin, nakaget-over nako dun sa 10peso coin! Haha! Wooh..ala nakung asabi! Hehe!
My Christmas Wish: Sana laging okay yung family ko, agupips and friends! Hehe.. Kasi mas mahalaga naman kayo kesa sa anu pa mang bagay dito sa mundo. Haha!

Happy Christmas kareng AguResidents and Alumni! Peace and Happiness! :)

Wish ko this coming Christmas and New Year sana magbago na ang ilang mga bulok na sistema sa bansa, eto ay mga maliliit lamang na bagay pero kung maapektuhan tayo ay sobra-sobra. On the lighter side, sana naman magka-lovelife na ulit ako! Tagal na rin! Ehe, hi sayo, sino ka man.

AguPips, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In Waray, Maupay nga Pasko, Mainuswagon nga Bag-ong Tuig ha iyo ngatanan!

Wish ko ngayong Christmas sana magka-laptop na ako! Hehe!
Merry Christmas to my batchmates, lakwatsa-mates, tennismates, housemates and to my orgmates and future orgmates! Regalo ko ha?! =)

Sana mitas ku ngening Pasku! Hehe! Merry Christmas AguPips! Rakenrol! \m/

Merry Christmas to Kuya Rex (sabe tana gumraduate? Libre naman diyan!), Yek (sana akit mu ne ing guy para keka), Portia (ing kwentu mu ah!), Kitchie (la tamung college grad, huhu!), Buddy ku (mekascore ka kang kayi ah! Uy! Hehe!), Frida (, miss danaka ampo deng hirit mu!), Daph, Marco, Nel, Pie (reunion na!), Mike (good luck keng lovelife!), Justin & Kevin (libre!), FinComm (go Joms) and to everyone else. I love you all!
Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is him! Hahaha! Este happiness for everyone and good health for me and my family!

Sana muli yay Ma ku banakung akit teenager, bayu ku sana mag-beynti. Oneng balu ku e malyari, e matupad kaya aliwan ku nyamu. Kayi namu, apasar kula sana ngan deng subjects ku ngening sem ayni.

Sana akit ku ne ing mawawala kung AguJacket! Huhu! X( Sana ating mamye kakung Dubista shirt, haha!
Merry Christmas to my batch Kasaup 2002A, my buddies Phil and Mike, and all the AguGals & Guys! More power to UP Aguman!

Christmas wish ko, Christmas card lang masaya na ko.. hehe!

Sanamaging happy la deng AguPips especially my family this Christmas and this coming year. Merry Christmas to Bucayo and to all the AguPips!

Wishes: kotse tsaka laptop… Mmm pati sana gumaling yung teacher namen, and world peace din. And though the world needs so much more, there’s so much to be thankful for.
Merry Christmas UP Aguman! May you have many more Christmases to come. Thanks for letting me become a part of your family.
To my special someone: Merry Christmas… Pasko na sinta ko, hanap hanap pa rin kita… sana ngayong Pasko ay mahanap naman kita…

AguPips, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

All I want (or need) for Christmas is: a better academic performance. (no more lame excuses for not studying this time!), LOVE & JOY and to find and have “THE ONE”! (‘til when will I be waiting? *sob*)
Greetings to to my beloved Langgotsi, Kuia Fepz, Kevs, Denz, Ruth & Lei; To the one-of-a-kind batch Lakatan; To my Ates and Kuyas of the earlier batches; To my well-missed Buddy Hazel and other alumni; and to the fresh blooded Baskal. The friendship and memories I shared with you gave me much reason to be thankful. You guys are a blessing! Enjoy a meaningful Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Long live UP Aguman!
~With much love, Erika ^^

To my Langgotsi-mates Kebs, Eka, Lea, Ruth, Denesse, my Dydys, Joms n John Carl, Sister Dydy Acey, Step-Dydy Yek, HS-mates Elai & Loree, and to all, Baskal, Lakatan, Bucayo, Kadaya, Kaputul & Kuya Rex, SEASON’S GREETINGS! Gift ko! Hehe! Lalo n sa special mention! Let’s think of the less fortunate. Let’s all wish for the best. But we can’t afford to have the best, kaya nga let’s wish lang. Haha!
Ferg, Anj, libre Starbucks! Bong, libre TOSH! Merry Christmas & Happy holidays!
~With love & gift anticipation, Felipe

TRES LOVELESS, grabe! Bka pin ating jinx ing lagyu ning trio tamu! ^_^ Ena man marimla Pasku tamu dakal tapang akakit keng paligid-ligid na paghugutan kilig! Stay pretty! Makapag-night out tana kanyan para makapantun boys! Paturu tamu kang Anj! Mwah!
PRETTY 3P (EX)-ROOMMATE(S)- ‘Tis the season to be jallly! Heh! Saya talagang mag-168! Noh Thea? Sayang Ate Jean di ka nakasama =( Hai… Ayun, huwag masyado maging keser (Ayieh,, agagamit ku ne Ate Pie oh? Hehe)… Enjoy! Be happy! Hehe… loveshoo!
Kadaya 2005A, grabe! So proud of us! Haha… Me-kumpletu tamu ulit ^_^ Sana makapagbonding tana neh? Para makapagcatch up naman king pamibie bie tamu… mishue!
BUDDIES - Yieh, kadakal yu na pala ne? Mekumpletu kayung babies ku ^_^ haha! Ű MYMP! xoxo haha!
ROYAL FAMILY - keep the fire burning! (Ano raw?!? Haha…) Happy Christmas! Go BLUE!

AguPips, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In Bikolano, Maogmang Pasko, mamura-way na Ba-gong Taon sa indo gabos, AguPips!

Sana maging US Air Force Fighter pilot ako! Hehe!
To the Externals Committee, especially Te Zel, Kuya Jowie, Te Frida, Te Diana, Te Kath, Te Acey plus Te Bal: Thanks sa all-out support sa'kin! Grabe, grateful talaga ako, sooobra! Merry Christmas! Best Wishes!!!
My Buddy, Ruth: Merry Christmas! Thanks sa lahat-lahat. 'Lam mo na yun. ^_^

I would love to receive material things this Christmas, pero bahala na, kung may dumating, ok lang, kung wala ok lang rin, haha! I dream this Christmas will be joyful and conflict-free. I wish I can share my blessings in little ways. I yearn to genuinely feel the warmth of the season and enjoy the cold breeze as well. Tama na echos, greetings naman. Happy Holidays to all especially my family (Papa, Mama, Jim, Happy, Titos and Titas), Mich who is in Saudi, Tim na nasa Mindoro, AguPips (Kaputul 2004A, 3P, Buddy, 34G, Matimtiman Girls and everyone na nakilala ko through Aguman). SandiganBratz and other friendships, haha! Love you guys and gals! Mwah!

