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Talkback: Stewardship Program / Leadership Training Seminar

Compiled by pekepate & jrldizon

Last October 8, 2008, the UP Aguman residents and applicants went to Makati and attended a whole day leadership training seminar, courtesy of the UP Aguman Alumni. For more informations, see article below.

AguPips attend Stewardship Program

For the Talkback, aside from the general comments and/or feedbacks, the residents and applicants where given three guide questions:
*What was the best lesson you learned from the seminar?
*What was your favorite exercise and why?
*What were you able to realize about yourself?

*Duplicate yourself as a leader through mentoring. It is when you start mentoring that you stop leading because as a leader you need not to be indispensible that is when you’re no longer around the organization will crumble. Instead mentor them that when you are gone, your teachings, beliefs, tenets are still regarded and executed long before you’re gone.
*The first exercise, from there I was able to realize a lot of things about the members, their insights, their beliefs, the virtues they uphold because you already know where they’re coming from, their familial background.
*I was enlightened during the seminar about my being first-born has something to do with how I do things hehe. At some points, the way I lead this organization and my co-officers patented with how I was raised and how I am, as an Ate to my younger siblings.
*Apparently, not all members and applicants who have confirmed prior to the activity showed up and at some point, irritated me (loko, hehe, o kaya reng aliwa rugu magsabi lamu kung ali mu la pa kutnangan. Sana mu patse makanita, ikayu na ing mismong magsabi ne?). However, I (we) understand, I (we) know that during these weeks in which academic demands are high and unpredictable, haha!
The seminar went well and it was really enjoyable! We get to experience Makati life even for a day. I hope that his activity will be repeated next semester or next year either under the auspices of K. Kenn again or by our other alumni. I hope mems that picking up from the seminar, we will enjoy and apply our learning! Hand in hand we will make our jade Pautakan, a very successful one! Best of luck and God bless to everyone!
~Jen, Lakatan 2006A, President

It was a very very good leadership trainig. Thank you dearest Alumni, Kong Kenn specially, kang Sir Freddie and staff ning PNB life! Sana maulit pa. Of the things na I've learned and realized, I hope I can get to show everyone. Sana maulit muli! Excited naku! Haha!
~Kebs, Langgotsi 2006B, Secretary

I really learned a lot from the LTS, not only did we share some insights and other views about leadership, but it also became an avenue for members, apps and alumni to gather and share experiences. It was a worthwhile day.
~Buduy, Lakatan 2006A, Educational Committee Chairperson

*As a leader, you have to understand that you are a part of the team. you don't stand out, nobody stands out. you have to make sure everybody blends. I think this is one of the many lessons that can be acquired during the LTS.The LTS made me realize as well as understand my strengths and weaknesses as a leader. It made me understand the actions and decisions I make as a leader especially that I am the eldest in the family. Now I know why I refuse to handle menial jobs and I take the work that requires analytical thinking. The LTS also taught me that there is something beyond being a leader and that is being a mentor. It was a very informative seminar and I'm lucky that I have attended it.
~Abi, Pinanari 2008A, Applicant

I especially liked the "because of me, my __ have become __" because it made me think of the effect I have on the people around me, thus making me more conscious of the fact that how I act could shape others, and vice versa. Overall, the seminar was very enriching and refreshing, and hopefully there will be a next seminar soon.
~Jill, Baskal 2007A

It was definitely worth the arduous MRT ride! The training was really nothing like the one's I have attended before. Not just that the trainor was one of the best but also the venue and the people in it were very warm and welcoming. What amazed me in the seminar was the analogy made through simple activities that brought about enlightening concepts. The ideas presented would certainly be of good help once put to application. Especially the fruit salad part. Freeze! Haha! I would not write in details of the things I've learned because there is just too much. But in general, the whole experience was fun and meaningful. Not only the seminar itself but the things that happend before, in between sessions and after.
~Mike, Lakatan 2006A

It was the best leadership training I’ve attended. Every activity had a lesson. But for me, the best was the fruit salad activity - andaming natutunan. Ang galing ni Sir Fredy. I hope we all become better mentors. Sana magamit natin lahat ng lessons.
~Lawi, Pinanari 2008A, Applicant

Lesson learned: It takes a lot of strength, good will and risk-taking to be an effective leader, and it takes so much more of everything to serve as a mentor.
Self-realization: The thing that struck me most is that I serve a purpose to everyone I interact with.
Fave Activity: The Fruit Salad Game, no doubt about that! Haha!
General Comments: Yummmy ing food! Haha. Sana more trainings to come!
~Jewel, Baskal 2007A

Over all it's a very interactive seminar. It's like a workshop for acting but in this case it is a training ground for a potential mentor. It's very enlightening and enriching to young people like me. It's the most enjoyable seminar I've attended in my life. Something that I've realized about myself is that I haven't really minded everthing that is going on around me. I had a hard time writing down my "because of me" reasons, I believe I really haven't thought of myself as a leader and someone who could affect the lives or lifestyle of other people around me. Moreover, I realized that being a leader is not yet the best we can be, for we can still become mentors. I hope there will be a sequel to this enjoybale seminar.
~Trish, Baskal 2007A

I learned that a leader should not stand out in a group. Instead s/he should know how to blend with the members. My favorite activity on the one hand is that exercise where we were divided into four groups, according to sibling ranking because we were able to know more of the traits and personalities of each one of us. About myself, I realized that I can't be just a follower forever. There will come a time wherein I will have to lead other people, so I should start practicing my leadership skills from now on.
~Carousel, Pinanari 2008A, Applicant

