Thursday, May 31, 2007

Top 10 reasons why you should attend the 2nd EBS

By pekepate and kingofchocolates

Dalawang tulog na lang, 2nd EBS na!
Unless it's already Friday, when you get to read this. So take 2 then. Isang tulog na lang, 2nd EBS na!!

So, ang listahan ng mga astig na pupunta, ng mga KJ na ayaw pumunta at nga mga magpasa-hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa rin sigurado kung pupunta, ay nasa posts sa baba. Scroll down below this page na lang, hehe. If you'd notice, the UNSURE people are as many as the SURE people. Come on, people! Huwag na kayong dayang-dayang!

So to help you decide, we came up with 10 reasons to convince you. In random order..

1. It's a swimming parteeeh! It's summer, therefore, you shouldn't get enough of swimming!
Even if it's been raining every night the whole week already, hehe! And to have a different view, hindi na Villa Alfredo's! Rio Vista naman!

2. Langgotsi Induction. Inductions only happen at most twice per academic year, thus you would not want to miss this even right? Minsan ka lang makakalasap ng spurting blood! Now, will be your chance to show everyone else your sadistic side, which you carefully and discreetly maintained nung talent’s night at FR! Haha!

3. M
agkakilanlan ang mga alumni at residents. This reason may have gained most plausibility among the other numbered reasons. A lot of alumni would say that they don’t know anymore the new bloods of the org and the same is true with the new bloods. This is the time therefore for the alumni to meet the people to whom the abode they once built will be entrusted. Moreover, this is the time for the new bloods to meet the people they are grateful for. Also, advices coming from corresponding parties would be great right?

4. We're gonna play Seagames again! Yes, the very famous Seagames 1.5 years ago, where Jowie's team took a beating, will make a comeback! And syempre, more games galore -- all part of the Agulympics.

5. Mahuhuli ka sa balita at chismis if you won't come. There will be spinning of the beer bottle, people! At asahan niyo, dahil kayo ang wala, kayo ang pag-uusapan namin. Bwahahaha! Especially when Kuya Rex is asking the questions, nakow! Matakot ka na!

6. This is your chance to see Kevin and Rex topless. Kevin was not voted the Ultimate Hunk for nothing. Plus, Rex is dying to show off the results of his 750 +crunches/day routine the past month. Yeah, pinaghandaan niya talaga ito.. hahaha! Oha! Parehong Bosconian.. ka-level ni Aljur! Haha!

Marco's (and possibly other videoke people) singing a U2 medley. Now, who would not want to hear Aguman’s singing sensation? Nako, kung ayaw mo, ewan ko sa’yo. Haha! Pero ‘di nga, singing along with the microphone and alongside with AguPips who just don’t care about pitches, melodies, tempo and all corresponds to having fun! Why not come so as to believe?

8. Get a chance to 'sleep with' the hottest women of Aguman in one room! Porshe, Cyrille, Ruth, Loree, Elai, Daphne, Denesse, Erika.. Oha! In one room. The whole night! Oha ulit! What can an AguBoy do to resist?!

9. H
uling summer gimik before school starts. Oh yes. Once again, we are about to use our stocks of midnight oils and once we fire-up these oils, it would take months before we can extinguished them. So, why not make the most out of the remaining hours of the vacation? And what’s a good way of doing such? You should have figured out by now!

10. It's an official EXTREME BONDING SESSION. Therefore, there will be extreme bonding.. err, in an overnight session. Come on! Admit it, you really enjoy the company of AguPips! Well, who doesn’t? The headshot-causing-pandemonium, the corny jokes, the crazy ideas and all those antics that can cause earthquakes in one’s stomach, now, do you really want to miss this? Nako, gusto ka pa man din naming makabonding.

If by #10 you are still not sure.. Pwes! It just means ayaw niyo lang talaga! Hmpf! Haha!

So guys, kita-kits na lang sa Sabado!

12.30pm McDo Angeles for Angeles people
12.30pm McDo Dolores Junction, for the other people
*If you already know the place, diretsu nakayu mu.
*For inquiries, just text LOREE (09159824507) or DAPHNE (09279149848)
*See previous posts for the location map

Monday, May 28, 2007

Spotlight: The Pogiest of them All



Nickname: Makoy, Max, Pogi
High School: Holy family Academy
Hometown: Angeles City
Aguman Batch: Tuglung 1998A
Degree/s: B Library and Information Science
Present Location: Angeles City
Present Occupation: Internet shop attendant of an internet shop that I co-own
Favorite GE subject: Math 54, very cute teacher; but teachers aside, its Humanities. Where else can you discuss art in an educated manner without being accused of being an artsy-fartsy pompous asswipe
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: ILS Lib

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: man, that was 9 years ago! Honestly, I don't know why, but it doesn't matter, what matters is I did join and it was (still is) the best time of my life!

The thing I miss the most about Aguman is: the members, especially those during my era, it doesn't matter if its the tambayan or SM, or in Pampanga, it's the company that counts the most.

The best thing about being an AguPip is:
being able to meet and be friends with people of all walks of life

Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was:
peeing in the women's CR, cutting classes, oh, and not applying for graduation despite finishing all required units (although I don't think it's really a rule).

If I were an animal, I would be a cow because:
a cow does nothing but eat all day!

The greatest injustice in the world is:
geeks and nerds like me still can't get a decent date.

The thing that gives me a different a different kind of high is:
making a Magic The Gathering combo work.

The most over-rated celebrity is:
Paris Hilton

If time is gold, then silver is: your dreams/ aspirations. Or aim, or something like that. Basta something that you dangle in front of you to make you work harder.