Sana akalinwang na ng Jomz na ali ku pa memayad re-aff fee! Haha! Pero seriously, sana lalung dagul and lalung maging masaya ing Aguman. Hope everyone will have a very happy Christmas. Merry Christmas to all!
~Matt Hwang

Hi to kaibigang Jann Fernandino Nicolas! New Year’s resolution ko, di na kita gagaguhin, pramis! Sobran special mo saken!
~Jerome O.

Christmas wish? Stability in life! Haha! Asa.. Hmm, love life.. hihi! Bagong Havaianas na lang tsaka Panda bear. Thanks in advance, my santa! Haha!

Ing wish ku this Christmas, gumaling ne sugat ing pusa ku, ampong dakal a dakal a 3Musketeers! Ampong buri ku neng a-meet keng personal y Chito Miranda!

This Christmas, I wish for love and importance from my friends. And I just want to greet all the AguPeople, especially those who are close to my heart.
~John Carl

Three Christmas wishes ko:
1) magkaroon ng sudden at rapid "continental drifting" at mapunta ang Pilipinas sa north para may snow na ditto
2) i-adopt ni Bill Gates ang family ko
3) Sana wala pa akong pasok sa January 3 and 4. Sadly, imposible na 3 wishes ko... Anyway, Merry Christmas to all AguPips... Papa Jesus, rock on!!!

Merry Christmas guys! Hope the people stay happy.

Merry Christmas cecatamu ngan! May we all find happiness in this coming season of love and joy! May we also not forget the reason why we celebrate this halliday. Anyways, regalu cu from lakatan, for being a good batchmate. FinComm, for being a good committee-mate. Blue family, for being a good relative. Buddies (oh yan Fergie Ann ah!) for being a good buddy. To my parents, nung abasa ye ini, I need a laptop badly. That’s all! Happy hallidays!

Happy Christmas to all AguPips especially to Bucayo 2005B. Sana maging happy at meaningful ing Christmas tamu ngan, at sana magka-lovelife tana ngan! Hehehe!

Una sa lahat, Merry Christmas sa aking beloved orgmates! ehe,, (ang plastic ng dating) hahaha!! Ayun, sana makaranas pa tau ng madami pang masasayang moments, hehe! Gusto ko sana batiin si Aries, haha! musta na par? Nakuha mo na ba ung coat mo? hehe.. Wish ko sana lumaki nako, makapasa sa major na prof ko ay terror.. hehe.. Ayoko na masyado ng material na bagay,, love na lang, pwede ba? haha!! Enge naman ng lovelife, para may inspiration..

I don’t really give a care on having Christmas wishes, nonetheless, there is always a first for everything and wala nga naman mawawala. There, (materyosong side) I wish to have a laptop, I’ll be needing it for sure, come time. Then, I wish the happiness of people I love (naks) for their happiness is my happiness; (therefore/and) I wish the happiness of my happiness! Merry Christmas to all our happiness! Merry Christmas Buddy, Langgotsi, Records, Everyone! Haha! Cheers!

Merry Christmas sa UP Aguman! Sana matupad yung mga wish ng mga nakakumpleto ng Simbang Gabi! Wahaha!

Sana mag-grad ku on time! Enjoy the season guys!

Sana magkagirlfriend na! Haha!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year kareng Kadaya ampong keng buong Aguman na rin. Sana ngening Pasku, mamulat ing kamalayan tamu at ma-enlighten kareng bage bage. Hehe.

Sana muli na la reng pinsan ku this Christmas para kumpletu kami!

Wish ko, to have a more exciting life ahead of me together with more wisdom with which to face each day. On a lighter note, I sure pray for a laptop and a Deathnote notebook, hehe!

Wish ku mu is happiness, safety and health para kaku and for my loved ones. Merry Christmas keng egana-gana!

Sa darating na Pasko, nais ko sanang magkaroon ng Digital SLR, haha! Kung hindi, Rotary Tool na lang, hahaha! Or Lesportsac tokidoki backpack. Gusto ko rin yung black and white checkered wallet sa Rebel Gear ata yun ng Glorietta Atrium worth P250. Hahaha! Or kahit anung ukay finds na lang, tunics, cloaks, dress shirts, shorts, haha, joke! Kahit ano lang di naman ako mareklamo, mafeeling lang ako mangarap, ^_^! Wish ko world peace. Everlasting happiness para sa mga deserving talaga magkaroon nito. At sana mawala na lahat ng kasamaang bumabalot sa ating daigdig, haha!
But I really wish mapatawad nako ng mga taong I turned down. I really am sorry. Happy holidays sa lahat ng tao. wreow =^-^=

Sana Makita ko pa yung nawawala kong stuffed toy. Koru-pokoru, asan ka na? Tas sana din maayos yung grades ko this sem.. damn Soberano. Ayun, Merry Christmas sa lahat ng AguPips, lalo na sa mahal kong batchmates, Baskal, it’s payback time!

Merry Christmas! Sana mikakalugud tamu ngan!

AguPips, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! In Ilokano, Naragsak a Paskua, Narang-ay a Baro a Tawen kadakayo amin!

Merry Christmas kareng egana-ganang AguPips, young and old, from all over the world. Syempre special mention kareng roommates ku: Jean (mishu!) and Ferge; transient: Teacher Maan; and frequent visitor: Ate Di, and kang Kuya Wexie na alang sawang magtextbrig kaku.. hehe!
Special greeting to my Angel na super miss ku na.. Just listen to the song "Merry Christmas, Darling", you know what I mean. I really pray that you'll be celebrating next christmas with me.. Looking forward to it.. Sana atin ta teleport powers neh? Hehe! Love you..

I wish for justice, love, serenity, happiness, faith, hope and of course, world peace, haha!
Housemates, Merry Christmas! Sana ma-settle na ing dapat ma-settle. Para masaya naman ang New Year natin. Miss ko na kayo! Iniwan niyo akong mag-isa sa bahay, huhu!
Wexie, Yek, Cy, another Christmas, another year, I’m glad we’re still here! Naks, haha! Sobrang lagad tana mung miakit dahil keng hectic sked ku, trabahador naku kasi eh, hehe! Merry Christmas, I hope we all find the happiness we’re looking for. I hope all our wishes come true! Love you! Mwah!
Kitchie, loko, Merry Christmas! Pakit naka man! Haha! Mishu!
AguPips, Merry Christmas to all of you!
To those irrelevant in my life, no comment! Haha! To the left, to the left! Haha!

