Monday, November 26, 2007

Spotlight: The Queen of Hearts

Questions by kingofchocolates

Nickname: Eleaze, Yek
March 16, 1986
Hometown: City of San Fernando
High School: Pampanga High School
Course: BS Architecture
Aguman Batch: Kaputul 2004A
Previous positions: Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson (AY 2006-2007),
Sining 2007 Project Head
Best known for: Chever, chever, chever! Garahe Videoke gang, KNL Heights resident, Joms, phobia of dogs, drafting plates, gay lingo proficiency

Kevin and Jean will make a good Aguman couple because may buddy ka na, may chever ka pa! Haha! Jill and John Carl – nanu naming asabi mu king chever in the rain! Elai and Gboi ­– one more chance, haha! Mike and secret chever – for more chismis lang.

My favorite Aguman virtue is
faith because the truth may hurt and not ‘kinships’ are true, hehe!

People should do more
of the Christmas kinda loving and less of the Math 54 kinda contemplating/thinking. Malay mo, wala na siya bukas dava?

My sweetest downfall is
the one who’s name should not be mentioned because nakaklurki kayo kapag nalaman niyo at dahil siya lang nakakapagpababa ng energy ko, haha!

Whenever I
dance like crazy I always get the tinglies in a silly place.

I will give
poetry one more chance because once in my life, I think I was good at it and I loved the sense of fulfillment it gave.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Talkback: Aslag Online

Compiled by kingofchocolates

Aslag Online is now proud to celebrate its 100th post! Yey! In line with this, we're having a Talkback special to serve as its milestone 100th post. Here are your feedbacks and suggestions on Aguman's online domicile.

Nung dati email, Friendster and YouTube mu ing lagi kung pupuntalan kapag mag-net, ngeni midagdagan neng Aslag Online. Minsan pin mag-net ku just to see the latest keng Aslag. I always look forward to the new artiks and Spotlights featured. Maka-amaze din na andyang aldu-aldo tanang miyayabe tambayan, madakal ta pa rin apipisabyan keni. So more power to the Aslag Online Team and eku ne balung Aryan ing sasabyan ku eh..

~Justin Dungca, Lakatan 2006A

Meging madagul yang saup ing Aslag Online king pagiging active ning org in the virtual world. It connected the members and alumni from miles all over the world. Kudos to our blogspot, and credits karing mag-update kaniti.
~Jewel Dela Cruz, Baskal 2007A

Congrats keng Aslag. Mas masaya and mas enjoy ing Aslag ngeni. Pero I hope o see na magtransform ya pa in Aslag, mag-aliwa ne man itsura and all those stuff.
~Gboi De Padua, Lakatan 2006A

Yet another milestone for UP Aguman! Dati pa-thread-thread lang tayo. Ngayon, pa-comment-comment na! Kitang kita talaga ang evolution and development! Congrats sa AOL Team! Truly, the Aslag Online became a venue for the residents to interact with our dear alumni. Kailanman, saanman, sa Aslag Online updated tayo!
~Fergie Panganiban, Kadaya 2005A

Nakakatuwa ang Aslag Online because it updates you on everything about UP Aguman from Genmeets to major events, pati reng about members.
~Elai Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Yehey! Happy 100 posts Aslag! Go for more. Congrats to everyone who contributed to the success of our blog. Good luck Records, go for another sem & more sems to come!
~Jen Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Congrats to the Aslag Online Team! More power! Sana dakal pa issues about chevers para exciting! Tsaka sana atin inuman for celebration ning 100th post, and article to promote Sining 2008, at ma-feature la reng Socio Team, hehe! Hi to the Tomadors Family – Marco (our godfather), Michael, jer and Anj! Hi Besss! Please support Sining 2008!
~Loree Sicat, Kadaya 2005A

It’s nice that such a great idea was conceptualized for a great org. I enjoy reading the articles and updates for my beloved org, kahit ali ku nala kilala deng majority dad eng mems. Tapus itang video interview, astig ya sobra! Kung pwede sana, mapost la ngan deng articles keng Aslag.
~Andre Galang, Salagpi 2001A, Alumnus

Congrats keng Aslag Online! Grabe ing effort! Pero sana next time, magka-website tana talaga bang mas marakal features, hehe! Keep up the good work guys! Not for ourselves alone.
~Aries Viray, Lakatan 2006A

Aslag Online is the ‘item’ of the decade for Aguman. Everything is there for everybody, residents, alumni and others. It’s something people talk about. It’s more than just a front page for Aslag, it’s a whole new publication of its own, in live color and sound. Maybe we should make it something official, it’s the digital age anyway! To the staff, you rock! Kalurki!
~Yek Santos, Kaputul 2004A

When I visit this site, I am always updated on the events. Tapos nakaksagap pa ako ng chismis tungkol sa mga mems, hehe! And hopefully, mag-start naku mag-comment banta miras naku man Top 10!
~Trisha Nacpil, Baskal 2007A

In fairness, pag mag-internet ku, palagi ku talagang lalawen ing site tamu at mag-comment kareng artiks and tagboard. This site can be very helpful to the mems and alumni to interact and be updated on the events. Masaya ku kasi meging Top 3 ku anyang October. Thanks AOL! Ahe! Sana tin ne ulit Spotlight to the members to be able to know them better.
~Anj Herico, Baskal 2007A

Aslag Online serves as a means for the mems to share their writing prowess and at the same time, share to the world what Aguman is. It also links the mems and alumni. Congrats Aslag for your 100th post!
~Denesse Handumon, Langgotsi 2006B