Dakal a salamat kareng Alumni! Sobrang dakal ku abalu anyang aldo na ita at balu ku na agamit ku ngan reta keng college at pati keng after-graduation life ku. Favorite part ku itang "Salad" kasi peka-sikat ya ing FROZEN "THE SALAD" mi! Dakal ku talaga abalu about being a leader and a follower. Tsaka first time kung mag-English keng arap da reng AguPips. Mebigla ku pin byasa kami palang English! Haha! Thanks again dear alumni!
~Loree, Kadaya 2005A

To lead is not to mentor, to mentor is to lead.
~Elai, Lakatan 2006A

*The mentoring part. Actually, ali na bayu kanaku ita. Manibat ibat balu ku na ita kasi disnan ku na eh. Evident naman keng culture ning Aguman, ali mu explicitly na masasabi na makanita pala. Come to think of it, you enter Aguman as a naive and gullible young adult. And as you go on through Aguman life, as you hang out with the older brothers and sisters in the org, you get to gradually imbibe the "wisdom of the ages", haha.
*The fruit salad making. Kasi laughtrip yamu nyang gagawan ya itang activity, pati ing pamang-"okray" kareng salad da reng aliwa, haha! Nanu-nanu kabolangan ing pengabit mi dina Jen. As it turns out, atin meaning deng bage-bage.
*That I am not your typical bunso. Yes, I have the usual behavioral tendencies of the youngest in the family. But given the circumstances in my family and how I was raised and my own brand of OCnesss, I ended up being an amalgam of an eldest, middle child and an only child personality. Sabage, up to certain degrees, adyang ninu din naman.
*The runny fruit salad (Dinan me ba naman evap kaybat ali me pa idrain ing excess liquids?). The never ending graduation march (Mepagal ku mag-tap table). The non-stop digs at my seniority and age (Registration pamu, apredict ku na, ating "Year & Course" na entry, haha. And I lied about mine, haha). The food (In fairness, kanyaman na nitang paksi fillet, to think na ali ku fish lover). The trip to and back from Makati (Haggardo talaga, first time ku matudtud before 10pm in years). The wacky and witty wisecracks (Ali tamu talaga kagigisanan ne? Hehe). Kong Kenn's skyline view of the city (It was really breathtaking especially since we got to view it at nighttime). The experience itself (Sana naman ing tutuking LTS, eku ne dasnan ne? Haha). And of course, the 25 other people I learned with in the affair (Naks, pasipsip). All of these, I will keep in my heart (Balamu Mama Mary ne? Haha).
PS. Komusta ne man itang mebuking na malbeng adult media (or who knows, he might have seen some live) via his comment that Piolo's nippies are like a girl's? Haha!
~Rex, Salagpi 2001A

*It is important to know your purpose in life to other people.
*The 'because of me' exercise because it really made me think and ask the question 'What did you do for the people close to you for them to be someone they are now'.
*I should improve my work ethics and it is important to have integrity and consistency with your relationship to other people.
~Carlo, Agyuan 2007B

*Best lesson: There's a whole lot more than being the 'leader'. It's when we are able to effectively share what we know that we truly 'lead'.
*Fave exercise: I loved the exercise about the pros and cons of being an only child. Somehow it made me realize what I have become and what kind of relationshops I have made with people as a result of being the only one. I also like the open discussion about mentoring. I think it made us explore what we can actually do for others as opposed to what they can do for us.
*It was a very fulfilling experience. One for the books for me.
~Yek, Kaputul 2004A

In mentorship, it's not what you've become that's important, it's what other have become because of you. My favorite exercise was that of the "sibling division" for I got to be with those whom I didn't think I'd have somthing in common. About myself, I was able to realize that I'm an apathetic person and that I have little contribution to my family, friends, neighbors, etc. All in all, it was very enlightening and helpful.
~Jona, Pinanari 2008A, Applicant

Through the seminar, I learned how to become an effective leader. During my high school years, I’ve experienced how to become a leader but during those 4 years of leadership, I think that I have not been that effective. Sometimes, I don’t know how to handle things. I don’t know how to control my classmates in order for us to accomplish what we are supposed to. We always end up cramming. That’s because I only randomly assign my classmates in doing a specific task. Or sometimes, we do the voting stuff. I ask them who wants this job, then they raise their hands and in the end, they end up with nothing because of their conflicting ideas. And with what I’ve learned from the seminar, I now know who and who’s not for a particular job.
My favourite exercise was when we were grouped into four and we were asked to list all the ingredients of fruit salad and how much each ingredient costs. We were even asked to give a name to our fruit salads and it was really fun! We were like laughing and laughing because the activity was really a pleasurable experience. It’s not simply enjoying but it also taught us many things at the same time. At the end of the day, I realize the real meaning of being a leader. It’s not simply a task but it’s something that you have to love. A leader should be that someone who’ll be known even if it’s not his term anymore. I mean he should be remembered for the great things he has done and at the same time, duplicate himself to his members and leave a mark to them. A mark which does not only symbolize his term as a leader but also he as himself and the great things he has done beyond with what people can see.
~Raxiel Serrano, Pinanari 2008A, Applicant

