Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aguman holds Tribute 2008 and induction of new officers

March 18, 2008 – It was the official end of regular classes for the second semester of the year, and the AguPips didn’t let it pass without paying tribute to the graduating members of UP Aguman.

The official send-off and tribute party was held at a rooftop place at Pook Amorsolo. Seven of the ten graduating members graced the event: Adrian Bustos, Hazel Lee and Geleen Gutierrez of batch Kadaya 2005A; Rej Fuertez, Portia Quindo, Cyrille Bautista and Daphne Villanueva of batch Kaputul 2004A. Bang Dizon and Kitchie Gallardo and Nel Kabigting, all of batch Kaputul 2004A as well, weren’t able to attend.

Funds were raised by the rest (non-graduating) of the members, especially for the graduating members. Ordered carbonara and lumpiang Shanghai was served to the members, together with the special strawberry juice.

LEFT: The 51C Matimtiman Girls honor their graduating housemate, Portia.
RIGHT: The graduating members watch the special video made for them during dinner.

After the special messages and speeches delivered by the residents and graduating members, the official induction of next school year’s officers was held. Their oath-taking was led by graduating member and outgoing President Daphne Villanueva.

Two alumni members were also present – Argel Casupanan (Salagpi 2001A) and Mikai Lee (Manyaman 2003B).

Two fountain fireworks were lit up to cap off the night’s meaningful affair.

LEFT: Jen Castro, the new President, leads the Aguman Creed for the first time.
RIGHT: The outgoing Execom members pay tribute to their head, outgoing President Daphne Villanueva.

Buduy, congrats! Agyu mu yan. Ika pa, karakal mu na experience keng Pautakan. Suportahan daka boi. You deserve that position dahil balu ku naman how hard you worked nitang akayabe daka. Take this opportunity to grow, madevelop ing skills and maging mas matured. Magpasalamat ku keka dahil meging sobra helpful ka nitang Educ tamu pa and be assured that I’ll be as helpful and cooperative ngening Educ Chair naka. Eka tatakut to take risks and be as actie as you can be. Eka maging extra sensitive kalupa ku and maging patient ka lagi. Ali mu sasarilinan ing problema, atin naka mang kayabe. Everything will not go according to your will pero with the proper disposition, agyu mu yan. Pag atin kang problema, atyu ku mu keni. Congrats ulit!
~Gboi De Padua, former Education Committee Chairperson
Congrats, Justin! Sabi kun a keka, ika ing next eh. Well, I know you will do great. Treat the position a blessing rather than a burden. Karin pa, madagul na ing maging difference keng performance mu. Too bad I chose the latter. Second, as much as possible, don’t let your acads pressure you lalu na BAA ka. Kasi expect pressure king org kasi pag pakanta you’ll be left with nothing but pressure. Dyang feeling mu ala nang time, find time to relax. Para keka, at least. Lastly love your work. Appreciate everything na gagawan ning committee mu. And delegate pero ali ka maging sobrang dependent.
For the next ExeCoun, good luck! As much as possible, iwasan ing pate. Pisabyan yu ngan ing issues. Don’t let the work get into your head. Stay humble. Being an officer doesn’t mean you’re superior karing aliwang mems. Medinan kayu mung additional responsibility. Again, enjoy, God bless and good luck!
~Joms Caylao, former Treasurer

My grandest appreciation to each and every AguPip. I thank each and everyone of you for putting their trust in me, believing that I can and I will. Aguman for the next academic year and ad infinitum will embark on changes, changes that brings out the Agu in an AguPip. Rest assured that as my tenure of office will assume, I will exhaust every minute part of my body to serve for the best interest of the organization. Again, I thank you and let us all be one in Agu, not for ourselves alone.
~Buduy Mallari, new Education Committee Chairperson

Even if a leader is a sage, she should yield to others but must know when. Nanu kano?! Hehe! Thank you mems for entrusting me this position. I’m actually, er, overwarmed? Haha! Pig-merge ing overwhelmed at heart warming. Seriously, I am overwhelmed and I will do try to be a competent AguLeader because I know I have what it takes. Naka naman! But then again, I need your support and cooperation to carry out our vision for the org. Let’s do it hand in hand. This is it! Waaaah! Mengakarugan ku tuluy! Haha! Looking forward to a fruitful year with my co-officers and the members! God bless!
~Jen Castro, new President

Friday, March 14, 2008

Residents elect Aguman officers for AY 2008-2009

March 13, 2008 -- With only a few days before the end of regular classes for the second semester of the current school year, the registered members elected the new set of officers for the next academic year of 2008-2009 at PH 223. A total of 42 members out of the 54 registered voters cast their votes.

The original date of the elections was last March 11 but due to the suspension of classes due to the national transport strike last Tuesday, the Electoral Board led by Adrian Bustos (Kadaya 2005A) moved it to March 13. Other EB members present during the election proper were Cyrille Bautista (Kaputul 2004A), Hazel Lee (Kadaya 2005A) and outgoing President Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A).

Before the voting proper, the candidates for Internals Vice-President and President presented their planned platforms and entertained questions from the EB and the members. Afterwards, a few final questions were answered by all candidates for all positions.

Jen Castro - 23
Fergie Panganiban - 17

Internals Vice-President:
Acey Duarte - 26
Elai Castro - 12

Externals Vice-President:
Aries Viray - 24
Kath Gatchalian - 16

Kevin Penalba - 28
Felipe Pablo IV - 13

Justin Dungca - 30
Buduy Mallari - 9

Educational Committee Chairperson:
Buduy Mallari - 26 votes
Ruth Henson - 15

Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson:
Jeremiah Torrico - 22
Denesse Handumon - 18

LEFT: The new set of officers for AY 2008-2009
RIGHT: The UP Aguman Electoral Board for the 2008 elections

Thursday, March 6, 2008

AguPips place 2nd in Ilang-Ilang quiz show

March 5, 2008 – While the rest of the AguPips served as panelists in the Formal Interview of batch Agyuan 2007B at Palma Hall, six members knowledgeable in General Information and Entertainment braved Ilang-Ilang Residence Hall for the dormitory’s university-wide “Tagisan ng Talino”. It was held in line with their annual dorm week celebration. Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A), Buduy Mallari (Lakatan 2006A) and Mike Gulapa (Lakatan 2006A) formed a team named “Sikrams” while Marco Lansangan (Kaputul 2004A), Yek Santos (Kaputul 2004A) and Fergie Panganiban (Kadaya 2005A) formed a second team named “Bitrams”. The registration fee was P60 per team. They joined the contest in a bid to win some much-needed money for the organization.

Elimination Round
A total of 21 teams participated in the quiz show. There were 3 rounds of competition with 5 questions each: Easy, Average and Difficult. After this round, both Bitrams and Sikrams qualified for the semifinals with Bitrams placing 2nd and Sikrams placing 9th. The top 10 teams qualified for the semifinals.

All scores were reset to zero before the start of the semifinals. There were a total of 9 questions in 3 specific categories (3 questions each): Teleserye, Foreign Reality TV and OPM Bands. The twist in this round was that the teams must assign the 3 categories to each of the 3 members of the team. Only the team member assigned to the category can answer the questions in that category.

Member-Category designations for Bitrams & Sikrams:
Marco & Buduy – OPM Bands
Fergie & Michael – Foreign Reality TV
Yek & Rex – Teleserye

After the 9 questions, Sikrams qualified for one of the 5 spots in the Finals, answering 3 questions correctly. Bitrams, who answered only 1 question correctly, was tied with 4 other teams for the last 2 spots. Unfortunately, Bitrams failed to make it. Nonetheless, they stayed to cheer for Sikrams in the Finals.

There were actually 6 teams in the Finals because during the tie-breaker in the semifinals, the tie between 2 teams wasn’t broken after a long series of tiebreaker questions. The cash prizes at stake for the Top 3 winning teams are: 1st Prize – P3000, 2nd Prize – P2000 and 3rd Prize – P1000.

The mechanics for the Finals is as follows:
*All finalist teams must first complete a “challenge”
*The teams who completes the “challenge” first will be given priority in choosing their category
*After a given thinking time, the team will enumerate 10 correct items in their chosen category.

The challenge turned out to be a Sudoku puzzle. Thanks to Buduy and Mike's puzzle solving prowess, Sikrams was the first team to successfully finish the Sudoku puzzle. Another team finished first, but their accomplished Sudoku sheet had errors.

