Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sining 2008 Updates!

Here's the program of schedule for Sining 2008. Please be guided accordingly.

February 2, FIRST DAY, New Era University
8.00-9.00am -- Registration
9.00-9.30am -- Opening Ceremonies
10-12.00nn -- Essay Writing (Filipino)
10-12.00nn -- Essay Writing (English)
10-11.30am -- Impromptu Speech (English)
1.00-4.00pm -- Poetry Writing (Filipino)
1.00-4.00pm -- Poetry Writing (English)
1.00-4.00pm -- Poster Making
1.00-4.00pm -- Still Life Drawing
1.00-2.30pm -- Impromptu Speech (Filipino)
2.30-4.00pm* -- Crisotan
4.00pm -- Announcement of Winners

February 9, SECOND DAY, SM City Clark -- The Event Centre

10.00-11.00am -- Registration
11-11.30am -- Opening Ceremonies
11.30am -- De
12.30pm* -- Solo Singing
1.30pm* -- Chorale
2.30pm* -- Interpretative Dance
3.30pm* -- Street Dance
4.30pm* -- Rockoustic Band
6.00pm* -- Awarding Ceremonies
*Approximate times only. Actual schedule depends on number of participants in competitions before it. There will be 5-10-minute breaks in between competitions for any setup changes.

SINING 2008 Shirt -- Back Design

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Aguman participates in Kalye Kultura

By Mae Sto Domingo

January 25, 2008 -- Joining the International Club of UP's (ICUP) Kalye Kultura event, UP Aguman was proudly able to present the joys of being a Capampangan to the UP community.

This endeavor served as batch Baskal 2007A batch project. With the theme Proud to be Capampangan, they engaged in a cultural presentation by having posters of famous Pampanga trademarks and sceneries as well as free food for the Kalye visitors. Of course, what better food to bring than the famous Capampangan sisig and tocino!

"Masarap," said one of the parokyano, after having a taste of the sisig and tocino. This parokyano was later identified to be MTV Philippines host, Ramon Bautista. He and other guests kept coming back for more serving of the delectable
Capampangan dishes.

LEFT: The guests keep coming back for more sisig ang tocino!
RIGHT: Minsky poses with Ramon Bautista as he savors the tocino he just ate

Being the only provincial organization in the event, Aguman created a good impact to the visitors. Some even asked about the pictures surrounding the booth -- some of which were the reenactment of the crucification of Jesus, the famous lanterns of Pampanga. They were eagerly entertained by Baskal and other members who helped out in the event.

With the participation of numerous cultural organizations, ICUP's Kalye Kultura was a success. Creamed with the great performances of UP Kontra Gapi, UP Samulnori, the UP Repertory Companu, UP Sikat and the UP Singing Ambassadors, everyone enjoyed the event.

LEFT: Baskal 2007A and the rest of the AguPips after the event, in front of the booth
RIGHT: The rest of the cultural booths in Kalye Kultura

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Genmeet Highlights: January 17, 2008


*The International Club of UP will hold Kalye Kultura and UP Aguman will take part for the organization's publicity and to promote Kapampangan culture.
*Batch Baskal 2007A will be in charge of Aguman's participation in the said event. This will serve as their batch project.

*Sponsorship deals with Universal Robina and Level Up is still on negotiation
*NEU has allowed UP Aguman to sell food for the 1st day of Sining 2008 for the guests and participants.
*Mag-tinda tamu ulit drinks c/o Kath (balamu anyang CEER 2007) and kunan ya ing Tita ng Trish for the serving of the packed lunch
*Judges for the art events (Poster Making, Still Life Drawing and Art Photography) have been settled
*We should invite more schools and keep on following them up so that all events will have enough contestants
*The ordering of the new tarp will be taken care of by Kevin
*There will be 3 streamers for Sining 2008: Angeles City, City of San Fernando and in front of New Era University
*Aslag: Sining Edition will be printed as promotion materials and distributed on both days of Sining 2008
*The white Sining 2008 shirt will come in two variants: HOT (below left) and COOL (below right). The front design below will be printed on the upper right part of the shirt (yes, sort of covering your right pecs AKA boobs, haha!). Please text Rex 0917 992 0493 to order. Give your size and your choice for color. Prices are: P225 for S and smaller sizes, P240 for M and larger sizes.

