Tuesday, September 30, 2008

List of Cool What-If Scenarios for Aguman

I’ve always noticed that my most creative window during the entire day is during the wee hours, as I lay down on my bed, trying to sleep (well, supposedly ‘trying to sleep, because most normally, I am not, hehe!). It sucks really, because instead of sojourning to Dreamland, I end up jotting down my ideas and being so excited that I cannot sleep anymore.

Anyway, one time, I channelled such late night (or early morning) creative energy towards writing my next column. Here are the figments of my crazy imagination – a list of cool what-if scenarios for our beloved org.

Just the other week, Kenn gave me a copy of an episode of a US TV Series entitled Greek. It’s about the academic and social lives of a group college students who are zealous members of fraternities and sororities. They live in these fully-furnished frat and soro houses that serve as their dormitories. So it got me thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful if all AguPips are housed in one single mansion? Oh our acads be damned, haha!

Picture this: A two-storey modern mansion that is shaped like a star from top view just like the Paskuhan Village, to honor the world-famous Kapampangan craftsmanship of lantern-making. All in all, we would have 22 bed rooms that will be named after the 20 towns and 2 cities of Pampanga and can house 3-10 people, depending on the area and population of each town or city. We’ll have the usual house amenities: comfy bathrooms, stylish kitchen, dining area, entertainment area and a function hall where we can hold our different activities. Of course, the AguMansion will be a wifi hotspot. The catch is that we would all have to take turns in doing the chores because we won’t have house help. Such services is a tad too much, don't you think so? (Yeah, right, as if having an AguMansion in the first place isn’t!).
Being the oldest, I will be the unofficial and self-assigned ‘mansion manager’ so my 34G experience will come in handy, haha! I will print and cut out pictures of all the members and put them in little slots in a board that will remind them of their house tasks. I will already assume that no matter how many reminders the whole household gets from me, a few will still not wash their own dishes, glasses and utensils so Felipe would end up washing them himself. And then when it is Nic’s turn to clean the kitchen sink, I will tell her to boil water first, pour it into the metal sink and spray some Domex to kill the germs and mildew.

It would always be a busy household – Marco’s watching a movie; Joms is chatting with his Econ friends (with matching controversial status messages); Bong, Kevin, Aries and Trish are gobbling some whole roasted chicken (each); Josef, RJ, Aga and Andrew are playing some network games; Justin and Dondon are editing and making some videos; Yek, Ruth, Elai, Loree and Anj are giggling at the latest episode of Gossip Girl; Felipe and Fergie are enjoying their favourite frappes at the terrace café and of course – Mike is sound asleep upstairs.

Remember how some alleged ‘chevering’ of the applicants caused a little stir among us members just recently? We went on and on about defending our actions, explaining our alibis and airing out our jealous concerns about the possible consequences but the truth be told – it’s not exactly illegal for two AguPips to “chever”. It is not a violation of our constitution and by-laws. So what if an elected officer can actually mediate when it comes to instances and matters like this? Ha! Then falling in love in Aguman won’t have to be that hard. And complicated. And secretive. haha!

Picture this: An officer who is responsible for the enhancement of the romantic affairs, love lives and dating of the members. This way, an AguBoy will know what to do if and when he falls in love with an AguGirl (or any other girl for that matter). He will be advised on every step of the way – from the testing the waters, casual flirting, initial dating, etc – to make sure that each celebrated love team in the org will not end up just being a love team, that they will actually end up happily together! And that’s just the easy part. The hard part is when an AguPip gets a broken heart.

Such position is called for to ensure the overall emotional well-being of the members so that they may perform to the best of their abilities when it comes to their acads and of course, various orgwork.

The part I haven’t figured out is what if the VP for Romantic Affairs needs help himself/herself? Hmmm... interesting.

Funding is a perennial problem when it comes to a non-stock, not-for-profit organization like ours. In my long stay in Aguman, it’s the same old story for each project head and treasurer, year after year – “Mag-solicit tana guys, oh. Ala tanang pera talaga.” We’re just students embarking on worthwhile and service-oriented projects that supposed to be the job of existing local government agencies, can’t we at least get or receive all the funding we need to truly achieve our goals of serving the best interest of our people? What if all we have to think about is carrying out the plans and doing the legwork while the source of money for the expenses won’t be a concern anymore?

Picture this: Each Aguman activity is co-presented by numerous companies and institutions. They’re so many that their logos are worth two rows in the event posters and teasers. And that’s just major sponsors. The minor sponsors form 3 rows of text at the bottom part, haha! The generous sponsors and benefactors are so many that it takes 3-5 minutes for the host or quizmaster to deliver one round of acknowledgment.

Then all our registration fees are waived (even on the CEER). We get to give away lots of freebies to the participants and luxurious medals and trophies plus scholarships to the winners. We even get to give away food chits! Oha, bonggang-bongga ne? haha!