Sikrams chose the “First Ang TV Teens”, a category with 29 possible answers. Other categories include Power Rangers season titles, current Sexbomb dancers and highest grossing films in Philippine History.

Sikrams, with Rex as the representative, gave 8 correct answers: Luigi Alvarez, Gio Alvarez, Jolina Magdangal, Claudine Barretto, Lindsay Custodio, Roselle Nava, Rica Peralejo and the aww-inducing answer -- Sarji Ruiz. The audience was clearly amused by the unique but accurate answer. The eventual winner from Yakal (their topic was current Sexbomb dancers) was able to enumerate 10 correct names. Therefore, team Sikrams placed second and took home P2000.

Sikrams’ team members agreed to donate P1500 of their prize to the UP Aguman. They used the rest of the prize in reimbursing the registration fee of team Bitrams and in treating them with ice cream at the Shopping Center.

Sikrams and Bitrams are no strangers to campus quiz shows. This is the second time the AguPips played under the said team names. Sikrams composed of Rex, Buduy and Kevin Peñalba (Langgotsi 2006B) and Bitrams composed of Yek, Fergie and Justin (Lakatan 2006A) competed in the pop culture quiz show of UP Lakan in early February. Sikrams placed 5th while Bitrams entered the semifinals. Some of their opponents in the Lakan quiz show also participated in the Ilang-Ilang contest.

UPPER LEFT: Team Sikrams receives their cash prize.
UPPER RIGHT: The quiz show was held at the Ilang-Ilang dormitory lobby.
LOWER LEFT: The final scores.
LOWER RIGHT: Team Bitrams, Fergie, Marco and Yek.

Some questions in the said contest:
*Who is the other teen actress in the ABS-CBN show "K2BU" that starred in Bora and ABS-CBN teleseryes?
(Thanks to Fergie, only Bitrams got the correct answer of all the 21 teams, haha!)
*What is the name of Mister Bogus' world?
*What is the first ever single of the Spice Girls?
*What is the name of the winner of The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll?
*What is the title of Rivermaya's new album?
*Which Philippine actress has made the most number of soap operas?
*What is the name of Urbandub's lead singer?
*Who represented the Philippines in the 1994 Miss Universe pagaent?
*What is the name of Uchiha Sasuke's brother?
*In which TV station was Eat Bulaga first aired?
*Which 3-storey building in UP Diliman has a name which means "house of peace"?
Sige pin, sanu kareni ing asagut yu? (^^,)

Former ABS-CBN Talent Center artists Sarji Ruiz and Pia Romero.
Sarji was last seen on the teleserye Darating Ang Umaga while Pia was last seen on the sitcom Bora.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AguElections: President

In time for the UP Aguman Election of Officers for the Centennial Executive Council, Aslag Online is proud to present to you the candidates for the different positions. To help you make in making the crucial decision on whom to vote, here's a feature on the final candidates. Here are the candidates for President.

Lakatan 2006A
2nd Year, BS Communication Research
Secretary, AY 2007-2008

Previous Committees: Records & Publications Committee (3 sems)

What is your definition of leadership?
LEADERSHIP – Basically, leadership is the ability of a person to guide or direct people under his/her authority. But it’s more than that; leadership is about passion, the enthusiasm and willingness to serve. And leadership doesn’t end there;
leaders must have that sense of trusteeship, meaning they are not only temporarily in charge of their people’s sake but also to pass the responsibility to equally trustworthy and competent successors.

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
Being an Agu member for three semesters isn’t a hindrance to have an in-depth understanding of the position that I am vying for, which is the post for presidency. The duties and responsibilities of a president aside from what is written in the constitution are to keep the org integrated because it’s more than the administrative work but as a president you should take part in the lives of the members. I deemed the president should set an example to his/her members and co-officers. More than anyone else, he/she should motivate and direct the members amidst external or internal pressures in the org. Others may say that, experiencing a year in the Executive Council wasn’t enough; I say seniority isn’t the main call for a position.

Generally speaking, what does it take to be a competent AguLeader?
As I see matters in this organization, to be a competent leader in this context is
a constant effort between the leader and the members to keep the organization together, without sacrificing principles, compromising the welfare of the members or the organization. Even though a leader is a sage, s/he must humble him/herself and yield to others but must know when.

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
We are talking about here previous ECs, actually, I don’t want to categorize it as mistakes but rather overlooked responsibilities. Dispensing our alumni relations and leaving the next set of officers almost empty handed in terms on money. Outgoing officers should
leave behind them assets and a legacy.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
Being an incumbent, one of the administrative policy or practice that I would like to continue is our recuperated communication with the alumni. Tapping our resources externally was indeed a big help not only with the out-going EC but to the org itself. Another is the engagement of the mems in our EBS (Extreme Bonding Session) since it nurtures familiarity among members.

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
Actually, the out-going Executive Council already drafted the constitution. I know this because I am one of the people who drafted it. In effect, we already have the drafted resolution so the next step would be the presentation of this revised constitution to the General Assembly but the members should be well aware of the revisions between the old and the new constitution. After that, voting may take time because it will be per line/section of each article of the consti. It may take consecutives of genmeet before we can have an agreed upon and revised constitution. But at least the hard work will be paved off because we have a more specific and better consti.

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
Acads I suppose, it’s already a classic pressure to officers. Not so much from my emotions because I believe I can handle my temper, but that’s the point I am not showy so you’ll never know when I am most tired and I just fumed like a pent up volcano. But don’t worry it has not happened yet you can ask even my committee mates.

Ninung older member ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
Daphne Villanueva of Kaputol ’04-A. I chose her primarily because I have a first hand experience of her term as a president since I am her secretary. Aside from that, her enthusiasm as a president inspires the members uplifting their spirit fostering an optimistic atmosphere especially during the crucial times of the org. But then again, Leadership cannot really be taught, it can only be learned.

When many plans/things go wrong at the same time what is your guiding principle in handling the situation?
Delegate capable members/officers and designate authority, allocate tasks and entrust responsibilities plus don't steal one’s thunder. – this will be my guiding principle when many plans/things go wrong at the same time (haha kamalasan mu naman dar!). Maybe things are not falling where they should be, partly because you interfere a lot. You don’t let the person in charge do his/her things not knowing you are already jeopardizing the organization. Or you just have to trust him/her that he/she can execute his/her job well. Don’t be selfish; share your tasks, as always two heads are better than one. If leaders have to break out of old habits and extend another mileage he/she should be willing to make some adjustments for the betterment of everybody.

Patse mag-genmeet, makananu mong bawalan deng maynge?
Basagan bungo I guess will be effective (haha! Joke mu.) I noticed that during meetings, Agumems can’t help but really butt in. It’s also a good sign that the members are listening and expressing their opinions about matters in the meeting but if it’s only an unsolicited opinion and it’s causing too much commotion in the meeting I guess I have to reprimand him/her. I guess the worst thing that I can do is to make him/her leave the room (ay rugu, grabe ne man siguro kanta, enaku man siguru miras keng makanta!). Just be firm and explain to the members how important the matter being related, I know that they will take time to seat and listen.


General Plan of action and Specific Plan of Action (GPOA/SPOA) is prepared every now and then by nominated members running for a position before the General Assembly in written paper on or before Meeting de Avance.
GPOA/SPOA is presented before the members of UP Aguman to know the line-up of activities the running member has in store for them. The members will weigh the intentions laid before them by the candidate. After laying down their intentions, motivations and line-up of activities for the whole academic year the members will now raise questions for unclear matters or for more grilling. After the meeting de avance, elections will follow.
This plan of action reveals that some members change their mindset before the candidate and might choose to revert their votes during election.
Ms. Jennifer Castro, Lakatan 2006A, an incumbent secretary of the Executive Council was nominated for the following positions: Internals Vice President and President. However, after the pre-election, conducted by the Electoral Board, the members of UP Aguman consider her to run for Presidency.

Background of the study
GPOA/SPOA is also very relevant to local and national elections. Almost all organizations require their nominated members to produce a GPOA/SPOA at the University of the Philippines.

Significance of the study
The GPOA/SPOA of Ms. Castro should contain substantive information palatable for the members of UP Aguman gearing towards the betterment of the organization amidst the internal and external factors that obstruct the growth of the individuals and the maturity of the organization.

Statement of the Problem
Given the fact that for every position, there are two members vying for it, in the case of Ms. Castro, she has a contender in the person of Ms. Fergie Ann Panganiban, Kadaya 05-A, a former Educational Committee Chairperson (A.Y 2006-2007).
How does Ms. Castro win the hearts of Agu Mems by laying down her GPOA/SPOA, intentions and her aspirations for the organization in the coming academic school year during meeting de avance.