Dati ang Friendster ang unang site na pinupuntahan ko kapag nag-iinternet. Ttipikal na tipikal, pang-masang habit, haha! Ngayon nag-evolve na, mas masaya, mas kwela na site na totoong nakaka-relate ako – Aslag Online na ako, our very own space sa world wide web. Hanep na hanep! Mula sa articles, hanggang sa comments, at sa tagboard, lahat siguradong may hirit na patentadong ‘Agu’, haha! Ang dami ngang inggit eh, hindi lahat ng orgs may site na kasing active nung sa atin, to the point na nagiging extended tambayan na to. Almost due to Kuya Rex – no one does it better than Kuya.
~Ruth Henson, Langgotsi 2006B

Aslag Online is such a great idea! I enjoy the videos the most. It’s like Aslag and logbook combined. It benefits us, alumni, the most kasi adyang enake makatambay, updated ke pa rin!
~Maan Laud, Ambula 2000A, Alumna

Sana, ma-reveal nung ninu y BB and GG! Haha! Astig talaga ing Aslag Online kasi informative, fun and up-to-date ya. Sana ali ya mangapaburen, sana mas dakal la pa reng mag-comment at mag-message keng tagboard.
~Jill Te, Baskal 2007A

Aslag never fails to meet its market’s demand. Much more it provides an avenue for residents and alumni to brush up on their ‘Agu’. Like a crib, it rocks!
~Buduy Mallari, Lakatan 2006A

Aslag Online is our modern day logbook which is just a few clicks away. It connects the whole AguFamily, even those who are scattered around the globe. It links thoughts and ideas, pati chismis, showbiz at nanu-nanu pa amo! Ala kung asabi, it’s our online tambayan! Astig! More power keng Agu Aslag Team, congrats keng 100th post!
~Michael Gulapa, Lakatan 2006A

Aslag Online rocks! Galing! I would like to applaud all the AguMems behind this cool and astig blog. Metung ya kareng masanting a project ning Aguman ing gawang sariling blog. Syempre, special mention ing Records & Publications Committee. Kudos to Jen and of course, Kuya Rex! Pati na rin kareng contributors and commentors. Basta ing asabi ku mu bonggang bongga ya ing blog tamu, reading through all the comments, blogs and features gives a lot of fun. Looking forward for more exciting and wackier editions! God bless!
~Frida Galban, Bucayo 2005B

A hip way to access Pampanga’s noble and deep-rooted org! Aslag Online had been Aguman’s awesome way of keeping everyone updated with the latest happenings and showing the world how great it is to be part of it.
~Erika Pagapong, Langgotsi 2006B

Aslag Online became yet another venue for Agu Gels and Boys to exchange ideas, stories, jokes and anything worth talking ang laughing about. As for me, it’s noy my ‘updater’ on most of AguHappenings and it is my connection to the AguPips. At saka nakakawili ang pagcheck ng site, haha!
~Jean Dimabuyo, Kaputul 2004A

I can't suggest any addition for Aslag’s content. Every articles just fits for a sensible update of the entire site. Maybe we just have to change its color theme every sem, haha!
~John Carl Gozun, Baskal 2007A

Aslag Online has become a habit whenever I surf the net. Ang galling ng AOL Team, andaming new ideas. Tapus yung mga alumni, especially yung nasa ibang bansa, updated. Congrats to the AOL Team! 100th post na! This is a milestone! Magpa-Seattle’s Best kayo ha? Hehehe! Long live AOL and UP Aguman!
~Felipe Pablo IV, Langgotsi 2006B

Aslag holds a special part of my Aguman life. From the very first printed issue I produced to the set-up of this Aslag blog, I always pay attention to each creative detail – ultimo extra spaces between sentences, capitalization da reng AguWords, and the correct placement of dashes and parentheses – apapansin ku!
Now that Aslag Online is celebrating its 100th post, I am overwhelmed and touched that like the first ever printed Aslag I published, this blog is very much well-received and talked-about. Also, the purpose from which the idea of this blog originated from was successfully achieved – to update all AguPips, of all decades and places around the world.
I wish that the residents will continue maintaining this blog forever (or at least until this technology becomes obsolete, hehe!), for I am certain, we will never run out of creative minds. Sana rin atin masipag na AguPips na mag-edit keng layout with matching flash animation or animated GIFs, haha! Tsaka reng magaling mag-drawing ken, gawa nakayu mang comic artiks oh, for more innovation! Hehe!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

Actually, uling enaku masyadung makapag-net ngeni, ali ke masyadu aappreciate ing Aslag Online, unlike keng forums dati. “Dugtungan kwentu”, I remember, hahaha! Well, kareng rare visits ku Aslag Online, parehu ya pa rin naman ing theme na, which is communication between mems through the net. Pero ngeni atin nang added features like Spotlight and the like. Saka pwedeng mamasa ka mung blogs, which ala pa dati, nung ala kamu talagang agawa keng oras mu. News, news and more news, about the org, the members and everything in between. To sum it up, magaling ya pagkagawa. Anyway, eke balu ing buong Aslag Online Team. Ala naku adagdag pa keng gewa yu. Ok ya! Rex, oh bakit kasi ngeni mu pa aisip ing makanini!
~Dennis Manabat, Salagpi 2001A, Alumnus

Aslag Online has become every Agupip’s digital haven, an extension of the Aguman tambayan plotted in the vast domain of the world-wide-web. It is and will always be the rendezvous of the organization’s institutions and new bloods, those who have raised the bar and those who are raising the sights further, respectively. It is an interactive source of fun, nostalgia and all things Aguman, right there, right then.
Felicitations to the Aslag Online for its success over the 99 great and creative thoughts put into plausible rhetoric! More power, zeal and creative juices!
~Kevin Peñalba, Langgotsi 2006B