Below are the 20 Mentor's POVs, as discussed during the last part of the LTS. With the permission of Sir Freddy, we are sharing them below for the benefit of those who were not able to attend. Feel free to reflect on them!
A Mentor's Point of View
1. Being responsible sometimes means pissing people off.
2. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped mentoring them. They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care. Either case is a failure of mentoring.
3. Don't be buffaloed by experts and elites. Experts often possess more data than judgment. Elites can become so inbred that they produce hemophiliacs who bleed to death as soon as they are nicked by the real world.
4. Don't be afraid to challenge the pros, even in their own backyard.
5. Never neglect details. When everyone's mind is dulled or distracted the mentor must be doubly vigilant.
6. You don't know what you can get away with until you try.
7. Keep looking below surface appearances. Don't shrink from doing so (just) because you might not like what you find.
8. Organization doesn't really accomplish anything. Plans don't accomplish anything, either. Theories of management don't much matter. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds.
9. Organization charts and fancy titles count for next to nothing.
10. Never let your ego get so close to your position that when your position goes, your ego goes with it.
11. Fit no stereotypes. Don't chase the latest management fads. The situation dictates which approach best accomplishes the team's mission.
12. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.
13. Look for a doer and not just a thinker. Look for those who are quick in judgement and not only intelligent, and most critically, look for those who have a capacity to anticipate, to see around corners. Also look for loyalty, integrity, a high energy drive, a balanced ego, and the drive to get things done.
14. Great mentors are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand.
15. Use the formula P= 40 to 70, in which… P stands for the probability of success and the numbers indicate the percentage of information acquired.” Once the information is in the 40 to 70 range, go with your gut.
16. The commander in the field is always right and the rear echelon is wrong, unless proved otherwise.
17. Have fun in your command. Don't always run at a breakneck pace. Take leave when you've earned it: Spend time with your families.
Corollary: surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.
18. Command is lonely.
19. It’s okay to commit a blunder. It’s part of the job. But never be too arrogant to not admit to it. Otherwise expect much the same from your protégés.
20. Mentoring is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.

For pictures on the said event, click here!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

HAU scores a sweep to win High School Pautakan 2008

By jrldizon

October 24-25, 2008, Don Bosco Academy Gymnasium – At total of 17 Pampanga schools came and participated in the High School Level of Pautakan 2008 of the UP Aguman.

Chevalier School (CS)
Don Bosco Academy (DBA)
Hillcrest Heights Institute (HHI)
Holy Angel University (HAU)
Holy Family Academy (HFA)
Immaculate Conception School (ICS)
Jose C. Feliciano College (JCFC)
Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS)
Pampanga High School (PHS)
San Vicente-San Francisco National High School (SVSF)
School of St Brother Benilde (SSBB)
School of the Infant Jesus (SIJ)
St Andrew’s Archdiocesan School (SAAS)
St Mary’s Academy (SMA)
St Mutien College (SMC)
St Scholastica’s Academy (SSA)
University of the Assumption (UA)

The 17 high school teams competed in the Mass Elimination Round to determine the Top 14 schools that will compete in the Elimination Encounters. All team players participated in accomplishing the 64-item written test that covers the 8 categories in the High School Pautakan: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, History & Current Events, Arts & Literature and General Information & Trivia. They were given 1-hour to finish the test. After the results were released, they were given 20 minutes to verify their scores and air any questions, clarifications or complaints before the judges. The final scores for that round were as follows:

PHS 37 pts
UA 35
DBA 34
HFA 34
HAU 31
CS 30
SSA 29
SIJ 23
SMC 23
SMA 22
ICS 16
HHI 14

JCFC and SVSF had to compete for the last spot in a 10-question Clincher Round. JCFC was able to answer 3 questions and take the last slot in the Elimination Encounters.

The 14 remaining teams drew lots to determine their opponents in the Elimination Encounters. The winners for these Encounters will be grouped in the Winners’ Pool with a +10pts advantage, while the non-winners will be grouped in the Losers’ Pool but will not yet be eliminated. The pairings and results were:

PHS 30 pts

UA 30

DBA 20 (DBA was the first to answer in the knockout tiebreaker)

HAU 10
HFA 20

SSA 20

SMA 10
CS 20


The 7 non-winning teams in the Elimination Encounters competed in the Losers’ Pool Eliminations for the remaining 3 slots in the Winners’ Pool Eliminations. They answered a total of 25 questions from the Easy, Average and Difficult Rounds. The results were as follows:

SSBB 55pts
HAU 45
SMC 40
SMA 15
SIJ 10

The Winners’ Pool Eliminations was held on Day 3 of Pautakan 2008. It had the same format as the Losers’ Pool Eliminations. With a +10pts advantage, the 7 winning teams from the Elimination Encounters competed with the 3 qualifying teams from the Losers’ Pool. The Top 5 teams qualified for the Championship Encounters and the rest were eliminated. The results were as follows:

HFA 65 pts
HAU 50
DBA 45
PHS 45
SSA 45
CS 30
UA 30

The triple-way tie between DBA, PHS and SSA had to be broken because the ranking was important in the Championship Encounters. After the 5-question Clincher round, PHS was able to break away from the tie and take the 3rd position in the Championship, while DBA and SSA were still in a tied position. After 3 knockout questions, the tie was broken and DBA took the 4th position and SSA took the 5th spot.