The back of the shirt will simply say "Sining 2008" in special lettering courtesy of LOREE! (Next time nemu ing soft copy ne?)

*The buddy-bidding for batch Agyuan 2007B was held after the genmeet. The buddy pairs are as follows: (Buddy-app & Buddy-mem, amount)
Carlo & Yek
Demsen & Erika, P250
Monica & Daphne, P400
Eggy & Bong
Drei & Mae, P300

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Genmeet Highlights: January 10, 2008

By kingofchocolates

First Genmeet for 2008!

*AguPips have only three weeks left before the first day of Sining 2008.

Money Mattters
FinComm encourages all members to do their best in obtaining sponsors and solicitations. The organization is in dire need of funds especially since the cost of medals and trophies alone comprises around 70% of the total project budget.

If you can suggest or personally know some people who can be probable judges for the different events for Sining 2008, please inform GBOI, JOHN CARL or DENESSE immediately. Referrals will also do.
At least 3 judges are needed for each event. And judges for the performing events (Impromptu Speech, Crisotan, Declamation, Solo-Singing, Choral, Band, Streetdance and Interpretative Dance) need to be present on the day itself.
For the rest, we can just bring the entries to them (or the copies of the entries) for judging.

A design was submitted by LOREE and THEA. All creative ideas will be put together for the final design of the SINING 2008 shirt. The shirt will be white.

A poster made by AGA is already available. Make sure to include posters whenever you give out invitation to schools. An Aslag: The Sining Edition is in the works, so you can start submitting entries or ideas for it.

Contest details
The contest piece for the Crisotan Competition is now available. For the Choral competition, the songs to be performed must be a Kapampangan novelty song and a recent Pop-R&B hit.

*The Jag-Lee Sale, in partnership with Aguman alumna Arvee Salazar, is scheduled for February 5-7 at the Virata Hall (ISSI). AguPips are requested to man the venue for the said dates during their free time.
*Babarug Pipitik 3 will be launched on January 31, 2008! So AguBoys, samasnan yu nang pepesus! Haha!

*The new batch of applicants for the Second Semester were presented during the Genmeet. Their chosen batchname Agyuan 2007B. The applicants present were: Carlo Cortez (batch head), Monica Muñoz, Rachelle Eguia, Demsen Cosio and Drei.
*Buddy-bidding is scheduled on January 17, 2008.

*The alumni, especially Charter member Meliza Santos-Henares, would like to extend their gratitude to the residents for their support and participation during the Luau Party last December 29, 2007.

MEMBERS, coordinate with your COMMITTEE HEADS ne? Kutang yu nang tambing nung pakananu kayu makasaup, oki? Aja! Go SINING 2008! (^^,)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Talkback: Impromptu EBS!

January 8, 2008 -- It was never planned, but the day turned out to be quite an Extreme Bonding Session, in every sense of the phrase.

The original plan was just to watch the new Nicolas Cage-starrer National Treasure: Book of Secrets, with just a few of the AguPips. But what actually happened was a lot more.

*Chilled out at Cerealicious care of Ate Nat's Gift Cheques!
*Watched the movie at The Block, with the AguPips occupying three rows at the balcony (wa, pakanta la karakal!, Hehe!)
*It's Anj's 17th birthday! So meg-take out 6 pizzas keng Pizza Hut.
*Watched the free concert at the Quezon Hall for UP's Centennial Celebration.