Masalese ya pangagawa ing Aslag Online. Organized ya and systematic lalawen. Suggestion mu sana deng articles, title nala mu makalto tapus kapag kin-click me, lunto ya itang article, banta malinis ya lalawen ing site. Magaling la rin deng writers, maka-entertain super, lalu na itang Top 10 Most Metamorphic. Deng poll, okay la rin with all the pictures included. And lastly, ok ya ing part na pwedeng mag-comment. Overall, I'm giving it an 8.5 out of 10.
~Dondon Dy, Baskal 2007A

I have no doubt in my mind that Aslag Online is a cyber-portkey. It brings every alumnus who has been away for so long back to the good old UP and Aguman days. Reading the artciles and exchanges among the current members rejuvenates by bringing back memories of the fun/carefree/serious/angst-filled college days. I now find myself wanting my daily dose of AOL. Current members whom I meet for the very first time actually seem like old acquaintances. Congratulations to the AOL Team for the energy, zeal and creativity! You have undoubtedly bridged the gap.
~Doby Pineda, Tanikala 1986A, Alumnus

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Top 10 Most Metamorphic Members (Part 1)

By Binibining Bangs & Ginoong Guimaras

Have you heard the saying that ‘being an AguPip changes you’? Well, now you have! Yey! Kidding aside, it’s actually true. Keng kerakal-dakal da ba naman deng pwede mung atutunan in the company of the ever churky and enjoyable AguPips, syempre, we’ll go a long way from our innocent selves when we were applicants.

So now, we wonder, just how drastic are the changes we undergo. We’ve commissioned our resident ‘bubwit’ Bb Bangsamoro to count down the Top 10 members who’ve undergone the most drastic changes in all aspects – looks and personality. But mostly it’s on looks, haha! As bonus, hindi na nag-iisa si Bb Bangsamoro! Abe neng mang-okray este mamye insightful observations y Ginoong Guimaras! Hehe! (O diba, bagong character, hehe!)

So let the fun and the countdown begin!

Ginoong Guimaras (GG): First, we have Aguman’s ‘beloved’ treasurer. Wehehe, ‘beloved’ daw oh, haha!
Binibining Bangsamoro (BB): Ala kung asabi. Because anything I say can be used against me. Hahaha!
GG: Wushu, biased! May ‘feelings’ ka lang dati sa kanya eh, haha! Grabe! Kapayat ng Joms dati, complete transition talaga from the Hale-singing payatot to the Sitti-crooning party animal! Emphasis on the ‘party’, haha!
BB: And from a “know-nothing” applicant to an “all-knowing” Dydykins. hahaha!
GG: Ngeni rugu, atin ya pang “Mems, mems (with matching hand gesture), keni tana oh!”
BB: Korek! And true to Jhae’s legacy, one of the most intimidating members ya pa ngeni!
GG: Who would’ve thought na maging terror ya ing asthmatic heartthrob aini?

BB: Next is our former EducCom Chairperson and current Paluwagan Chairperson, haha!
GG: Ever since naman, y Fergie ing magaling manyingil eh. Pero komusta ne man ing transition na diba?! Atin ya pang pa-layered-layered hair na ababalu ngeni!
BB: Idagdag pa ang bagong welding nyang teeth! Saan ka pa?! From Marimar to Bela Aldama! Haha!
GG: Tapus anyang debut na pa, meg-ledge dancing ya pa y Atchi mu to the tune of Fergalicious!
BB: Samantalang anyang app ya pa, di makahulog karayom na di makabasag pinggan! Kamusta naman ang premature chever skills nya! Pepesus king tambayan galore with boylalu from San Beda!
GG: But that’s so yesterday already! Hehe! Sooo yesterday!

BB: The little boy from Mabalacat named Buduy. To the residents, he’s the Pautakan baby, to the new mems a Math tutor! O dava? Promil Kid, “batang may laban”.
GG: Pero keng Pautakan, ala yang kalaban-laban kasi never yang menyambut, haha!
BB: Isipan mu waring inosente ya ing anak a ini? Lawen mu neman ing ichura na ngeni, balamu atakman na na ngan ing manyaman king yatu! Haha!
GG: With the long hair and all, balamu hippy junkie ya.
BB: Let’s all DRINK to that!
GG: Hoy, kaka-16 ta pa eh, haha!

GG: Well, well, well, look do we have here, if it isn’t our LG-grandfinalist-turned-Honey-to-ex-Honey-to-fratboy! Haha!
BB: Ugh? Tama ba spelling? Kidding side by side, aliwa ba iya ing migpa-usu king tsunami hairstyle?
GG: Yeah! I remember that hair, sabe sulud pa ketang dark-blue Tsunami-I-was-there shirt na! Pero these days ah, Cover Boy ing po-project na. He could give Zanjoe a run for his money! No more SM Department Store pagjaporms ng koya mu!
BB: Award ang lolo mo! Wag ka may bago pa siyang gelay nowadays! Steady lang dava?! Haha!
GG: Totally! Steady lang... Ugh!

GG: Up next is the resident Chever Queen!
BB: Lawen me dati oh, Kirara, ano ang kulay ng pag-ibig? ang sinisigaw! Hahaha!
GG: Wapen, akalain mong multi-regional ing appeal na at mangaparas ya pa Bicol para mu chumever?
BB: Wa, ala kung asabi! Balamu fairy godmother de reng AguGirls.
GG: Patentadu ne man ing taste ng Yek eh, basta semi-kalbu!
BB: Yeah, kaya nga megkamali yang aburyan ne y Joms eh, ene man batla, haha! Pero ngeni, megbayu ne talaga.. meuntug ne eh! Haha!
BB: Tsaka ngeni oh, kikay kung kikay! She puts the ‘ki’ in ‘kikay’! Haha! Kiki, kiki kins, Step-dydy-Yekker-kins!