Greetings to the Punsalang and Fuertez family, Quake2 Interior Design, Design Core and Aguman Family! I love you Fahd Basman. Thanks for being a part of my 2007! Cheers for 2008! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to all, enjoy the season, the food and the quality time with our family and friends. And before the start of a New Year, let’s find some moment to thank God on the year that was, and to change for the better. Naks!

For myself, inner peace, clarity, deliverance and inspiration… (ooh, anlalim! Haha!) in short, bisa nakung gumraduate!!
Sana lati naku ulit waistline, para kasya ku no ulit deng pants ku, so that I wouldn’t have to wish for new clothes! Haha!
Sana rin mayari ne ing strike na ning Writer’s Guild of America, so that I can continue having my weekly US TV Series fix! Grabe, padakal nong padakal deng alben ku!
Sana rin, umayus-ayus no reng manimunu keng Kapitolyu ampo king Malacañang, for more integrity, nationalism and true servant leadership. Naks!
Season’s greetings to my 34G housemates, Tennis buddies, Mini-Stop Gang, Matimtiman 51C & Dormitoryana family, Records & Pub People and my PowerPuff Family!

Merry Christmas sa lahat! Hope we all get what we wish before the year ends. Let’s all enjoy our vacation!

“Sana ngayong Pasko ay maalala mo pa rin ako, hinahanap-hanap pag-ibig mo..” – Para sa mga minamahal kong kaibigan, orgmates, batchmatrs lalu na sa pamilya ko, wish ko ay good health for my Mom, and sana despite of difficulties in life, I’ll stay strong and happy. Merry Christmas sa lahat! Let’s be happy in welcoming the year 2008!

Buri ku Mac book, haha! Matimtiman Girls, Merry Christmas! AguPips! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas AguPips! Ang wish ko sana gumraduate on time, makahanap ng magandang trabaho, extra strength para hindi mapraning (ehehe!), tsaka good health for my family and loved ones. Sana dumating na din laptop ko! =p Thanks to all who’ve been there for me! Iluvu guys!

Sana maraming aginaldo ang matanggap ko this holiday para mas marami akong mailibre!
Sana maging safe ang buong family ko kasama na ang AguFamily.
Hi to my chever! Joke, as if akit ne ini! Haha!
Hi to my buddy-in-law, ehehe!
Hi din kay Daddy Marco, sana ali muna ulitan tang gewa mu nyang meg-Garahe tamu!
To all Matimtiman Girls, thanks for a warm welcome, lagi na kami ken sige, haha!
Mutya Ning Aguman, repeat performance dapat sa Christmas Party! Haha!
Merry Christmas sa lahat ng makakabasa nito! Merry Christmas to my family!

Merry Christmas to all my lil sis and bros sa org. I wanna wish a happy season to the fabulous MemComma and my PowerPuff family. You totally rock guys! Well, this Christmas, I wish for healing for myself, and happiness for that one. Ehe! I wish it’ll all be better this season, for you, and for us! Hehe!
~Churchitect Yek

Happy Holidays everyone!!
Kadaya (and Kuya Rye, of course :p), maging one of a kind at masaya sana Pasko at Bagong Taon natin.
Mas pagpalain sana ang mga mabubuti kesa sa masasama. Hahaha! =D
Magpakabait na tayo.
Higit sa lahat, uno sana feasib namen =D hehe!
~Zel M

Sana mayari ku college on time. Sana masaya Christmas tamu ngan. Sana maging successful ya in Sining 2008. Sana ligawan na naku ning crush ku, haha! Sana magkalovelife nala reng Tres Loveless. Sana magkalovelife ya ulit bestfriend ku. Sana ibye da na reng buddies ku reng gifts da. Sana magka-kotse ku! And a five-storey mansion! Sana reng buddies ku ali dala akalingwan gift ku… haha! Merry Merry Christmas AguPips!

Merry Christmas kareng Lakatan and all AguPips
~Pussy Cat Boi

Merry Christmas kang _ _ _ and sana maging maayus ne ing kekatamung chever life…
~One More Chance

Sana maging masaya ang aking Pasko at sana maging mayaman ako ngayon para marami akong mabigyan ng regalo.
~Santa Claus

I wish na maging mayaman ne ing Aguman after the projects of the org. More blessings for Agu and me. Sana dumami na ang corporate attire ko! Haha! Sana may magbigay! Hehe! Merry Christmas to all AguPips! Special mention to my committee, Finance! Woohoo! We rock!

Merry Christmas AguPips! Second Christmas ku ne ini with you! Haha! Wishes ku this Christmas, uhm, bayung phone kasi mewalan ku anyang Anniv Party tamu! Ok ku pa naman keng laptop ku, bisa kung external hard disk for more storage hehe! O kaya iPod para ali namu mp3 player rugu. O pota sabyan yu masyado kung matas pangarap! Kayi namu, panyung Caruso or John Grisham books andyang keng Book Sale mu tsaka pala bag na bungo ing design, haha! Pero ali tang cheapipay ah!
By the way, greetings naman pala – Matimtiman Girls, sana maging mas close tamu pang housemates! Lakatan, kapilan tamu mag-bonding?! Haha! Tambay kayu mu para makapag-kumustahan tamu andyang busy na keng acads and chever! Masikan ing Lakatan! Wooh! Syempre, Records, first love Comm, thank you guys at ikayu ing committee mates ku. Salamat keng suporta at saup yu, ali ku naman agyung mag-dili-dili ini eh. Agyu tamu ini! Bonggang-bongga ang Records! ExeCoun, I never expected that we will turn out to be one of the best ExeCoun ever! Haha! Mayabang!
Message ku naman for AguPips! Guys it’s been a year and a half since I met you and I am so glad that I have been a part of this family. We already proved our worth but we have so much to accomplish! Fight! Keng Aguman mekapantun kung kaluguran ali mu kabud orgmates! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Let’s be reminded that this time of the year is not just a season of shopping and eating, but most importantly, a time of giving and sharing love. And of course to give glory and be thankful of HIM, who’s the reason behind our celebration. Hope that our good Lord will continue to shower our homes with more blessings. Happy birthdays!