Now that would definitely mean that we’ve made it as an organization, right? Time and time again, at least one applicant defers from application process for a number of personal reasons. No matter these reasons are, I’ve always personally believed that at the core of these reasons, whether valid or not, there was just not enough reason to stay. Well, it’s their loss, right? Hehe! But what if the org is such in demand that we actually go through an audition process in our application process to keep it manageable?

Picture this: A select panel of judges that includes the MemComm Head screens applicants before they actually are invited to the orientation. Each person would have to “sell themselves” before the panel (who knows, maybe by comparing themselves with a cool and useful bag or something). Then the judges will decide with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ ala Idol! The grading system would have to be retooled in a big way to suit the needs of the situation. After each activity, each applicant must gather enough votes to proceed in the app process. Take note, we don’t necessarily “eliminate” the app with the least number of votes. For as long as they maintain the required number of votes, they will go on to become the Aguman Idol! Este, Aguman member pala, haha!

Obviously, impossible is the name of the game. From what I listed above, only one is even remotely possible or feasible (although the details are still very much a shot through the moon, haha!). One does not even make sense and is clearly just a symptom of reality TV contest addiction. But hey, libre lang mangarap, don’t they say? So I dreamt, hoped and imagined, not for myself alone.

But, having imagined all these, I think that even without these outrageously nifty scenarios, Aguman would still be the ‘coolest’ Kapampangan organization from the flagship campus of the University of the Philippines. Considering what we’ve achieved for the past three decades on such limited resources truly proves that we’ve stayed true to our noble cause.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Announcement: Confirmation of Attendance for the Leadership Seminar

The UP Aguman Alumni Association has scheduled a leadership and personality development seminar for the Aguman Residents. It will be conducted and sponsored by Aguman alumnus Kenn Ramirez (Batch 1978B), who has also previously held such seminar with the Aguman residents back in May 2003. The venue will be at the office of PNB Life (formerly New York Life) at the 28/F, PBCom Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Final Date: October 9, Thursday

Time: 8.30am - (Around) 5pm

The ExeCoun needs to confirm the date and attendance of all the members. The two tentative dates are October 9 (Thursday) and October 11 (Saturday). The date where more AguPips will be able to attend will be the final date. The headcount is also needed for the preparation of materials and food for the whole-day affair. Kong Kenn will be accompanied by two other Aguman Alumni Hazel Lee and Bal Gutierrez (Kadaya 2005A). He promises that the seminar will definitely be worth our while. Not bad for something that is completely free, right? Hehe!

AguPips who are available on October 9, Thursday:
1. Acey*
2. Aga
3. Allandail
4. Aries
5. Buduy
6. Demsen
7. Elai
8. Erika
9. Gboi*
10. Jann
11. Jen*
12. Jer*
13. Jewel
14. Jill
15. John Carl
16. Jowie
17. Carlo
18. Kath*
19. Kenn*
20. Kevin
21. Khen*
22. Loree*
23. Mae
24. Marco
25. Mike*
26. Minsky
27. Neicy*
28. Renz*
29. Rex*
30. RJ
31. Ruth*
32. Yek
33. Abi* (app)
34. Carousel
35. Diana
36. Jona
37. Kim
38. Lawie
39. Quill
40. Raxiel*
41. Ruby
Bryan (app)
43. Erika (app)
44. Phoebe
Bencio (app)
Migs (app)*
47. Nicolle (app)

AguPips who have conflicts on October 9:
Ham (app) - Exam. Time is TBA.
2. Felipe
3. Trish - Exam on a major subject. Time is TBA.
4. Bong
5. Julyn
(app) - Exams on Stat on October 9 & 10.
6. Cindy - exam on EEE 53. Time is TBA.
7. Frida
8. Joms
9. Anj
10. Paul
11. Diana - Exam
12. Minsky - Plate deadline
13. Lea - Oral Presentation
14. Fergie - Presentation in the morning and exam in the afternoon

AguPips who have not confirmed yet:
1. Andrew

Kindly confirm your attendance. Nung atin conflict (i.e., exams), sabyan yu rin, lawen tamu nung pwedeng tagal within the day. To do so, you can:
1) Reply in the Comments Section
2) Visit the tambayan and check the sign-up sheet
3) Text JEN at 0915 331 5457

Friday, September 26, 2008

Aguman's "Bitrams" win 2nd in Cliptomania 2008

By jrldizon

It was a competitive week for the Aguman residents as they joined numerous on and off-campus quiz shows. Truly, the AguPips live up to the famous UP battle cry “Matatapang, Matatalino” as they registered for one contest after another to carry the name of the organization and have some intelligent fun at the same time.