In the afternoon, the 10 Championship Encounters were held. The Top 5 teams competed with each other in round-robin format. Each win merited +10 pts that were added to the teams’ advantage points based on their rankings in the Winners’ Pool Eliminations. The results were as follows:

HFA 30
HAU 40

HAU 10

DBA 20
HFA 10

SSA 10
DBA 40

DBA 10
HAU 20

PHS 20
DBA 30

HFA 20 (HFA was the first to answer in the knockout tiebreaker)
SSA 20

PHS 10 (PHS was the first to answer in the knockout tiebreaker)
HFA 10

At this point, DBA had already finished all their Championship Encounters and with their 3-1 win-loss record, had a total final score of 40. Meanwhile, HAU had a running record of 3-0, and was poised to sweep their Championship Encounters and win Pautakan 2008. In their last encounter with SSA, HAU prevailed and indeed scored a gallant sweep. The rest of the results were:

HAU 10

SSA 30
PHS 10

Elementary PAUTAKAN 2008 Winners
Team Captain: Clarisse Anne D. Nuqui, Members: William John C. Limbitco, Jeff Jerald A. Canda, Christian Justin B. Streegan & Jean Viene C. Clemente, Coaches: Mrs. Rosario Calma & Mrs. Charina Dizon
1st Runner-Up: Mary Help of Christians School
Team Captain: Lance Magat, Members: Josephine Nadine Bautista, Michael John Dominguez, Jenica Mae Galang & Angelica Joy Timbang, Coach: Ms. Jasmin Agustin
2nd Runner-Up: Holy Family Academy
Team Captain: Queenie Arielle Basilio, Members: Cholo Frances Villanueva, Karlo Angelo Cunanan, Krysch Chalia Atienza & Leo Albert Rivera, Coaches: Mr. Allan Galang & Mr. Wilfred Arcolis

High School PAUTAKAN 2008 Winners
Team Captain: Adrian Neil Pineda, Members: Angelica Marie Pineda, Royette Abby Mamangun, Linette Marielle Medina & Ruth Dimalanta, Coaches: Ms. Adelpha Maria F. Mercado & Mrs. Lolita C. Manlapig
1st Runner-Up: Don Bosco Academy
Team Captain: Madison Dominguez, Members: Ron Errick Loyola, Hil Vargas, Paolo Sampang & Zjan Turla, Coach: Ms. Chat Zapata
2nd Runner-Up: Holy Family Academy
Team Captain: Renato Galvan, Members: Anne Kristine Rivera, Faula Anne Bordon, Mark Apollo Lusung & Jonel David, Coaches: Rommel Antonio & Marlyn Baluyut
3rd Runner-Up: Pampanga High School
Team Captain: Fred Gerald L. Macapinlac, Members: Mark Kevin Dimatulac, Cathrene S. Lugtu, Kathryn Gayle S. Quiwa & Princess Ann B. Digneneng, Coaches: Mrs. Rona J. Buico & Mrs. Liza A. Jabor
4th Runner-Up: St Scholastica’s Academy
Team Captain: Rosely Peña, Members: Loren Amor Gozum, Erika Diane Wijangco, Edna Vianzon & Katrin Gem Dagdagan, Coaches: Ms. Analiza De Leon & Mr. Lloyd Estrada

Pautakan 2008 Champions: SSA for Elementary (Left) and HAU for High School (Right)

Marketing Representatives from the Pautakan Co-Presentor PNB Life Insurance, Inc, namely, Bal Gutierrez and Christine Canlas, were present to grace the event. Bal Gutierrez is an alumna of batch Kadaya 2005A and both were with the UP Aguman residents and applicants during their Stewardship Program sponsored by PNB Life. Aside from Ate Bal, the other Aguman alumni present during second and third day of the Pautakan 2008 were Adrian Bustoa (Kadaya 2005A), Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A), Maria Jean Avy Dimabuyu (Kaputul 2004A), Michael Rick Peñalba (Sampelut 2003A), Dennis Manabat (Salagpi 2001A), Andre Galang (Salagpi 2001A), Rowena Pangilinan (Diquit-Diquit 1996A) and Patrick Canlas (Abe-Abe 1991A). The judges for the high school competition were Ate Jean Dimabuyu, Ms. Adelle Sotto, Mr. Adonis Elumbre and Mr. Gilbert Abueg.

For Day 1 photos, click here.
For Day 2 photos, click here.
For Day 3 photos, click here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

SSA bags the Elementary Pautakan 2008 Championship

By jrldizon

October 23, 2008, Don Bosco Academy Gymnasium – At total of 10 elementary schools in Pampanga came and participated in the Elementary Level of Pautakan 2008 of the UP Aguman.

Chevalier School (CS)
Don Bosco Academy (DBA)
Holy Angel University (HAU)
Holy Family Academy (HFA)
Hillcrest Heights Institute (HHI)
Immaculate Conception School (ICS)
Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS)
Psalms Academy (PA)
St Scholastica’s Academy (SSA)
University of the Assumption (UA)

Many of the registered high school teams were also present in the morning for the Opening Ceremonies. In the registration, the teams and guests were given copies of the special Pautakan 2008 Edition of Aslag, prepared by the Records & Publication Commitee. It was filled with some logic problems and feature articles about the Pautakan. Applicants Bencio David and Abigail Sunga sang the National Anthem and led everyone in the Opening Prayer, respectively. The UP Aguman President Jen Castro led the members in reciting the Aguman Creed while Educational Committee Chairperson and Pautakan 2008 Project Head delivered his Opening Remarks. All present contestants were divided into 5 groups for the Group Dynamics portion of the contest. This activity aims to acquaint the contestants with the contestants from the other schools. After the allotted time, all groups presented their output in the stage. For the coaches, the Hep Hep Hooray game was facilitated by Felipe Pablo IV (Langgotsi 2006B). The hosts for the program were Yek Santos (Kaputul 2004A) and Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A).