Sana magkaroon ako ng portable DVD player tsaka bayung tennis racket, itang pang professional, hehe!
To All Agupips: Merry Christmas!!, Happy New Year! Oita mu, hehe! Sana maging masaya ing Pasku tamu ngening banwa, kalingwan yu na pa ing diet-diet, let's eat all we can, hehe! Sana next year, let's keep our "bondness" stronger and continue serving the org and our fellow Capampangans... Merry Christmas!! Happy New Year!!
To the Tomador Family: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, sana next year (2008) sober ta na ngan, hehe!

Have a happy Christmas everyone! Thanks for being part of my 2007, you made it one of my most memorable years ever! Cheers to 2008!
Sa ExeCoun: Frida, Jen, Loree, Gboi, Jomski, marco, a very special Christmas to you! Thank your for everything. Keep rockin’ you guys!

Monday, December 24, 2007

UP Aguman celebrates Christmas with a Gift-Giving activity

By pekepate

December 22, 2007 – UP Aguman celebrated Christmas 2007 differently and customarily. There was the traditional caroling and Christmas party, but to observe the holidays for meaningfully, Aguman had a gift-giving activity to the less fortunate.
The gift-giving activity, planned by an ad hoc committee of UP Aguman and sponsored by the organization’s alumni, materialized at Sitio Kadenang Kristal and Sitio Marimar Sapang Biabas, Mabalacat, Pampanga. After the heartwarming program came the AguCaroling and Christmas party around the vicinity of Mauaque Resettlement Center and at Fergie Panganiban’s (Kadaya 2005A) residence, respectively. Indeed, the day was a great deal of activities and fun.

In a desire to reach out to the destitute people of Mabalacat, boosted by the spirit of Christmas, Aguman Alumni Boogie (1976A) and Julie David (1979B), the Mabalacat Residents of Southern California (MRSC), and in cooperation with UP Aguman residents pushed through with the month-long devised outreach program.

Seventy children (35 from each site) were the recipients of goods which were packed early that morning by the AguResidents.

The AguResidents visited first the zealous people of Sitio Kadenang Kristal after which immediately headed to Sitio Marimar Sapang Biabas, where children and adults alike patiently waited. Boogie and Julie David, together with their children whom they introduced to the residents, were present to personally grace the event.

The gift-giving at both sites followed short after the children were treated with a fried chicken and spaghetti meal from Jollibee.

Three out of the 70 children (two from Sitio Kadenang Kristal the other from Sitio Marimar Sapang Biabas) were even luckier to have received brand-new mountain bikes also provided by the generous alumni. Two of the three children emerged as winners from a Wowowee-inspired game, where several participants were asked to dance energetically to the tune of Eat Bulaga’s Kagat Labi, and the other one luckily won the raffle.

Later that afternoon, after having their siesta the residents practiced their Christmas pieces. At around 7 o’clock in the evening, they headed off the streets to carol, at most, seven homes. These homes confirmed that there is indeed generosity present in the place.

After the fun amateur exhibition of voice they ate their succulent dinner of baked macaroni and roasted liempo prepared by committees.

And then came the most-awaited part, the Exchange-Gift. The residents present, gladly handed and more gladly received their gifts to and from their respective colleagues. A total of 19 residents and another alumnus, Andre Galang (Salagpi 2001A) attended the day-long string of meaningful activities. The Christmas Party lasted the whole night as some of the residents spent their night with more bonding at Fergie’s home.

The residents present were: Marco, Daph, Allandail, Loree, Fergie, Elai, Michael, Ruth, Jen, Gboi, Justin, Buduy, Kevin, Dens, Anj, Minsky, Trisha, Jann and Jill.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Santa Who?

By Cuthzei
Originally published in the Christmas Aslag, AY 2004-2005

When I was a kid, I didn’t believe in Santa Claus. Why? I really don’t know why. I really don’t have a reason until someone asked me to write an article on when I stopped believing in Santa. How can I stop believing in Santa when in fact, I had not believed in him at all. Agh, confusing.

So I thought about it and suddenly, I came up with these corny, weird, sometimes exaggerated pseudo-theories why as a child, I never waited for that big jolly man on Christmas Eve.

Chubby-Challenged Theory
Blame it to my uncles or male relatives for that matter. Nobody seems to be that fat enough to disguise himself as Jolly Old Santa. There was no attempt or whatsoever plan to be the family’s mascot. Thank goodness! They were really careful so as not to disappoint the little children around. Just imagine a malnourished Santa, surely the kids will freak-out.

Practicality Theory (ampao over socks)
Hanging socks on the wall is a fun thing to do but waiting for these to fill up with gifts and candies is another story. Little Ms. Practical decided it’s better to receive ampao (red envelopes) with cash instead.

Creepy-Toys Theory
Maybe it’s a Halloween hangover that I associated elves with the pinoy “dwendes.” (Beware: they may have descended from the same genealogy!) Knowing that Santa’s gifts are elf-made, don’t you think it’s kinda creepy to be playing with these toys? Be careful not to break them for a spell might be cast upon you J.

Survival-of-the-unfit Theory
Christmas is the season of merry-making and food binges. Time to indulge in sinful goodies and gain weight almost naturally. Someone just have to eat and survive you know! So why starve yourself waiting for that “Ho-Ho” man to descend from the skies?

Disappointment Theory
I know that sometime in your kiddie-life, you’ve wished for an almost impossible gift. And as luck would permit it, Santa did not grant you your wish! Then you start asking yourself, “Have I been that bad?!” Believing in Santa Claus can be quite disappointing especially when wishes don’t come true.

Realistic Theory
This follows the Disappointment-Theory because after being sad and disappointed, you’ll realize who the real Santas are-- your parents! Of course by this time you should have known that they’re the ones who had been faithfully granting your whims and wishes. Now is the opportune time to thank them for all the love and gifts they’ve showered you.

Animal-Lover Theory
I have so much concern with animal welfare that abusing them is a big no-no for me. Why, look at poor Rudolph! Santa continued delivering his gifts with Rudolph leading the pack despite Rudolph’s colds. Santa should be ashamed! Pitiful Rudolph!

Family-Values Theory
I don’t want a broken family! Okay, so that’s an exaggeration. But as a child, who would want to see their mom being kissed by Santa Claus? For goodness sake! I can never imagine myself moving out to the North Pole.

Myself-as-a-Santa Theory
Now, this is a serious one. I just love giving away gifts. Wrapping gifts and giving them to special people is such a heart-warming experience. Maybe this is a good reason why I don’t believe in Santa because I want to be Santa myself.