Statement of General Objective[1]
*To lay before the General Assembly the good intentions, aspirations and GPOA/SPOA for the whole academic year.
*To keep the org integrated to foster a positive atmosphere that uplifts the spirit of the members.
*To continue the external relations established by the former Executive Councils especially the Alumni relations in order to keep in touch with them and to tap the possible resources the organization can benefit of.
*To prompt the amendment of the Constitution since the provisions that are to be revised were already drafted.
*To administer strict implementation of the responsibilities of a member but not compromising his/her rights as stipulated in the Constitution.
*To designate tasks and delegate authority to members deemed responsible.
*To support various fund-raising projects of the organization conducted by the committees responsible so that the out-going committees will not be left empty handed.
*To endorse the organization by affiliating UP Aguman to different Capampangan Studies Center.
*To relate internal matters or when conflicts arise as objectively as possible by not prying on matters or clouding the rationale of the situation by imposing the president’s authority over the members.
*To take part in every event of the organization as an overseer and not as a boss, the last thing a president would want is to know that his/her members are carrying out their tasks out of inferiority and not of respect.

Statement of Specific Objectives[2]

*To assure the Agu members that Ms. Castro is amiably willing to run for presidency.
*To be the willfully head of UP Aguman, thus representing it in all official transactions.
*To exercise the power in presiding all meetings, being the chairperson of the executive council.
*To be the conscientious point person in the annual recognition of the organization from the University.
*To be the reliable signatory in all the resolutions, communications and papers pertaining to the vital transactions of the organization.
*To unswervingly require the treasurer to produce an annual fund reports that Ms. Castro and the treasurer should sign, not only fund reports but also checks and bills named under UP Aguman.
*To be the duly signatory of certificates of recognition and participation and similar instruments, together with the secretary and socio-cultural committee chairperson prepared by the Records and Publication Committee.
*Another, to be the aptly signatory to all certificates of membership, leaves of absence and similar instruments together with the Internal Vice-President and Secretary.
*To render a final report or documentation of the problems, accomplishments and recommendations of the Executive Council or the General Assembly before a meeting called for the purpose.

Review of Related Literature

These are quotations from public figures which the nominee considers, in her perception of leadership and what constitutes a leader.

“A people is but the attempt of many
To rise to the completer life of one;
And those who live as models for the mass
Are singly of more value than they all.”
~Robert Browning (1812-1889), British poet, Luria, A Tragedy

“A strategy is only as good as the vision that guides it.”
~Burt Nanus (1936 - ), U.S. business academic and writer, Visionary Leadership

“Even the best strategies seldom take into account more than a few of the consequences that flow from them. In real life, the decision-maker must continually adjust to those consequences, and, in doing so, deviate from the clear course laid out in advance.”
~Alvin Toffler (1928 - ), U.S. writer. The Adaptive Corporation

“Leadership, above all, consists of telling the truth, unpalatable though it may be. It is better to go down with the truth on one's lips than to rise high by innuendo and doubletalk.”
~ Alfred Robens (1910 - 1999), British labor leader, Speech, Institute of Directors Annual Convention

“Tulad nung nasabi ko dati, para sa akin a true leader is one who knows how to be both a team leader and a team player, dapat nare-reach niya bawat member para fair sa lahat. May dedication and and more importantly, may vision for the org kasi ikaw ang magbibigay ng direction sa org. it’s up to you kung ano yung goal mo for your term. Importante yung mission- vision para maguide ka to that direction, and at the same time dadalhin mo buong org towards that goal.”
~Daphne-Dominique Villanueva (2008), UP Aguman President AY 2007-2008

I. Adaptive Structuration Theory
The adaptive structuration theory by Marshall Poole presents a pattern for a small group decision-making. General assumption is structuration refers to the production and reproduction of the social systems through the members’ use of rules and resources in interaction.
II. Social Penetration Theory
This theory was proposed by Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor. The assumption is that closeness develops only if individuals proceed in a gradual and orderly fashion from superficial to intimate levels of exchange as a function of both immediate and forecast outcomes.
III. Cognitive Dissonance Theory
This is a theory of Leon Festinger. Cognitive means any element of knowledge including values, facts, emotion, belief and behavior while dissonance is the lack of harmony or agreement. We get rid of cognitive dissonance by being consistent with our thoughts through acquisition or invention of new thoughts or beliefs or through modification of our existing beliefs. It always the attitude that we change so that it will become compatible with our behavior.

IV. Spiral of Silence
This theory by Frank Dance proposes that when people seemed to be inferior to others the tendency is that they will no longer voice out their opinion and will continue to be still until they stopped caring about issues while the domination of the other party continues.

ORIENTATION – efforts are unfocused because the goals are unclear.
CONFLICT – factions disagree on approach to problem.
COALESCENCE – tensions are reduced though peaceful negotiation.
DEVELOPMENT – group concentrates on ways to implement a single solution to the conflicts or matters
INTEGRATION – group focuses on tension-free solidarity rather than task

OPLAN SAGIP (Membership Committee)
Membership Committee will not only focus on application process but also in the internal affairs of the organization. It will be in charge of the welfare or the relationship of the members because this jeopardizes the productivity of the member in an unfriendly working environment. Also, the “stray” members are to convince for re-affirmation to the org. The nominee also approves of giving incentives and rewards to active members who are always attending the general meetings and events and sanctions to languid ones. It is also affirmative on the part of the nominee that a member should incur or earn a specific minimum tambay hours so that the members will be at ease with each other strengthening their relationship aside from the members bonding session. Also, a master list of members’ vacant time will be posted at the tambayan so that during fund-raising activities where we need to have man power we can easily contact a member. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her baed on the constitution.A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Internals Vice President will be executed.

OPLAN DALAKIT (Externals Committee)
Bridging the gap between the residents and the alumni by actively participating on the alumni groups, in this way we can maximize our external resources. Continue the Mibalik Tambayan Day and a probe to the 35th Anniversary. Meaning, we started the impressive celebration of our anniversary last year and since it is our 35th Anniversary, the nominee is affirmative in another impressive celebration. STS (school-to-school) should be followed up regularly; we can do so by releasing a directory of the schools, advisers or principals and should leave a copy posted at the bulletin board, inside the locker, for the secretary and another for the president for monitoring purposes. Reinforce our relationship and standing in KANLUNGAN. Intensify our participation in SANLAHI. Announcements should be notified before hand. Consolidate Capampangans by implementing the text brigade that we are expressing during CEER to notify them whether they passed or not. Atleast one out-reach program per year. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her baed on the constitution.A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Externals Vice President will be executed.

OPLAN GALAS (Records and Publication Committee)
Galas – Aslag. In charge of the circulations of information during genmeets and other announcements concerning the org. Continue to manage the Aslag Online and submit regularly articles, as much as possible. The bulletin board will be a sole responsibility of this committee and the maintenance of it too. In effect, damage of it will be the responsibility of the committee. During events, it is suggested that the printing of certificates will be done before hand to avoid rush and inevitable mistakes. The Records committee should also produce aside from the directory, a roster of members in hard copy that will serve as an attendance during meetings and events. Enhanced the members potential and skill in making posters and writing. This committee must release a directory in the 1st semester and an Aslag Folio as souvenir in celebration of our 35th Anniversary. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her based on the constitution. A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Secretary will be executed.

OPLAN MIKAMAS (Educational Committee)
Educ Com should also uphold academic excellence among the members. They can have projects on how to improve the academic well being of the members such as tutorials, readings and other references. Enhancement workshops should be implemented not only to applicants but also to members so that they will be productive during questions nights and a strict execution on the policy of passing questions especially when Pautakan is fast approaching. Another will be accreditation of Pautakan in the Department of Education so that we will be duly recognized as an academic competition. Aside from this, a souvenir program must be released after the event. The committee can ask assistance to Records Committee. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her based on the constitution. A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Educational Chairperson will be executed.