The thing I learned on playing Magic The Gathering is:
that patience is key, timing is everything, luck is nothing without skill and if you get to pummel your opponent's ass in the process, gloat like there's no tomorrow and shove it up his face, for you'll never know if you're gonna win again.

Message to fellow alumni:
To my peers, thanks for giving me the time of my life back in college, it would have been grossly unfun without you guys. You taught me to how laugh, how to cry, and how channel my negative energy into Revenge and Warcraft 3. I've shared most of my conscious moments with you guys, you know me inside and out. Keep in touch!

Message to the residents:
Life is not a walk in the park, enjoy it to the fullest, play hard, work harder, don't cut class, coz taxes are damn expensive (we do pay for your education in part you know, through our taxes).

Message to former housemates:
eviction is a sad thing, especially if its voluntary. Thanks for being a good sport to my eccentricities, your patience and understanding is priceless. If ever i would be marooned in a deserted island ala survivor, locked up in a house for 120 days ala Big Brother, it'd be with you guys (although I doubt you'd share the idea). You guys are some the few people I'd trust with my life.

Friday, May 25, 2007

2nd EBS: Swimming Overnight at Rio Vista

One more week to go, and we AguPips will be swimming our heart's content at the Rio Vista Resort and will witness the INDUCTION of Langgotsi 2006B.

We will experience yet another time,
When shouts would reign as victors over the silence of the night.
We will experience yet another moment,
When the blankness of white would succumb to unkempt streaks of red.
We will experience yet another momentous time,
When individuals would undergo a vow.

or those who missed the previously given details, here they are:

WHERE: Rio Vista Resort (Along Paning's Fil-Am Hi-way, Calibutbut, Bacolor)
. See location map below
WHEN: June 2-3, 2007

WHY: Why not? Ang hindi pumunta, KILL JOY at walang mangkakatay sa mga Langgotsi

Entrance Fee: P100
Food Contribution & Room Rental Fee: Equally divided among the residents and alumni who will attend (Sensya na alumni, ala yang extra budget ing org, hehe). Each room is P1,200

MEETING PLACES: McDonald's Dolores Junction (12.30pm), McDonald's Angeles (12.30)
2:00pm Langgotsi 2006B Induction Rites
3:00pm AguLympics
6.30pm Dinner
7.30pm More games and swimming!

List of AguPips who confirmed to attend:
1. Aga
2. Ruth (overnight)
3. Elai (overnight)
4. Daphne (overnight)
5. Loree (overnight)
6. Porshe (overnight)
8. Michael
9. Buduy (overnight)
10. Denesse (overnight)
11. Felipe
Erika (overnight)
13. Lea
14. Kevin (overnight)
15. Marco (overnight)
16. Zelm
17. Jean
18. Rex (overnight)
19. Acey
20. Jowie
21. Rej
22. Bong
23. Adrian (overnight)

List of AguPips who are still UNSURE:
1. Kitchie
2. Yek
3. Cindy
Jade (alumna)
5. Frida
Pax (alumna)
7. Kim
8. April (alumna)
9. Celine (alumna)
10. Hazel (alumna)
11. Mao-uie (alumna)
12. Ngot (alumna)
13. Mike (alumnus)
14. Fergie
15. Ryan (alumnus)
16. Leah (alumna)
Dadai (alumna)
18. Rjei
19. Gboi
Zen (alumna)
21. Jer

List of AguPips who confirmed that they can't or won't attend:
1. Andrew
2. Allandail
3. Thea
4. Em
5. Marc (alumnus)
Phil (alumnus)
8. Jerjer
Argel (alumnus)
Amiel (alumnus)
12. Dennis
13. Jen
14. Josef
15. Paul
17. Justin
Maan (alumna)
19. Kath
20. Cyrille

List of AguPips who won't reply if they will come or not:
Roma (alumna)
2. Lorgi
3. Rose
4. Diana

Kareng bisang tuki, kareng mag-change minds, just comment at this post, okay?
We are also open to suggestion nung nanu gawan the whole night, hehe.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Spotlight: Standing Tall

By Aguman N&CA

SPOTLIGHT is the newest portion of Aslag Online that will obviously, spotlight (duh! haha!) the AguPips so that we can get to know them better. For our second installment, we feature Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A), the Muning that rules them all for AY 2007-2008. Haha! Enjoy the witty answers of our Madame President.

Fullname: Daphne-Dominique Henson Villanueva
Officially, Daph. But more popularly, Muning, as per previous Poll Question Results
Birthday: March 10, 1988
Hometown: Angeles City
High School: Holy Family Academy
Aguman Batch: Kaputul 2004A (Particular awards weren't uso back then, but she was voted the Mems Favorite)
Course: BS Psychology

Best Known for: being perky, witty, naive. Buddy ng Bayan. Winnie the Pooh. Scuba diving.

So, how does it fell to be the 36th President of the UP Aguman?
I remember emphasizing it to an applicant in one of the applicant’s interviews that here in UP Aguman we train our members to become leaders. We always say we want quality members, and we mean it. Elections now in Aguman where there are two firmly contending candidates are a rarity, especially for the position President. Eh kasi naman diba, just the name of the position can draw out anxiety to anybody who’s nominated for it, and I’m no exception to that. We may all have the capacity to lead but it all boils down to one’s willingness and readiness.

You even won a completely landslide victory, the 3rd in the past 4 years.

Just a landslide, rather than reflecting a victory, indicates the support and full faith of the members. I am truly happy for that (smiles). But it is more important to manifest that faith in concrete actions. I hope that we shall see better days for UP Aguman, where more members attend the genmeets, more members participate in activities.

You're the only 'Execom veteran' among the incoming officers. How do you think this will affect your performance as a team?
I should say that the members of the incoming Executive Council have equal experience of officership although in different respects. However I have not realized that I was the only ‘AguExecom veteran’ until our first execom meeting this summer. I was like, okay this is how an execom meeting goes! (laughs) Nawala kasi talaga sa isip ko.