No-Chimney Theory
This is my favorite reason (excuse) why I don’t believe in Santa. Santa can never visit me during Christmas Eve simply because our home has no chimney or a fireplace! So why bother?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Simbang Bengi

By Herald's
Originally published in the Christmas Aslag, AY 2004-2005

Cabang lalapit ca quing luclucan cu
Carugcarug ya ing cacung salu
E cu balu nung bakit o nung nanu
Anti cu mong ating buring sabyan canacu

Peunan da na ca pin mang magsalita
Uli na ning maulaga ya ata
Ding laue mu gagalgal la pa
At piadian mo ring quecang salita

Saquit a panandaman sibucnan cung isalicut
Dapot e cu balu nung macananung gumulut
Uling lugud a metipun maluat a panaun
Binaui mu quing metung a gatpanapun

Mipapulai cu quing quecang sinabi
Macatapilan cung inisip ing mipalyaring iti
Angga na pin man quing pamanuli
Quiquiac cung magdilidili

Panyung tatalnan icua nang mebasa
Uling alang patugut tutulu ing lua
Taglus0taglus quing eran alang sala
Pasbul binuclat, migducmu, ginaga

Bie ala na pin mang casilbian
Anti cu mong caban a mipanacauanan
Masanting namu’t ating cacaluguran
Kasaup, kayabe king beyatan

Caibat na nita micabieng pasibayu
Muang panandaman, ena mipacalalu
Mas masanting mung bage siguru
Ing makaadya para quecatamu

Yanapin man ing mipalyari
Meging mayan ing pamikawani
Pareung sinulung a e sinisi
Matahimik a bie ing denasan tamu ngeni

Pasulung ing panaun pasku daratang
Tumagun cung misa quetan pisamban
E ca marine guiang ditac man
Inya linucluc ca quing canacung uanan

Ing misa miras ne quing ‘Ibpa Mi’
Bubulung ca, Oyni na ing cacatacutan cung dili
Yacu naman, nga cung cinabi
Ot ecu agad inisip ing mapalyaring iti

Cacurap cu mitatatalan na cata
Eya talan e mcaquilala
Nune anti ya caring mipalsinta
A e miquiquit maluat a maluat na

Anti cata mong micaintindi
Ining gamat cu e mu ne binili
Saya ing panandaman at e sinisi
Uling mibalic ca canacu quing Simbang Bengi

Saturday, December 15, 2007

UP Aguman crowns its first ever 'Mutya'

December 14, 2007 -- Serving as the 34th Anniversary Week's culminating event, the first ever Mutya Ning Aguman was held in a function room at the University Hotel. The Aguman residents came in their formal attire to cheer and support their respective committee representatives. A sumptuous dinner of baked macaroni, prawn sticks and special iced tea was enjoyed by everyone.

Inspired by the famous annual 'beauty pageant'
Miss Eng'g held during the College of Engineering Week, Mutya Ning Aguman featured AguBoys from the different Aguman committees dressing up in women's clothes.

The 5 contestants were:
*Aga Retirado (Kadaya 2005A) AKA Dolce Gabuna as Miss Earth
*Andrew Santiago (Kadaya 2005A) AKA Ma. Margarita Pirena y Lagablab as Miss Fire
*Kevin Peñalba (Langgotsi 2006B) AKA Rio Aquamarine Irrawaddy Nieves as Miss Water
*Jann Nicolas (Baskal 2007A) AKA Halle Parot as Miss Wind
*Buduy Mallari (Lakatan 2006A) AKA Rosa Acacia y Marijuana as Miss Wood

Unfortunately, the Educational Committee's representative, Jerome Ocampo, could not make it during the night's pageant due to two major exams the following day.

In just a little over than one week, the AguPips, through their respective committees, were able to showcase their teamwork, creativity and artistry as they worked to produced the attire and costumes of their committee's representatives.

There were 3 rounds of competition: Talent, Costume and Interview. The winners of the special awards were:
*Miss Photogenic - Jann Nicolas, Miss Wind (Photo featured Jann as a round girl in a boxing match)
*Flawless Skin - Jann Nicolas, Miss Wind
*Best in Costume - Kevin Pe
ñalba, Miss Water
*Best in Talent -
Kevin Peñalba, Miss Water (Performance featured a reprise of his Hindi Ako Bakla (by Michael V) number in the Langgotsi 2006B Talents Night, mashed with a remix of Rihanna's Umbrella.)
*Voter's Choice - Buduy Mallari, Miss Wood

ABOVE: Kevin gracefully poses as Miss Water during the Costume Competition.

The Top 3 finalists were Wood, Wind and Water. The final question was "What is the epitome of a UP student?" After seemingly lost for words and stumped by the question for a few moments, the eventual winner, Miss Water, eventually replied that a UP Aguman member is the perfect example of a UP student, because well, they are "perfect". Miss Wood and Miss Wind, were the 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up respectively.

LEFT: The 5 contestants during the Costume Competition. L-R: Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Wood.
RIGHT: The "Mutya Ning Aguman" winners. Buduy Mallari as Miss Wood - 1st Runner-Up, Kevin
Peñalba as Miss Water - Mutya Ning Aguman, Jann Nicolas as Miss Wind - 2nd Runner-Up

The panel of judges consisted of five alumni who graced the historic event:
*Gerry Pangan, Siklab 1980A
*Powie De Guzman, Siklab 1980A
*Joyce Dela Cruz, Tuglung 1998A
*Ngot Cruz, Sampelut 2003A
*Leah Salta, Sampelut 2003A

Other alumni present were:
Arnel David, Bucnul 1982A
Beyts Simon, Ambula 2000A
Maan Laud, Ambula 2000A
Alvin Bongcodin, Salagpi 2001A
Argel Casupanan, Salagpi 2001A
Jen Manalang, Kasaup 2002A
Ryan Aga, Kasaup 2002A
Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A
Hazel Tobias, Kaputul 2004A
Zenicar Galban, Bucayo 2005B

The Least Metamorphic Member Contest winner was also announced during the formal dinner. Fergie Panganiban (Kadaya 2005A) won a Cerealicious gift certificate worth P150.

The whole 34th Anniversary Week celebration was made possible by the combined efforts of all the committees, headed by the Externals Committee who coordinated the various activities.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day of the Kapampangans

By Robby Tantingco, published in SunStar Pampanga

This week, I urge all Kapampangans in the world—all one million of us—to celebrate Aldo ning Kapampangan (Pampanga Day) by making just one solemn commitment: to be proud of our history and to trust our destiny.