In line with its anniversary week, the UP Association of Political Science Majors (UP APSM) held a quiz show dubbed “PolitiKalokohan: the Ultimate Joketime Quiz Bee Challenge”. It was held at the CSSP AVR Rm 207 last Wednesday, September 24 at 1:30pm and the grand prize was worth P1500. It was held on regular class hours so Aguman only managed to send only 1 entry – Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A) and Acey Duarte (Bucayo 2005B). They registered under the name “Sikrams”, one of the same old team names used by AguPips on quiz shows since last school year. Out of 15 pairs, Sikrams finished in 2nd Place and lost by only 1 point.

Jologs Quiz Show: ‘D Original
Also celebrating its anniversary week was the CMC-based film org, UP Cineastes’ Studio. Their famous quiz show about local cinema and pop culture was held last September 25, 5pm at the CMC Media Center. Two Aguman teams registered for the event: Rex Dizon, Gboi De Padua (Lakatan 2006A), and Acey Duarte as “Sikrams” and Jen Castro (Lakatan 2006A), Aries Viray (Lakatan 2006A) and Allandail Rivera (Kaputul 2004A) as “Bitrams”. The grand prize was P1500. Both teams did not win (Bitrams finished at 5th and Sikrams at 6th, out of 17 teams), but they still enjoyed the affair for the quiz show was highly entertaining and interactive. One of the bonus round even included a “Hep Hep Hooray” challenge, which was almost won by Aries (he was the runner-up).

Cliptomania 2008
Immediately after the Jologs Quiz Show, the AguPips braved the rains and rushed to the Cinema 4 of The Block, SM North EDSA for Cliptomania 2008. This annual film clip contest is sponsored by the UP Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Association (UP 49ers). Again, Aguman was able to send two teams: Rex Dizon, Allandail Rivera and Anj Herico (Baskal 2007A) as “Sikrams” and Marco Lansangan (Kaputul 2004A), Gboi De Padua and Michael Gulapa (Lakatan 2006A) as “Bitrams”. The prizes included cash (P5000, P3000 and P1000 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Placers, respectively) and free SM movie passes

The Elimination Round consisted of 45 10-second clips from local and foreign movies, whose footages were courtesy of Video City. The players just had to guess the title of the movies. After the Eliminations, Sikrams was eliminated (295 pts) but Bitrams finished with a whopping 505 pts which was good for 2nd Place. Donning the cool Aguman jackets, the AguBoys competed with teams for the Final Round of 15 movie clips. In the end, UP Aguman was tied with the team of UP KEM (Chemical Engineering) for the 1st Place. After a seemingly never-ending series of tiebreakers, UP KEM finally clinched the win. UP Aguman still went home with euphoric spirits for winning the second out of a field of 36 teams.

LEFT: The AguPips show their pride for their 2nd Place prize
The contestants take a late dinner at McDonald's Philcoa after two hectic quiz shows

It was the end of the week but the AguPips still got game and joined the quiz show sponsored by the UP Sanlahi Alliance, of which the UP Aguman is a member. Loree Sicat (Kadaya 2005A), Michael Gulapa and Marco Lansangan represented the org this time. The prizes at stake were P1000 for the Champion, P700 for the 2nd Place and P500 for the 3rd Place. They almost reached the Finals and placed 6th out of 20 teams.

The quiz show teams of UP Aguman may not have won most of its battles, but one cannot deny their determination. In fact, the group has become familiar to other UP students and orgs who are also fond of joining these contests and has become to consider the AguPips as constant contenders. Win or lose, they enjoyed each activity and still proudly represented themselves and the org with their best efforts. Each contest also serves as a bonding moment, especially with the other AguPips who watch from the sidelines and cheer for the delegates. Who knows, Lady Luck may be on their side in the next quiz show they will join.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

An AguPip's housemate wins "Have-Your-Havs"

By jrldizon

September 17, 2008 – The FinComm scheduled the draw date for its raffle fundraiser “Have-Your-Havs” to coincide with the week’s Genmeet. Prior to the said Genmeet, members and applicants were still very busy in cutting their ticket sheets for the draw. Some were still rushing to sell the remaining unsold ones. A pair of original Havaianas flip flops was the only prize to be given away and while the chances of winning it were quite slim, the AguPips were still excited nonetheless. Many of them even “practiced” in picking the winners and made fun of them in true Aguman humor style.

Project leaders Fergie Panganiban (Kadaya 2005A) and Carlo Cortez (Agyuan 2007B) were the ones who picked the winner from the bag of remitted tickets. The lucky winner was Ian Sebastian, a 3rd year ECE student who was a housemate of Treasurer and FinComm Head Justin Dungca. FinComm tried to call the winner right there and then to inform him of the win but his phone was unattended at that time. Interestingly, Ian Sebastian only bought 3 tickets from Justin. The FinComm will accompany him during his free time in buying his lucky pair of Havaianas.

