Friday, August 31, 2007

Genmeet highlights: August 30, 2007

* Twenty-one (21) resident members and eight (8) Baskal-mates were present in this week's meeting.

*The FinComm distributed the raffle tickets for the Harry Potter books 6 & 7 draw. Members and apps have until September 25 to remit their payments before the draw date on the 27th. Tickets sell at 99 cents.

*The ACLE will push through on Tuesday, September 4, from 1-4pm at PH 213-215. Guest speakers will grace the discussion centering on Kapampangan politics with the theme: Jueteng Lord, Quarry Lord, Praise the Lord. Teasers will be reproduced tomorrow by the Record & Publications Committee. Kindly invite your classmates, friends, acquaintances to attend the event.

*The UP Sanlahi, an alliance of various provincial organizations in the university, will hold the Tagisanlahi on Wednesday, September 5.

*Each committee met for discussion of specific plans and projects.

*The championship round of Buddy Que Yan followed. The three contending pairs were Ferg and Jill, Ruth and Jann, and Felipe and John Carl, who garnered +10 points, -20 points, and -25 points, respectively. Ferg, a consistent BQY finalist and a two-time Champion at that, and Jill will receive a gift certificate from Cerealicious!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Baskal Buddy Activites on its final stretch

Who will win the P250 worth of Cerealicious Gift Certificates? We will find out soon when the dust settles after the Buddy Que Yan Finals featuring the Top 3 buddy pairs left -- Fergie & Jill, Felipe & John Carl and Ruth & Jann.

The winning pairs for the Buddy Getup are the following:

For the rest of the pictures, click here.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Residents attend Kapampangan book launch

August 24 - President Daphne Villanueva led a delegation of Aguman residents in attending the launch of two volumes of books on Kapampangan vocabulary and grammar. The books were a complete translation of Fray Diego Bergaño's Arte de la Lengua Pampanga” and “Vocabulario de Pampango” by two Catholic priests in Pampanga, Edilberto Santos and Venancio Samson. Together with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts which is co-publishing the books, the Holy Angel University's Juan D. Nepomuceno Center for Kapampangan Studies held the book launch at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros.

"Bergaño’s books can reinvigorate the Kapampangan language by supplying it with thousands of rediscovered words, which is why I consider the translation of these books a real breakthrough in Kapampangan studies,” said Robby Tantingco, executive director of JDNCKS.

The residents in attendance were:
Daphne Villanueva
Frida Galban
Gboi De Padua
Aries Viray
Rex Roque
Rex Dizon
Denesse Handumon
Ruth Henson
Portia Quindo
Acey Duarte

For more information about the books, see this PDI online article on the books:
Lost and found: Kapampangan words

Saturday, August 25, 2007

12 surviving Baskal applicants hurdle their Talents Night

August 23, 2007 - It was the moment of truth for the 12 remaining applicants of batch Baskal 2007A as they finally face the members in a closed-door variety show of talent.. and more, haha!

The Vinzons Rooftop was jampacked with members and young alumni. One of the UP Aguman application process' most famous activities was attended by 40 of the 46 registered members and 5 alumnae (Leah Salta, Celine Dagadag and Krystel Cruz (Sampelut 2003A), Hazel Tobias (Kaputul 2004A) and Zen Galban (Bucayo 2005B).

Here's the list of the performances:
*I'll Be There For You (by The Rembrandts and the Friends theme sone) and Kembot of ASAP's UD4 by the batch as their batch song and batch presentation
*Fleximoves (the Kim Chiu Whisper commercial) by Khen, Anj, Trish, Jill and Nic
*Mosquito (the dance popularized by Starstruck 4 Finalists) by Jill, J.Carl, Mae & Jann
*Wow Paksiw (the Wowowee Girls commercial) by Jewel, Minsky, Mare, Khen and Trish
*Pop! Goes My Heart (sung by Hugh Grant on the movie Music & Lyrics) by Jerome and Dondon
*Quit Playing Games Transformers Remix (by the Backstreet Boys) by Jerome, Dondon, J.Carl and Jann
*Alang Kalibe (Kapampangan version of Beyonce Knowles' Irreplaceable) by Anj on vocals and guitar
*Rush Rush (by Paula Abdul) by Nic
*Margarita VS Marimar Dance Showdown by Jewel and Minsky

The respective buddy-members of the applicants and the Membership Committee members were all present in full force in helping out the applicants get through this nerve-racking night of their application process and make sure they learn the right lessons from the experience.