For indeed, we Kapampangans probably got more blessings than other people in this country did, and probably more blessings than we deserve. Our luck should give us enough confidence that we are destined not only to survive but also to prevail.

Ilocanos, for example, got a craggy strip for a homeland, and Visayans got scattered islands and Tagalogs a disorganized territory, but in the case of Kapampangans, God put us all together in one spot and in the best possible location—the central plain of the largest island, protected by mountain ranges on both sides and irrigated by a network of rivers and streams that empty into a bay. From the riches that the land easily yielded, we learned to be more traders than farmers, and developed a cuisine that's unlike any other.

God also gifted us with a beautiful language which the colonizers reconfigured by imposing on it an alien orthography. Instead of withering, our language thrived and even bloomed, producing a sublime literature whose volume and variety invite comparison with that of Elizabethan England.

Surrounded by a sea of different ethno-linguistic tribes, which made us insular in our world-view, we became patriotic and fiercely protective of our independence and way of life, so that when the Spaniards came in 1571, we were the only ones on this island who fought them. The first Filipino to give up his life to preserve his people's freedom—the first stirrings of nationalism—was a Kapampangan.

Our belligerent ancestors were eventually pacified, but in the end, they still outsmarted the enemy—because they proved that Kapampangans could defeat them even in their own turf. When they allowed us to train in their royal army, for example, we became so good that they totally depended on us in their expeditions and military campaigns; they even entrusted the capital city's entire royal army under the care of a Kapampangan (Francisco Laksamana in 1662).

When the Spaniards allowed us to study in their exclusive schools, we turned out to be brighter than they were and soon, the slaves they had thought were only good for cutting timber for their shipyards were graduating as doctors of laws and doctors of sacred theology. The country's first priests, first nuns, first missionaries, first president of the archdiocesan seminary, first woman authors and founders of orphanages and religious congregations— yes, they were all Kapampangans.

As Prof. Randy David puts it, Kapampangans became "the brown bearer of European culture and Enlightenment reason… who did not deserve to be enslaved by a foreign power" because they could beat that foreign power "in all the things by which human achievement is measured—art, education, engineering, philosophy, literature."

All Kapampangans should read the story of Martin Sancho, the Kapampangan who recited the entire catechism (in Spanish!) before an astounded King Philip II in 1587, barely 16 years after the Spaniards landed in Luzon. And he was only 10 years old.

Or the story of Phelippe Songsong of Macabebe, whose sanctity was already so well known while still doing missionary work in Guam, that when he died in 1684 at age 73, the Spanish Governor and military officials of that island carried his coffin on their backs and buried him with all the pomp and pageantry befitting a canonized saint of the Catholic Church..

The Spaniards themselves recognized Kapampangans as unique among the natives. King Charles II of Spain cited Kapampangans and only Kapampangans "for making important contributions to the defence of the entire colony." Fray Gaspar de San Agustin called us "the Castilians of these islands" and invented the formula "one Spaniard plus three Kapampangans equals four Spaniards." Jose Felipe del Pan referred to us as "the loyal companions of our disgraces and of our glories. Kapampangans, and only Kapampangans, were with us in that century of frustrations when we were harassed on all fronts. Brave people!" Juan de Medina wrote that Kapampangans always left their villages to join the army "in a fine appearance, for the villages donate money for their uniforms." Even the British journalist A.P. Thorton wrote in 1762 that the British were amazed by the military skills of Kapampangans, "who repeated the assaults (unlike Indians who fled at the sight of better armed British) and died like wild beasts, gnawing the bayonets." Kapampangans, del Pan wrote, were "the grand curiosity" of the region.

Other Filipinos today mock us for this loyalty, but loyalty was a sentiment expressed by only one sector of Kapampangan society. Another sector consistently expressed another sentiment—rebellion— and these two sentiments and two sectors coexisted throughout history. It is this dichotomy that makes our role in history truly colorful and unique. We were loyal where loyalty was deserved, or necessary, or expedient, and we severed our ties when it was time to do so. In the tradition of that Macabebe chieftain who became the country's first martyr for freedom, Kapampangans rose in arms whenever the conditions outraged their sense of justice, as in their revolts against the encomienda system in 1585, against the unpaid rice supplies in 1660, and finally against the cumulative abuses of the Spaniards in 1896.

Through the years of American colonization and Japanese occupation, Kapampangans— again, ahead of their compatriots in other regions—burned with fervor for social justice. It was Kapampangans who founded the country's first labor union (Union de Chineleros y Zapateros de Filipinos, by Felixberto Olalia in 1920), the socialist party (Partido Sosyalista ng Pilipinas, by Pedro Abad Santos in 1932), the guerilla movement in World War II (Hukbalahap, by Bernardo Poblete in 1942), the communist armed forces (Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan by Casto Alejandrino in 1950 and the New People's Army, by Bernabe Buscayno in 1965), the Kabataang Makabayan (by Nilo Tayag, in 1970) and the National Democratic Front (by Satur Ocampo, with Joma Sison, in 1973).

Warriors and defenders of the poor and the oppressed—this is the true nature and true calling of Kapampangans. God may have pampered us with natural resources and the colonizers may have treated us with favoritism, which gave us a veneer of vanity, conceit and softness, but deep inside, we are intensely altruistic, even heroic, maybe even messianic (which is why we left our Muslim and pagan ways in 1571 to embrace the religion which appealed to us, Christianity) . The boast Queng leon queng tigri e cu tatacut, queca pa? probably comes from the land itself—so beautiful and so vulnerable that we must defend it at all costs.

We nearly lost it all when Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991. Now, in the midst of a cultural renaissance, our provincial and municipal leaders have chosen to waste their energies on a senseless duel-to-the- death that threatens to bring the entire province down with them.

I hope that our province's 436th founding anniversary will be an occasion for them to finally work together, instead of making it yet another battleground for their bitter, senseless fight.

Thanks to Allandail for posting this on our Multiply account.
Anyway, Happy Pampanga Day everyone! Let's keep the Kapampangan spirit alive at the Diliman Campus!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Least Metamorphic Member Contest!