So how was your first Execom?
It was actually quite cool to work with new people in the group kasi there is the opportunity to introduce fresh ideas. You can expect more diverse views and approach. And it is very exhilarating to discover that we share the same vision, the same drive and commitment for the org. I personally like change and I’m very open to suggestions. Nakakatuwa pag nagsa-suggest lahat (smiles). Kahit weird na yung suggestions ng iba (laughs)!

Weird suggestions? Like what?
Weird stuff, as in joke time na hirit like magbenta ng katawan si Joms sa gay lovers para magka-funds. Mga joke lang talaga. (laughs)

You're the most powerful person in Aguman right now. How does it feel? Hehe!
Powerful ba? (smiles) Power takes two forms: power of the position and power of the person. Sa “power of the position” level, I must say the feeling is overwhelming. You know, the ability to get others to do their task is an extremely important leadership skill. On the level of “power of the person”, I must be the powerless person. Talk about being called “muning” sa tambayan? (smiles)!

Pero yun ang favorite na nickname mo, based on the Poll Question! Haha!
I insist that I am not a cat. I am a bear. A happy bear! (laughs) Pero kidding aside, I feel overwhelmed but flattered to know that 40+ people look up (figuratively speaking okay) to me for insight especially with regards to org matters. The influence that one possesses when one is President entails a load of responsibility and good actions. As president, there is an added pressure to be always the best and exemplar for the members and applicants. Sabi nga sa Disney movie A Bug’s Life, “First rule of leadership: Everything is your fault.” (sighs)

You're a graduating student next year, right?

That’s right, I’m graduating!

How many units do you have left? How many require lengthy lab hours?
33 units with 3 subjects obliging lab hours.

At one point or another and to a certain degree, your academics will definitely be affected, are you ready for that?
I was born ready. Wushu may ganung mga statements (laughs)! The moment I joined UP Aguman, my academics was already affected (laughs), but in a good way because I always had the motivation to attend my classes lalo na pag sa AS and it’s quite a comfort to know you have fellow normal students who go through the same struggles of UP academic life. On a more serious note, of course being an officer now would demand more time for the org. But you know what? I have already set goals for my personal acads, it’s a matter of relating the right strategies to achieve those goals.

When you were an applicant, you were actually voted as the members' favorite. And 3 years later, you're the President. Did you see this coming?
Ows talaga?! I didn’t know I was a mem’s favorite, bakit ngayon lang ako na-inform?

Oo kaya! That’s the year when the Memcomm started the Mems’ Prerogative grade.
Wala bang prize? (laughs)

Err, Si Macoy ang tanungin mo. Hehe!
Anyway, most people desire to become a leader because they aspire to draw changes. To tell you frankly, I’m one of those people but still I didn’t see this coming. I can still recall when I had that sem of inactivity in the org because I felt I needed to search for something more. And guess what, I found all that. I am active in 2 other orgs and founded one org. I found fulfillment in everything I did. But you know what, I realized that the saying “you’re heart will take you home” is true. I was back to making tambay in the Aguman, laughing again at the old AguJokes and I still keep laughing at them now (smiles). I was entrusted responsibilities, I felt the warmth of the AguFamily all over again. And I realized that it was all here after all. I don’t regret anything. I owe it to the people who trusted me, in spite of everything. Ate Em, sana mabasa ‘to.

Bakit? What does Em had to do with it?
Alam na ni Ate Em yun. Let’s just say Ate Em believed in me ever since, even before I started believing in myself.

Currently, what are the organization’s strengths and weaknesses?
It thrills me to see the AguPeople, both residents and alumni, and the AguBond getting bigger and stronger. Happy people make a happy family, and that’s what we’re mostly about. And of course, let us not forget the activities that make Aguman a living legacy, its CEERs, Pautakans and Sinings. On a personal point of view, I wish to bring back some old traditions of the org or if not, start new ones.

Areas for improvement?

We need to improve on the external and internal aspects of the org. On the external facet, we hope we can promote and market the org better. And most importantly, to tie stronger bonds with our alumni by holding Alumni dinners again. So we can hear their AguStories and just to get everybody more involved for the org. On the internal side, I hope to put together a more stringent application process to our prospective members to qualify them fittingly. Team-building activities and more fundraisers for our dear org also.

What style of leadership will you use on 40+ people (most of which are taller than you, hehe!)?
At 4-feet-eleven-AND-A-HALF, yes, I am less than five feet, I think I shall be a dictator, haha, joke lang! (laughs) Factor ba talaga yung “most of the 40+ people are taller than me”?!

But it’s the truth, hehe!
Haha!... I think that different styles apply to different situations. Pero personally kasi ‘participative’ leadership ang ina-advocate ko. Like what I said during the Meeting de Avance, I’d like to be the type of President who is both a team leader and a team player and critically knows when to be either. I prefer to be involved in every committee work and see up-close what’s going-on. Constitutionally, the General Assembly, composed of that 40+ people who are mostly taller than me, (smiles) is the chief decision-making body of the organization, thus we are democratic. Above all else, it is important that these members should love working with the Executive Council to attain our organization’s goals.

What concept in diving do you think will help you in your term as President?
Favorite ko talaga sa scuba is when our dive master signals to go deep, it sends me the thrill of the water world that awaits. The experience is indeed beautiful and always unforgettable. But if asked about concepts, we follow a simple Golden Rule in scuba diving: plan your dive and dive your plan. It is critical to follow THE plan in a scuba trip because extra minutes spent at a certain depth can cause narcosis or worse casualty. In reality, I am not so much of a planner but I like putting a plan to action. While courage to explore new grounds is admirable, the trait of being cautious which I learned in scuba diving is a lot valuable. In my term as President, I hope that whatever plans we will make in the Execom’s sem-planning, we shall be able to put those to action efficiently and effectively, and not left written as just plans. We all know that things don’t happen perfectly like how we planned them to be, and that exactly will leave room for more flexibility, which I learned not in scuba but in ballet (smiles).