Oh diba, Part 1 ya pa yan! Abangan yo pa reng TOP 5 keng tutuking installment!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baskal 2007A Induction Rites held

November 20, 2007, Vinzon's Rooftop - All 12 members of batch Baskal 2007A were formally and officially declared as full-pledged members during their Induction Rites by the members. A simple dinner of carbonara fettucini and baked mac with garlic bread was served for the members and inductees.

We now officially welcome the newly-inducted members from Baskal 2007A:
Khersien Bautista
Jewel Dela Cruz
Diogenes Dy
Minsky Goce
John Carl Gozun
Anj Herico
Trisha Nacpil
Neicy Nicdao
Jann Nicolas
Jerome Ocampo
Mae Sto Domingo
Jill Te

A short genmeet was also held before the Induction Rites
*The Cerealicious gift certificates from Pautakan 2007 will be given to select members as incentives for different activities. Each gift certificate is worth P150.

*The Records & Pub is now accepting contributions of poems and articles for the Aslag portfolio which will be printed in time for the Anniversary dinner with the alumni on December 29, 2007.

*An alumna, Arvee Salazar, has volunteered to help the residents on a joint fund-raising activity. The proposed project is a Jag-Lee Sale in the campus. The actual details will be posted here once they have been finalized.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A New Sem Has Begun

By Kenshin

As I stepped down
From the roaring jeep
I was suddenly awashed
with sunlight --
quite blinding --
but no pain.

A new beginning,
I realized, as I started
Up the flights of steps
leading me to the familiar
sight -- always the same,
but never identical.

Lots of posters, reminders and instructions
That a fool may be weary of
but not me -- us
These are the instructions
Of another life to be filled
within the bounds of
flying weeks.
Yes -- flying -- so soon
So fast.

Tip, tap, tip, tap
Feet resounding --
The sound so ghostly as
it was before --
Of the weeks gone bye
and papers fading away.

It went through the procedures
My head needing a cure --
Computers buzzing; people drifting by
I'm on my final track.

I gave up the paper I
held so dear --
Just to be ripped apart
and put in a bin
Following the maze --

So here it goes,
A new beginning as
the end was finally closed
My money held ransom
For my precious piece
I'm happy -- a new journey,
Will now begin

Friday, November 16, 2007

Genmeet Highlights: November 15, 2007

By Jen Castro

DATE: Nov. 15, 2007 (Thursday)
PLACE: Room PH203
TIME: 6:00-7:30 PM (18:00-19:30)

There were 34 members and six officers present during the meeting.

*AGUMAN ALUMNI FOUNDATION – Aguman Alumni would like to give financial support to deserving residents who are having financial problem during that moment.

*LAUNCHING OF APPLICATION PROCESS – Orientation for applicants will be on Nov. 22. Prospective applicants should be at least five.

*LAUNCHING OF SINING – Official launching of Sining will be either on the last week of November or first week of December.

*INDUCTION OF BASKAL 2007A – Induction of batch Baskal 2007A will be on November 20 at Vinzons’ Rooftop. Free food and drinks also in celebration of the success of Pautakan 2007.

*SEMSTARTER – Choices for Extreme Bonding Session (EBS) were the following:

·Duckpin bowling
·Tenpin bowling
·Star City
·Enchanted kingdom (EK)
·Videoke (Garahe or Red Box)


November 28 – December 1 – PalakaSanlahi
March 1 – Patalasanlahi

*ALUMNI HOMECOMING – Alumni and residents celebration to be held at Simple Asia in Balibago, Pampanga. It is a Luau Party (Hawaiian) and it will be free for the residents. Residents will be in-charge of the logistics and publicity of the event and members will also sell Agu stuffs for additional money.

*AD HOC COMMITTEE – An Ad Hoc Committee was made headed by Acey Duarte for the gift-giving on December 22 and December 29. Members were the following:
·Felipe Pablo
·Lai Castro
·Deneese Handumon
·Ruth Henson
·Buduy Mallari
·Bong Roque

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time is Gold

Originally published in the printed Aslag, AY 2003-2004

First semester is over and we've just ushered in the 2nd semester! New set of subjects (well, okay, probably with an old one or two, haha!), professors and classmates. I'm sure marami sa atin ang nag-sabing: “Promise, mag-aaral na ako! Itinatakwil ko na ang cramming! Ayoko ko na talaga!”

Well, it’s because we either had a 4.0, INC, DRP or worse, 5.0. Or maybe for the luckier ones they ‘successfully’ reached the 60th mark by 0.01 and were given “one more chance” (I’ll neveeeer goho, far away from yoouuuu..).
Tapos, sasabihin ng parents natin: “Hindi ka kasi nag-aaral eh! Kasalanan mo yan!” Earth to parents: “Mahirap po mag-aral sa UP!”
While some of us would keep quiet out of guilt because we did choose Heroes over Dorbunsch, others have the nerve to make excuses.
But really, if you take these into consideration:

*Kahit si God nag-rest nung 7th day diba, why can't we do the same? We are after all, created in His image and likeness. That’s 52 Sundays in a year.
*Kapag summer, sobrang init! Mahirap mag-aral. Hotta hotta summer is about 50 days.
*Syempre, since you’re an AguPip, you will attend the Pautakan (3 days), Sining (2 days), CEER (2 days), Final Rites and other fun-filled activities.
*Legal and non-working holidays: December 25, 30 & 31, January 1 & 2, Eid’l Fitr, June 12, August 18 & 21, October 31, November 1 & 2, November 30. Huwag na nating isali ang Holy Week holidays at Labor Day, tutal counted na yun sa summer vacation. That’s a total of 13 days.
*Every now and then, you get sick din naman diba. Naturally, no knowledge can efficiently enter your mind habang umuubo-ubo at humahatching-hatching ka. Lalu na kung malas ka talaga at naka-dextrose ka pa. Let’s say you get sick 5 days in a year.
*Then there’s 5 days for the suspension of classes due to “rainy days” kung saan sobrang init ng araw, makukuha mo pang ma-sunburn, try mo man.
*Then there’s what we call the sembreak (14 days, hindi na counted yung mga Undas holidays) and Christmas break (10 days, similarly, hindi na counted yung mga legal holidays during the two weeks) kung saan hindi tayo pwede mag-aral. Syempre, kaya nga ‘break’ ang tawag, diba?