All in all, the AguPips were together for up to 10 hours! (",)

Mae-EBS naka? Delicious, mind-boggling, amazing! Manyaman mag-EBS!
~Buduy, Lakatan 2006A

It was one of the happiest moment in my AguLife!
~John Carl, Baskal 2007A

Sobrang masanting ing fireworks and meg-enjoy ku talaga dahil kayabe ku la reng AguPips!
~Elai Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Masaya ang EBS kahit nung concert lang kami nakahabol. Astig ang fireworks display at ang Oblation pose!
~Ruth, Langgotsi 2006B

Kahit unofficial at ali pegplanuhan, masaya talaga! Sayang ali tala disnan detang sky divers, peroenjoy naman itang movie!
~Jill, Baskal 2007A

Kasaya! Sana atin tamung EBS palagi! Maka-amaze itang fireworks display! Kahit medyo makatundu itang aliwang parts nitang concert, meg-enjoy ku kasi I was with the AguPips. Sayang pin kasi ali ku mekatuki manalbe National Treasure. Sana maulit!
~Denesse, Langgotsi 2006B

Sobrang asna kasaya. Asna kanyaman ing feeling na madakal abe mangan tas share-share kayu. Tas uber santing ya pa ing movie! Hehe! Can’t wait for the next one! Basta aliwa talaga ing fun pag AguPips ing abe! King tutuking EBS!
~Fergie, Kadaya 2005A

Super masaya ku kasi mecelebrate ing birthday ku with bonggang fireworks pa! Hehe! Simap ka-birthday ke pala ing UP. Thanks talaga kareng AguPips that made my day a very special one! Yey! By the way, aku talaga ing menlibri.. naku naman kasi.. hehe!
~Anj, Baskal 2007A

Yee, eke ayari ing National Treasure, alben ku nya uli! Hehe! Pero on the bright side, akayabe dakayu pa din gyang king Cerealicious mu, at half the flick. Nyaman talaga ing libre dahil king Gift Cheque *ding ding* hehe! At oy Anj, mipakananu ney chever Dorgy? Ay nanu ne name? Haha!
UP Centennial rocks!
~Jewel, Baskal 2007A

Ayos ya! On the spot talaga ing bonding session na ini! Ala mang plano pero pulido! Apanalbe ke pa ing National Treasure at Book of Secrets in one sitting,, oha! Oha!,, kagaling na rin nitang Kick Off Centennial! Sana Kick off niya rin for more Aguman EBS ita! Astig ya itang aldo na ita! \m/(--,)\m/
~Mike, Lakatan 2006A

Well, asabi ku mu, simap tinuki ku manalbe NT:BOS, ehehe. Masanting ya! Keng NT3 ulit ha, ehehe. Ala ku talagang asabi kang Gorby (gorgeous.. mala-Ate Jhenny Bhabez, ehehe, peace!) Ultimate Swiss Bez at Dydy Family Friend, ahaha! Bisa ku tuloy pizza, ala kung asabi dahil keng day a ini me-issue ku tuluy. Chismax talaga, ala kung asabi!
~Trish, Baskal 2007A

EBS kung EBS! Grabe kasaya ing aldong ayta, afeel ku talaga ing kick off ning panga-Sentenaryo ning UP! Wohoo! Syempre birthday ng Anj hehe! Kinabsi ku in fairness! Santing na ning Book of Treasures – a must-see movie naman! Enaka sad nung eka mekatuki keng EBS, edi next time join us! Masaya no man kayabe reng AguPips eh. Yihee Sentenaryo na! Yaha!
~Jen, Lakatan 2006A

Belated Happy Birthday GrandBudz! And to all my National Treasure buddies, race tamu ulit paukyat escalator!
To my UP concert cum eating pizza while sitting in the grass buddies, you’re the best! Sana maulit pa ita keng next 100 years ning UP.
And to my mitwag-ing-Pepsi buddy Kuya Rex, kapilan tamu manugse ulit Pepsi, haha!
Oita, support ye ing Sining! Happy January!
~Loree, Kadaya 2005A

Sobrang enjoy ing EBS last Tuesday. First keng Cerealicious dahil alang isipan na gastos. Tapos National Treasure na da best ing story. Then Centennial Kick-of keng Ampitheathre, while eating Pizza Hut (thanks Anj!), and a great way to end the day with a fireworks display na breathtaking and a-feel mu talaga ing Centennial spirit. It was just t eh best way to start the year. (Budz, thanks keng gift, ehe).
~Justin, Lakatan 2006A