You're considered as one of the jolliest person in the org, EVER. What things pissed you off that you can't even manage to fake a smile?
I’m a happy person in a happy crowd like Aguman. Yes, I am guilty of sugarcoating. Sometimes I say I’m okay when deep inside I’m really not. But note, I never sugarcoat when I make a face. I don’t fake my frown or annoyance with a smile. When somebody would want to say something bad about me, I prefer he/she tells it to my face. I also hate hypocrisy. AND the thing when I will most really not fake a smile is… when you insist that Pooh is bading! 19 times in a day is still okay, but the twentieth?! Grrr, grabe na talaga nun ah! You sure have hurt my feelings by then (laughs)

FILL IN THE BLANKS (Original item in boldface and italicized):
Gboi and Elai will make a good Aguman couple because ahem, ahem, subaybayan nyo na lang sa The Buzz! Haha!

Taylor Hicks is the best American Idol ever because aside from winning me a Cadbury chocolate in my topical wager against McPheever fan Kuya Rex, hahaha, boo McPhee, Taylor Hicks is indeed the official Soul Patrol!! I love the music and the humor. Plus he’s a no-sanjaya, unshort of talent. Sorry fanjayas.

Hindi bading si Pooh dahil
lalaki siya! C’mon, I can prove that he has a Y-chromosome, hahaha!

The thing people don't know about power is it’s like M&Ms – it melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

The best perk about being not-so-tall is I can fight my way to the cosmic traffic of people in the MRT. Plus there’s a bonus: I don’t have to bow my head when passing by Cubao overpass, hahaha!

LAST. You need to answer in Kapampangan. Any message to the AguPips?
Sorry, I don’t have a fine command of the language. So here it goes, in the words of Frida, Ala kung asabi keka! Hahaha! But wait atin pala: basta abe-abe, agyu tamu! (bows)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Talkback: Pampanga's Electoral Miracle

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

Various national and local news consider Among Ed Panlilio's gubernatorial win as a 'miracle'. Despite numerous rumors by word and text message and a confident announcement by Lilia Pineda's camp that Pineda and Yeng Guiao's tandem has won the top posts in Pampanga, in the end, the 'people's crusade' that not only caught fire in the province but also around the world prevailed.

As an organization of Kapampangan students, the UP Aguman will surely be affected, directly and indirectly, as an organization and as citizens. So it would be interesting to know what we have to say about this. Here are the various comments and feedback we gathered from the residents and the alumni.

What are your thoughts on Among Ed’s victory?

Truly, the Kapampangans wanted to have a change and deviate from the conventional type of ruling. Political dynasty occurring in out hometown came to an end with Among Ed now occupying the position. Having him means that we see hope for Pampanga.
~Cyrille Bautista, Kaputul 2004A

I’ve known Among Ed since I was a little girl. He was our Parish Priest then. He was and still the kindest and most humble person I know. It’s time that Pampanga have a leader that’s nearer to the hearts of our people.
~Thea Lising, Kadaya 2005A

As the media have said, Among Ed may be the key to the change in Philippine politics. Just hope that he would be a better governor despite the fact that he’s new in politics.
~Jerome Caylao, Kadaya 2005A

I think his victory, combined with the poor showing of celebrities, signifies an improvement in the maturity level of Filipinos in politics and more importantly, it shows rejection of the current administration. I’m not a big fan of the Catholic Church but I was rooting for him to win. I hear Betis will be the new capital of Pampanga, hehe!
~Lang Alejandrino, Diquit-diquit 1996A

I’m just glad that the crusade for better and cleaner governance in our province will be intensified now that Among won. I just hope that the support people showed him during the campaign will be the same once he’s seated in the position.
~Erika, Langgotsi 2006B

Among Ed is a breath of fresh air among the trapos. This is surely a good thing for Pampanga.
~Jen Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Yey! Menyambut ya y Among Ed. Clearly, this shows that God does provide. But this is merely a small step for Pampanga. the leap will largely depend on us, the constituents.
~Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A

Masayang masaya kami na si Among Ed ang nanalo. Sayang nga lang dahil di ako rehistradong bumoto pero sa kanya ang suporta naming lahat dito. Buti naman, madaming Kapampangan ang gusto ng pagbabago at naniniwalang kaya ng mga Kapampangan magkaisa para sa ikabubuti ng Pampanga.
~Cindy Paguio, Kadaya 2005A

Of course I was very happy when Among Ed was proclaimed as our new Governor. But we should also be reminded that this is just the beginning of our real fight towards a better Pampanga. Now that we are blessed with a good leader, it's also time for us to do our part. May this event motivate and unite us in achieving our goal. Kapampangan ku, pagmaragul ku!
~April Parilla, Kaputul 2004A

“3P: Pera, Popularidad at Pananampalataya” – this is a how one reporter described the crusade of politics in our province during the last election period. If you’re going to follow the philosophy “choose the lesser evil” (assuming you know which P represents whom and that everything else remains fair – no vote buying and etc), there is no doubt that the latter will win. In the first place, I think it’s quite difficult and ironic to link the word “Pananampalataya” with “evil”.
And so it happened, right? The latter did win - and I have nothing against that. I think. Well, fine! I guess it would be more proper if I say, “and I have nothing against (nor do I doubt) the Faith; I have nothing against (nor do I question) the winner’s ability to run the province; I have nothing against the PERSON who won. The only thing that concerns me is, his vocation. And that apprehension made me leave that part of the ballot blank when I vote last May 14.
But then again, things happen for a reason. We don’t know what will happen next. Let’s just hope that this is really the “miracle” and “moral victory” that Kapampangans deserve. And lastly, I hope that this wouldn’t really set a new era in our politics because I still believe in the separation of the Church and the State (as much as I believe in the separation and SEGREGATION of ShowBuziness with the businesses of the State).