Ginoong Guimaras (GG): Well, well, well, look do we have here?!
Binibining Bangsamoro (BB): Hmmm.. is it a bird?
GG: No! Smaller!
BB: Err, a smaller bird?
GG: Ngek..
BB: Ah! A hummingbird! Hmm, aminin mo, maliit yung bird na yun! Hahaha!
GG: Hay nako! Ing pakamalan tamung Presidente ini, na keng karakal na nicknames, etana balu nung nanu ing iawus kaya, haha!
BB: Wapin, grabe oh, lawen mu ne man y Daphne through all the pictures, balamu mekwa la ngan in a single photoshoot with different wardrobe!
GG: Or copy-paste with Photoshop editing of the clothes! Haha!
BB: Kurak! Yan ang tinatawag na ‘Growth Gap’! Bwahaha! Pupusta ako, pati archeologist mahihirapan i-arrange yan! Haha!
GG: Ala kung asabi. Who would think that this microscopic organism is Aguman’s La Presidente dava?!
BB: Shooshal! Ot etaya mo iabe keng Kakasa Ka Ba Sa Grade 5?! Haha!
GG: As contestant?
BB: No no no! As a classmate! Bwahaha!

But wait there’s more! Check this out residents! A brand new contest promo here at Aslag Online!

MECHANICS: Notice the series of pictures of our dear President in the middle of the BEFORE and AFTER pics? Well, they are actually arranged out of order. If you are able to arrance these from the youngest Daphne to the not-so-youngest using the letters of the picture, you get a chance to win a Cerealicious Gift Certificate worth P150! Remember, only those with the correct answer will be eligible for the raffle draw of the prize. Submit your answers through the COMMENTS SECTION of this post.
DEADLINE of entries: December 14, Friday, 12AM.

So kamon mamon! It won't hurt to try. Push your luck! Hahaha!

To have a clearer view of the picture trail, just click it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Genmeet highlights: December 6, 2007

By Felipe Pablo IV & kingofchocolates

An emergency gemeet was held last December 3, 2007 with the same agenda.

*Anniversary Week is OrgShirt Week! Monday, December 10 is Pautakan 2007 (Blue) shirt day!

*UP Aguman Exhibit, as prepared by the Socio-Cultural and Externals Committee
December 10 - Molave Residence Hall
December 11 - Kalayaan Residence Hall
December 12 - Yakal Residence Hall *Unity Night 2007B, 4-7pm, December 12, Vinzon's Rooftop
An afternoon of fun, games and camaraderie with the new batch of applicants.

*Miss Aguman 2007, 6pm onwards, December 14, (Venue is TBA)
Six AguBoys (yep, you read that right! AguBoys talaga!) from the six committees will vie for the first ever Miss Aguman through a battle of guts, talent, wit and most importantly, beauty and grace, haha! This anniversary special is brought to you by the Externals Committee led by Kath Gatchalian (Bucayo 2005B) and Jowie Garcia (Kadaya 2005A).

The pageant theme for Miss Aguman 2007 is the elements of the Earth. The contestants are:
Ms Fire - Andrew Santiago (MemComm)
Ms Wind - Jann Nicolas (Exte)
Ms Water - Kevin Pe
ñalba (Records)
Ms Wood - Buduy Mallari (FinComm)
Ms Metal - Jerome Ocampo (EducComm)
Ms Earth - Aga Retirado (SocioComm)

The competition rounds are: Talent, Evening Gown and Q&A. Money voting, which will start on Monday, 1pm, December 10, will comprise 50% of the final score.


*Kanlungan, an alliance of organizations with tambayan at Palma Hall (CSSP), is happy to announce the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the initial phase of the new tambayan complex that will be built on the CSSP ground. This will be on December 12, 2007. The modern tambayan complex will replace the old dilapidated kiosks.

*Last December 5, 2007, UP Aguman participated in the Philippine Games competition of the PalakaSanlahi 2007. Despite finishing 4th overall (out of 6 orgs), the AguPips fought gallantly (really? Haha!). In fact, Andrew Santiago (Kadaya 2005A) even injured his hand is his valiant effort to catch the opponent during the Day-Night game (a type of tag or habulan game). In the morning, the Aguman Basketball Team won over their opponent, UP CVSF (Cagayan Valley Student Formation).

LEFT: AguPips pose before the Philippine Games begin
RIGHT: AguPips make fun of themselves with the loser sign as they lose the Calamansi Relay and Sack Race

*The Applicants Orientation for the second semester application was also held during the GenMeet by the MemComm. The applicants present were Demsen, Eggy and Carlo.

*FinComm would like to remind all residents with outstanding balances: re-aff fees, Pautakan 2007 shirts, unremitted fund raiser funds, etc to please settle immediately. Re-Aff fees (P50) must be paid to JOMS AND ANJ only.

*Monito Monita 2007 is handled by the Socio-Cultural Committee. The minimum amount is P100. To join, just contact Loree.

*SINING 2008 was formally launched! Yey! Tentative details are as follows:
February 2, New Era University
February 9, SM City Clark
More details soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Top 10 Most Metamorphic Members (Part 2)

By Binibining Bangs & Ginoong Guimaras

And we're back for the much-anticipated, most awaited Aslag Online post to date, hahaha! It was actually surprising the Part 1 was such a big hit, so we've tried our best to make the finale part bigger and bolder.

So, here we go!

To have a larger view of the pictures, just click them

Ginoong Guimaras (GG): Starting up the Top 5 is the not-that-Big-anymore Marco, the member formerly known as Wilmer Ong!
Binibining Bangsamoro (BB): What can I say, fly away! Haha! From the brainy-boy look to the rugged-out-of-bed-messy look! Haha! May nabubuhay na atang ecosystem sa buhok niya!
GG: Trulalu! Mete ya ing industriya ning sukle uling melugi la keng ena paggamit sukle Marco! Haha!
BB: Ali mu sukle nune pati aswe ampong Gatsby industry meg-red alert! Haha! Komusta ne man ing mature image na po-project ng not-that-Big-anymore Marco?!
GG: Wapin! From a wallpaper member na halus e bubulad, atin ya pang eku-buring-magbrand-titles-equal kayu-ngan-potential-kaku na ababalu, ngening MemComm Head ne, hahaha!
BB: Yeah, mekapag-graduate yang 12 new members! Dinalan na keng painum-inum at pa-tennis-tennis! Haha! From chow Marco to sporty stud muffin!
GG: In fairness, after sporting the ecosystem going on above his head for months, just recently, pepatuli este pepagupit ne ulit! Kaya uyta, me-revive ne na naman ing barbershop industry!
BB: Shoshal ang lolo mo!