As for the mems, they definitely played the part, haha! Special mention to Fergie (Kadaya 2005A) for her unparalleled performance and energy level that night (meg-donate ya pang blood king datang a ita ah!). With distinction: Kevin, Felipe and Kitchie. :)

For more pictures, click here.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baskal Gets Set for Talents Night

By John Carl Tan Gozun

August 16 -- The new set of applicants marked this day as their first practice for the upcoming Talents’ Night on the 23rd of August. The preparation was immediately held after the strenuous Scavenger Hunt. Vinzons Hall served as the perfect place to put everything into scratch.

Baskal decided to make the dance hit Kembot their official batch production number for the previous jives everyone’s enjoyment. It was originally requested to be performed by Jann, Jill, Mae, and John Carl who were to imitate ASAP’s Ultimate Dance Four (UD4). Jewel was the one who choreographed the whole dance.

“Nakakasakit pala ng appendix ito!” Trish murmured jokingly.

Then, the guys chose to have their dinner be delivered. After the eating the great meals, they had a spin-the-bottle game. Most answers weren’t expected as humorous secrets were unveiled.

August 18 -- The second practice day coincided with Minsky’s 17th birthday. Even though the there were heavy rains, Neicy, Jerome, Anj, Trish, Mae, Jann, Minsky, John Carl, and Jewel managed to go to Jill’s house in Balibago, Angeles City. There, the batch production number was polished. The other requests were also practiced like the “Do the Whisper Move” and the “Chicken Noodle Soup” (the recourse for Kembot).

To celebrate Mi’s birthday, pizza, beverages, ice cream, and rum cake were bought. They all had a great time as Jill served glasses of soda with cookies and cream ice cream on top.

August 21 -- Baskal continued their preparation at Don Don’s place in Hardin ng Rosas. The four boys got ready for the request “Quit Playing Games by the Transformers.” The girls, on the other hand, rehearsed on their “Do the Whisper Move.” After which, Kembot was taught to Don and Khersien who weren’t around during the past two practices for certain reasons. Anj had a dry run of her “Irreplaceable (Capampangan version).” “Pop Goes My Heart” was also run through by Jerome and Don. After all the practices had been done that night, it was wondering why Baskal loves giling steps.

That same night, the batch gave Don a birthday card for the next rise of the sun was already his 18th birthday. He read all the messages aloud as all seemed to have smiles on their faces.

August 22 -- the applicants met at the so-called grand stand at the Sunken Garden to polish everything they had to practice and to finalize everything they had to finalize. Excitement, tremor, and pressure wrapped them up for the imminent and intimidating Talents’ Night.

6PM, AUGUST 23, Vinzon's Rooftop
See you there!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Talkback: Scavenger Hunt Aguman-style

August 1, 2007 - After being canceled a number of times due to unpredictable weather, MemComm's Scavenger Hunt for Baskal 2007A pushed through! It was quite ironic thought, because classes that day were suspended due to impending wrath of typhoon Egay. But apparently, Egay was nowhere to be seen in the Diliman campus, so mems and apps were finally able to play.

1ST PLACE: BLUE Team - Mems Loree, Kath, Felipe, Denesse and apps Jewel, Minsky, Jann, Jerome
2nd Place: GREEN Team - Mems Jen, Aries, Buduy and apps Don, John, Trish, Jill
3rd Place: PINK Team - Mems Andrew, Thea, Jer and apps Anj, Nic, Mae, Khen

The Scavenger Hunt clues were written and prepared by MemComm members Kevin, Elai, Yek and Marco.