Meanwhile the ticket sales for the raffle fundraiser was not the only amount remitted to the FinComm during the Genmeet. The Aslag Online Team led by Kevin Penalba and Rex Dizon officially turned over the earnings of Aguman's blog from Google Adsense. A total of P4600 was earned since the Aslag Online started publishing Google Ads in the blog last May to July 2008. The funds raised from all these endeavors will be used for the organization's many activities, especially its upcoming annual major project, the Pautakan 2008.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

AguPips dominate in Pugad Sayk's Food Stuffing Contest

by Pekepate

September 18, 2008 - Five AguResidents and one applicant, formed in teams of three, joined UP Pugad Sayk's Chicki-nine-y: The Slurpee And Chicken Platter Food-stuffing Contest, held at UP PHAN lobby.

The contestants will have to chomp the food prepared forth by the organizers, where the three teams with the fastest times will emerge as winners. The first, second and third placers will receive Php 1,500, Php 1,000 and Php 500, respectively.

The first team, comprised of Aries (Lakatan 2006A), Trisha (Baskal 2007A) and Kevin (Langgotsi 2006B), battled it out in the first batch of eliminations against four other teams. The Second team, made-up of Felipe (Langgotsi 2006B), Anj (Baskal 2007A) and Lawrence (Applicant) engaged in the second batch.

The platter included six balut eggs, three salted eggs, 10 quail eggs, 10 grilled chicken feet, 15 isaw, three cup noodles, three tomatoes and four large 7-11 Slurpees.

Left: Kevin, Trish and Aries celebrate for finishing first in the first batch of eliminations
Right: Felipe, Anj and Lawie munch their way to win.

Kevin, Trish and Aries were able to finish the round in 8 minutes and 10 seconds and thus emerged as First Placers. Incidentally, they were the first team to sign up for the said event. Felipe, Anj and Lawie on the other hand were able to finish in 8 minutes and 45 seconds, emerging as the event's Third Placers.

In accordance to the fund-raising activities being conducted to finance the nearing Pautakan, the two teams decided to donate portion of their winnings.


Genmeet Highlights: September 17, 2008

*Application Process of Batch Pinanari is already close to its end
*The Formal Interview will be on Monday
-There will be three batches of three different time slots
-The panelists are requested to come in smart causal attire
-Rooms for the FI are already made reserved
-After the FI, members and apps will have an EBS (Extreme Bonding Session)
*The tentative date for the Final Rites is on September 28, Venue is still TBA
*Scavenger Hunt will be pushed through with the applicants and members soon
*The Leadership Training with Kon Kenn Ramirez was brought up
-It is an all-expense paid seminar at Makati
-The date will be decided upon soon
-The probable dates are (Oct 1, 9 & 11)

*Sanlahi Week
-Wednesday - Tagisanlahi (Quiz Bee)
-Thursday - Tanghalanlahi (Mr. and Ms.), Food Fest (UP Aguman will have to bring tocino & buru, members' choice of native food)
*School-To-School drive has already started

Records & Publications
*New AOL add-on
-Amanung Sisuan
*Money from the Google Ads is already in the org's hand
*R&P Mems have met to talk about the Souvenir Programme and Aslag: The Pautakan Edition

-STS letters are already out
-Members should give contact details of schools 'STSed'
-Major STS drive will be on Monday (Sept. 22)
-Members should already pass 20 quality Pautakan questions on subjects assigned to them to their respective question heads
-Members should have had Leadership Training for a smoother Pautakan flow
-Members and Alumni's endeavor
-In line with UP Aguman's 35th and UP's 100th
-Questions and Prizes will be provided forth by the alumni
-Legwork, venue-searching, publicity will have to be done the members

*Projected money needed for Pautakan - Php 30,000
*Proposed Lanyard, Shirt, Pin sales
-Members are requested to pass designs
*Raffle for Have-Your-Havs Fundraiser
-Proceeds to be reported next genmeet
*Solicitation Letters are released already
-Members are encouraged to solicit

*T-shirt designs will be posted for voting soon
*Decision of either having an event shirt or org shirt will be settled soon

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Announcement: AOL launches "Amanung Sisuan" section

Aslag Online, UP Aguman's official blog, was originally launched to serve as an online means of communication for the residents and most especially the Aguman alumni. It aims to update everyone (residents and alumni) of the latest events and happenings of the organization. Since its maiden set of posts in April 2007, it has evolved to somethine more -- an online "tambayan" where the Aguman brand of kinship prevails.

As the official blog of the only organization of Kapampangan students in UP Diliman, Aslag Online not only strives to stay true to its goals to serve the AguPips, but also to imbue the Kapampangan culture to all its visitors (AguPips and other Kapampangans) through its extra features. In line with this, Aslag Online is proud to launch its newest blog "add-on" located in the sidebar -- a weekly dose of Kapampangan vocabulary in "Amanung Sisuan".

Entries will include the Kapampangan word, the figure of speech, its meaning in "conversational" Kapampangan and English, and a sample sentence in Kapampangan that uses the word itself or a form of it. See the example below.