OPLAN LARGA (Finance Committee)
Money is a crucial matter in our organization, the task of being collectors of this committee will not end there. The nominee fully supports whatever fund-raising this committee will conduct provided that they will produce at least two major fund raising and three small time money generating activities for the semester. It doesn’t mean that they will do this alone but they can ask the help of committees involved in the event to assist them. Example, 35th anniversary, for sure we will be needing money, the FinCom can have a Jag-Lee Sale while the externals can help by putting up rummage sale. Also, the nominee is in favor of pinning a list of members have monetary deficiency. Secure a transparent financial statement every month to be posted at the tambayan and a copy to the president. The FinCom in general should work together in getting sponsors in line with this, a directory of companies and people who were former sponsors so that we can get hold of them every time we have an event then every time we have new sponsors, we can update our list. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her based on the constitution. A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Treasurer will be executed.

OPLAN SANTING (Socio-Cultural Committee)
The affiliation of Sining to various Capampangan Centers would be a plus point for us. Aside from the beautification of the tambayan, and logistics during event, it’ll also be in charge of supplies as the custodian of the organization. Have a tally on org properties so that we know what are we missing already and what things do we need especially when an event is approaching. In line with Sining, a directory of judges’ contacts so that we can invite them again and if we have another set of judges we should include them for updates. Sports activities and outdoor activities promoting well-being of the members physically and socially will be under their authority. He/She should act according to the tasks given to him/her based on the constitution. A strict implementation of the policies in the GPOA/SPOA of the Socio-Cultural Chairperson will be executed.

Participative management based on covenantal relationships. Consensus will be one of the guiding principles of the organization so that everyone will meet at a common ground. Results and discussions will be entertained.


The nominee, Ms. Castro believes that the president should not be of superiority in the sense that the member get intimidated. An efficient leader should be able to maximize resources given a situation. Also, seniority is a plus factor in the organization but it isn’t the sole call for leadership.
Taking part in the events by being present but also taking in the lives of the members because in Aguman, we are not merely orgmates but we are friends, partners, we are a team.
Failing administrative works are usually over-managed and under-led. Trust your co-officers and your members, success doesn’t happen overnight. The organization as a whole learned best in the face of obstacles as weather shapes mountains, crucial times shape leaders and it makes the organization grow.

Leaders take teams, the org and committees on a journey of continuous improvement, but leaders are also on a journey of ongoing personal and professional development. The Executive Council should at least attend one leadership training whenever/ wherever possible at least once in a semester. No one is simply born knowing how to lead.


UP Aguman Constitution 2002
Readings in Comm130

[1] Objectives here pertain to GPOA though breakdown into a more specific statement of objectives.

[2] This checks the legality of the duties power of the president base on the UP Aguman Constituion 2002.

[3] The specifics come into play here in the framework and methodology.

Kadaya 2005A
3rd Year, BS Economics
Educational Committee Chairperson, AY 2006-2007

Previous Committees:
Executive Council – 2 semesters (1st and 2nd Sem – AY 2006-2007)
Finance Committee – 1 semester (2nd Sem – AY 2005-2006)
Educational Committee – 3 semesters (1st and 2nd Sem – AY 2006-2007; 1st Sem – AY 2007-2008)
Socio-Cultural Committee – 1 semester (2nd Sem – AY 2007-2008)

What is your definition of leadership?
Leadership para kaku is being able to influence your subordinates to work WITH you para a-attain ye ing objectives yu. At the same time, dapat maging source of inspiration ka karing subordinates mu bantang pati ila, ma-incite la to do better and reciprocate itang effort na papalto mu karela.

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
Malalam-lalam na rin. I’ve seen how the previous presidents worked. Tapus nantang meging part naku pa ning ExeCoun, open ya kekami i Ate Cel karing egana-ganang gagawan na ampo a-oobserve ku naman nung nanu ing pagka-abalahan da ring previous presidents.

Generally speaking, what does it take to be a competent AguLeader?
To be a competent AguLeader dapat makapag-work ka pa rin efficiently even if you’re under a lot of pressure. Dapat madakal kamu ring bakal a pasensiya at eka dapat agad mikakapali daya. Ampo a-distinguish mu dapat ing fun time king crunch time.

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
Proper time management – follow deadlines STRICTLY ampong mig-set nakang standards dapat mafo-follow ita. Inform everyone and get them involved. Tsaka if ating issues, masanting i-settle nang tambing bantang ali namu daragul.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
The best talaga na gewa ning outgoing ExeCoun ing pag-improve king alumni relations! Buri ku ma-tighten pa ing bonds tamu bantang at least maging mas proud la atin masanting kehantungan ing sinimulan da.

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
King summer planu ku mag-amend na talaga tapus start pa ning sem introduce ne king GA bantang apisabiyan at makapag-revise bayu i-finalize.

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
Ing pagiging considerate ku siguro. Kasi yaku, marine kung pilitan kula ring aliwa na mag-exert effort at par king babie ku. Kasi in the first place, kaburian ku namang manga hagardu ku ampo siyempre aliwa kami kabilyan, mas dakal ku free time kesa karela. So pache mamye lang excuse, coconsider keng tambing. Pero siyempre, a-distinguish ku naman ing valid excuse king palusot. Sana mu pin ali la maging kampante na pagbigyan ku la rin karing excuse da.

Ninung older member ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
Ate Leah ampo i Ate Daph. Siyempre mi-buddies la pamo ne? I Ate Leah kasi mas marakal ing obra kesa sabi ampo atin yang aura na akit me pa marine nakang ali ka sumaup or galo. I Ate Daph naman, palage la ngan lub ding mems kaya kasi akakwa deng bibirwan pero atsu pa rin itang respetu at pamag-galang uli na pin ning pagiging down-to-earth na. Tapus ane pa ka-cool headed. When everyone seems to be in their worst mood ever, iya ing sunshine na makapag-brighten up king day mu. Mag-radiate ing energy na kaya ding mems ali da afe-feel na mafoforce la to work, magana lang magobra!

When many plans/things go wrong at the same time (whether or not it is the fault of another officer or member or not), what is your guiding principle in handling the situation?
One by one. Unahin ang dapat unahin. It will be easier to work on it little by little. Anti namo ning pamamangan, dapat ali mu sasamul buo, kinis-kinisan me pa bantang ali ka misamid.

Patse mag-genmeet, makananu mong bawalan deng maynge?
Magpalista kung noisy! Hahaha! Pero seriously, balu tanaman ngan how should we act pag ating genmeets. Makwa nala mu siguro king lawe.


Planning things ahead of time and executing them on schedule can really save us a lot of time, energy and effort. Not to mention ing bawas king aberyang dala ning pamag-extend na minsan or most of the time masasagasaan la ring aliwang events. So if ever you’ll entrust me with this position, we must meet deadlines and strictly follow schedules. Maging disiplinadu tamu ngan at intindiyan tala ring aliwang tau.
Specialization: Committee within the Committees. Mag-designate specific tasks to specific members bantang ikatamu ngan gagalo at makapag-work as project heads anjang small time or big time ya ing event. (Leaders tamu ngan kasi e? Ali pa dintang itang opportunity na a-showcase da ring mems ing abilities da). It’s important that we should ALL take part kareng egana-aganang activities ning org and maging informed tamu nung nanu ng malilyari.


Executive Council
*Redbook – documentation of events, basically it’s a diary da ring events bantang atleast balu da ring successors tamu nung nanu ing specific na gewa tamu and how things ended up.
*Lantern Parade! Buri ku makyabe tamu lantern parade kasi naman we’re known for our majestic and glorious lanterns tapus ikatamu pa ing ali makyabe lantern parade. Maranun pa asikaswan mi ne ini bantang hopefully king centennial lantern parade e ali tana spectator, magparade tana mu rin!
*Consti amendments – particular focus on Membership guidelines.

Internals Committee
*Semstarters & Sem Planning – Mika-sem starters tamu na at the same time mag-sem planning tamu. Masanting kasi na maging involved la ring mems karing maging activities ning org for the same ampo para aware la nung nanu ing i-expect dang malyari per semester.
*More Extreme Bonding Sessions – dine-outs after activites (ditak ditak kasi mawawala ita e), watch movies together, battle among committees or even revive itang dating groups (Leviathan,
*Stricter membership guidelines – deadline for Re-Aff, atin required number of genmeets, activities na dapat i-attend. Pache me-amend ne ing consti, pwede ta nalang ilage in probationary status ding deserving na milage ka rin.
*Stricter application process – meaning deadline should be met, follow schedules. As much as possible ala ng made-delay bantang mayayari agad.