So you roughly have 206 days para isinggit nang maayos ang pinapangarap na good study havits sa iyong schedule. Andaming time noh? Not if you consider these factors as well.
*A healthy adult must have an average of 7-8 hours of sleep: 7.5 hrs (average) x 206 days » 64.4 days.
DAYS LEFT: 141.6
*Syempre, kailangan natin kumain sa araw-araw: breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks. Kalimutan na ang diet, dahil we need a sound body to be able to study properly. Chew properly kaya all in all 2 hrs x 206 days » 17.2 days.
DAYS LEFT: 124.4
*Kailangan gwapo at maganda tayo araw-araw dahil we’ll never know when we’ll meet our ‘the one’. You need to take a bath (once a day na lang, magtipid tayo ng tubig) for 15 minutes, 5 minutes for defacation, 5 minutes for toothbrush, 5 minutes to wash your face every time it gets eeww and oily and 30 minutes for putting on your clothes, fixing your hair and all that jazz. Lahat lahat: 1 hr x 206 days » 8.6 days.
DAYS LEFT: 115.8
*You need some human interaction to keep your sanity because no man is an island. Assuming 2 hrs worth of kwentuhan or texting with friends, housemates and classmates x 206 days » 17.2 days.
*You need to rest every and then, you know, some leisure time: watch TV, listen to music, read some mags or newspaper, play some games, etc etc. That’s approximately 2 hrs x 206 days » 17.2 days.
*There are 18 weeks of classes in a semester. Wala kang ire-review kung hindi ka naman pumapasok sa mga classes mo, diba?! Assuming na 17 units lecture + 1 unit lab: 17 + 3 hrs = 20 hrs x 18 wks x 2 sems » 30 days.
*Enlistment is like the worst ever in terms of effort and number of classes enlisted, haha, plus the lines for all kinds of things are long: 2 days (for lining up, enlistment, prerog processes and other kinds of registration processes most especially, in waiting for just about anything!) x 2 sems » 4 days.
*Exam days: Assuming na 6 subjects per sem x 3 long exams + 1 finals x 3 hrs (+30 mins relaxation before the exam dahil heller, as if naman may papasok pa sa pag-cramming mo, +4 hrs recovery period dahil nawindang ka after the exam) x 2 sems » 15 days.
*Syempre, mag-cocommute ka from your house to school and back and in between your classes. Sometimes you’d have to walk naman. Then there are days na sobrang traffic. All in all: 1.5 hrs x 5 days (May group meetings ka kapag Wednesdays kaya 5 days) x 18 weeks x 2 sems » 11.3 days.
*At dahil ikaw ay isang ulirang AguPip, umaattend ka ng at least half of the GenMeets: 1.5 hrs x 50% x 15 GenMeets x 2 sems » 0.9 days.
*Tumatambay ka rin at least 1 hr per schoolday: 1 hr x 4 days (huwag ka nang tumambay kapag Wednesday, wala naman halos tao) x 18 wks x 2 sems » 6 days.
Then there are the activities or events na applicable lang on a weekly basis:
*Dahil every weekend lang tayo nasa Pampanga, kailangan pa rin natin ng quality time with our family at least 3 hrs per weekend: 29 wks (»29 wks ang 206 days) x 3 hrs » 3.6 days.
*Tapos kailangan maging ulirang anak ka rin kaya do some household chores or kung anu-ano mang errands na inuutos nina Mommy at Daddy: 4 hrs x 29 weekends » 4.8 days.
*Dahil wala naman tayong kakayahang mag-Apparate to and from Pampanga and Quezon City, kailangan nating bumiyahe sakay ang bus: 2 times (papunta at pabalik) x 2 hrs x 29 weekends » 4.8 days.

Whew! You have a cumulative total of 24 hours all in all para mag-aral each year. Pero teka lang, mag-aaral ka ba sa birthday mo?!

So ngayon, saan mo isisingit ang pag-aaral? So anu yun, tuwing leap year kung saan mayroong 366 days in a year, dun ka lang makakapag-aral? Haha!

So, it is your fault kung bumabagsak ka? Well, the answer is of course… alam mo na yun! Haha!

Good luck sa bagong semester!

Monday, November 12, 2007

SocioComm Corner: More than meets the eye

By Loree Sicat, Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson

Artists, kikays, malantung, aparisyun – four words that always come to one’s mind when hearing the name of my beloved committee, the Socio-Cultural Committee. So now I am going to explain why these words became synonymous with socio.

Artists – Members taking up the courses Architecture, Fine Arts, Landscape Archi, Interior Design and the likes usually end up being a SocioComm member. Why? Because we are so damn talented we are always able to make unique, incredible and breathtaking shirt, trophy, and backdrop designs. And being a Socio Commmember gives you the honor and pride of showing your talent to all the Capampangans during events like The Pautakan and Sining.

– Sexy and beautiful girls. Drop-dead gorgeous guys. What can I say? We were given the talent as well as the looks. We can do nothing about it (even if we like to!). Even other people can’t do anything. So, in order to stop feeling insecure and jealous, they resort to calling us “kikays’ and uh…”kikoys” for the Socio guys. You can call us whatever you like but I doesn’t change the fact that we have the looks, the body, and the talent. (And deep in your heart, you just love the way we approach the tambayan and then give our heart-stopping smile. Hehe!)