~Mike Peñalba, Sampelut 2003A

I feel sorry for Pampanga and the whole country. It shows the sad state of Pampanga and Filipino politics in general. I still believe in my previous comment on the UP Aguman Yahoo Groups that the only institution more corrupt than the Philippine government is the Roman Catholic Church! And to me this is proof positive that there is no god because he/she would not have let this happen.
~Villamor Manaloto, Batch 1976A

Among Ed's victory is the beginning of a long and difficult, but noble task. Among Ed for President!
~Don Yutuc, Batch 1977B

What does this say about us Kapampangans?

I’m proud to be Kapampangan. I have no right to comment though, since I did not vote. Wa, makarine talaga but here is my say anyway: Among Ed’s win is proof that there is always a choice. We should never settle. It all starts from within. He won not because he was a priest but because his heart was in the right place. And the people saw that. Thank you to those who used their right. I am definitely voting next time.
~Nat Tabucal, Tuglung 1998A

I think that the whole country will realize that we Kapampangans do know how to choose a good leader. Because for years now, our province has not been electing local and national leaders with integrity, with the likes of PGMA, Lito Lapid, etc. It’s a little sad though that a priest had to run, because I am sure we are not lacking in true servant-leaders. But still, the true clamor of the people for a new kind of leadership has a found a credible face in Among Ed -- that’s why he won. His being a charismatic priest definitely helped in rallying the Kapampangans, regardless of religion and socio-economic status for this ‘people’s crusade’. I actually attended his Meeting De Avance, and it’s one the most patriotic things I’ve done my whole life – the feeling was so overwhelming. Indeed, abak na Pampanga!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

The Kapampangans are mature voters and politicians. Money has no value in matters of dignity and integrity. Intelligent people equipped with divine providence.
~Michael, Lakatan 2006A

That we Kapampangans are fanatically religious, haha! Kidding aside, this victory proves that we are critical with such big decisions. We have to choose someone who’s virtuous and would stand by his principles.
~Gboi De Padua, Lakatan 2006A

Once again, Kapampangans made history. It only proves that we are more aware and smarter now, when it comes to issues of the political affairs. Naks, balamu maka-boto naku! Haha!
~Justin, Lakatan 2006A

We are thinking individuals. For a fact that we know who will do better. We have had enough of blah-blahs and bullshits. We trust the newly elected governor to deliver the service we’ve been longing for and hopefully the best we have yet to experience.
~Lucky Madlangbayan, Kasaup 2002A

Atin la pa ring paninindigan deng Kapampangan. Ali la pepadala keng nanu pa mang bage. Ing atsu pa rink eng isip da, in kapakanan da reng karelang kapwa Kapampangan. At syempre, balu da naman nung ninu ing karapat-dapat lukluk para maglingkod kekatamu, itang taung isipan na rin ing kapakanan tamu at ali ing kapakanan na. Adyang taga-Angeles City ku, Kapampangan ku pa rin at masaya kung abalu na ing katutwan manaig pa rin kareng pusu da reng Kapampangan. Haha, mabuhay!
~Dennis Manabat, Salagpi 2001A

The 2007 local elections proved to the whole world that the Kapampangan principle can't be bought. I feel proud to be a Kapampangan! I believe that we made the right choice and this change in public governance would certainly bring a brighter future for Pampanga. I just hope that the Kapampangan's vigilance and struggle for a better Pampanga won't end with the proclamation of Among Ed but let's all work together until our goal is achieved. Remember, having a good leader is not enough, members must also actively do their part to achieve a desired goal.
~Leah Salta, Sampelut 2003A

Atin kung ikwang text message ibat keng kaluguran na mikalat kanu Makati. Makataba yang puso. Makanini ya: "Sana kahit ngayong nakaraang eleksyon lang, naging Kapampangan ako. Minsan pa, pinatunayan nyong mga mequeni na hindi nabibili ng pera ang lahat ng mga Pilipino. We are so proud of you Pampanguenos. Mabuhay kayo!"
~Rox Morales, Batch 1975A

Being a priest and a political neophyte, do you think he will deliver as Governor?

Stepping up and getting out of priesthood made me realize na Among Ed is the real deal in terms of having the passion to serve our province. I believe that he could reach out more people if he serves as Governor than just being a priest alone. About his being a neophyte, I don’t think it would hinder Among Ed in serving as the new Governor. After all, Pampanga needs a new type of governance, transparent and free from corruption. I believe he has the purest intentions to change traditional politics that has been the trend with our past leaders. I think the thing we could do is to help Among Ed in making sure that other officials elected would share the same fervor in making Pampanga a corruption-free province. After all he can’t do it alone.
~Bang Dizon, Kaputul 2004A

With his advocacy of moral governance and his commitment to service to all Kapampangans, I am confident of Among Ed’s leadership. My vote was for him and my prayers are with him.
~Joyce Dela Cruz, Tuglung 1998A

I believe Among Ed will deliver Pampanga. Of course, with our help. He has my whole confidence. Being a former priest, I’m sure he has a good education and he also knows the public issues and concerns and most probably, he has the strong will to resist the temptations that will be coming his way. Being a political neophyte, he’s not yet engulfed with the political cynicism; he probably has fresh and creative idea to try on. Lack of experience might be a problem but it’s nothing he can’t solve.
~Ruth, Langgotsi 2006B