The Elementary Eliminations were held in the afternoon. After 25 questions, HFA, SSA and MHCS finished in the Top 3 and qualified for the Championship Encounters. The total scores are:

HFA 150 pts
SSA 110
ICS 40
HAU 35
DBA 30
UA 30
PA 20
CS 15
HHI 15

As per the contest mechanics for the Elementary Pautakan, there were seed points for the Top 3: HFA having a +15-pt advantage, SSA with 10 and MHCS with 5. They battled with each other in one-on-one Encounters and each win merited +15 pts. In the Championship Encounters, SSA was able to beat HFA and MHCS, while MHCS won over HFA as well. Thus, the final scores were:

MHCS 20 - 2nd Place
HFA 15 - 3rd Place

The Aguman alumni present were Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A), Andre Galang (Salagpi 2001A) and Patrick Canlas (Abe-Abe 1991A). The judges for the competition were Ate Daphne, Acey Duarte (Bucayo 2005B) and Ms Adelle Sotto. Miss Sotto is an instructor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of UP Diliman.

The week-long Questions Nights for the Pautakan 2008 were held at Acey Duarte's home at Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga from October 18-22, 2008. Everyday for that period, the AguPips converged there to make questions and to attend to the other preparation details for the Pautakan.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Pautakan from a Spectator's Point Of View

By Katrin Raxiel P. Serrano

The PAUTAKAN. Kapampangan Schools usually look forward to this event every year. It’s an eminent contest wherein representatives prepare themselves really well upon joining it. Why? Well, it is because everyone has one thing running on their minds, and that is to win, to bring home the most coveted Oblation trophy, “Boy Negro trophy” as what we call it then, and to make their respective schools run the pages of history. As a spectator then, Let me now share to you my assessment of Pautakan as I take a deep look onto it.

DIFFICULTY OF QUESTIONS (5 out of 5) - I have no doubts about this! The Pautakan has these eruditely knitted questions that anyone will have to summon all of their brain cells to answer them! When I was in high school, I was wondering how they come up with these questions which can turn one’s mind into goo. The questions will make it seem that there is no such thing as an easy round. But hey, that wouldn’t be a problem, because the very best students all around Pampanga compete anyway. Right? The Pautakan definitely has the toughest questions for the toughest students to answer.

THRILL FACTOR (4 out of 5) – Looking for extraordinary excitement? The Pautakan has it! It has this buzzer-beater round which undoubtedly fills the contestants and audience with excitement. Moreover, this excitement doubles for the students, coaches and supporters of the lucky and great schools who are able to climb it up to the final encounters. Pautakan is definitely a thrill!

PRIZES (5 out of 5) – The top five schools are awarded with medals and trophies. I tell you, the prizes awarded to the contestants are definitely the COOLEST, especially the medals! Everyone in the winning team gets to have these cool medals inscribed with the UP Aguman Logo and attached to a cool strap, the trophy on the other hand will be for the school. Furthermore, other schools will get their certificate of participation and will be very proud that they got the chance to experience The Pautakan. Being a spectator of it is already a great honor. But how I wish I had one of those too!

FUN FACTOR (4 out of 5) – Before the contest starts, the hosts usually ask the contestants funny questions. And every time this happens, everybody just bursts into laughter especially with the amusing ones. In this way, the contestants are made to lessen the tension binding them. The hosts do not only ask the contestants but also roam around and ask the audience especially the contestants’ schoolmates. I personally experienced that and it was really fun! They sometimes make you show your talents by making you sing, dance or even cheer for your own school! It sure is fun. The whole Pautakan experience is definitely fun.

LOVAPALOOZA FACTOR (2 out of 5) – Looking for love? Well maybe, you can find your true love in this event! During the first day of Pautakan, there is this activity wherein the contestants from different schools get the chance to meet and know each other. In that way, they become friends and maybe, just maybe, they can make their friendship go deeper and... thus finding the one for them! All thanks to The Pautakan! Hahaha!

ORGANIZATION (5 out of 5) – The contest is very much organized. All the needed equipment, questions, and prizes are prepared. Souvenirs are even available! It is well-planned. I have nothing more to say. It really is organized!

UNIQUENESS (4 out of 5)
– What makes Pautakan unique among the rest? The difficulty of questions would be the number one on my list! Second is the humour that the hosts show. Third is the location for it is being held at different locations depending on what school is to be declared the champion. The fourth is their having of the coolest prizes as what I’ve mentioned earlier. And last but not the least, is their noble aim of promoting camaraderie among the schools at a different level. This is something the students, I for one, will never forget for the rest of their lives.

The UP Aguman's Pautakan 2008 is co-presented by:
PNB Life Insurance, Inc.

In cooperation with:

Globe Telecom
Joseph David (Batch 1976A)
Daniel Manalo (Batch 1977B)

Also brought to you by:

Nepo Mall Angeles
Sushiya (SM Pampanga)
Susan Pugeda-David (1976)

We would also like to thank:
Hon. Prospero Lagman
Arvee Salazar (Tuglung 1998A)

Angelica Herico
Chick-Nine-Y Winners

Antonio Lim
Diogenes Dy

Cholo Construction & Trading
Camchardon Laundry

Dr. Rufino Nicdao

Mr. Mar Bonifacio
Mr. Jun Baltazar

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Pautakan Primer

First organized in 1974, the Pautakan has now become one of the much awaited and most prestigious academic contests in Pampanga and is organized by the UP Aguman. Students from the best elementary and secondary schools in Pampanga compete through a series of elimination rounds and encounters to obtain the prestigious title of the Pautakan Champion and the much-coveted championship revolving trophy, which is actually a small scale replica of the famous UP Oblation statue. Once a school becomes the champion in its level for three consecutive years, it gets to keep the said Oblation trophy and be a source of pride and be a proof of the school’s passion for academic excellence.