– who in the world planned to destabilize us and used this cruel word to call us Socio members? We were never malantung, believe me. It just so happens that guys go crazy over us Socio Girls. It is really hard having bunch of admirers and yes, even stalkers! And again, we can do nothing about this dilemma. L We are very tired of hiding so, what can we do? Do you have any suggestion to solve this? We don’t have a choice, do we? So we just try entertain our admirers and then people call us malantung. *sigh*

– I can only give you two reasons why we don’t show ourselves often:
*When we couldn’t take it and we just have to hide from our admirers and
*Most of the we have to be alone and find peaceful environment in order to produce our masterpieces.
Besides, why do you always notice our absence anyway? Is it because Aguman will not be complete without us? Hehe!

Four words, four reasons why being a Socio-Cultural Committee member makes one unique. However, being unique is not easy. You have to be responsible. And seriously, being a SocioComm member does not mean that you have to take things lightly, be less active, or make “aparisyon”. It also doesn’t mean that you only show yourself during the org’s important events. Remember, you are a part of one whole committee. And being a part of a whole, you have to share and cooperate for the whole committee to perform well. You joined a committee and doing so means that you know that you have your obligations and you have to fulfill them responsibly. I know that my committee is far from perfect. But I also know that with a touch of unity and cooperation from us members, we definitely can do everything!

Now, there are only three months left before Sining 2008. Of course, I feel uncertain, nervous and dread. But so what? I have the whole SocioComm by my side and the Agupips behind me. What a powerhouse team! I am very much ready! The Socio-Cultural Committee is more than ready! And now, prepare your lipstick, I mean talent! Let’s GO!

And now, sasamantalahin ko na.. haha!
*I would like to thank Ate Daph, Frida, Jen, Gboi, Jomz and kuya Marco for supporting me. Ate Daph, sobrang salamat talaga.
*Ate Claire, Ate Mel, Kuya Dan and to all alumni thank you very much. I can’t thank you enough.
*Jerjer, kim, denesse, Erika, Aga and Kuya Al-thanks din socio! Sana ali kayu medala kareng sermon ku,hehe.
*Kuya Rex, thank you keka. Exposure neh? Haha!
*Elaida-Besssss, sobrang salamat at lagi kang atsu siping ku. Ali ku agyu ini kung ali dahil keka.
*Buddy Michael, Buddy Marco and Grandbudz Anj, thanks din kapilan tamu mag-shot?
*Agupips, thank you for believing in me. Love you all. You made my college life so much better and so much exciting than I have imagined.

Friday, November 9, 2007

First GenMeet for 2nd Sem: November 15

Welcome back to school, AguResidents! Komusta ne man ing "modern and no-manual registration" tamu? Haha! For those who are officially enrolled, ekayu mayabang! For those who are still hopeful of getting a slot for a GE subject or may heaven help you, a PE subject (especially nung ala kayu pang PE ever), good luck keng pamag-prerog.

For the meantime, here are some announcements from the Execom:
*NOVEMBER 15, Thursday, 5.30PM - First ever GenMeet for the new semester, so attend kayo, guys! Kaka-start pa lang ng classes, kaya wala pa kayo gaanong excuse to not come, miss na natin ang isa't isa, hehe!

*Re-aff forms will be available on NOVEMBER 12, kukwa kayu mu keng tambayan. Deadline of re-affirmation is on NOVEMBER 21. Re-aff Fee amount is still TBA.

So there, kita-kits keng tambayan at keng campus! Re-aff kayo, and invite natin ang iba pang member na "mag-balik loob" sa Aguman, hehe! Abangan niyo ang launching ng SINING 2008! Keep visiting Aslag Online - comment, tag, and comment some more! But no flooding, please (ne, Felipe?, haha!).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

FinComm Corner: Underestimated

By Jerome Caylao, Treasurer

The first semester has ended and we are halfway done with the academic year. (I hope all your acads are okay). The past semester was definitely helluva one and I am glad that we are all starting a new one with the org still intact and full of fire burning within the members. For that, I would like to commend the members for a job well done especially in our major events so far -- CEER and Pautakan. There may be shortcomings from some members and from us members of the Executive Council but generally speaking we got off the hook.

Being the Treasurer of Aguman opened a lot of opportunities and privileges. The position gave me a sense of pride that there are still members who believed in me despite the fact that I resigned a year ago due to health reasons. I always believe that it takes a lot of courage to take responsibility of the organization’s finances and when I assume the job I thought I was ready for the challenge. I underestimated the sacrifices and workload the job entails. Now, if I would rate my performance as a leader to my committee I would definitely give myself a failing grade for the simple reason that our committee has been the most absent during the first semester. The absence of my committee was definitely my fault and for that, my deepest and sincerest apologies. I know that during the time that the organization needed our services the most we weren’t there or the man power coming from our committee is inadequate. I cannot blame anyone but myself because it is my responsibility as their leader to organize my committee. In the same way, I myself seemed to be in the lead in absences. Again, my apologies.

However, we may be absent from a lot of events but I think that we never ignored our responsibility in raising the organization’s funds. So far, we already had three fundraisers that I think were successful though I cannot deny that the Shrek Re-run had caused a big issue with the members. But these fundraisers wouldn’t be possible if not for the members’ cooperation. For that, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the members who supported these fundraisers: Globe Sim Packs Selling, Shrek 3 Re-run Major Tie-up and the Harry Potter Book 6 & 7 Raffle. But I cannot take full credit of these fundraisers because there are other people who suggested or presented these fundraisers.

I would like to abuse this opportunity to thank specific people that helped me get my job done:
*Lea, for the sponsorships and taking over for me during Pautakan
*Justin, for attending those meetings that I wasn’t able to attend, taking over during Pautakan and keeping me updated (I know I abused you more than you thought I would)
*Daph and Gboi for listening to my complaints and giving me the strength
*the Executive Council, for understanding me
*and of course to my buddies, Acey and Felipe, for uplifting me when I needed it the most.