Kabira tinuki ku? Hehe! Destined ku siguru talaga makapanalbeng masasanting a bage that day. 1 is National Treasure, 2 is fireworks. Simap talaga alang Ikot, at least eku minuli, akasalubung ke y Elai pati Fepz, igkat dakung tuki. Yey! Kasaya ko igkat daku. (Bitter? Hehe..) Oyta happy happy talaga that day, after long days mekapanalbe ku uli movie. Bongga ya pa. And me-relax ku. Plus, plus! Thanks keng Agu for the chance to have such fun fun fun..
~Dondon, Baskal 2007A

Uber enjoyed this day, all the way up to its closing! To start the EBS with a blockbuster order of Cashewblanca and 2 orders of Banana Boat at the famous Cerealicous and to end it with an uber grand display of fireworks at the kick-off for UP’s Centennial celebration. Plus movie, Pizza Hut, race to witness the Pep Squad, conversation and many more in between, ala nang sumambut pa kanita!
~Kevin, Langgotsi 2006B

Sayang namiss ko National Treasure. Tinapos ko pa kasi gift ko for Anj. Pero ok lang. Nakita ko naman Sam Concepcion, Christian Bautista, Paolo Ballesteros at Bloomfields! Nakabeso-beso ko pa si *toot*, hehe! Then nagmeet na ang lahat sa The Block after the show. Gulat ako, andun pa si Dorgy, haha! Tas bumalik kame sa UP with the Pizza Hut then after the boring show ayun fireworks na! Whee! Amazing talaga. Syempre, every EBS naman ali mawawala ing camwhore moments! Haha! Fun ya talaga sobra! UP ang galing mo!
~Minsky, Baskal 2007A

Super duper fun ing unofficial EBS. From the unplanned Cerealicious snack na melibri ku (thanks kareng atin GCs na meg-expire na by this time), to the blockbuster movie, Book of Secrets, or is it National Treasure? (haha, Mike?), hanggang keng super spectacular fireworks na makapanikal alben. Thanks to Anj for the pizza (happy birthday ulit).. sobrang meg-enjoy ku talaga. With matching takbuhan keng University Avenue, which I wasn't really prepared to do, and pictorial after the concert na apparently, pekyapusan da reng kasiping tamu (haha). Anyang melakwan kami di Ferge, minta kami pa talaga keng tapat Quezon Hall para mu magpapicture ketang torch (mind you, may pila!!! Haha! Tsaka ketang tulid UP @ 100. Sobrang worth it talaga ing sakit ning katawan na denasan ku the next day, hehe! Misan mu ing mag-Centennial ya ing UP, and I'm glad I got to celebrate the kick-off celebration with AguPips!!!
~Pie, Kaputul 2004A

I think this is the most extreme EBS held on a school day. Although syempre, partida, kasi cancelled ing klase for the rest of the afternoon, hehe! Pero grabe! Kadakal tamu agawa that day! Ing ‘da best’ karin, ing pamag-sine at Centennial concert mu ing me-planu, pero we were able to do a lot of other fun things.
Kasanting na ning National Treasure: Book of Secrets! (I can keep a secret, by the way, haha!) Imagine, atlu tamung rows keng sinehan. Tas kanyaman ning pizza treat ng Anj (wa na, Anj, ika pin memayad keng pizza, haha!).
Although halus pang-high-society la reng meg-perform keng concert, masaya ta na man mipag-kwentu ampo mang-okray kareng bage-bage keng paligid, haha! At syempre, the fireworks. Oh. My. Gard! Haha!
Salamat din pala kareng AguGels, kasi ede ginisan tang Banana Boat da keng Cerealicious. Kaya in the end, kekaming guys ya rin miras, hahaha! Ala kung asabi, mesugat ku pa labi keng kakalaklak keng Cerealicious!
Uyta, o nanu pamo, asna ku na naming karakal a-comment, haha! Sana atin pang major EBS day coming very soon!
PS. Seeing Pie lead the mad sprint along University Avenue just to catch a glimpse of the Pep Squad was just priceless, haha! Who will have thought, kabilis na pulayi ning Prinsesa ning Accounting? Hahaha! Eke atagal, amo!
~Rex, Salagpi 2001A

