Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Announcement: Unity Night 2009A tomorrow night!

Unity Night of Sulu 2009A
5:30pm, July 30, 2009
At the Vinzons Rooftop

*All residents and alumni are invited! Let's show the applicants how fun being an AguPip is!
*Bring your game on! Haha!
*Applicants, make sure your sigsheets are at the very least properly covered already.
*Snacks and drinks will be served!
*For questions, just text TRISH at 09172441859.

See you all there!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

CEER 2009 caps off as a complete success

By The Pareto Efficient Allocation

Nearly two months’ worth of Aguman efforts and preparations finally paid off as the College Entrance Exam Review 2009 (CEER) was brought to its successful conclusion on July 25, 2009 at the Pampanga High School’s Bulwagang Kapampangan. In what came as a welcome surprise, a record number of 266 high school reviewees from various schools in Pampanga attended the second day of the entrance exam review.

“Medyo nagkaroon ng konting problema dahil hindi namin inexpect na ganon karami ang mga pupuntang participants. Usually kase around 150 lang ang pumupunta sa second day kaya ganon din ang inestimate namin," said current treasurer Bryan Quizon.

Due to the unexpectedly large number of participants, the review materials and Aslag CEER editions that the AguPips prepared a week prior fell short of over a hundred copies. While Quizon, Records and Publications Committee representative Nic Nicdao and Sulu (the current batch of applicants) assistant batch head Kim Tupe scoured San Fernando town proper for photocopying centers, the executive council voted for re-organized schedule of events that resulted to an earlier Chemistry lecture delivered by member Abigail Sunga at around 9:30 in the morning.

“Dapat 9:00 ang start ng mock exam pero dahil nga nagkulang sa materials, inuna na naming yung Chemistry lecture,” said Externals Vice-President and CEER 2009 Project Head Aries Viray. “Pagkatapos non pinag-lunch na naming yung students para makabalik sila at 10:45. Nasunod naman yung bagong schedule at natapos yung mock exam ng 1:45.”

The review lectures were carried on at 2:00 in the afternoon, beginning with former UP Diliman Department of Mathematics instructor Mr. Gilbert Abueg and followed by Institute of Physics instructor Rex Forteza. It was finally concluded at around 5:00 in the afternoon following the closing remarks given by current President Kevin Penalba.

Among the alumni who were present during the said event were former Presidents Celine Dagdag (Sampelut 2003A) and Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A), Jean Avy Dimabuyu (Kaputul 2004A) and Eleaze Valerie Santos (Kaputul 2004A).

CEER 2009 is arguably the most successful entrance exam review brought together by the UP Aguman in the recent years. Aside from the large number of participants that it drew, there were also a number of new names in the sponsors’ list.

UP Aguman extends their gratitude to co-presenters Mayor Francis ‘Blueboy’ Nepomuceno and Dr. Pearl, Sponsors Nepo Mall Angeles and Mayor Oscar ‘OCA’ Rodriguez and donors UP SAMANA and Tollhouse, without whose support the event could not have been as successful.

Total number of CEER 2009 attendees per high school:

Angeles City Science High School, 47
Brightwoods School, 11
CCEMI Academy, 7
Chevalier School, 30
Guagua National Colleges, 1
Holy Angel University, 34
Holy Family Academy, 28
ICT High School, 31
Mauaque Resettlement High School, 11
Mary the Queen Academy of Pampanga, 8
OB Montessori, 2
Pampanga High School, 101
Proverbsville School, 1
Republic Central Colleges, 1
San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies & Schools, 3
San Matias High School, 1
St Scholastica's Academy, 72
University of the Assumption, 38
Total for the Day 1 and Day 2: 455
Note: 2 attendees did not indicate their high school in the registration

For more photos of Day 2, click here!

For photos of Day 1, click here!

*The Pareto Efficient Allocation wishes to apologize to all concerned for regrettably losing the list of the Day 2 mock exam topnotchers (entrusted to the Records and Publications committee for posterity) in a fit of panic during the traffic-related accident her vehicle got involved with that afternoon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

189 reviewees attend Day 1 of CEER 2009

By you-don’t-have-it-therefore-you-don’t-want-it

The pluvial weather caused by the departing typhoon Isang proved not enough to dampen the spirits of the 189 high school hopefuls from all over Pampanga who flooded the third floor of the Angeles City Library on July 18, 2009 for day one of the UP Aguman’s annual College Entrance Exam Review.

High school students from schools Angeles City Science High School (ACSHS), CCEMI Academy, Chevalier School (CS), Holy Angel University (HAU), Holy Family Academy (HFA), ICT High School (ICTHS), Mauaque Resettlement High School (MRHS), OB Montessori (OBM), Proverbsville Academy (PA), Republic Central Colleges (RCC), St. Scholastica’s Academy (SSA) and the University of the Assumption (UA) sat down from 9:00 in the morning to 12:00 noon to take the 285-item mock examination with questions from different scientific and language fields including Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English. These topics are all included in the coverage of the UP College Admission Test (UPCAT).