I have always opposed the idea of church people in state politics. And yes, I would have voted for Mark Lapid (given that my name was on the official list. Hay, the electoral system), mainly for familial reasons. But now that the results have been proclaimed, I rejoice, together with Kapampangans who wouldn’t want our province to sink deeper. Sabi nga ng mga supporters ni Among Ed at Mark Lapid, “huwag lang si Pineda!”. Well, I don’t think Among Ed is a political newbie. Politics is everywhere, even more in the Catholic Church. Given Among Ed’s values as a priest and his active social participation such as being a former executive director of SACOP, I think (I hope even more) that he knows what changes our province and our people need the most. What I will continually pray for is that Among will entrust Pampanga to people whose interest for the province is way greater than their interest to self-gain. Moreover, I believe that Among Ed will not be corrupted by the world; after all, he’s only human. Sabi nga ng Caviteño friend ko (circus ang politics kahit saan), “Dapat may faith pa rin tayo kahit paano sa mga leaders natin.”
~Jean Dimabuyu, Kaputul 2004A

Among Ed’s victory is a bigger victory for Pampanga. It’s nice to know that good intentions can win over guns, goons and gold. It is also remarkable that a candidate like Among Ed, did not even spend a lot in order to win. It’s the true voice of the people that prevailed. This is a good indicator if we really want change in our system. Change should start within us. Kapampangans are now tired of too much corruption in Pampanga. A vote for Among means a call for change. It’s a good thing that more Kapampangans are now wise voters though there some people who still practice the patron-client politics. However, this is the perfect time for Pampanga to show the whole country that we, Kapampangans would stand together for the best of our province.
~Zen Galban, Bucayo 2005B

I’m counting on a yes. Long as he keeps his ideals intact and also, he must learn to always consider the greater good of the Kapampangans. Meaning he must be prepared that even if he helps a lot of people, there will still be those who will try to downgrade him and /or will try to ruin him.
Also he must be prepared to work extra hard not only as Governor, but as part of the Philippines’ political system. I believe we are aware that it is a very dirty system. But if Among Ed succeeds in not being a toy of the system, in that sense, I believe he will deliver. Congratulations to you, Governor!
~Jowie Garcia, Kadaya 2005A

When I heard that Among Ed won, I was not really jumping off my seat (Naks! Simon Cowell! Haha!). Ali ku balu kung bakit, though, anyang bilangan pa, I really wanted him to win. When, they announced that he won nga (thanks to GMA 7’s 24 Oras), I just heard myself say, “Sige nga, tingnan natin kung anong magagawa niya”. I am not being a pessimist or whatsoever. I think, lumabas lang ung pagiging politically-uninterested ko. Hehe. Well, I guess that is a part of my life’s pie graph to develop through time. Siguro nga, Pampanga has won upon Among Ed’s claim to his seat of power. Sana pin he would call all the Kapampangans to sit beside him.
~Kevin Peñalba, Langgotsi 2006B

If you wish to add your own personal thoughts here, just share thoughts at the comments section.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spotlight: One Tough Sistah!

By Aguman N&CA

SPOTLIGHT is the newest portion of Aslag Online that will obviously, spotlight (duh! haha!) the AguPips so that we can get to know them better. For its initial post, we feature Jen Castro (Lakatan 2006A), the incoming Secretary for AY 2007-2008. Iya minuna meg-reply kareng questions eh, so iya ing minuna, hehe! So here we go!

Jennifer Hizon Castro

Nickname: Jen
Birthday: March 3, 1988
Hometown: Tarlac City
High School: Ecumenical Christian College
Aguman Batch: Lakatan 2006A (2nd Best App, Tambay and Mission Queen, Mems' Favorite, Best in Write-ups)
Course: BA Communication Research
Best Known for: being tigasin. Her expressive eyes. Pantene girl. Supremo ng mga DotA Boys. Mangulisak patse mangapakirut. Likas. Likas. Adrian at Likas.

Rarely does Aguman have members from Tarlac, tapos naging officer ka pa! Galing!
Salamat, naks naman. Thankful ku because they trusted me. Kaya kahit napapagastos talaga ako lalo na kelangan kung mag-stay sa Pampanga ng ilang araw (thanks to Elai's family at inaampun nila ako), kung anu-ano ang sinasabi kung reason para maka-alis, hehe. It's worth it just to see the effort of the mems na nakikipag-cooperate and enjoy naman kasi mga activities eh.

You were the batch-head when you were applicants. Do you still play that role now that you guys are members already, and very active members at that?
Yeah, I suppose. As long as these guys want me to be their batch head, I will, wholeheartedly. Wushus! Haha!

New members that you are, the mems apparently thinks highly of your batch, dahil Lakatan lang ang nag-laban-laban on more than 2 elective position. Is Lakatan all it's cracked up to be?
I think so. We've gone through a lot and the bond we have is more than enough to keep us together. (Aroo ne?) Besides, we know and we feel that we love each other, enough to understand each other's shortcomings.

Ka-shishift mo lang, assume na natin na matatanggap ka, hehe! Go Jen! Aren't you worried that your acads will be affected at anlayo pa ng college mo?
Natanggap na ko yehey!

Yey! Congrats!
Yeah.. I thought of that too. But don't worry I stand by the decisions I've made, especially now, I am accountable.

Currently, what are the org's strengths and weaknesses? Areas for improvement?
For the org's strengths, I think the bond between the members. Yung closeness at kung may maicocontribute naman sila, tutulong at tutulong naman e. Weaknesses? Hmm.. I think we lack funds, hehe! Tsaka lack of initiative. I think we all know the situation so I'm not going to elaborate on that. I understand that we have our priorities but we all love the org for sure.