Saturday, January 5, 2008

SocioComm gears up Sining 2008 preparations

Dates: February 2 & 9, 2008
New Era University, City of San Fernando (1st Day) & SM Slark Event Center (2nd Day)
“Pinanari: Rediscovering the Colors of Capampangan Artistry”

Events for the FIRST DAY:
1 Poetry-Writing (Filipino)
2 Poetry-Writing (English)
3 Essay-Writing (Filipino)
4 Essay-Writing (English)
5 Impromptu Speech (Filipino)
6 Impromptu Speech (English)
7 Crisotan (Kapampangan Poetry)
8 Poster-Making
9 Still-Life Drawing
10 Art Photography (deadline of entries)

Events for the SECOND DAY:
1 Declamation
2 Solo-Singing
3 Choral Singing
4 Interpretative Dance
5 Modern Streetdance
6 Band

Committee Tasks:
*Trophies for team event and over-all winners
*Medals for individual event winners
*T-shirt design and ordering

*School-to-school invitations

Heads: MINSKY, AGA and JEN
*promotions and publicity
*posters, teasers, streamers, blog

*Solicitation / Sponsors
*Co-presentor – P5000;
Major Sponsor – P3000;
Minor Sponsor – P2000;
Full-page Advertiser – P1500;
Half-page Advertiser – P1000;
Quarter-page Advertiser – P750;
Donor – P500
Line Advertisement - less than P500

*Judges for the different events
*Medals for individual event winners

*Kareng mag-STS, don't forget to obtain the Contact details of preferably, reng coaches mismu. Or at least, contact details ning school/principal. Coordinate with EXTE reng schools na midinan nang invitation letters.
*Kekatamu ngan na mag-solicit, galingan tamu! Aja!
*Those with outstanding balance for the Pautakan shirts, mamayad nakayu! Nung ali, ali kayu makapag-order Sining 2008 shirt.
*Members, coordinate with your committee head ne? Ask them nung makananu kayu makasaup.
*For any bright ideas or wonderful suggestions, sabyan yung agad kari LOREE, para agawan tamu agad paralan! Go SINING 2008! (",)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top Commenters for December 2007

1. FELIPE, 117.0 PTS
2. Anj, 77.5
3. Rex, 76.2
4. Kevin, 68.9
5. Justin, 41.6
6. Jean, 26.9
7. Fergie, 21.7
8. Jewel, 17.1
9. Daphne, 15.8
10. Joms & Acey, 15.3

From now on, ala na pang pa-premyo kareng avid readers ning blog tamu. Ala nang budget! Hehe! But keep enjoying the posts (at sana mag-contribute kayu rin, for a change), keep on commenting and tagging! (",)

Stats for December 2007:
*8.7% decrease in comments
*32.5% increase in tags. Special mention to JUSTN, who made 15 consecutive tags at one point. Haha!
*4.1% increase in visits

We had visitors (whether they are actual AguPips or just random people who stumble upon our blog, we don't know, haha!) from other countries. The top foreign countries are:
1. USA
2. Qatar (dahil kay Acey, haha!)
3. Hong Kong (dahil kay K. Doby? Hehe!)
4. Ghana & UAE (dahil kay K. Lang? Haha!)
5. Netherlands, Italy, France

And yet again, for the top and most intriguing search strings that led to our blog! Grabe, andaming stalkers ng mga AguPips, haha!
*Michelle Fabros
*Dan Manalo
*Sipo egg
*Baskal sex
*Donarber Pineda
*"Kayo Felipe"
*Natasha Tabucal
*Maxipeel Rest Solution
*Baskal sexy
*How to draw Aguman
*Kins Loree
*Mutya Ning Pampanga 2007 Winner
*Jen Manalang
*Kristle Kerr
*Kayo Felipe blog
*Lizette Tanchico
*Tsunami hairstyle
*Meng Arreza
*Dominique Villanueva
*up obem
*Jerome Caylao
*Justin Cayabyab
*lilipad, lilipad, takure
*Jennifer Hizon
*Renz Caliguia

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