Amanung Sisuan (n)
- ing amanung minuna mung ginamit manibat king ibat; |ENG| The word or language you have used ever since; Mother tongue. Example: Kapampangan ing kakung amanung sisuan.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Spotlight: Still Young & Restless


Nickname: Carel
High School: Holy Family Academy
Hometown: Angeles City
Aguman Batch: Pecat-Pecat 1993B
Degree: BS Hotel and Restaurant Administration
Present Location: Angeles City
Present Occupation: Entrepreneur*
Favorite GE subject: Hmm, atin ku bang favorite GE subject??
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: SM North Edsa

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because:
I wanted to belong.

My favorite Aguman memory is: the hell week when I was still an applicant.
My favorite UP memory is: Kalayaan (Residence Hall) days, room-hopping in the dorm at night, cramming for exams, tambay sa Aguman tambayan (of course!), cutting classes so we can go to SM North Edsa, Friday afternoons (uwian na naman! Yehey!), pork barbecue lunch at Beach House and eating fishballs infront of Vinzon’s Hall, UP Fair, Christmas Lantern Parade, Oblation Run, the list goes on and on…
The best thing about being an AguPip is: knowing you are not alone… (There is always someone you can go to SM with… hehe!)
Anyang resident ku pa, lagi dang bubusit kanaku ing: y kayi ampo y kayi… joke! Hmmm… awsan dakung “macarel” (itang salmon) uling king lagyu ku.
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: strict dorm rules!!! Joke around in exams!!! (GE subjects mu naman! Hehe!)
The difference between college life and the real world is: in college, you have to follow the rules. In real life, you make your own rules, that’s why you can break them sometimes…
The best thing about my work is: I get to have a lot of free time, make my own sked, boss myself around, have lazy mode days, forget about work and get away, unpredictable income potential, mall-hopping becomes a necessity, making chika is considered work…

I want to be as wise as: the happiest person on Earth.
If I could go on a long Sabbatical, I would go to: a trip to the mountains and wilderness.
The most over-rated celebrity is: Paris Hilton.
Whenever I have a free day, I always: think I should be working instead.
Kikilig ku patse: kukwentu ke y… (AOL Team: Pinilit miya mag-elaborate y Ate Carel, oneng eya pa rin bisa, haha!)
A movie I can watch over and over again is: The Sound of Music.
A local television show that should be taken off the air is: I can’t think of one because I don’t watch TV.

Message to the residents: Don’t take college life too seriously! Enjoy it! It’s a journey to self-discovery, a time when you are young, naive and restless. It’s a phase in your life that you will never EVER forget.
Message to fellow alumni: Hello to all of you! Glad that we are all still connected after all these years…

*Ate Carel is a franchisee of Zen Zest on Pampanga malls, anya ing pamag-libut kareng malls is actually work for her, hehe!

With her in the picture to the left are here friends in business. They were in a Dinner Cruise in the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. From left: Elaine, Lyn, Carel and Tintin. Ate Elaine (Pecat-Pecat 1993B) and Ate Tintin (Sapunggul 1993A) are also AguPips.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spotlight: Mama Claire


Nickname: Mama Claire
High School: Saint Louis School Center Girls' High
Hometown: Capas, Tarlac and Angeles City
Aguman Batch: Palumpun 1996B
Degree: BS Applied Physics (Materials Science)
Present Location: Pasig City
Present Occupation: Call Quality Rep keng Call Center
Favorite GE subject: PI 100 kasi ali kami lulub, hehe!
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan:
Liquid Crystals Lab king Physics, halos karin na ku matudtud ampo makatuknang. Mumunta naku mu dorm para mandilu ampo kumang gamit.

*In the photo is Mama Claire with son Ramses, playfully lying down at the UP Sunken Garden. Aburi-buri na karin! Hehe!

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: ala ku kasi friends a Capampangan kasi medagul ku Baguio.
My favorite Aguman memory is: ing pamag-tambay pane. Mehawa ku keng pagiging voyeur da ri Glenn, Edong ampong Beyts at syempre -- Final Rites day! Harhar! Payback time!
My favorite UP memory is:
shucks, madakal! Favorite? Endless experiment keng Physics. Adyang 2 hours kami mu tudtud everyday okay pa rin. Fulfilling kasi lalu na mepublish reng works mi internationally.
The best thing about being an AguPip is: misasaup saup andyang ali na college.
Anyang resident ku pa, lagi dang bubusit kanaku ing:
egana-ganang kulut - Alanis, Marimar, hehe!
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: mag-BROODWARS king Phyics Lab. As in puyatan.
The difference between college life and the real world is: king UP, madakal ka pwede gawan na alang pumansin keka. In the real world, minsan andyang ali da dapat pakialaman deng aliwa, pakialaman da. Hehehe! Miss ku academic freedom ken! Minta ku Cheerdance Competition king Araneta. Hayyy, makamiss!
The best thing about my work is: Call center pay, day time schedule. yipeee!