Sobrang enjoy. Our energy was endless that time. We worked so hard as a team, hehe. Go Blue Team! Royal winners.
~Jewel, applicant

Galing da reng clues, the best. Mipaisip ka talaga. Kaya mu sobrang ikli, makabitin. Sana next time halfday! Ehe. Makapayat.
~Aries, Lakatan 2006A

I wish more mems came so that they too can experience the fun and exhaustion we felt last Thursday. Blue team: the best!
~Kath, Bucayo 2005B

Wow, astig ing experience though makapagal mu pin. And the clues were really well thought of, and meging bonding ya rin between the groupmates.
~Jerome, applicant, batch head

Okay naman po yung game. Actually madali lang siya compared daw sa dati sabi nina Ate THea kasi may pattern. Kaso yung ibang clues mejo nakaka-nosebleed lang talaga kasi di familiar. Tapos po yun, masaya naman magtakbo-takbo kahit nakakapagod. And kahit talo kami, the experience was good. It was fun.
~Mae, applicant

Masasabi ko sobrang enjoy, syempre. Buti natuloy siya at last! After many time na nadelay! Haha! Sana maulit pa yun! Next time sana next level na. Mas malayuan at mas mahirap na challenges. Hahaha! Kung pwede outside UP pa, yahahay!
~Minsky, applicant

D'best Scav Hunt! Kahit mesakit ku buong katawan pangabengi. At in fairness kareng apps, magaling and mabilis la! Masaya pupulayi! After masagutan reng nosebleed clues. Go blue!
~Loree, Kadaya 2005A

We should've won! Haha! Bilib ku kareng long cuts nang Ate Jen! Woo!
~Buduy, Lakatan 2006A

So far, eto yun pinaka-enjoy na AguActivity na naattendan ko. Medyo nagiguilty ako nung una kasi feeling ko wala akong mako-contribute sa team so nagdecide na lang ako na maging scout/runner. Hehe! Buti na lang magaling mga teammates ko. Enjoy, as in!
~Jann, Applicant

Sobrang sayang experience noong Scav Hunt. Sayang wala kaming ganun nung apps pa lang kami. We really didn't expect to win. Everyone sa team namin helped kaya din kami nanalo. We were looking after each other din. Todo teamwork talaga. Sana maulit! Haha!
~Denesse, Langgotsi 2006B

It was a total fun experience! ANswers to clues were really difficult to figure out. We wished we had a vehicle to easily segue to the next destination. Albeit it was so tiring, the freshies said that at least they've gone to places they haven't been to. About our team: Jen and Trish got on the brink of an accident: a car nearly hit them. We all did long cuts when we were searching for the final clue in Balay Kalinaw. It was funny though, at first we thought that the 2nd-to-the-last clue was referring to fruit shakes for the previous stated 'smiles of yellow, shades of green;. Even if we are in the 2nd place, the Scav Hunt built teamwork, unity and trust in our team -- hurray Green Team!
~John Carl, applicant

Our team was nagtutulungan to solve nosebleed clues. Maliliksi ang mga apps, kakabilib! Si Kath nga lumipat sa amin kasi feel niya na blue ang winner. Well, it was meant to be! Congrats blue! It was nice playing withh go-na-go teammates. We reached destinations with fun and laughter. Galing natin guys! Congrats din sa ibang teams, pampalubag loob, haha!
~Felipe, Langgotsi 2006B

Me-stuck kami ketang clue papuntang Vinzon's! Masaya yung game kasi nakapagbonding kami with each other.
~Khen, applicant

Parang Amazing Race ang Scav Hunt. Tinakbo namin ang mala-Ikot route ng UP jeep sa UP, hehe! Tapos ibang klase yung mga clues, in fairness kailangan talaga pag-isipan. Napatext pa nga kami para sa 1st clue eh. Haha! Kaya pala ako sa Pink Team dahil sa draw lots na ginawa sa tambayan. At last kami nakaalis kasi last kami dun sa text challenge, hehe! Nakakapagod pero masaya at worth it naman talaga kasi nakausap at nakabonding ko yung mems tulad ni Ate Thea, Kuya Andrew na birthday boy at si Kuya Jer. Tas puro babae kaming coapps, sina Khen, Nic at Mae. Salamat sa isang masayang activity by the MemComm. Pure fun and enjoyment po ang hinandog ninyo.
~Anj, applicant