BB: Next on the ladder of the 5 models of skin aging is the ex-Treasurer, ex-PMT officer, ex-Honey Cyrille!
GG: Haha! Actually, balamu pin, ex-child star ya rin eh, lawen mu ne man in BEFORE pic na!
BB: Naman! Lupa yang Johnson’s Baby Powder with lavender and chamomile dati!
GG: Pero ngeni, huwag ka, Pond’s Oil Blemish Control Powder na ing poproject ng atchi mu! Haha!
BB: Chever yan! Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng chever sa buhay ng isang babae! Blooming ya talaga! Look at the smile oh, may pang-aakit na nagaganap!
GG: Obvious na madakal ne a-add and a-minus keng buhay! Hehe! Lawen me pa ing pose na keng sofa, very suggestive! May pataas-taas pa siya ng paa! Atse, pota ating lugub lango keng palda mu, haha!
BB: Bet na bet for more experiment! Haha! Wag kayo, migbayu ne outlook in life!
GG: Kaya naman, ahoy to boys out there, go na!
BB: No! In true Powerpuff Girl fashion, the Cy don’t like BOYS, she likes MEN, ahahaha!

GG: Aba, aba, aba, kung “change” ing pisasabyan, kadagul na advantage nini, dahil iya ing pekamalambat nang member ning Aguman ngeni, hahaha!
BB: Balamu Eat Bulaga dava!? 25 years ne keng TV este Aguman! Haha! King kalwat na king org pwede neng maging historian galore! History ng tsismis! Haha!
GG: Wa naman! Dakal neng changes a a-witness, bwahaha! Len mu ne man dati oh, balamu ating yang drug addiction problem going on keng kapayatan! Pero ngeni, atyan kung atyan, hahaha!
BB: At braso kung braso pa! haha Like what he always say “makataba ing problema.”
GG: Nako, ali mu problema, issues galore pa of national security pa amo! Haha!
BB: Ika namong maging ‘King Fisher’?! Walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag! Hindi namin kayo tatantanan! Haha!
GG: But kidding aside, source of ‘wisdom’ daw ang lolo mo! Atin ya laging asasabi kareng egana-ganang issue!
BB: At isipan mu waring miras yang 2nd year na ena balu nung nanu ing tinggil ning kipschi at pepa-drawing napa nung nanu hitsura ita, pero ngeni, iya pa mismu manuru kareng kids nung makananu mag-blow… Kandila ne, lalu na patse birthday! Hahaha!
GG: At ngeni oh, lawen mu naman ing ebidensya! Mag-lasing-lasing ne ngeni!
BB: Pero! Ang tanong ng bayan – atin ne bang apasukung Bataan ing bapa mu?!

GG: Good morning Miss Bangsamoro!
BB: Good morning Mr. Guimaras. You may now sit down. Bwahaha!
GG: Titser kung titser! Kulang namu magtinda yang tocino anyang app ya pa! Haha!
BB: Akakit yu naman, keng BEFORE pic na, balamu mendam yamung blusa y dara mu kang apu mu, hahaha!
GG: Hindi na ngayon! Move over Kitty Girls, paiksi nang paiksi ang palda ni lola!
BB: Hindi lang palda, kundi pati likod – feeling ku pin one of these days mapulmunya yang e oras y dara mu kareng almost-backless everyday-costumes na! Haha!
GG: Tas kabira, megpabakud ya ring ngipan!
BB: Wapen! Anya magsikap yang makipagobra king cybersex den este tutor pala! Haha!
GG: Kumikitang kabuhayan!
BB: Para sa kalantungan ng ngipan! Hahaha!
GG: Malwat ku nang suspetya eh, atin ya talagang pangarap na bituin y Loree. E wari, iya first ever me-video na Spotlight. Ngeni naman sa-cyber kermi ya pa, haha! Atin ya talagang exposure-hunger!
BB: Trulalu! Japanese la pa talaga reng customers este tutee na!
GG: Huwaw! Modern day Japayuki ang drama! Haha! Halina’t mangolekta ng lapad! Haha!
BB: Pero nanung asabi yu, Socio Chair ne ngeni. Kamusta naman kanu, pati ing bulletin board ning tambayan me-make over!
GG: Sus, pati nga theme para keng Sining na, present la ngan deng colors of the rainbow, bwahaha!

GG: And of course, the most metamorphic of them all, ing sex symbol ning Arki – Allandail!
BB: Wa ko ma-say sa monumental metamorphosis! From Disney Quasimodo to High School Musical Troy Bolton! Haha!
GG: Hindi to kakayanin ng Belo at Calayan Medical Groups! Haha!
BB: But seriously, bet naman ang lolo mo sa kabila ng very demanding Arki life nya – chevering sa kabila ng plates! Haha!
GG: How convenient! Bwahaha!
BB: Balita ku, mitatagkil yamu kareng kapwa na Arki zombies, feeling da mababastus nala. Al is that hawt! Wehehe!
GG: In addition to that, si Allan ay hindi lang pang eskwela, pansimbahan pa! Haha!
BB: Oooh, a heartthrob in cloth, bet ko yan!
GG: Muret! Ene man mag-pari eh! Mag-serve yamu keng parokya da. I wonder nung pati keng simbahan eh bet de rin deng COMI girls, hahaha!
BB: Kaya nga abihag ne ing pusu ng Teacher Loree. Dati kasi, atin ya ring dayang madre keng sobrang hinhin, hahaha!
GG: Nako, anya ping bayu yang salta y Allandail keng ka-Maynilaan kanita, promding-promdi yay koya mu! Maka-long-sleeve sweatshirt ya on a late summer day, haha!
BB: But that’s sooo over na mga kafatid! Check-it out nyo naman ang new and improved Chalk-cutie-boy-next-door image! Complete with shorts, flipflops and celebrity hair! Bongga!
GG: Betchina Marie! Panalong panalo para sa Lakan ng Sinukwan 2007! Saktung saktu, December pamo, hahaha!
BB: Looks, fashion sense, personality.. lahat ibang-iba na talaga!
GG: Metung a madagul a tsek! Holistic transformation ever!
BB: Kaya naman, deserve ne talaga ing #1 spot, diba?

Ginoong Guimaras: So there, mga kapatid sa Aguman, our countdown of the Top 10 Most Metamorphic Members!
Binibining Bangsamoro:
Sana naman metula kayu kareng penyabi mi. Aminan yu, you almost wet your pants keng kaka-ayli, bwahaha!

GG: So who are we? That's a secret we will never tell!
BB: We know you love us.. XOXO!
GG & BB: Til our next churky countdown!

ABANGAN! The Least Metamorphic Member Contest Promo!

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