If I had more free time, I would:
finish my son's scrapbook. Egana gana tickets keng zoo ampo keng games ipunan ku oneng ala ku time ilage keng scrap book.
Patse alang makalawe: matudtud ku with matching open mouth, siguro with tulo laway.
The best thing about motherhood is: you're the most beautiful woman in your child's eyes. Andyang ali ku magsukle, hahaha! Ampo alang dull moment, mainipin ku anyang ala ku anak. Pero ngeni, dakal kami agagawa at aiisip. I feel complete.
The luckiest celebrity is: Angelina Jolie. Aside from having Brad Pitt, she's so rich and generous na pwede ya magshare kareng aliwa.
I want to be as famous as: Gary Oldman, actually, ali ya 'that famous’ pero he's good at his art. Buri ku makanita 'low profile' famous. Ali mu dahil keng name pero uling magaling ka keng chosen field mu.
Mikakaswelu ku patse: bonding kami with my son, without thinking na atin kung obra the next day, andyang atsu kami mu bale. Ampo nung mamangan kung salmon sashimi!
A lesson I recently learned is: to be positive always. Marakal bage na ali na magbayu, pero as they say, you can change your attitude about it. Nung positive thinker and happy ka, it will show and pwede mulang ayawa reng tau keng paligid mu.
I think in my past life, I was most probably a: what else, a Pharaoh’s mom! Hahaha!

Message to the residents:
Hope to meet you all!
Message to fellow alumni: Musta? Reunion tamu uli, mag-attend naku pramis, hahaha!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Talkback: UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2008

September 7, 2008 -- The UP Pep Squad gets another year's worth of bragging rights when it bagged the Championship at the 2008 Samsung UAAP Cheerdance Competition for the second year in a row. With its tribal-themed routine, the UP Pep Squad has once again made all iskolars ng bayan truly proud. The win was extra sweeter because it coincides with UP's Centennial year and its hosting of the current UAAP season.

The Araneta Coliseum was jampacked with a record crowd of 23,443 cheerdance fans from all the 8 participating schools. But undeniably, the maroon was the major color of the day. For those unlucky to not be able to get tickets to watch the show live, Studio 23's live coverage sufficed to capture the moment of pride. A new special sponsor award, the Samsung Stunner, was won by a UP Pep looker, Frances Fleta.

While it is greatly noticeable that the other schools displayed marked improvement from their previous performances, the UP Pep Squad was still the benchmark of excellence despite a few minor imperfections in the routine like the letter prop that was not turned around in time to correctly spell the battlecry "SUGOD". The routine was true to its theme as it constantly featured indigenous Filipino tribal dance steps with matching ethnic sound compliments in its canned music and synchronized tribal drumbeats. The trademark Oble part of the UP routine which featured co-captain Reynald "Inad" Dionillo in an almost naked Oble costume finally closed off the adrenaline-pumping performance. This year's coach is Lalaine "Lala" Perena and the other co-captain is Angel Sison. Aside from the Championship trophy, the UP Pep Squad also brought home P195,000 in prize money and Samsung mp3 players for all the members of the team.

The confirmed final scores are as follows:
UP Pep Squad - 93.30
2. UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe - 85.27
3. FEU Pep Squad - 83.96
4. Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion - 83.41
5. Adamson Pep Squad - 81.04
6. UE Pep Squad - 72.69
7. DLSU Animo Squad - 70.07
8. NU Pep Squad - 68.36

Nais naming pasalamatan ang lahat ng sumama sa aming 'sumugod' at 'lumaban' noong nakaraang UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Hindi namin makakamit ang tagumpay kung hindi dahil sa inyo. Sana ay kasama pa rin namin kayo sa mga susunod pa naming laban. Para sa buong UP community ang lahat ng hirap at pagod namin mabigyan lamang ang ating Pamantasang Hirang ng karangalan.

Maraming salamat sa tiwala, suporta, kooperasyon at sa mga panalangin. Kayo ang isa sa aming mga inspirasyon kaya patuloy kaming lalaban at mananatiling UP Pep Squad na inyong minahal at hinangaan.

Mabuhay ang Tribo, UP! UP Fight!
~Jahan Elgar C. Castro
Head Drummer, UP Varsity Pep Squad

"I was there at the Araneta! Pinila ku karin at 6am! Sobrang dakal tao keng UP side. Sobrang sigla din pero medyo tahimik la deng USTe. Anyway, we didn't expect UP to win kasi FEU had a great routine. I liked Ateneo's routine and was bored keng USTe. Ali da deserved ing 2nd Place. Dapat UP, FEU and Ateneo ing Top 3. Pero UP's routine was unique. Sayang dakal la mali. Mas okay ya ing execution last year pero makakilabut ya itang Oble keng last at masanting la deng formations."


Go UP! Haha, astig ya itang tribo tribo da. Astig neman ing NU a, susulagpo la reng dancers da, haha! Sana next year milub ne ing UP king Final Four ning UAAP basketball, haha!