Oita first time! Kasaya ing Scav Hunt kaya lang nakakapgod! Grabe. Whew! Tricky ang mgaquestions pero syempre magaling kami, haha! Joke! Nagtagal kami dun sa second to the last clue, aha. Naabutan nga namin ang blue teame, may partida lang silang 5 minutes. Bitter? Anyway, win or lose, winners pa rin kami! Why? Because we savored every experience and we finished as a team! Buti na lang at walang nagcollapse sa amin, haha! Next year make sure na mauulit to ne?
~Jen, Lakatan 2006A

The clues, manisip ka talaga, e la basta basta. Kailanang eka ob-ob. Bigtime la reng clues. My team, simap atsu kekami y genius Buduy, pero aliwa mu ya ing meging genius, egana gana pati di Aries, John, Jen Jill, Trish, asno kagaling mantun clues pati magdecipher clues, mangasipag ngan and everybody wanted to win. Though e pa man sinabi ing prize, everyone was so eager. The destinations, well enoman something new deng destinations pero the fact na talagang pedurutan dakami UP eh talagang makapagal. Actually, aku first time ku milub Arki, hehe! The experience, wa, syempre worth it, masakit man e masaya talaga. Makasakit mu ping katawan, hehe. At least mekapagbonding kami, hehe.
~Dondon, applicant

The 10 Destinations were:
Balay Kalinaw
Beach house
Film Institute
Melchor Hall
Vinzon's Hall

Friday, August 17, 2007

Baskal Serves First Point for Batch Unity

By Neicy Nicdao

UP Aguman’s current batch of applicants, Baskal 2007A, finally opened the game for batch unity after having their first official batch bonding on August 7, 2007 (Tuesday) at SM North EDSA. Lead by Batch Head Jerome Ocampo and Assistant Batch Head Diogenes Dy, the members of Baskal braved the rather unpleasant weather to hit SM North EDSA for a dinner together and to watch Ouija.

Bereft of the leisure of time, the batch spent their three-hour bonding buying takeout dinner, which they shared while watching the big screen. Viewing the movie, half of the time scared of the ghost antagonist and the other half of the clock laughing about their batch mates’ scared expressions, and chatting with each other in between trivial activities.

In the end, Baskal decided to have another batch bonding gimmick in the near future, this time with more time together for more activities. It was suggested that the next outing would be done in Pampanga.

The batch bonding’s aim was to nurture a closer relationship between the members of Baskal, something I think me and my batch mates were able to accomplish. While in the past, there used to be times when it felt awkward to open conversations and keep them going, everyone was engaging that day. We were more expressive, and the end result left us finding it easier to approach each other almost anytime, begin a sensible conversation and keep it going almost effortlessly.

More comfortable talks allowed us to know each other better. This time, our conversations were no longer just about bio-data information. We had more personal sharings of experiences, feelings, opinions and advices. My fellow freshie Trish and I will keep in mind what sophie co-apps Don and John Carl shared to us about their experiences in shifting courses.

The best proof that the batch bonding did bring us closer? We want to do it again.

It is unfortunate that the activity that should be a momentous milestone in Baskal’s journey to true unity could only be attended by nine of the batch’s fourteen members (Jerome, Don, Jill, Jewel, John Carl, Nic, Anj, Minsky and Trish). Others reasoned out that they had tests or other academic activities to do.

Aguman Members have been very particular with the fact that we have never been completed in any of the organization’s activities. It’s disheartening that we had to spend our first official batch bonding incomplete.

It is impossible to bind rice stalks if you do not have all of them in your hand. I guess that in that sense, we are not truly united yet. But we’ve taken the first step, and we’re not stopping until live up to our batch’s name.

For the rest of the pictures, click here.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Alumni and residents team up for an afternoon of badminton

August 11, 2007 - The UP Aguman alumni, coordinated by Powie de Guzman (Siklab 1980A) reserved a badminton court at the Ateneo Moro Gymnasium at 3pm. The residents were invited to their fitness badminton game to further the interaction and bonding between the residents and the alumni. They played doubles with each pair composed of an alumnus/ae and a resident.

The alumni present were Mel Santos-Henares (Charter), Meng Tinio (Batch 1977A), Noel Dimabuyu (Batch 1977B) and Powie de Guzman (Siklab 1980A). The residents in attendance at the game were: Daphne Villanueva, Lorelee Sicat, Fergie Panganiban, Gerard de Padua, and Buduy Mallari.