What style of leadership will you use on 40+ people?
Batas militar! A loko haha! Joke mu. The kind of leadership the situation calls. (Gets ye ba? Hehe! Yaku kasi ali e). I will act depending on how the situation is getting us all there. I believe in compromise -- not necessarily bending the law but an agreement with mutual concessions.

Haha! (Pinches her nose)

You're the Secretary, are you good in making coffee?
Ngek?! Pinakaganda pa ang posisyon ko taga-timpla lang pala ko ng kape dito haha! Yeah! Of course, itanong mo pa sa nanay ko haha.

Almost all the applicants after your batch can 'entrust' their life on you.
Talaga?! Malaking pagkakamali nila yun bwahaha! Mapagpanggap kaya ako nyahahaha! Kidding aside.. talaga?

Wa nga, kakulit..
Hindi ko inexpect yun! Well, flattered ako at hindi isang pagkakamali yun. Lakatan at Langgotsi, salamat!

What concept in DotA do you think will help you in your term as Secretary?
DotA talaga ne? Nabubulgar naman ako dito e.

Haha! Syempre..
Anyhoo, in DotA applicable ang team work lalo na kapag mission. Dapat may strategy kayo since this is not a mere power trip. Tulungan talaga kasi you can't beat all the odds kung mag-isa ka lang you need the help of your members no matter how strong you are.

You're considered to be one-of-the boys. Do you see this as something that is going against or for you? Haha! DotA boys talaga ne? No, not at all. I see this as a bonding sessiong with the members pa nga e. Sa mga brods ko diyan, DotA na mayang gabi? Yung mga talunan diyan hehe! Walang challenge! 3-0? Naman! And besides, it's really fun, the game itself and the experience to be with them.

FILL IN THE BLANKS (original item in boldface and italized):

Adrian and Jen will make a good Aguman couple because they are buddies. Haha! Wushus! Bagya namu buring buddy ku kanyan e. Aroo lagot na ku kanyan!

Hindi na dapat maging bitter si Justin dahil best app ka naman kahit ako ang humakot ng awards bwahaha! Bully?

The essence of a woman is to bear a child, to be a mother. Yiih! Wala akong maisip? Woman ba ko?

The thing people don't know about power is it's just like a pill. It's addictive and it's just making people ill when it's over dosage. Yahaak! Ano ba yun?

The member must do more actions and less of words (kamaisan). Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Message to the AguPips:
Thank you so much. I hope I will not fail your expectations as your Secretary and I will do my duties and tasks as long as you are there around me (drama na ito). I never expect that you people will have an impact in my life the way you did. Life will not be the same without you and you mean a lot to me, to never trade you for anything else in this world. Nakuu, English ako ng English dito mamaya niyan mali-mali grammar ko waaah!. Lakatan, thank you and I'm glad that you came along. Stay real. (Lakatan kapilan ing bonding tamu ulit? Ali na Tony-Sam ing panalben tamu ne? Haha!)

Message to the Execom:

Execom, uhmm, honestly hindi ko ineexpect na mapapabilang ako dito hehe, pasimple pa e. Surely i will do my responsibilities and be of help to you guys in all ways that i can, as I have mentioned earlier, I am fully aware of my responsibilities and I am accountable.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

AguCoupling: A closer look

Originally published in the printed Aslag 2nd Sem, AY 2004-2005
By Rex Dizon

The Aguman tambayan has always been our refuge here in the university. And the AguPips have been our family away from home. They are our surrogate brothers and sisters in the campus – for most of us. Because some AguPips (and their number grows with each batch of applicants) treat each other as more than brothers and sisters, you know, more than friends… heck you know what I mean. And most of all, haven’t you noticed that ‘coupling’ happens all the time, whether on the surface or on the underground? Besides, we AguPips have this wild fetish for love gossip especially if TWO or MORE AguPips are involved – even if we just made the pair up, haha!

But this article is not about who’s wooing who. Rather, we try to delve into the advantages and disadvantages of ‘agucoupling’.

Let’s start with the advantages:

You’re always together. This is probably the greatest advantage of all. Attending genmeets, or helping out in the org’s activities is as good as spending some quality time with your lovey-dovey. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, isn’t it? Lalu na kapag pareho pa kayong execom! You get to proctor an essay writing contest and spend Valentine’s Day altogether.

You’ve got a lot of common friends. To some people, approval of one’s friends is very important in relationships. In Aguman, people will definitely say, “yihih, bage la!” or “ka-sweet da” or “pwede ne keka yan Phil!” Guys get a lot of instant backers and girls get a lot of instant advisers.

Little things that matter. You get to sleep with her / him (kahit papaano) during overnight activities like the Questions’ Night. You get to see if your partner is really gorgeous despite being puyat. Now, that’s a real test of physical beauty.

For mems who set their eyes on apps. Now a few have become veterans in this endeavor. As a member, applicants are required to approach you, to get to know you, and would do anything (well, almost) to get your signature. Disguising yourself as a member wanting to know the app better is a discrete way of ‘testing the waters’. (Or so, you think! Haha!).

And now for the disadvantages:

Your love story is like a telenovela. Your love story is too public before it even actually begins. People cringe when nothing happens, people go gaga when developments occur. It starts with the innocent teasing. Sometimes, pairing agupips to each other is just innocent teasing. Sometimes, it actually means something.

It’s hard to launch your campaign, if you’re too timid. Before you actually start pursuing her, the whole org already knows. Thus, your intention of forging an intimate and private relationship with the girl of your dreams is challenged by the pressure that people put on you. While AguPips only want the two lovebirds to end up together, sometimes, too much pushing just doesn’t work for some people. Ika nga, kanya kanyang style yan.