Externals Committee
*Improve alumni relations – alumni homecoming (ikatamu ing host), outreach activites with them, EBS, sportsfest, Mibalik Tambayan, invite tala mu rin karing activities tamu whether big time or small time
*Alliances with the other orgs – Kanlungan and Sanlahi. We should be more active para naman akit da ing galing tamu. For Sanlahi, tagalan taya ing position for Acad Affairs, bantang apasantingan taya ing *Patalasanlahi (second sem mini so at least makapagwork ya ing Educ with Exte). Pwede tamu ring magspearhead king metung a event na mala-PasaFest ing style kasi diba from different Provinces tanaman so ali naman problema ita.
*STS – needs to be badly improved! Planu ku, ding members ning Exte manibatan la from different areas king province tamu bantang pache magSTS alang sasabing malawut ita karela kesyo katal. Start of the sem pa dapat gawa ng Updated Master List of Schools.
*Make UP Aguman more visible – makyabe tamu karing quiz shows, cultural activities na makapagpromote king kekatamung kultura (Kalye Kultura).
*Bonggang Anniv Week: pwede tamung magpa-exhibit, grand pakain, quiz zhow, eating contest (native delicacies), tapus para kekatamung mems pwede tayang i-wrap up ing week with a grand ball.

Records and Publications Committee:
*Improve Aslag Online (include directory, advertise ding sponsors tamu).
*Continue detang mini-versions ning Aslag pache atin tamung events.
*Aslag: Literary Folio, 35 years tana so the best 35 stories, poems, essays celebrating our 35 years of existence e ilage tala king metung a-Lit Folio.
*Directory: gawang handy and i-bie agad (peka-late ne siguro ing 3 weeks after the week ning pamag Re-Aff)
*Gawa tamung tarp na ating makabang UP Aguman na pwedeng gamitan karing events.

Finance Committee:
*As much as possible makapag-raise tamu dapat funds every month.
*Petty Cash Fund per committee: anjang mag-committee funds mung tsa pesos ing aldo madagul ne ing asawup da reta pag pi-abe-abe tala. Ampong bantang alang manabonu anjang malati ya rugu ing gastus.
*Pwede tamu ring magbentang bluebook and yellowpad among the members bantang atin tamung aga-gather ditak a funds.
*Master List of Sponsors – bantang balu tamu ninu ring pwede panglapitan for help.
*Souvenir Program – MAGRELEASE tamu by hook or by crook.
*Monthly financial statements will be posted bantang aware kayu where the money goes.
*Ita pin, improve ing marketing strategies ampo dapat mga 2-3 months before the event magmarket tana!

Educational Committee:
*ACLE tamu per sem!
*Mini library king tambayan. Hopefully with the help of Socio, asalese taya ing tambayan at makapagdesignate tamung areas for eating, studying and playing pusoy.
*List of good professors, bantang balu tamu ninu ing dapat kwanan tamu pag magCRS tana.
*Parangal – maging proud tanaman karing CS at US na members ning org tamu.
*Pa-accredit tane ing PAUTAKAN para talagang bonggang-bongga ne.

Socio-Cultural Committee:
*I-make over ing tambayan.
*Include tala ing pamagpoesya instead of declamation, ampo pwede mu ring magpa-polosa tamu to make Sining showcase more of our culture.
*Mika-school supplies tana sana king tambayan. Bantang atin tamung agagamit in case of emergency, whether cleaning or school supplies man yan.
*Sportsfest among the committees! Pwede mu rin with our alumni. Healthy living tana e?

AguElections: Internals Vice-President

In time for the UP Aguman Election of Officers for the Centennial Executive Council, Aslag Online is proud to present to you the candidates for the different positions. To help you make in making the crucial decision on whom to vote, here's a feature on the final candidates. Here are the candidates for Internals Vice-President.

Lakatan 2006A
2nd Year, BS Tourism

Previous Committees: Membership Committee (3 sems)

What is your definition of leadership?
Leadership for me is guiding, influencing and empowering other people.

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
Ing Internals Vice President ing in-charge and responsible kareng members and applicants ning UP Aguman. Ali yamu kabud makatutuk kareng aplikante kundi iya rin ing mikabalu kung nanu la reng kailangang gawan keng kilub ning org at kareng taong bubuo keni.

Generally speaking, what does it take to be a competent AguLeader?
You have to be responsible and hardworking. You also must have the determination and the heart in doing the things you must do.

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
Working together as one in order to reach the goals that the Executive Council wants to achieve.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
Re-establishing relationships with the alumni.

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
As soon as possible.

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
My being pessimistic.

Ninung older member ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
Ate Celine kasi kahit sobrang busy ne keng studies and gagawa neng thesis she still finds time to do her responsibilities well as a member of the Executive Council. Ate Daphne din kasi a-istablish ne ing relationship da reng members kareng alumni.

As the MemComm Head, what is your overall policy when it comes handling the applicants (i.e., you know, the different issues (positive & lalu negative) na malilyari patse app process na dapat a-address ning MemComm) in order to produce the best members possible out of them?
Kailangang maging strict but at the same time reasonable in handling the applicants. To accomplish this would require the cooperation of the members. Dapat ali tala masyadong su-spoon feed ampong dapat ibalik tamu itang dati kung okarin medyo atin lang takot reng apps kareng mems para gawan dong masalese reng karelang responsibilidad bilang aplikante baling pag megi na lang members luguran deng higit ing org kasi pegkasakitan de.

Patse mag-dine out tamu at mag-bonding, nun ta mas masanting mangan?
Given na marakal tamung pera puwede tamung mangan The Fort or Eastwood kaybat kanta tsaka tamu mag-bar and mag-party =). Pero dahil ali tana man makanta kadakal pera puwede na rin keng Mang Jimmy’s kasi madakal ulam =).



*Magpalwal mas madakal at mas masanting na advertisements tungkol keng Acquaintance Party and keng application process.
*Colorful posters na magexhibit keng Kapampangan heritage, dorm to dorm advertisement na kailangan laging ma-fofollow-up, posters kareng every colleges and schools, chalk brigade and white board brigade
Sign-up booth at the AS Walk
*Tuwing major events, specifically CEER, Pautakan and Sining, i-promote and ipakilala tane ing kekatamung organization para kung ninuman karetang high school students na mipasar UP Diliman, atin na lang idea tsaka atin na lang balu tungkol keng UP Aguman pati keng application process na.
*Mas masalese at organized na orientation kareng applicants.
*Kailangan ating kahit metung na memcomm member na mag-stay keng tambayan para anytime na ating bisang magpa-orient a-orient da lang masalese.
*Mas maranun ing pamag-release kareng sigsheets bakanta kapag Unity Night na atin na lang apalwal na masanting na sigsheets reng applicants
*Magdagdag pang twists keng sigsheet para mas Masaya
*Instead of pictures, ibalik ya itang “play” na gagawin dati para mas masaya and at the same time another opportunity for the membersand the applicants and their buddies to bond.
*Mas prepared na workshops at kailangan bawat committee ating members na ali baba keng lima.
Keng pamag-conduct workshops kailangang aparamdam da kareng applicants kung pakananu maging part na ning committee da.
*Kailangang i-motivate la reng members na mag-sungit para mas magi yang challenging ing application process bakanta pag megi nalang members mas luguran de ing org kasi pemagkasakitan de.

*Mag-organize Team Building para mas lalo yang tumibe ing relationship da reng members keng metung at metung
*Mag-organize Recollection para mas magi lang open reng members keng metung at metung
*Para kapag ating kailangang gawan tsaka kapag mangailangang madakal members for example keng pamaggawang exhibit balu tamu kung ninu reng puwedeng sumaup.
*Through giving incentives puwedeng mamiye tamung special prizes and special awards, mahikayat la reng members na maging active.
*Mag-require kareng members a certain number of tambay hours per semester para naman tumambay la retang ali masayadong tatambay.
*Mag-require kareng members na makapagpasign la keng bawat isa provided na akabond me itang member ayta.

Bucayo 2005B
4th Year, BA Linguistics

Previous Committees:

Educational (2 sems), Externals (1 sem), Membership (1 sem).

What is your definition of leadership?
Leadership follows the principle of being a servant-leader. Ang isang pinuno ay hindi lamang isang tagapagpatupad; dapat maging “servant” din siya na handang magsilbi sa mga pangangailangan ng kanyang napamumunuan. Hindi sapat na madali lamang niyang napapasunod ang mga taong kanyang pinamumunuan kundi mahalaga rin na mayroon siyang sapat at personal na “koneksyon” sa kanila at madali siyang makibagay at makitungo sa kanila (he/she can easily get along with them); pota naman kasi rugu susunud la mu dahil tatakut la kaya. Ang mabisang pamumuno ay kailangang mapangibabawan din ng pagsasakripisyo at disiplina sa pagsunod ng mga miyembro lalu na ng pinuno – wa, lalu na ing leader dahil masakit namang manutus nung ali ka rin naman biasang sumunud, di ba?