HELPFUL TIPS. Annually, high school seniors attend the CEER hoping to get tips for the
UPCAT and other entrance exams in various colleges and universities.

After an hour-long lunch, the participants came back at 1:00 to listen to the review lectures of UP Diliman Physics and Mathematics instructors Jethro Salapare III and Gilbert Abueg repectively, and the Chemistry review of Aguman members Ruby Mamangun and Abigail Sunga, Engineering students who both procured laudable marks in the subject.

COMPETENT LECTURERS. UP Aguman invites faculty from UP Diliman to conduct the review
lessons. Mr. Salapare (pictured left with some members) and Mr. Abueg (pictures right) have
served as proctors for the UPCAT in previous years and shared inside information and their

“Very helpful yung mga tinuro, lalo na sa Math.” A reviewee commented. “Gusto ko talagang pumasa sa UPCAT kaya yung common errors na pinoint out nung lecturer sinulat ko talaga. This might be what could save me.”

The review wrapped up at around 5:30 in the afternoon after a short message from UP Aguman President Kevin Penalba, following the announcement of the mock exam top ten scorers.

The mock exam topnotchers are:
1. Calma, Camille Patricia Y. - HAU- 200
2. Mercado, Carlo Robert M. - UA- 178
3.5 Landayan, Reuben Jose Renato L. - ACSHS- 176
3.5 Dimal, Aimar Jay E. - ACSHS- 176
5. Mamangun, Royette Abby D. - HAU- 174
6.5 Adizas, Marc Neil V.- ACSHS- 172
6.5 Guatato, Bon Alexis T. - UA- 172
8. David, Shane Claudine F. - ACSHS- 169
9.5 Olofernes, Jonalee C. - ACSHS- 165
9.5 Llamas, Queenie Q. - UA- 165

IN THE SERVICE OF THE KAPAMPANGAN YOUTH. The mock exam topnotchers (left)
were awarded simple tokens by the UP Aguman. The members of UP Samana help the
Aguman members in the checking of the answer sheets.

Three AguAlumni were present during the event: former Presidents Celine Dagdag (Sampelut 2003A) and Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A) and former Treasurer Cyrille Bautista (Kaputul 2004A). Members from the UP Samana, an organization from UP Clark who tied up with UP Aguman, also graced the affair and helped out the members.

The event was organized with the aid of co-presenters Mayor Francis ‘Blueboy’ Nepomuceno and Dr. Pearl, minor sponsors Nepo Mall Angeles and Mayor Oscar ‘OCA’ Rodriguez and donors UP SAMANA and Tollhouse. Perfect White T-Shirts were also sold during the event.

CEER 2009 Day 2 will be held at Pampanga High School on July 25.

For more photos, click here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

By Abigail Sunga

If you think you’ve already experienced all the fun, hardships and excitement anyone can imagine now that you’re in high school, then you are wrong. You’ll find the next chapter of your academic journey and identity quest even more challenging and exhilarating. The success of this new venture greatly depends on your decisions, your plans and your willpower. To cut it short, college is all about YOU.
Culture shock is what they usually call it. You, as a future freshie, will soon learn how to observe, adjust and adapt to the new environment you will be stepping in. High school and college are far different from each other. Let us count the ways.

You call your mentors Ma’m, Miss or Sir. They help you with every problem you encounter, may they be about academics, discipline or probably personal dilemma. They spoon-feed you with the words you have to define, equations to use, variables to find, lessons to learn. You can easily consult with them in case you need clarifications, explanations or more examples. They get anxious when you frequently miss class or when you are under academic or disciplinary probation. You and your instructor establish a real student - teacher relationship.
Once you enter the arduous world of college, you will call the professors that you hate different funny labels or conceal them with names of famous characters such as Power Rangers and Power Puff Girls. They will give you thick books to read after each meeting. They will ask you to accomplish assignments that are hard to decipher. Each professor will have his or her own policies and rules in class. It doesn’t really matter if you absent or not. And if you will be unfortunate, your grade will depend on a game of darts, your gender or your smile.

You are tagged to be the class nerd, leader, jock, athlete, dancer, singer or Ms. Congeniality. People in school attach you to a certain stereotype. They know your life story, your achievements and your misfortunes.
In college, you are given the opportunity to reinvent yourself and establish a new reputation. The friends you’ll be meeting will not be concerned whether or not you graduated with honors, won in this competition or sang in this event. You start anew. From being a geek in high school, you can join a drama guild and be a theatre artist. Search for your passion and you can be who you want to be.