For the others who weren’t mentioned you know who you are and to you, my sincere thanks. Also, I would like to say sorry for my shortcomings and all my mistakes.

That’s all for now! Ciao!


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Lorna Blanco
Kimberly Cadag

Friday, November 2, 2007

Talkback: Pautakan 2007

Compiled by Felipe Pablo

I thought the Pautakan was just - well, a quiz show. But it was more than that. From preparation, i.e. questions night, to the end of the event, I realized that the Pautakan was an ultimate bonding for the members, students, and it was a great service for the Kapampangan students. And take note: the preparation wasn't fabulous!
~Felipe Pablo IV, Langgotsi 2006B

Ok ang Pautakan. Ngayon ko siya na-appreciate! In fairness naman sa UP Aguman, it was really good. And I really mean it. Basta sana iklian na lang ang ibang mga questions. Yun lang. Keep up the good work! Great job! Medyo nadalian lang ako sa Math.
~Dennis David, guest

Kala ko hindi mairaraos ang bawat araw. Pero sa huli, Masaya ang lahat sa isang matagumpay na proyekto.
~Diogenes Dy, Baskal 2007A

Naging very successful yung Pautakan and ang ganda ng venue! Congrats sa Educ Committee!
~Elaida Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Smashing venue, cool crowd, haha! Great event!
~Eleaze Valerie Santos, Kaputul 2004

Grabe, sobrang nag-enjoy ako! Kahit medyo nakakapagod at sandamakmak na sermon ang inabot ko, ayos lang. It’s worth it!
~Trisha Nacpil, Baskal 07

Eto lang masasabi ko, ALA KUNG ASABI! Len mu pin naman ing bunga na ning pagal at pamisaup-saup tamu ne. Tutu pin na pag metung tamu, nothing can go wrong. All those sleepless nights and hard work did pay off. Special mention ke syempre, ing buddy ku, GBOI de Padua, congratulations for a job well done! Magaling buddy, magmana ka kaku. Hehe… I’m so proud of you!
~Frida Chia Galban, Bukayo 2005B

ASTIG! Woohoo! Ang cute pa nung nanalo.
~Cindy Paguio, Kadaya 2005A

I personally believe… hehe… kapagod pero fulfilling!
~Jeremiah Torrico, Lakatan 2006A

Nakakapagod palang maging part ng BIG event na 'to pero masaya. Tsaka grabe naalala ko yung elem times na nakasali kami sa Pautakan! Nafeel ko tuloy na tumanda na nga ko. I'm really glad having memorable times with the mems, alumni and the participants as well. Very fulfilling talaga.
~Anj Herico, Baskal 2007A

Nakaka-amaze dahil first time kong maghost ng ganito kalaking event. Ansaya pa dahil you get to mingle with the younger students. Tas nakakamiss yung times na ikaw yung nasa lugar nila. What the contestants felt was pretty much the same as what I had felt before. The aura was still the same. And I feel sorry for those who never had the chance to experience being part of this prestigious academic contest whether you're a participant or an organizer.
~Minsky Goce
, Baskal 2007A

Pautakan 2007 was a blast! It was very, very, very (to the nth power) successful! Almost all members came! Even our beloved alumni! It was very touching to see the residents and alumni reunite through the Pautakan. The schools showed a very exciting and honest battle of wits. Congrats to Gboi and to the Educ Committee! Congrats sa members! We rock!!!
~Lorelee Sicat, Kadaya 2005A

Yet another success, that is the PAUTAKAN 2007! It was not just because of the grand venue or the number of participating schools but more so, it was because of the enthusiasm of members. I personally believe (hehe) that the PAUTAKAN serves the members, as well as the alumni, more that it serves high schoolers because it provides a mixture of work, fun, learning and cooperation among Agupeeps. And that is irreplaceable.
~Ma. Jean Avy Dimabuyu, Kaputul 2004

It was a BIG hit!
~Fergie Ann Panganiban, Kadaya 2005A

I think it was a success. Hindi tayo ready as much as we wanted but we did all we can in the time that we had. Pero sana mas tapos na natin lahat ng kailangan before magstart yung event mismo.
~Mary Therese Lising, Kadaya 2005A

Masaya, maganda ang Pautakan pero syempre may igaganda pa! Salamat sa mga alumni na dumating, dumoble ang saya. Don Bosco pala nanalo, mas malapit na ang venue nyan. Yey!
~Ruth Elaine Henson, Langgotsi 2006B

PAUTAKAN 2007 is a learning experience for me. Being a contestant there itself is already a big thing. From the review until the contest itself, I was able to gain knowledge about everything and anything under the sun. The event was well-prepared by the UP Aguman. The questions were really unexpected. Sino ba namang makakasagot ng mga tanong na never heard of di ba? I didn’t only learn academically but I also learned to make friends with my opponents and to be strong despite of losing. Being one of the contestants for the Pautakan was once in a lifetime experience for me. It’s not only a test of wits but also a test on how you remain strong kahit na dinudugo na ang ilong mo.
~Abigal Sunga, SSA High School Team

The Pautakan 2007 was generally planned. The questions were so difficult that it took each encounter too long to end. The flash presentation was good! Review the mechanics and contest rules. Pautakan is a battle of wit, good strategy and luck.
~Ms Tricia Superio, Coach, HFA High School Team

The UP Aguman has gotten me through the most nerve-racking moments of my life. The Pautakan never failed to raise the bar for interschool competitions – this year wasn’t an exception. Although we didn’t get the coveted “Boi Negro”, we still had loads of fun, made some new friends, and learned tons of facts to make our classmates’ noses bleed.
~Diana Angeline Fidellaga, HFA High School Team