I thought FEU will win, kung di sabog sa huli, hehe. What the heck -- GO UP! Hinding hindi mapapantayan.
~Erika, app

Adamson deserves the 3rd spot, or even the 2nd actually. Galing da talaga reng UP Pep. *Sigh* I should have seen the competition live. They need a larger venue na no! Para bonggang bongga! Haha! And so the throne is ours, AGAIN! Yey!

I do believe FEU did better than UST! Dapat ila ing 2nd. UP won, not because we delivered the 'cleanest' routine but because we stuck to our them (Dana boi, cultural! San ka pa?!), and did somethine extraordinary and very original! Ikit ye ba y Ate Glow? Dana! Haha! Sayang ya ing AdU, kagaling da! Even better than UST diba? If UP won twice in a row, then a three-streak win should be our goal next year. Tribo Sugod!
~USTe hater

Yeah! Champions baby! Istu la reng Top 3 ku, haha! And, and, and cool ya ing outfit tamu! At mekyabe kami rin king coolness ning outfit! UP, UP, UP, UP, UP, UP!

UP The best! Gyang eke apanalbe, haha!

Yaku talaga bala ku mag-Top 3 la reng Adamson. Ila pa ing 1st ku kung aliwa reng UP reng manyambut.

Woohoo! Congrats sa UP Pep Squad! Minsky, swerte mo nakapanood ka sa Araneta! To MomiFerg, Kuya Rex and Kuya Al, sayang talaga di tayo nakabili ng tix. Hay, haha! Imagine nakarating pa tayo ng NU at pumila galore sa gym pero wala pa din. Damn bakit 2nd ang USTe?! Itapon! Haha! Kung sanang FEU na lang, hehe. Pero ayun, Go UP Fight!

Istu ing decision ku na ali na malbe live keng Araneta, anya menyambut tamu ulit. Feeling ku aku talaga ing malas. Isipan yu namu, manibat 3rd year ku, 4 straight years ku malbe live, eya menyambut ing UP. Nung kapilan enaku menikwang ticket, like last year and this year, karin tamu meg-Champion! Haha!
Personally, 2nd ke ing Adamson. Komusta ne man ing impromptu mala-Stonehenge pyramid na ning FEU, haha! Ing DLSU, meg-taping la pa kasing Zaido, anya kulang la practice. Ing NU, most improved ne man every year eh, sayang this is not UAAP Improved Cheerdance Competition, haha! Ing Ateneo, atsu na keng kapalaran da ing maging 4th, kasaklap, sana atchanan ne adyang P5000 mu ning FEU. UE -- Coke ing sponsor yo?! UST, sayang la reng banners yu, kadakal and pangakaba da pamo -- eye-sore lamu, haha! UP, UP, UP.. in fairness, retang curvy thingy keng costume da atin makanta ketang maroon sandals ku na "Tribu" ing brand, haha! Coincidence?!

Screw the ticketing/queueing system ng Araneta. Buti nalang nanalo. May bago na namang gagayahin ang ibang schools, hehe! Hindi na talaga invincible ang 'Gawi. Sana nag-2nd ang AdU, reputasyon kasi ang labanan sa UAAP Cheerdance..

Basta go UP! Wohoo!

Medyo makadisappoint uling ali ka kasing galing ngeni compared keng last year. Tapos may mga girls from ADMU at AdU na excited magperform kaya nakikipag-sabayan pa sa mga Samsung dancers nila, haha! Tapos trash si Patricia Roque, dana, palitan na yan! Bulol galore naman siya lagi. Ang ganda nung girl sa UP, yung stunner winner. Ganda diba? Tapos nag-improve na yung NU, sayang yung sa UE, ADMU bading yung boys, DLSU, kasali ba? Parang di naman!
~UP Katribo!

Bat alayu ing AdU (keng Top 3)?! Ehe. Melbe kayu ba Araneta?

Sa tingin ko nga mas maganda yung sa FEU kaysa sa UST. Siguro yung nagpatalo sa FEU yung girl na nainterview before yung performance nila. Yung slow mo kung magsalita, haha! Joke.
Anyway, good thing champion pa rin yung UP kahit medyo rough yung performance.
"TuGoOoOoD!!!!" hahaha!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Doing It at the Worst and Best Food Establishments

Top 3 Worst Food Establishments

They’re out there to make you feel that the price you pay isn’t worth it. It’s as if the purpose of these food establishments is to remind us that the world is not perfect and life is unfair.

3. Chowking Philcoa
Praise be to Chowking, it gives an irony to fast food restaurants. Ordering consumes a lot of time, cooking time spends more time. Before your food arrives, your glass of beverage would be past half empty. A good thing is that they now have combo meals because way, way back, I really had to contemplate on their food choices because they were a la carte. But even with combo meals, I still spend ample amount of time before arriving on my decision of what to order. Looking on their menu board make me feel woozy. Also, this branch always looks dirty and they always run out of chopsticks.