The Pautakan sets itself apart from other academic competitions because not only does it pit its contestants against each other in a battle of knowledge and strategy, it also lets them socially interact with each other to foster the spirit of friendly competition. Since the Pautakan is scheduled ahead of the many other quiz bees organized by other organizations and schools, it serves as a launching pad for the teams that compete in it, and on the subsequent quiz bees for the rest of the year. Surely, the contestants will see each other often on said competitions, so the UP Aguman ‘breaks the ice’ for these kids by giving them an opportunity to know more about their fellow students from other schools and develop camaraderie in spite of being each other’s contest opponents.

The UP Aguman also recognizes our society’s need for bright minds that are socially aware. Through the Groups Dynamics portion of the Pautakan, the kids can discuss socially relevant issues and freely express their opinions about it, without the pressure or constraint of being graded for their personal views. Thus, the Pautakan invites the students to showcase their mental tenacity in a proactive and pro-student environment.

Unlike other academic contests, the Pautakan runs through three activity-filled days. With its unique contest mechanics, the Pautakan experience is one contest experience like no other, for both the winners and non-winners. Winners bring home the joy of victory and pride for themselves and their school, while the non-winners get to learn from the experience that motivates them to strive harder for excellence not only in future competitions, but in their studies as well.

The Pautakan is not only for the contestants, but also for the coaches and the rest of the audience. The UP Aguman members also prepare a number of interactive knowledge games for them. During the breaks, the non-contestants who witness the event also get the chance to share their knowledge and insights. Indeed, the Pautakan is for anyone who values knowledge and aims to use it for the betterment of themselves and our society.

The Pautakan also showcases Kapampangan wit and intelligence to other regions of the country. The Pautakan winners get the privilege of being the representatives of the UP Aguman, and in essence of Pampanga, in the annual PatalaSanlahi. It is an academic and arts contest organized by the UP Sanlahi Alliance of UP Diliman, of which the UP Aguman is a founding member. Held in the UP Diliman campus, the PatalaSanlahi is participated by the respective winners of the academic competitions of the other regional and provincial organizations that are members of the UP Sanlahi Alliance.

Truly, the Pautakan has become an academic benchmark for the students and schools in Pampanga. Being a part of it can be an experience that one will never forget in one’s lifetime. In fact, some contestants meet each other again in college, and most often, they’d be talking about and sharing their own respective Pautakan memories.

The UP Aguman's Pautakan 2008 is co-presented by:
PNB Life Insurance, Inc.
In cooperation with:
Globe Telecom
Joseph David (Batch 1976A)
Daniel Manalo (Batch 1977B)
Also brought to you by:
Nepo Mall Angeles
Sushiya (SM Pampanga)
Susan Pugeda-David (1976A)

NOTE: This Pautakan Primer was part of the Pautakan Accreditation Proposal submitted to the Division Superintendent of DepEd Pampanga, who eventually approved the it and officially endorsed the Pautakan 2008.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Announcements: Questions Nights + Pautakan 2008

Questions Nights 2008
WHEN: October 18-22
WHERE: Acey Duarte's Residence
Donya Anicia, Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga.

How to get there:
*From the Dolores Junction at City of San Fernando, ride a Dau-SM Clark jeepney. The terminal is in between Mercury Drug and 7-11 Convenience Store. When you reach Dau, disembark at Jumbo Jenra.
*Ride an Angeles-Mabalacat jeepney. Disembark at the Shell station.
*Look for the Donya Anicia arch. Walk straight until you see the Quiambao store.
*Tadaaa! Ate Acey's house is in front. (Click the location map below for a zoomed in view)

Food assignments:
(To serve lunch, dinner and breakfast on the next day)
October 18 - Educ and SocioComm
October 19 - Fin and RecordsComm
October 20 - Exte and MemComm
October 21 - Pinanari 2008A
October 22 - Org
*NOTE: Start coming at 4pm on October 18
*Text BUDUY if you're coming over.

*AguShirt 2008
- Sizes and final price TBA. Text JER if you will order.

Monday, October 13, 2008

AguPips attend Stewardship Program

October 9, 2008 – UP Aguman members and applicants trooped to Makati City for a whole day of leadership training and seminar. The said personality development stewardship program was initiated by the UP Aguman Alumni Association in order to enrich further the training of the residents and give them an advantage especially in holding the organization's many activities. It was held under the auspices of Aguman Alumnus and Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of PNB Life, Kenn Melencio Ramirez (1978B). It was held at the PNB Life seminar room at the PBCom Tower, Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The last leadership training seminar (LTS) sponsored by the alumni for the residents was held back in May 2003 in Pampanga. Kong Kenn Ramirez was also the project coordinator for that LTS.

The program was mainly facilitated by Mr. Alfredo De La Cruz, who is the Training Consultant of PNB Life. He was assisted by Marketing Team members Christine Canlas, Kirstel Giron, Roxanne Ramiscal. Incidentally, two members of the marketing team are Aguman alumnae: Hazel Marie Lee and Geleen Gutierrez, both of batch Kadaya 2005A. Kong Kenn Ramirez was also present during the whole program and shared his insights on the topics every now and then.

The whole program was divided into a number of mini-activities. On the first part, the AguPips were divided according to their familial backgrounds: the eldest, the middle child, the youngest and the only child. The groups were asked to enumerate the pros and cons of having such position or rank among their siblings. After doing so, representatives from the groups presented their reflections to the rest of the participants. The assessment of the output and the rationale behind the exercise was explained by Sir Fredy after.