Residents Jen Castro, Jean Dimabuyu, Pie Pamintuan, Justin Dunca, and applicant Diogenes Dy tagged along after their exams, and met the alumni at Shakey’s Katipunan where the alumni treated the residents for dinner. The meeting was definitely an occasion of fun and bonding among alumni and residents--another testimony of the growing family and love for UP Aguman.

For more pictures, care of Kong Powie, click here.

Aguman to participate in this semester's ACLE

On August 16, 2007, UP Aguman will host a symposium dubbed Jueteng Lord, Quarry Lord, Praise the Lord: A Closer Look on Kapampangan Politics”. The symposium is part of the ACLE (Alternative Classroom Learning Experience), a semestral project of the University Student Council. It is a project coordinated by the Educational Committee, headed by its chairperson, Gboi De Padua (Lakatan 2006A).

The symposium will be held at Room 213-215 of the Palma Hall (College of Social Sciences and Philosophy). It aims to provide a venue for in-depth analysis of the victory of priest-turned-governor Ed Panlilio of Pampanga, a victory that introduced new hope to Kapampangan politics. A guest speaker from the Ateneo Jesuit Ministry is invited to facilitate the discussion.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

AguJacket available soon

Two years after the idea surfaced, the AguJacket is now on its final tweaking stages. Yey!

Lorgi Mindo, then the Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson, launched this org jacket venture with a jacket-design contest among the members. The winner will get an AguJacket for free. But due to an inefficient supplier, the project was almost abandoned.

But this year, we have found a new supplier via resident member Justin Dungca. And now the final sample before we start taking orders is going to be released next week! Yey ulit! Haha!

AGUJACKET DESIGN. O diba, kabog ya ing design, diba? Hehe! Models: Loree & Kevin

The specifications of the sizes are as follows (size, shoulder length, chest circumference):
XS - 15" - 37"
S - 17" - 40"
M - 19" - 43"
L - 21" - 47"
XL - 23" - 50"

For orders, please contact LOREE at 0915-982-4507 or email us at up_aguman_tfk [at]

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Spotlight: Swiss Miss


High School: Jose Abad Santos High School (now Pampanga High School)
Hometown: City of San Fernando
Aguman Batch: 1978A
Degree: BS Statistics
Present Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Present Occupation: Employee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad: Philosophy 11 (Logic)
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: My dorm (Sampaguita Residence Hall)

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: Initially, because my former classmates joined but what convinced me to go through with my application are the resident members who I found really nice.

My favorite Aguman memory is: Christmas carolling, staying at the tambayan and reading the logbook.

The best thing about being an AguPip is: having more friends who treat you like their own sibling.

Back in college, the worst rule I had broke was: dorm rules like drinking alcohol, gambling, and cooking with a multi-cooker inside the dorm room; not attending class lectures many times (but is there a rule to this???).

The difference between college life and the real world is: the type of people that you could possibly meet. In college, the people that you would possibly meet mostly fall in the category of ‘students’ (I could say then educated). They may be people of different personalities but they still belong to the same category. In the real world, you meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. You would you deal with people of different personalities of different types.

The best thing about my work is: enjoying what you do and getting paid for what you enjoy doing.

The greatest injustice in the world is: poverty.

If I were a female mosquito for a day, I would bite: only cute guys

If time is gold, then silver is: time less precious than gold-precious time.

Message to fellow alumni: Forever in UP Aguman we will belong. Keep our organization alive!

Message to the residents: Be true in being a member.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Buddy, buddy.. magkanu dakang a-bid?

Master. Sponsor. Guardian… These are all terms used to refer to that particular member that is assigned to personally assist one particular applicant. Keni keng Aguman, ‘buddy’ ing gagamitan tamu. No offense to other orgs, frats or soros, but in a campus where every org you encounter practically declares themselves to be a ‘family’, what other term could be possibly be any more familial than a ‘buddy’?

I don’t know for sure when this buddy system was established or introduced in the Aguman application process, pero osimap aisip da ini! The application process wouldn’t be as colorful and meaningful without that one member that can either make the application hurdles a lot easier or could just be another source of problem, hehe! Pero syempre, not all buddies are what they’re all cracked up to be. Ing tutu na kanyan, ali egana-gana kekatamu meging pakanta kalapit lub kareng buddies tamu. But for those who really jived during and/or after the application process, we know that having a buddy is as good as having another koya or ating.