Your student handbook contains a list of minor and major offenses and the sanctions that go with them. Be late, comb inside the classroom, bring cellphones or mall in uniform and you will be reprimanded and worse, your parents will be called for a parent-teacher conference to discuss your disobedience to school rules. Many eyes watch the violations you commit and you have no escape. Defiance of these rules will result to punishment.
There is a Student Tribunal to put you in trial in case of academic dishonesty or any major offense but other than that, you’re on your own. Whether you eat in class, forgot to put your cellphone in silent mode or cut classes, the university will not penalize you. Responsibility is expected from you now. Proper decorum and behavior are things you should have learned in GMRC back in elementary or CLE in high school. By college, you should have learned how to act accordingly. You should be aware of the consequences of your actions especially when cutting classes.

You see the same people every day. You know every person in the campus, what clubs they are in, subjects they are good at and their boyfriends or girlfriends. You are familiar with every corner of your school. You have eaten all the kinds of food available in the canteen. You have found the perfect spots in the campus to hang-out or study. You stay in your chosen or assigned seat throughout the day.
Your memory must be really good if you know every person in the university. Chances are minimal that you know the person you come across the street. You will be meeting people of different cultures from different places of origin. Diversity is something you will appreciate. In terms of the university’s geography, it will also take you a long time before you will be familiarized with it. The subjects you are taking may be in different buildings and will require you to walk for miles in between periods. Start to learn how to walk fast to avoid being late.

You attend the first day of classes and you teacher hands you over the class schedule for the whole academic year. You can’t argue with the short time for recess and lunch breaks and for the late dismissal time. You are frequently reminded by your teachers on deadlines for your reports and projects.
You will make your own schedule for the whole semester, choose the subjects you want to take and have your adviser approve it. Time management is a key to survive college. Soon you will be bound to choose whether to study, sleep or eat first. Learn to prioritize. At times, cramming becomes a necessity but is often not advisable. Professors often give ample time for you to finish a report or write a technical paper. You have to learn how to balance your time for academics, extra-curricular affairs and personal leisure.

Sounds heavy? College can be very demanding. Your decisions become crucial. Responsibilities become heavy. It’s just up to you how to handle these. You can make college more enjoyable and stimulating than high school. Build a reputation for yourself, establish long lasting friendships and in time, make a mark in your university. But for now just ask yourself, are you ready to take the next step?

Application process 2009A officially started

July 16, 2009 -- The Membership Committee officially started the application process for the second semester for the current school year with the Buddy Bidding held after the weekly Genmeet. In the previous week, the new applicants were already orientated about the whole Aguman application process.

This batch of applicants decided to call their batch, "Sulu", which means "light" in Kapampangan. The batch officers are Mark Joseph Isip (Batch head), Kimberly Anne Tupe (Assistant Batch head), Hil Petersen Vargas (Secretary) and John Basil Dungo (Treasurer). They were elected by the applicants last July 9.

The buddy pairings (buddy-mem - buddy-app) determined during the Buddy Bidding are as follows:
*Feps - Mark
*Kenn - Basil
*Mae - Justinne
*Jer - Naida
*Ham -Charmaine
*Bencio - Shara
*Carou - Clarisse
*Erika P - Norika
*Abigail - Sarah
*Gboi - Gab
*Lawi - Kristel
*Bryan - Fred
*Jen - Kim Dasco
*Rose - Kim Tupe
*Erika T - Ernanie
*Quill - Kenneth
*Ruby - Carmela
*Nic - Ena
*Justin - Jane
*Santi, Hil, Lester, Choops, Alvin and MK don't have buddies yet

Here's the tentative schedule of the upcoming app activities:
July 30 -- Unity Night
August 3-14 -- Buddy Week
**August 5 – Buddy Que Yan & Mems Quiz
**August 10 – Scavenger Hunt
**August 13 – Buddy Get Up

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Roster of Members, 1st Semester, AY 2009-2010

President: Kevin Patrick E. Peñalba, Langgotsi 2006B
Internals Vice President: Trisha D. Nacpil, Baskal 2007A
Externals Vice President: Aries Ivan G. Viray, Lakatan 2006A
Secretary: Michael Roman S. Gulapa, Lakatan 2006A
Treasurer: Bryan Leonard M. Quizon, Pinanari 2008A
Educational Committee Chairperson: Ruth Elaine L. Henson, Langgotsi 2006B
Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson: Romina Isabelle E. Goce, Baskal 2007A

Trisha D. Nacpil, Baskal 2007A
Roseanne V. Ramos, Bucayo 2005B
Jennifer H. Castro, Lakatan 2006A
Jeremiah C. Torrico, Lakatan 2006A
Felipe B. Pablo IV, Langgotsi 2006B
Hamuel Herald M. Cabuso, Pinanari 2008A