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
Aminado ako na hindi gaanong matagal ang pananatili ko at pagsisilbi sa Lupon na Pangkasapian (Membership Committee) sa UP Aguman ngunit naniniwala ako na bilang isang aktibong miyembro na laging lumalagi sa tambayan at present sa mga aktibidad ay alam ko ang mga nangyayari sa loob ng organisasyon at para sa akin sapat na itong dahilan upang masabi ko na may kaalaman ako sa takbo ng usaping pangkasapian ng organisasyon. At isa pa, naranasan ko na rin na mamuno ng Lupon na Pangkasapian dati.

Generally speaking (meaning, aside from technical know-how on the position), what does it take to be a competent AguLeader (regardless of position)?
Ang isang mabisang AguLeader ay dapat mayroong positibong disposisyon. Sa tingin ko kailangang lagi siyang mayroong masayang aura na naipapasa o naibabahagi niya sa mga miyembro nang sa gayon nagiging maayos at magaan ang daloy ng mga gawain lalo na sa mga pagkakataong ang lahat ay haggard na. Kailangan din na flexible siya at madaling maka-adapt sa anumang sitwasyon na kanyang kakaharapin. Bilang panghuli, dapat lagi siyang magpakita ng katatagan na siya ring magiging batis (source) ng pagiging matatag ng mga miyembro at maging ng buong organisasyon.
At isa pa (haha, humirit pa! karakal kasi e) kagaya ng isang quote at matagal ko nang shoutout sa aking Friendster account: “A good leader is a follower of what is true, what is fair and what is just”.

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
Mumunang dili, dapat pakibalwan mu pa nung nanu la retang mali a reta.. it is also important to take note of those things / stuffs which caused that particular mistake. Palage ku ita mu naman ing masaleseng paralan in order to prevent those mistakes from taking place again – na dapat balu mu la ampong aware ka king egana-ganang malilyari. In addition, the Executive Council should always remain firm and united and must avoid conflicts among themselves.. malamang diba? Makananu ya ba namang maging masalese ing org nung king mismong kilub ning ExeCoun ali la masalese at mikakasundu.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
Mahusay na ipagpatuloy natin ang pagkakaroon ng malawak at matatag na ugnayan sa ating mga alumni. Ito’y hindi lamang upang maasahan natin sila sa mga pagkakataong mayroon tayong pangangailangang pampinansyal kundi higit kanino man, sila ang mga taong malalapitan natin sa mga panahong kailangan natin ng pagpapayo para sa ikabubuti, ikapagtatagumpay at lalo pang ikatatatag ng ating organisasyon. At dahil isang pamilya tayo, dapat walang iwanan at walang limutan.. sabi nga ni Lilo, “..Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten..” (Lilo and Stitch, 2002)

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
Kapilan nga ba? Ali makanta kasagli ita ‘di ba? makabang proseso ita, so dapat ASAP. Balu ku me-umpisahan na e, so aryan ta ne mu (haha.. ustu ku ba?). Keni ta mu rin kailanganan ing saup da reng kekatamung dear alumni.

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
Hmmm.. siguro pagdating sa usaping pangkasapian, medyo mahihirapan ako kapag may mga miyembro na, lalo na mga aplikante na nakiki-usap at nagmamakaawa na dahil madali lang akong paki-usapan (most of the times) at madali lang din akong mahabag. Aaawww. Hindi rin ako marunong o nahihiyang mag-utos so I usually end up doing the task na dapat ginagawa na ng iba. Aaminin ko, OC at GC talaga ako! Ddi ko na kailangang ipaliwanag di ba? Hehe!

Ninung older member/s ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
E Daph.. grabe, bilib ku talaga kaya. Biruin mo, nagawa niyang maglakad mula Philcoa hanggang atimtiman! Joke lang, peace tayo Daph! Seriously, ya talaga kasi buri ku ing pagiging hyper at jolly na king tambayan ampong biyasa yang makyabe kareng members. Matutuwa ku rin kareng creative ideas na. Agyu na la mu ring apiyabe-abe ding mems ampong lalu pang ilapit ding alumni king org ampong kekatamung resident mems.

As the MemComm Head, what is your overall policy when it comes handling the applicants in order to produce the best members possible out of them?
Kung ano man ang magiging kahihinatnan ng mga aplikante ay hindi lamang nakabatay sa mga aplikante mismo kundi pati na rin sa mga miyembro at lalung lalo na sa lupon na humahawak sa kanila, ang lupon na sila ring huhubog sa kanila upang maging mga mabubuti at kapakipakinabang na miyembro. Mahalaga na magkaroon ng mahusay ng paggabay ang mga aplikante. Dapat mangibabaw sa Lupon na Pangkasapian ang pagkakaroon ng disiplina lalo sa oras sa pagpapatupad ng mga nakatakdang gawain para sa mga aplikante. Kailangan ding maging strict pero reasonable sa mga aplikante. Kung ihahalintulad sa pagpapalaki ng mgaulang sa kanyang anak, ang Lupon Pangkasapian ay nararapat lamang na maging authoritative sa halip na maging authoritarian.

Patse mag-dine out tamu at mag-bonding, nun ta mas masanting mangan?
Pache mig-bonding tamu, sana ali na puro pamangan. Hehe! Balu ku naman marakal mag-diet kareng AguPips ngeni. Siguru bantang mialiwa naman, mag-“nature trip” tamu – mag-picnic tamu king La Mesa Ecopark. Ing food? Paglutu da kayu (why not?!? haha) o kaya maglutu tamu ngan for more “bondness”. O davah! Bonding with the mems as well as with Mother Nature! Keri!


Bonggang-Bonggang PagKARIR!

(K)apampangan Culture Awareness (Kalinangang Kapampangan)
*“Ala kung asabi!™”
Dahil “..Kapampangan-speaking students of the University of the Philippines system..” tamu, dapat mu na patunayan tamu ita at sanayan tamu ing pamagsalita king “amanung sisuan” (Kapampangan). At para milyari ita, gawan tayang Kapampangan-speaking corner ing tambayan tamu. As much as possible, kailangan tamung magsalitang Kapampangan at ating makatakdang “fine” para kareng ali sususunud (fund raising activity ya rin). O ‘diba? Ali ya mu me me-enhance ing Kapampangan-speaking skills mu, meka-saup ka pa king kaban ning Aguman.
*Kapampangan ku, pagmaragul ku!
Ows?!? Talaga?!? Kilala me I Apung Iru? Atakman mo ne ing sabo damonyus? Menakit na kang culariut? Nung ALI ngan ing sagut mu kareni, palage panawun na para abalu ta la reni at bilang Kapampangan dapat aware tamu rin king kekatamung kultura. Kaya naman, every week, mika-“learning sessions” tamu.. siyempre dapat ali boring, kaya gawan ta la in forms of games and other fun-filled activities at gawan ta la preferably bayu tamu mag-start GenMeet banta naman mitas (hopefully) ing members’ participation.

cademic Excellence (pang-Akademikong Kagalingan)
*In line with the promotion of academic excellence at para naman maging worthwhile ing pamagtambay tamu king kekatamung dear tamabayan, maglage tamung study corner at mika-tutorial sessions tamu din. (don’t worry guys, ali ta naman ipagbawal ing pamag-pusuy, hehe!). magalage tamung reading materials such as GE readings, Kapampangan journals (Singsing), dyaryu, etc.
*Bilang pakunswelu kareng members tamu na mag-shine king acads da king pagiging US at CS, in short, ding GC (ehe, joke!), magkaroon tamung PARANGAL.. siyempre ali naman makanta ka-bongga pero at least, ita man lang a recognize tamu ing karelang extra efforts king acads and ma-uplift ing spirit da reng mems. Maliban kareng acad awards, i-acknowledge ta la rin ding mems bilang incentive king pamag-exert dang super, todo at bonggang effort para king Aguman king kabila ning karelang ultra-hectic acad/love life.. ;p