PAUTAKAN, At last I’ve got the feel of it. That blotch of ignorance of my Aguman life has finally been filled up. A great experience and an efficient way to kill time. A three-whole-day melee of brilliance, exchange of laughs, offering of service and showcase of love, a three-whole-day event which for me isn’t just enough. It’s indeed big that words can contain it not.
~Kevin Patrick Penalba, Langgotsi 2006B

The PAUTAKAN 2007 for me had many changes! One of these is the timer system that I learned was made by my once STS classmate and seatmate (though we never talked to each other), Dennis (and we share the same name) Paguio, who is also the brother of AguResident, Cindy. Another is the surprise package of leadership of both Gboi and of our small but terrible president, Daphne, who emits a sort of an aura that even though she is the object of some jokes by the members, she is respected all throughout. Because of this, the members try their best to be serious when it is time to be serious. Agupips are no longer posing when somebody holds a camera. But there are exceptions, of course. I do not know why, but you will all get your turns at the camera, so why make “saligoso” over a shot? I have been saying that to myself since I joined this organization, but then I realized that it is all part of tradition in UP AGUMAN. Finally, the Educational Committee and the members who participated and did their best in supporting the EducComm make this event possible. I do not know if it is just me changing (just because I came as an alumnus this time, that means, no pressure, and not as a registered member, which I have been for six years) or the whole organization changing for the better, I hope it is the latter. See you at SINING 2008! Go Loree! Good Luck!
~Dennis Rey Manabat, Alumnus, Salagpi 2001A

Syempre, masaya ya ing Pautakan! Lagi naman eh – from the launch wherein poprobleman ku where manikwang questions, to the Questions Nights (each year, alub ku namu mayari na ing Finals Week ali uling ban nang mayari ing sem ku nune para makapag-QNights na, haha!), to the 3-day event itself. Actually, tuwing third day, medyo malulungkut naku, kasi agad kung aiisip, “Shet, I would have to wait another year na naman para keng Pautakan..” We’re quite lucky this year – an impressive venue, dakal mekyabeng schools, saup-saup tamu (more than ever, I feel), dakal tamu ikwang support (financial and moral) from our alumni, at syempre, meg-Champion ya ing DBA, sa wakas. Shet, pwede nakung gumraduate, haha!
But of course, and I am sure, Gboi and those na talagang me-involve will agree, dakal meging problema na sana aiwasan (oha, kagaling ne, eyu man siguru apansin masyadu ita, haha!). Gboi and the Educ Committee should put into writing the formal assessment for Pautakan 2007. So that we won't have to repeat the same mistakes year after year, no matter how minor. Imagine how big Pautakan will be if we are able to surpass this year’s edition’s success. Ala tamu talagang asabi!
PS. Sa susunod, mag-pa-audition / training tayo ng mga quizmasters. Hindi yung kung sinu-sino nag-piprisinta, nabubulol naman at hindi maintindihan (seriously). Ika kasi Hermie (sana abasa mu ini), katas ing sinet mung standards, haha!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

Just yesterday I was a contestant. Then I became one with the organizers. Today I am a spectator. Istu pin namang tutwa na ka neh! Karakal magbayo… There’s one constant though – the yearly success of Pautakan! Congratulations guys and gals! Bawi kayo sa sembreak, you all deserve it.
PS. Go Busko!
PPS. Boo 1 hr ride to Mabalacat!
~Mike Penalba, Alumnus, Sampelut 2003A

It was a great pleasure winning the prestigious acad contest. Also, it would be the first time in 18 years that it will be held in DBA. And first time in Mabalacat. Thanks! It was a great experience!
~Madison Dominguez, DBA High School Team

Sobrang astig ng Pautakan ngayong year! Haha! Sobrang nakita ko yung support ng lahat ng members, tapos ang ganda pa ng venue, di ba? Saan ka pa?! Ang daming schools na dumating (13 na HS at 9 na Elem)! Astig diba?! Tapos astig yung bagong timer, di na siya low tech! Astig yung mga judges and yung shirts! May souvenir shirts pa! Ang dami pang alumni! Astig talaga diba?! Kaya sa next Educ Chairperson, keep the Pautakan Flame burning!!!
~Gerard Robin de Padua, Lakatan 2006A


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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Top Commenters for October 2007

Congratulations to our October 2007 winners!
2. Fergie
3. Anj

The rest of the Top 10 are:
4. Jill
5. John Carl
6. Kevin
7. Jean
8. Daphne
9. Michael
10. Acey

The prizes and mechanics for the November 2007 contest are still the same. Click here, for a review of the rules.

The Aslag Online Team is happy to report the following increase on the following stats for October:
*16.4% in comments and tags
*5.9% visitors (October 2007 average: 23.6)

We had visitors (whether they are actual AguPips or just random people who stumble upon our blog, we don't know, haha!) from other countries. The top foreign countries are:
1. United States, 90 hits
2. Hong Kong, 43
3. Ghana, 10
4. United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, France, 3
We also had a visitor or two from Sweden, Spain, Latvia, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Egypt, Iraq, Japan and India.

We have compiled the top and most interesting and intriguing requests / search strings from search engines that lead to our blog. Beware, Agupips (deng aliwa mu, hehe!) atin kayung stalkers, haha!
*up aguman pautakan
*acquaintance party
*up pautakan registration
*pautakan 07
*minsky goce multiply
*paggawa ng pamaypay
*abigail sunga up aguman
*"Kristle Kerr"
*michele fabros friendster
*pautakan sample problems
*parehong kasarian na relasyon
*jennifer hizon
*"daphne villanueva" crush
*etymology of jerjer
*celine baskal
*paggawa ng bukayo
*baskal sex
*photo sex baskal
*diogenes dy
*guagua national colleges cheerdance competition 2007
*khersien bautista
*eleaze santos
*natasha tabucal

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