2. Superbowl of China, SM Pampanga branch
A fine Chinese restaurant with fine food but lousy service. This branch is a disgrace to the restaurant chain. The servers are like freshies on their first day of class. They don’t have any idea. It appears that they don’t have ample training. The branch manager even looks haggard maybe because of her crew or maybe because of the hot tempered customers or maybe because of the civilization living inside their comfort room.

1. McDonald’s Philcoa
Everyone says that Mc Donald’s Philcoa is the worst Mc Donald’s there is. And in my entire life, I totally agree. The food is, umm, typical McDo food. The problem is not the service, but the servers themselves. The rationale that they have is asinine. What could be the best example is taro pie dressed in apple pie wrapper. Or suggestive selling that is out of proportion. Or how their faces suggest danger from within. You don’t wanna go back in there, but sometimes, you’re left with no choice.

Top 5 Best Food Establishments
From my experience, here are top 5 food establishments that I want to recommend to Kapampangan students like me who are studying in UP Diliman (you’ll see why I specified a place, I had to).

5. Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop
Gloria Jean’s Coffee Shop in North Walk (it’s in City of San Fernando, Pampanga) is the best place to read your favorite book. It is best after taking off the bus from Cubao. Gloria Jean’s is not crowded w/ Blairwitches with eyeliners and Super Saiyans in fitted neon jeans. You could enjoy a variety of flavors of ice blended, hot and cold drinks. Don’t try the one with Macadamia nuts though, for it tastes like plastic balloon.

Price Range: P150-250
Ambiance: 4 (out of 5)

Service: 3-4, it depends whether the barista is rude, indifferent or overly friendly (FC)

Palate: 4.25

I recommend: Voltage -- a strong ice blended espresso drink. The absence of whipped cream makes it brusquer.

4. Starback (Balara Food Complex)
Ah, dining al fresco style. Consider jeepneys as Model T Fords, smog as fog, and your fellow eaters as OFWs, you’ll think that you’re in a café in Paris! But on the real side, Starback is no Paris. It’s an ambulant food service (carinderia) for jeepney drivers. It’s open from morning until night. It doesn’t boast its food but the price that it charges.

Price Range: P10-40

Ambiance: 2.5. You wouldn’t want to eat beside a sewage, do you?

Service: 4. Really, they boast their prompt service, but yeah, minus the smile.

Palate: 3. Sorry, but with your budget, asa ka pa! Wag ka nang mareklamo!

I recommend: Nothing. The price is good though.

3. Likha Diwa sa Gulod
Located near the Arch of the Ligas-ed Cross is a garden-slash-art exhibit-slash-vegetrian café that goes with the name Likha Diwa sa Gulod (it would really be helpful if you guys know what Gulod is). It has Boho-Filipino ambiance with artwork display on the walls. They have an area for floor sitting people and smoke belching people. And they have handmade menu. This place is a no-no for ruthless animal-eating blood hungry people. The place offers food items for vegetarians and vegans. But they still offer meat – seafood.

Price Range:

Ambiance: 4.5

Service: 3.5

Palate: 4

I recommend: Vegetarian Kare Kare has a nice roasted peanut taste and it comes with Vegetarian Bagoong. Amazing? I definitely think so!

2. Coffee Library
I love the sitcom Friends and I consider this place as my Central Perk. I, together with my friends, enjoy having coffee klatch here. They have an ample selection of drinks and they have some affordable and delectable cheesecakes.
Price Range: P60-150
Ambiance: 3.75. Too hot outside, too cold inside. The flush on their toilet is hard to push. The place is also too small.

Service: 3.5. Watch out for the barista for he gets grumpy near the wee hours.

Palate: 4.5

I recommend: Ice-Blended Coffee Caramel -- a bitter sweet concoction that is a best seller. This was my first drink that I bought from the café and I haven’t forgotten the taste since then.

1. Combi
The best dining experience that I had was not in a fancy restaurant (which I don’t eat in often because of budget constraint). Have you heard of Combi? I called it Combo before.
This establishment was featured in past issues of my favorite food oriented magazines, Appetite and Yummy, and Combi had a good review. Why else would Combi be in those magazines of it wasn’t good enough, right?
Combi has a retro ambiance, with cute miniature super heroes with large heads, lava lamp, colorful mono bloc chairs, colorful show plates. They have the cheapest bottomless iced tea and they serve food in bowls (except for vegetable items).
What I like about Combi is not the food really, but the exceptional service. After you order, you don’t need to speak, for everything is in order (this might sound really exaggerated). Their service is fast and prompt; it is really at par with top restaurants.
Price Range: P50-100
Ambiance: 4. Too small, as if you’re cramped in a cubicle. But the interior is great!

Service: 5

Palate: 4

I recommend: Mapo Tofu -- It’s a twist of the real thing. Fried tofu smothered with sweet sauce topped w/ red bell peppers, kangkong and fried noodles.

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