LEFT: Diana, an applicant, thoroughly explains her points about leadership
RIGHT: The crowd listens attentively to the main speaker, Sir Fredy

In the second part, the participants were randomly divided into four groups. This time, they were tasked to enumerate the ingredients for a fruit salad and to write the procedure for making such. As in the first exercise, the outputs of the group were presented and analyzed in front of the rest of the participants. It was one of the more fun exercises as the AguPips candidly but amusingly reviewed the other groups' "fruit salads". The creativity and wit of the members and applicants shone brightly in this activity.

After the sumptuous lunch break, each of the participants was asked to reflect on their purpose in life for their family and friends. The working statement was "Because of my, my ______ have become ______." The entries for the first blank included parents, siblings, relatives, friends and UP Aguman.

In the fourth exercise, Sir Fredy presented character profiles and personal background of five fictional 26-year old women. Each of the four groups (the same groupings from the fruit salad exercise) were then asked to choose who among the women they will love to have as their daughter-in-law. One by one, the groups explained and justified their choices. Sir Fredy also briefly asked the reasons why the groups did not choose the other women.

LEFT: The "Eldest" group carefully lists the pros and cons of being the 'panganay'
RIGHT: The PNB staff, the AguPips and AguAlumni take a group picture at the end of the LTS

The last and main part of the stewardship program was about mentoring. While the value of efficient leadership and teamwork was emphasized in the earlier exercises, the significance of leaving a lasting legacy of competence as a mentor was what the fifth exercise was all about. Everyone was split into 7 mini-groups and was requested to explore some of the "20 Points of Views" of being a mentor.

Like in any Aguman affair, non-stop picture-taking and humorous banter was exchanged during and in between the exercises by the participants, Aguman Alumni and the graceful PNB Life staff who helped out in the event. Other alumni also graced the event, namely, Aguman Alumni Association President Rene "Powie" De Guzman (Siklab 1980A), Gerry Pangan (Siklab 1980A) and Cyrille Bautista (Kaputul 2004A). For being the first five to register, members Jowie Garcia (Kadaya 2005), Jewel Dela Cruz, Trish Nacpil, Neicy Nicdao and John Carl Gozun (all of Baskal 2007A) were given free PNB Life cannisters. At the end of the fruitful program, certificates of participation were awarded to all 18 members and 8 applicants.

LEFT: The AguPips enjoys the skyline view of metro Makati from the posh office Kong Kenn Ramirez
RIGHT: The AguPips genuinely savors their whole-day Makati experience


Friday, October 10, 2008

Review Mode Another


Dear Binibining Bangs,

Jusko, Finals Week na! Andami-dami kong exams left and right. May isang araw pa nga, tatlu-tatlo pa na magkakasunod, isa sa umaga, isa sa hapon at isa sa gabi. Walang patawad ang kapalaran!

Paano ba mas maging efficient sa pagre-review? Anhirap talaga lalu na kapag sabay-sabay. Tulungan mo naman ako, please. Masisiraan na ako ng bait. I need some pabidang advice!

BBBB, The Ultimate Pinoy Crammer


Ultimate Pinoy Crammer! You’ve come to the right place, ano! Hindi lang pang-romansa ang mga advice ko, kundi pang-academic pa, hehe.

Seryosong usapan ito, kaya dapat medyo serious mode muna ako. Babawasan ko muna ang aking kaalembongan. (As if naman yung mga ibang plurblema before eh di gaanong imporante, hihi).

I am not an Education major so to help me in giving you (and everyone even, dahil alam ko, exams galore din sa ibang colleges and universities) helpful tips, I did some research. Here’s some material I found in the Brainbooster DVD and whose copyright is by Tonia E. Chrapko, B.Ed. My comments are italicized.

1. Your brain loves color. Use colored pens – good quality, not gel pens – or use colored paper. Color helps memory.
Kaya siguro matatalino ang mga EEE students, kasi colored pads ang gamit nila sa mga exams nila, haha!

2. Your brain can effectively focus and concentrate for up to 25 minutes (adults). Take a 10-minute break after every 20-30 minutes of studying. Go do some chores: rake the lawn, iron a shirt, vacuum. Come back after 10 minutes and do another focused, intense session. O, alam ko iniisip niyo! 10 minutes lang daw! Hindi yung paggising mo may almusal na.

3. Your brain needs to be rested to learn fast and remember best. If you are tired, take a 20-minute nap first otherwise you are wasting your study time. Ito ang tinatawang ng marami na “power nap”. Nap is the operative word. Hindi ito overnight sleep, okay.

4. Your brain is like a motor: it needs fuel. You wouldn’t put dirty fuel in your Lamborghini (if you had one) or you wouldn’t put low quality fuel in a rocket, would you? Well, your brain is a much more valuable, intricate machine than either of those so feed it properly. Junk food and imitation food and all the chemicals and preservatives weaken both your body and your mind. In fact, a recent study in England showed that your IQ is affected by your diet. Owwws, talaga? Baka naman sa England lang yun? Haha! Joke.

5. Your brain is like a sea of an electro-chemical activity. And both electricity and chemicals flow better in water. If you are dehydrated you just don’t focus as well. Drink enough water (colored liquids – pop, juice, coffee, etc. – are not the same). Often times headaches are connected to dehydration, too. Mga ineng, kahit P12 lang ang RC Cola, wag mo naman gawin tubig ha?

6. Your brain loves questions. When you come up with questions in class or when reading a book, your brain automatically searches for answers, making the learning faster. A good question has more than one answer. Isip, isip! Sige, magtanong kahit walang kausap, at ng mapagkamalang baliw, haha!