E yamu basta-basta ing pamag-buddy keng
UP Aguman – it’s definitely more than meets the eye. I personally had buddies in my other organization but only in Aguman do we give much importance and emphasis on being and having one. (If you yourself have applied in other organizations, you will know what exactly what I mean). Being a buddy-member is sensitive task. It’s comparable to being a mother who brings out a baby into this world. Similarly, a buddy-mem ‘brings out’ a member in the Aguman family. As a mother rears her children to be responsible adults, so does a buddy-mem who ‘trains’ his/her buddy-app to be a responsible member someday.

Ever heard the saying ‘You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends’? Still pretty much the same in the buddy business, except that it’s one way because technically, ing buddy-app ing mamili keng buddy-mem na. So whether or not buddies will get along is mainly the buddy-member’s task, haha!

Masaya ing maging buddy-mem, emo?
Adyang madagul ing accountability mu ampo ing pressure keka. It’s not the buddy gift one receives in the end but the thought that you’re helping someone that makes it worth it. Besides, who wouldn’t want an instant close friend, right?

So in line with the Buddy Week of the application process of Batch Baskal 2007A, cheers to all their buddies! Even buddies from way before! Dakila kayu… wushu! Haha! Here’s to all your sacrifices – kareng klasing me-cut, kareng exams na me-cram, kareng lakad na ali musundu, kareng dapat gawan na ali yu agawa, keng pamanyulud silly costumes, keng pamag-tanggul, keng ‘pakikipate’ kareng aliwang mems – egana-gana para mu misadsad la reng buddy-apps yu. Ninu sasabing atsu keng bid amount yan? ^_^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Being an AguMem has been one of the greatest experience I've ever had, no kidding. Of course, I'm part of the best Kapampangan student org ever, oha saan ka pa? One of the best parts of being a member is being a buddy-mem. Asabi ku ita kasi being a buddy-mem brings so much challenge. What your buddy-app becomes as a member is really up to us. How we were as buddy-mems will have a great effect with the formation of our buddy-app as a member in the future. Also, it will test your time management skills. Being a buddy-mem means extra work for us pwera pa ketang acad works and org works. But once you see your buddy-app turn out into a great AguMember, it's such a great feeling of fulfillment because you know you were partly responsible for that. Syempre, enjoy din ita. Lalo na kapag atin activities na buddy-oriented, super saya plus itang bonding experience and all. Saka mas maging close ka kareng aliwang apps kung atin kang buddy. I've never had any regrets with my buddies, they were al great and I hope the feeling is mutual.
Andre Galang, Salagpi 2001A
Jen Manalang (Kasaup 2002A), Krystel Cruz (Sampelut 2003A), Cyrille Bautista (Kaputul 2004A)

Having 'reared' four buddy-apps in my stay in Aguman, I personally attest that being a buddy-mem is a fulfilling and challenging responsibility. I had very different experiences with each of the four buddy-apps I had. Whether or not each experience itself was a good or bad one is another story, hehe (Oh, ala na pang mag-side comment, neh?)! But this I can tell you, it pays to give it your best shot and full support. Because the reward in the end is not just officially inducting a new member into the Aguman family, but something that lingers and whose benefit manifests later in your Aguman life… and (I am confident to say) beyond.
Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A
Buddies: Dawn Cruz (Kasaup 2002A), Kristle Kerr (Sampelut 2003A), Nel Kabigting (Kaputul 2004A) & Paul Feliciano (Kadaya 2005A)

Having a buddy is exciting! But I am holding myself not to give her all that she needs for I don't want to spoon feed her. I let her explore and really feel the app process. But nonetheless, I give her sufficient information about the members so that she will get their signatures. I want her to get along with her co-apps and to realize how important batch unity is. I treat her as 1 of my friends so that she'll be comfortable with me and we'll get along just fine. I hope I'm not being a stage buddy, haha! I just make sure that she's doing well. I'm not pressuring her to be the best app but I want her to give the app process her best shot.
Jennifer Castro, Lakatan 2006A
Buddy: Neicy Nicdao, applicant, Baskal 2007A

Friday, August 3, 2007

Talkback: CEER 2007

For CEER 2007 photos, click here.