eview of Application Process (pag-Repaso sa Prosesong Pangkasapian)
*Mumunang dili, dapat bayu ya pa mag-umpisa ing sem, makasadya ne ing schedule ning app process. Para king tutuking app process, i-impose ta ya ing DISIPLINA.. disiplina kareng mems ampong apps, disiplina king oras at disiplina king pamag-gollow king makasadyang sked.
*Maliban kareng bongang-bonggang flyers na gamitan tamu king pamaghikayat kareng kekatamung “prospects”, gamitan ta ne mu rin ing “biyaya ng teknolohiya”, let’s go for E-Recruitment -- magpost tamu rin king aslag online, king friendster, multiply, kareng blog sites tamu.. male tamu nung atin ta palang friend-of-friend-of-friend-of-friend-of-friend to the nth power na interesado o atin pa ring friends na pwede nang sabyanan. Mika-recruitment week tamu rin nung kapilan mag-set tamung Recruitment Booth king AS walk (since most freshies naman, dadalan king AS at least king petung a-point king bie da as freshies ;p) king makantang paralan, ali ta mu makapag-recruit apps, pwede ta ya ring i-promote ing Kapampangan heritage through the booth na gawan tamu. Pwede tamu rin magparakalan a-recruit na apps per committee.. for more effort ;p.. ating incentive in peka-dakal.
*Bukud king Acquaintance party, mika bonggang-bonggang Orientation tamu din para kareng applicants.
*Bawat aplikanti, mika adwang (2) buddies.. makananu? Itang metung, siyempre dumalan king usual na buddy bidding. Tapus para ketang metung pa, mag-assign yang not-so-active/visible na mem ing MemComm. Bakit? For the benefit of both the apps and the mems. Extra guidance for the app (and for more back ups, haha ;p) tapos, itang other buddy, ating pang chance na maging active ya since dininan ta yang responsibility. Balu ku naman risponsable tamu ngan, ‘di ba?!?
*Ibalik ta ya itang Buddy Get-up na disnan ku anyang app ku.. nung nokarin ali mu kabud mag-submit picture/s nung ali, atin din “role playing” para naman mas masaya ampong mag-enjoy ali mu ing buddy app&mem pati na rin ding aliwang alang buddy. King makanining paralan din aiwasan tamu detang late submission/compliance dahil atin mung metung maka-set na date para gawan ita. Para fair din king eganagana.
*All activities must be prepared in-advance and mems, especially the apps should be properly informed!

nformation Dissemination (Ipaalam, Ipamahagi at Ipakalat ang Balita)
*“Itext mu ku, itext daka”
Magkaroon tamung text-brig web para well-informed tamu ngan kareng malilyari king org ampong para ali mu kabud metung a tawu ing magtext, makalunus ne man ‘diba? Kaya maging kitikiTXT tamu nga ;p..
*Itang app sked dapat ali ya milalako king bulletin board para alang makakalingwan kareng daratang na activities at asiguradu tamu na balu da ngan ding eganaganang mems.

ekindling Bonds
*Kasabe ning apps’ quiz king apps’ week, ikatamung mems mika MEMs’ Quiz tamu rin. Lawen tamu nung nanung balu tamu at makananu kalalam ing pagkakakilala tamu king metung at metung. At siyempre for more fun, fun, fun!
*Ali rin mawala ding kekatamung regular bonding activities pero for a change, magkaroon tamung bonggang-bonggang bonding like munta tamu somewhere, nature-trip, etc..
*Paigtingan ta ya rin ing pamakyabe tamu kareng campus-based activities like inter-org quiz bees.. by working as a TEAM mas ma-strengthen ing “bondness™” tamu at the same time apakit ta ya rin ing kagalingan a Kapampangan.

Walang hindi kaKARIRin si ACEY-kins!

AguElections: Externals Vice-President

In time for the UP Aguman Election of Officers for the Centennial Executive Council, Aslag Online is proud to present to you the candidates for the different positions. To help you make in making the crucial decision on whom to vote, here's a feature on the final candidates. Here are the candidates for Externals Vice-President.
Bucayo 2005B
3rd Year, BS Tourism

Previous Committees: Membership (2 sems), Externals (2 sems)

What is your definition of leadership?
Leadership is sacrifice. Period.

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
In a scale of 10, 8. Kasi balu ku mu, pero eku pa ngan talagang gewa. But I pride myself for being a fast learner. There’s nothing I can’t learn if I put myself into it and someone will teach me. Well, except Math & Chemistry…

Generally speaking, what does it take to be a competent AguLeader?
Passion and dedication. It’s a cliché, I know. But it’s what will really keep you going when everything else fails (or is failing). Realizing your flaws and finding ways to address them will also help. Everybody has flaws, kaya ng we’re called human beings diba? As a leader, dapat balu mo ding flaws mu para abalu mu nung ninu ring taung maka-saup keka to achieve something – ken la lulub ding committee-mates. Being a competent leader also means that you just have to accept the fact that you don’t get to make all the decisions after all. Eight heads will always be better than one, ika nga nila…

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
Mistakes are inevitable, but fortunately, the can be prevented. “Make mistakes, learn your lesson and make sure never to repeat it again”. Since mistakes have already been made before, we just have to do the other two.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
Constant ing strong communication with alumni. Grabe, ala kung asabi!

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
ASAP. Issue ya talaga yan dahil king pagkaka-balu ku, applicant ku pamu sabi ng Kuya Rye aamend da ne ing consti pero angga ngeni epa yari! Although balu ta na man ngan na ali makanita kadali ita, pero I’m sure if we all put our heads and dedication into it, mayari yarin before ku mag-graduate. Hopefully…

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
Seasonal katamaran. There are times when I become sooo tired of everything that I do so I take a break – and nobody can stop me from doing so. Leave the others to do work and find myself again. Scary huh?

Ninung older member ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
Ate Daphne and Ate Leah. I think these are two opposite people but I admire them both anyway. Ate Daph is cool, super. The sunshine after the rain, the cure against our fears and pains (98 Degrees? Haha!). Pero seriously, tutu naman diba? Ate Leah naman is silent, scary pa nga sometimes (kaka-trauma ang application period!). But the nice thing about these two is they get things done, in a unique and admirable way.

What steps will you make to promote UP Aguman in the University?
Please see my SPOA!

Nung mika-Alumni Get-Together tamu ulit, nanung theme ning party?
Perya! Let’s face it guys, our similarity with our alumni ends with our being Kapampangan and UP students. But we’ve all been kids once right? And we’ve all experienced going to perya/carnivals where we got to mingle with other people of different ages and social status. I think it will be nice to reminisce the days when our happiness depended on how many balloons we were able to shoot or how big is the cotton candy we were able to finish. It’s a way for us to miss Aguman more and realize how happier our lives had been simula nyang linub ya in Aguman king bie tamu or linub tamu king Aguman (ah basta yun yon!). Mushy but cool huh?! Hehe


Encourage members to join university-wide quiz bees & competition through intense promotions via text brigade. Obviously, madakal quiz-bees (na madagul prices ha!) keni UP pero ali tamu balu, or ditak mung mems ing aki-balu. I plan to let everybody know of these competitions to encourage them to join, thus making the university feel the presence of our beloved organization.

Tie-ups with other organizations on events that would become our venue in promoting our culture and the organization as well.

Strengthen the bond with our alumni. Kudos to the current Executive council for the very nice relationship they have established with our alumni. This time, let’s make them feel how important they are to us by using “the personal touch”. Everytime the organization will conduct a big event, Personal and creative invitations (thanks to adobe photoshop) will be sent on private email-addresses of our alumni para naman apa-feel tamu karela how much their presence means to us.

Bonggang Aguman Anniversary celebration! 35 years tana kanyan and that calls for a bigger celebration. Ituluy parin ing aumpisan tamung formal dinner at Ms. Aguman, pero dapat naman this time mag-prepare tamung masalese – by this I mean i-launch yang masalese in event. A month long preparation would be nice. Find a nice venue and own funding if possible, and give everybody an ample time to prepare to the most private and beautiful night Aguman can offer…

Target areas outside San Fernando and Angeles whenever we do STS.
34 years ta na and I guess by this time it’s safe to say that we’ve already made a mark in the minds of our Cabalens in San Fernando and Angeles. Nieni siguru dapat itas tane ing level tamu by targeting town other than the aforementioned cities. Siyempre enaman kegana-gana, pilinan tala rind eng i-invite tamu diba? Pero once apag-disisyunang i-invite la, let’s be really serious about it. I encourage everyone to make an impression everytime mag-STS kayu; call the school, ask for an appointment and present the event properly- lalu na kung first time ya pamung i-invite ing school a ita. Siyempre eta mu la parin paburen ding regular suki tamu. Ing aim tamu palagi is to have the regulars and newbees join the events of the organization.