7. Your brain and body have their own rhythm cycles: there are times during the day when you are more alert than others. You will save time learning if you study during your peak periods. If you have a part-time job that happens during your peak period you may want to reconsider if it is wise to be giving your employer your best learning time. Ay ganun ba.. Buti pa si Kuya Germs, lagging alert! Dahil walang..... TULUGAN!!

8. Your brain and body communicate constantly. If your body is slouched down, the message the brain gets is that “this is not important” and so it doesn’t pay as close attention. In any learning situation, sit up and lean forward to help keep your mind alert. Buy a good quality, adjustable office chair... Tikas na! Tikas paluwag! Hehe!

9. Your brain is affected by smells. Use aromatherapy to keep your brain alert. Peppermint, lemon and cinnamon are good ones to experiment with. Soshalan! Pero kung wala ka nun, kilikili na lang, haha!

10. Your brain needs oxygen. Get out there and exercise. Oo nga naman, try mo kaya di huminga, o diba natengi ka? Haha!
11. Your brain needs space. Be sure that you are not trying to study in a small cramped area. Hala! Akala ko mga jowa lang may kailangan ng space kapag exams week. San ba nakakabili niyan ha?

12. Your brain needs your space to be organized. One recent study showed that kids who grow up in tidy, organized homes do better academically. Why? Because by being trained to organize the outside environment, the brain learns to organize the internal knowledge…which makes recall faster. Buy a 4-drawer legal-sized filing cabinet. Huwag daw magpaka-Payatas, keri? Jusko! Baka pati ikaw ma-lost sa kalat!

13. Your brain cells in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that deals with putting information from short-term to long-term memory, are destroyed by cortisol, which is created when you are stressed. So, yes, stress affects memory. How do you get rid of cortisol? Exercise.Ano daw? Akala ko hippopotamus. Jusko, dumudugo ilong ko..

14. Your brain doesn’t know what you can’t do until you tell it. What are you telling it? Listen to your self-talk. Stop the negativity. Replace it with more positive, encouraging talk. O siya! Kausapin ang sarili. Kumain nab a ako? Anong bang pangalan ko? Amnesia! Haha!

15. Your brain is like a muscle: it can be trained and strengthened, at any age. No excuses. Stop being a mental couch potato. Professional athletes practice every day; you can practice homework everyday. If “you don’t have any”, make some up for yourself. Read ahead, review…do SOMETHING. Sabagay. Tara gym, let’s go! Mag-treadmill gamit ang ulo!

16. Your brain needs repetition. It is better to do short frequent reviews than one long review because what counts is how many times your brain sees something, not how long is sees it in one sitting. Wala naman masama umulit ulit. Parang Math 100 lang yan diba? Hehe.

17. Your brain can understand faster than you can read. Use a pencil or finger to “lead” your eyes. By doing so you help your eyes move more quickly. Naku! Pabida naman pala itong si brain!

18. Your brain needs movement, especially if you are mostly a kinesthetic (body movement) learner instead of a visual or auditory learner. You might find your productivity go up if you have a standing desk. Buy one or make one by raising your desk/table on blocks. This allows you to move more easily and stay more alert. At kung hindi ka pa makuntento sa paikot-ikot, ‘day, alugin mo yang ulo mo. For more!

19. Your brain seeks patterns and connections. When you are learning something, ask yourself, “What does this remind me of?” This will also help your memory because it connects the new knowledge to something you already know. So kung ulyanin ka, hay, churi churi na lang muna, haha. At para naman sa mga girls, kung niloko ka na before, naman, huwag n asana maulit dava? Haha!

20. Your brain loves fun. We learn in direct proportion to how much fun we are having. Learning is life. Live it up! Beri gud! Tara partee na!

So ayon, Mayon. Tandaan, ang mga ito nawa'y magsilbing gabay. At wiz mga 'excuses' na pwede niyong ipang-explain sa mader at pader niyo kung sakaling lumagpak kayo. Ayokong makaririnig nga mga "Pagod kasi ako nang mag-review" o "Hindi umubra yung insenso na binili ko.." Okirampa? Pero kahit sundin niyo pa ang mga ito punto por punto, kung dili naman trulee ang pag-aaral sa hearts natin, wit din tayo maaachieve!

Whether you're sailing through your final requirements o naghahabol ng grado, isang malaking pabidang good luck!
Remember, the early bird gets the worm. But if the worm is late, then good for him!

Binibining Bangs

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Announcements: Pautakan 2008 sembreak sked & reminders

AguMems & AguApps! Please be reminded of the following:
1. Email your Pautakan questions to your Subject Heads, due on October 12!
2. Follow up STS thru phone calls
3. Distribute the posters in Pampanga schools
4. Solicitations & sponsorships!
5. Orgshirt orders c/o Jer
6. QUESTIONS NIGHTS! Food assignments:
(To serve lunch, dinner and breakfast on the next day)
October 18 - Educ and SocioComm
October 19 - Fin and RecordsComm
October 20 - Exte and MemComm
October 21 - Pinanari 2008A
October 22 - Org
VENUE: Acey Duarte's Residence located at Donya Anicia, Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Announcement: Final details on the LTS

October 9, Thursday
8:30am - (Around) 5pm
28/F, PNB Life, PBCom Tower,
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

*Wear semi-formal or corporate attire
*Bring your UP IDs
*Bring your own pen and paper for notes-taking
*Kareng bisang sabe papunta, let's meet at 6am keng Vinzons, Pantranco terminal
*For questions, just text our President, Jen.
*See updated list of attendees two posts below

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