CEER 2007, Day 1 at HAU

Masakit la reng questions, pero BIG help la kasi retang aliwang topics, keta mi lamu a-encounter.
~Regine Reyes, participant, HFA

The CEER gave me a puicture of how I will prepare for upcoming admission exams. though it was just a crash course, I found it helpful to my understanding of certain topics. I really recommend that future senior high school students would grab this opportunity.
~Mark Tejada, participant, DBA

Aside from learning tricks and trade behind admission exams, the CEER also gave an impression of how college life is. Some members talked about their college and how we could adjust.
~Hernee Rivera, participant, DBA

Palibhasa first time ku mag-attend UP Aguman activity as an alumnus, ngeni ku talaga ikit ing determination da reng mems and apps para maging successful ya ing CEER. Dakay mag-ayus test papers, dakal din mag-check and the commentators, what can I say, you rock! Congrats to the mems and officer! Siguru asabi ku ini kasi pin alumnus naku, ala nang masyadung pressure kaku.
~Dennis Manabat, Salagpi 2001A

Succesful ua ing CEER, mas madakal minta ampo mas masanting ya ing venue, conducive ya talaga for the review session. Sana next time, 2 case rooms nala rin deng akwa tamu, haha! Lupang mig-enjoy la ring participants and the mems. Job well done for the mems, karing apps, ditak la reng commendable, pero nevertheless we were a big hit!
~Fergie Panganiban, Kadaya 2005A

Masaya siya, nakakapagbonding with the mems and alumni, lalu na yung pag-check ng papers. And masaya yung pagkakafacilitate ng review kaya nagustuhan ng mga nag-exam. It was a great experience.
~Khen Bautista, applicant, Baskal 2007A

Yek's antics with the responsive and appreciative kids made this CEER one of the best I've been to. Normally, CEERs were as boring to the mems as with the atendees. But I could say, that even thogh I wasn't the one doing the reviewing, the kids were pretty attentive to the instructors. As for the mems (and apps), boy, did they walk the walk! Saup kung saup, check kung check kareng papers, haha! This should be proof once again na jang mapagal, masaya pa rin basta't abe-abe at saup-saup tamu!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

The first day came out to be more than what I've expected. Although we've encountered several technical problems, I'm so grateful that we were able to manage everything. The number of student participants was overwhelming that it caught us unprepared. So, I wanna thank all members, applicants and not to mention the alumni who responded and helped in the event. Indeed, without you guys, the event could've turned out disorganized. Again, dakal salamat keng pamantagun yu.
~Frida Galban, Bucayo, 2005B, CEER 2007 Project Head

CEER 2007, Day 2 at SSA

Kinda boring, kasi ditak lamu reng minta, atsaka ala yung ing forever perky host na y Yek, haha! Osimap tsu yay Daph & Frida to take over. But still, equally successful. More on the bright side, more alumni came and there was more food to be had? Thanksto Kath & Fergie's mini sari-sari store! Haha!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

Masaya kahit na mas konti yung dumating compared nung first day. Ang galing din kasi may mga dumayo pa from Floridablanca.
~Denesse Handumon, Langgotsi 2006B

Ali la makaying dakal deng dintang pero successful pa din. Masaya pala talaga ing mag-check at magtotal scores, haha!
~Jewel Dela Cruz, applicant, Baskal 2007A

Ok ne man. Joke mu! First CEER ku yun, excited ako syempre, hehe! Kasi nung app kami kaka-Acquaintance Party pa lang naman nun, kaya di na kami umabot. Masaya kahit na matrabaho. Nakakatuwang isipin na nakakatulong ka sa mga mag-aaral, sa mga kabataan sa paghubog ng kanilang kinabukasan. Naks, lalim! Isa rin ito sa mga bonding moments ng mga mems. Kahit na nakakapagod dahil matrabaho, ayos lang kasi fulfilling ang pakiramdam. Ano daw? Hehe! Next year ulit!
~Jen Castro, Lakatan 2006A

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