Bigger and Better CEER. It’s all about early preparations, really. Find a venue ASAP, create a database for the questions, (in collaboration with the Educational Committee) standardize the questionnaire booklet and extensive and more intense STS. Finding a big-time sponsor would also be nice; Summit Media is known to give big sponsorships while Rush TV would gladly cover the event if they find it attractive. My experience in the AIT Student Council taught me that big companies such as those mentioned above like to give sponsorships to organizations with benefactors. I guess that is one thing that this organization should really consider para naman etamu rugu mamamagkasakit kukwang sponsors pag atin tamung events. Part of the BIGGER CEER scheme is by having a pre-registration for participants. Maybe we could utilize Aslag Online with this. How will it work? We will give a discount for students who will register online. Pwedi parin namang munta kahit ali ka pre-registered pero mas mal ing bayaran mu. With this, ababalu tamu kung makananu kadakal in i-expect tamung participants, in a way maging mas prepared tamu… 14th year na ne ning CEER kanyan and I think it’s mighty time to conduct a students’ assessment/evaluation ning event tamu. Wouldn’t it be nice if we hear from students this time? I’m sure they all have something to say about our event – positive or negative, I’m sure it will help us improve the CEER for a bigger and brighter future.

3rd day for CEER (?) It’s a big risk, I know. I’ve been thinking about this for the longest time and I came to the conclusion na agyu tane man kung manakit tamung strategic venue at asiguradu tala ding schools na magpadalang participants. Pero siyempre, upon the approval of the General Assembly ya parin ini…

Lakatan 2006A
2nd Year, BA Public Administration
Vice-President for Membership, UP Sanlahi Alliance, AY 2007-2008

Previous Committees: Externals Committee (3)

What is your definition of leadership?
Leadership involves the ability to use different forms of power to guide or influence people. A good leader handles tough circumstances well. He doesn’t only administer but he innovates. He originates more than imitates. A good leader challenges the status quo to further improve the organization’s condition.

Makananu kalalam ing know-how mu keng position na tatagalan mu?
Being part of the Externals Committee for the past three semesters, asabi kung I have enough knowledge about the obligations of this committee. Since meging member ku, apagmaragul ku na active at meging expose ku kareng external affairs ning org. Being an officer in Sanlahi also helped a lot.

Generally speaking, what does it take to be a competent AguLeader?
Dapat he knows how to listen to his fellow members. Kailangan balu na kapilan ya maging superior over others. Also, dapat agyu ng makagawang right decisions especially kareng tough situations. Most importantly, dapat he highly respects the values and moral components where he belongs.

How would you prevent previous mistakes of previous Executive Councils?
Once na tinagal ya ing metung a tau keng nanu mang position, we can assume na balu na la reng coresponding tasks ning committee kung nokarin ya. Ing apansin kung medyu kulang keng council is proper communication and coordination. Minsan kasi alang unity of action. So to lessen reng mistakes, dapat maging properly coordinated la reng bawat committees lalu na kareng overlapping tasks. Possible naman ini kung maayus reng bawat meeting etc.

Nanung masanting a administrative policy or practice ning outgoing Executive Council ing buri mung i-continue?
Itang masanting a relationship with the alumni. Maragul bage itang atin tamung communication karela. So ing challenge keng next council is kung pakananu pa adevelop ita.

Kapilan taya i-ammend ing Consti? Anong petsa na?!
Masakit kasing mamye specific date lalu na ali ya pa meumpisahan. It would be better kung summer pa mimisip ng possible revisions na gawan keng consti. Botohan naman kaya alang mali nanuman ing aisip during the break. So first sem karin tamu pwedeng formally iammend ing consti.

What trait of yours do you think will give you a harder time when it comes to handling the pressures of being in-charge?
Simula kanita, ing medyu maging problema ku is that eku agawang kumontra kareng feeling kung superior kaku (pwedeng dahil keng age… etc) gang alwa ya keng point na buri kung iraise.

Ninung older member ing role model mu karas keng pagiging AguLeader?
Sabyan ku sana I Ate Leah kasi sobrang bilib ku kaya. Oneng eke disnan term kaya eku talaga makapagreact makananu ya meglead. So, I consider na role model i Ate Hazel. Marakal dahilan. Akit mu talaga pagiging active na gang sabyan tamu pang graduating ne during that time. Maragul impluwensya na kaku keng pagkaburi ku keng externals.

What steps will you make to promote UP Aguman in the University?
Marakal possible ways para ipromote ing org keng university. Ing kailangan mu talaga, reng mismung members buri da. Tang tipung elamu mapipilitan kareng activities na pakyabayan. Improve further ing relationship Sanlahi. Lalu na ngeni, I could say na medyu mabubuhay ne ulit ing Sanlahi. Darakal na ulit active na provincial orgs. Maragul yang bage ing atin ka pang abeng 20 other provincial orgs para makilala ya ing Aguman. Another way is to join activities da reng alwang orgainzations keng UP. Etamumu makilala karin as an org pero apakit tamu rin ing capabilities da reng members tamu.

Nung mika-Alumni Get-Together tamu ulit, nanung theme ning party?
Ing aisip kung theme, simple yamu. Buri kung maging retro ing theme. Mag 35 years ne ing Aguman, so nanu pa ba ing best a theme kung ali itang setting anyang metatag ya. Tang tipung atin pang photo exhibit para tuluyan tamung mg travel back in time. Magreminisce.



Masayang isipan na ating healthy relationship between the members and the alumni. Constant communication with them helps a lot in this aim. Nokarin la man whether atiu la Pilipinas or other countries, gawa tamung paralan bang atin tamu pa ring balita with them and to keep them updated kung nanung mangyari keng org. With the use of internet and other means, keeping in touch with them is not that impossible.

Time is gold. Masyadung importante ing oras para kareng bawat members. Ing pamag-invite schools ing medyu maging problem kareng events na ning org. Minsan, dahil eda agad ababalu, makapagset lang schedule na conflict kareng events tamu. Ing gawan tamu, agahan taya ing pamag-STS as much as possible. Makipagcoordinate tamu with other committees bang agad makapagrelease letters. Mas maranun tamung maginvite, mas daragul ing possibility na marakal tamu aagkat makyabe.

Kapansin-pansin na ing madalas problema ning org is that ala tamung pera. I believe na ing external committee pwede neng sopan ing fin para mag market. Uling ing exte ing magmanage kareng external affairs ning org, pwede tamung gumamit connections that will ease our financial problems.

Having a good relationship with other orgs help promotes our organization. Buri kung lalung idevelop ing relationship ning Aguman kareng alwang groups keng university. Muna, makyabe tamu kareng different activities na gagawan da reng orgs, for example quiz bee, etc. Apopromote na nini alwa mu ing org pero ing galing da reng members na. Metung pang maragul a plan is to further develop our relationship with Sanlahi. Lalu na ngeni kasi asabi ku bilang part ning Secretariat na, apabie mi ne talaga ing Sanlahi. Having a constant communication with 20 other provincial orgs helps a lot in promoting our culture.

We should be proud that this year, we’ll celebrate Aguman’s 35th anniversary. So dapat medyu memorable ing celebration. Together with the other committees, mag organize tamung engrandeng get together party at magset exhibit na papakit ing dinanas ning org for the past 35 years. And if agawang paralan agad, why not try to have a mini sportsfest between the members and alumni.

Madalas ing feedback da kekatamu deng tau keng Pampanga, edakatamu kilala. Reng usual mu na mikibalu kekatamu ay reng maging participants tamu kareng events ning org. Atsaka metung pang important na comment da, etamu kanu masyadung popromote ing culture tamu gang atin tamung Sining. As early as summer, pwede tanang makipagcoordinate kareng LGUs keng Pampanga. Maragul kasing bage na maging part tamu kareng different festivals ning kekatamung province. One way ya pa ini para mapromote ing org. Mag-organize tamu ring medical mission o kaya outreach program para makapagbigay serbisyu tanaman kareng aliwa pang Kapampangan.


Keng CEER, planu kung magka somewhat like career talk bayu magstart ing mock exam. Mag allot tamung 1-2 hours for our invited speakers para dinan lang background deng highschool students kung tungkul ya talga nukarin course da, etc. Balamu open forum ne rin between us and the students. Tsaka para ipakit na proud tamu kareng members at alumni ning Aguman, reng iinvite tamung speakers are Aguman members.

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