Aries Ivan G. Viray, Lakatan 2006A
Diana Rose M. Tan, Bucayo 2005B
Gerard Robin D. De Padua, Lakatan 2006A
Kenn Ian A. De Vera, Lakatan 2006A
Rex Anthony E. Roque, Lakatan 2006A
Lawrence Ivan L. Manalo, Pinanari 2008A
Katrin Raxiel P. Serrano, Pinanari 2008A
Erika Gayle T. Tuazon, Pinanari 2008A

Michael Roman S. Gulapa, Lakatan 2006A
John Carl T. Gozun, Baskal 2007A
Neicy Ann T. Nicdao, Baskal 2007A
Rosalyn Mae P. Sto Domingo, Baskal 2007A
Abigail P. Sunga, Pinanari 2008A
Nicolle S. Timoteo, Pinanari 2008A

Bryan Leonard M. Quizon, Pinanari 2008A
Justin C. Dungca, Lakatan 2006A
Lea Patricia L. Dizon, Langgotsi 2006B
Diogenes C. Dy, Baskal 2007A
Carmelo M. Cortez, Agyuan 2007B
Miguel Duval R. Esguerra, Pinanari 2008A
Julyn Nyril P. Tiatco, Pinanari 2008A
Erika May C. Pagapong, Langgotsi 2006B

Ruth Elaine L. Henson, Langgotsi 2006B
Cindy P. Paguio, Kadaya 2005A
Ferdinand D. Mallari, Jr, Lakatan 2006A
Denesse Marie B. Handumon, Langgotsi 2006B
Jewel O. Dela Cruz, Baskal 2007A
Maria Carousel S. Diaz, Pinanari 2008A
Ruby Ann D. Mamangun, Pinanari 2008A
Jona Pamela C. Salvador, Pinanari 2008A

Romina Isabelle E. Goce, Baskal 2007A
Allandail L. Rivera, Kaputul 2004A
Fergie Ann P. Panganiban, Kadaya 2005A
Khersien Y. Bautista, Baskal 2007A
Ian Bencio M. David, Pinanari 2008A
Quill P. Quioc, Pinanari 2008A

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guests, Aguman Alumni flock Acquaintance Party 2009

By Rosalyn Sto Domingo

If there is such a thing as a ‘second childhood’ that people experience during their older years, then one may suppose that this was experienced by the resident members, alumni and prospect applicants of the UP Aguman after attending a much-awaited kiddie party blast – the Acquaintance Party 2009, held on the first of July at Balay Kalinaw.

The Acquaintance Party is a long upheld tradition in the organization, with the aim of bringing together AguMems, AguAlums and other Kapampangans in the campus together to have fun and get to know each other. But despite the earlier description, the residents stirred things up by having a kiddie party-themed celebration, complete with kiddie attire, kiddie games, balloons, party hats and even kiddie food (like hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks).

Welcoming a whopping number of almost thirty Kapampangan student guests, the party, hosted by resident emcee Felipe Pablo IV, officially started with a prayer lead by former Aguman president Jen Castro, followed by the Aguman Creed as lead by current president Kevin Peñalba and the presentation of the Aguman Committees with their respective head and members.

Starting with the Socio-cultural Committee represented by Bencio David, the Educational Committee lead Ruth Henson with their welcome presentation: “Heal the World” (a tribute to the late Michael Jackson), the Externals committee of Aries Viray, the Records and Publications Committee headed by Mike Gulapa and the richy-rich Finance Committee with Bryan Quizon and finally, the super-prepared Membership Committee lead by Internals Vice President Trisha Nacpil, the members presented themselves and gave a brief introduction of their respective committees.

After a hearty meal of baked macaroni and hotdogs on sticks, the ‘kids’ lived out their youth with games such as ‘Lumulubog ang Bangka’ (the tagalong version of The Boat is Sinking), which sparked an animated private vs. public schools debate and an even more animated my-school-is-better-than-your-debate, Points on the Ground and the all-time favorite Exhaust.

Due to time constraints, most of the guests had to go by 9 pm, but the party continued for another half hour with the kiddie Agupips playing with the kiddie AguAlumni.

“We were surprised but at the same time very pleased kase ang daming pumuntang guests,” said Kevin Penalba, the organization’s current president. “And we are interminably grateful to the alumni for their relentless support to the organization. The members enjoyed the party and hopefully everyone else did as well.”

Alumni members who attended were: Alumni President Powie De Guzman (Siklab 1980A), Gerry Pangan (Siklab 1980A), Argel Casupanan (Salagpi 2001A), Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A), Israel Suarez (Kasaup 2002A), Ryan Aga (Kasaup 2002A), Mike Penalba (Sampelut 2003A), Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A), Eleaze Santos (Kaputul 2004A), Loree Sicat (Kadaya 2005A) and Jerome Caylao (Kadaya 2005A).

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