Too many competitors. It’s survival of the fittest. (Parang application no? siguro nga kaya ganun, training for panliligaw na pala yun). The apple of your eyes is also someone else’s. Need I elaborate why this is such a disadvantage?

Too much teasing. Whether you’re already a couple or are just on the way there, you should brace yourself for a lot of teasing, whether good or bad teasing ­– may it be about your past, present or future, every so often.

Now, for every ‘coupling’ that happens among members of the org, the org itself is also affected. If things work out, the org is happy. Kung minsan nga, sa sobrang happiness, nakakalimutan nila ang org. If things turn sour, permanently or temporarily (read: torotots or tampururots), it reflects to the the org. You see, the org is composed of members who are people. And people are just people, only human. Gets?

Now at the end of the day, it’s up to you, dear reader whether you’d entertain the idea of AguCoupling. You see, AguCouples who end up together experience a lot just to end up together (i.e., the non-stop teasing – before, during and after, undergrounding, etc). It is safe to say that it would take A LOT to break them in two.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Top 10 Signs of Aguman Addiction

Originally published in the printed Aslag 2nd Sem, AY 2004-2005
By Pie Pamintuan

1 You spend more time at the tambayan than in your classrooms.

2 You leave the tambayan only when everybody else is leaving already. As long as there are people hanging around, you can’t find the heart to leave.

3 You come to class everyday but you secretly, and sometimes openly, wish that your class/es will be suspended so you could just spend time at the tambayan.

4 You pass by the tambayan each time you can, even if you’re running late for your next class just to say hi to the people there.

5 You can’t say no to an invitation to a dinner out or watch a movie at SM North even if you have an exam or paper due the next day.

6 You don’t have classes on Tuesdays but you still make it a point to come to school just to attend the GenMeet.

7 You are home for the weekend when you find yourself missing the crazy antics of the AguPips and wishing it was already Monday so you could spend time with them again.

8 Your high school friends could nearly master the names of almost all AguPips because they are all you talk about when you go out.

9 You feel so hungry but you don’t want to eat just yet because you want to eat at the tambayan.

10 You find yourself calling your other friends boi even if they’re not from Aguman.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Swimming semstarter planned to mark the end of summer

The Socio-Cultural Committee has organized an overnight swimming for all AguPips to have fun and enjoy more bonding sessions to officially end the summer season and welcome the incoming school year!

WHERE: Rio Vista Resort (Along Paning's Fil-Am Hi-way, Calibutbut, Bacolor)
See location map below
WHEN: MOVED to June 2-3
WHY: Why not? Ang hindi pumunta, KILL JOY!

Entrance fee is P100
*There are already committee assignments for the food
*For furthur inquiries, just contact Loree (0915-982-4507) for details
*For suggestions on what to do the whole night, just comment here, okies?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Talkback: 1st EBS & Spiderman 3

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

Last May 2, 11 AguPips watched the Spiderman 3 at SM North EDSA. As you all may know by now, Spiderman 3
set opening day records in 10 of 16 territories in which the movie opened last May 1 including Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines. No surprise there, for all but one cinema at SM North EDSA screened Spiderman 3 by 5pm.

Unfortunately, the planned videoke gimik after dinner did not push through because Garahe was already closed when the AguPips got there, haha!

Here are the reactions of the AguPips:

Honestly, I was disappointed and I got bored watching it. It was more than halfway thru the movie and I was still waiting for the climax. Buti na lang gwapo sina James Franco and Topher Grace! I should've watched Gray Matters instead, hehe. Pero dahil kasama kong nanonood ang mga AguPips, okay na rin, masaya na rin. Hehe! ~Porshe

The movie did not deliver, considering the hype and excitement it created. Too bad, I was never a Spidey fan when I was a child, but I did enjoy Spiderman 1 & 2, but definitely not this one. It was dragging in parts, especially the dancing of darkened Peter Parker. I even preferred Topher Grace as Venom over Spiderman himself, haha! And Mary Jane was so annoying! Does she have to scream and fall off from high places in all 3 movies? Haha! The fight scenes and effects were great though. ~Rex

Sa totoo lang, di ko masyadong nagustuhan. Walang 'wow'. Inantok nga ako ata. Hehe! Pero I really had fun just being with the people. I guess I did miss and will miss the AguPips (Pag gumraduate na ako! Hehe!). And haller, it was about time na pumunta ako sa ibang place other than Dormitoryana and the library, hehe! ~Jeandoi

It's been a while since Agu went out na madakalan, kaya nice ya ining EBS! Go Memcomm! Spidey 3 was lighter than the previous ones. Tobey was hilarious. Tapus dagdag pa reng singit comments ng Jen and Rex while watching! I enjoyed it! And the FX ride too! Pirates next! ~Maan

The movie was okay, kaya lang sana man marami umattend. Tsaka sana natuloy yung videoke.. ~Yek

Sayang, e makabuklat ing Garahe, hehehe! ~Buduy

Ansaya ng EBS! Kaso nga lang at di available yung Garahe para sa videoke. Pero, ang ibig sabihin lang nun, meron pang kasunod! Kaya sama na! ~Kevin

Thanks karetang dintang, sana meg-enjo andyang ditak, hehe. Sayang makasara ya ing Garahe, ali yu ku aramdaman megkanta, haha! Anyways, keng susunud maranun tamu videoke bakanta dasnan taya pang makabuklat. Kapilan tamu magvideoke? Hehe! ~Marco

Madrama ya ing Spiderman 3 abe! Marakal yamu rin bakbakan tsaka galing ing stunts! Wahaw! Tsaka syempre manalbe with AguPips. Oita naman eh! ~Jen

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