Saturday, January 31, 2009

List of Ways to Improve Yourself!

Do you often find yourself realizing, “Hey, I need to start [insert some good habit that you haven’t really considered before!” Well, I have. Quite a number of times actually, ha-ha. But then again, who hasn’t? Nobody’s perfect anyway and heck, even the KC Concepcion’s character in the crappy movie that is “For The First Time” had the humility to say, “I get it, I’m not perfect.” Of course, changing a bad habit or to start a new good one is easier said and done. It’s really a struggle when it’s bound to disrupt the comfort and convenience that our current routine has mastered. But as Obama says, “Yes, we can!” Haha! All it takes is the strength to actually start doing it, but for me, that’s the hardest part. But once you get the ball rolling so to speak, it’s easier to be firm in your resolve.

That’s probably why starts or beginnings of something are good turning points for positive change. Start of a new year, start of a new semester, start of college life, start of the coverage for the next major exam, etc, etc. Somehow, the idea of a ‘fresh new start’ is extra encouragement to take positive action.

So for my first list for this year, I bring you some new things you can try out for yourself. Now in this piece, I don’t mean to sound preachy and act like all these tips all come from my super duper brilliant mind, as evident in my super duper brilliant life, haha! So I googled some self-improvement tips and I am sharing the ones that I feel most strongly about. I hardly have a perfect life, so a number of these tips were more than helpful for me, too.

*Start eating the right food, regardless of whether you want to lose, gain or maintain your weight. Less junk food and soft drinks, more fruits and veggies. Geesh, I never thought I’d someday find myself saying that, haha! The food that our generation eats nowadays is far worse than what our parents and grandparents had when they were young (preservatives!!). Look how many ailments they complain about now.
*Start doing more physical activities and stop lying in bed all day watching torrented movies or playing online games. It’s just not about having a to-drool-for body, but think about how great it would be to physically feel good about yourself. Play your favourite sport more often, start jogging around the acad oval (take advantage of the jogging lane!). It really feels good to be doing something good for your body and health and to take care of it now so that it won’t bite you in the arse someday when you grow older.

*Stop cramming for papers or exams! This is probably the biggest debacle in a student’s life, isn’t it? Haha! God knows I miss the feeling of not panicking hours before a major deadline. Just last weekend, I started working on a Machine Exercise problem that is due next week and managed to finish the hard and tedious part already. And damn it felt good, haha! Well, it wasn’t really that hard because I already knew the solution to the problem. But the thought of not having accomplished something way ahead of its deadline is a welcome change that may inspire me in my other academic tasks.
*Be more organized, systematic and/or objective. It’s really not just about being OC about things. It’s more about being orderly and efficient at the same time. You may say that even if your own stuff is a mess, you still manage to find your way around it. But have you pondered how your roommate feels about the crappy ambiance in the room that you both share? Being more organized actually allows you to get more things done, not to mention more effectively – 99.5% of people who have done so say so. Okay, maybe I did make up that number, it’s just like a germicidal soap, haha! But common sense will tell you there’s a huge ring of truth to it.

Well, I must admit, moral improvements are hardly any that you can change overnight, hehe. It’s really something you have to diligently work on for quite some time for it to be really instilled.
*Live up to your principles. Your own set is something that you should really have by now, now that you’re ‘old enough’ to forge such, hehe. It’s that part of your character that defines it. Stick by them, never compromise, and even if you do, it had better be extremely worth it.
*Discipline, integrity and love of country. Hmm, I am not sure if ‘love of country’ actually falls into the ‘morally’ category, but since we’re talking of values and principles here, I’m gonna throw it in with the first two anyway, hehe. I personally believe that we Filipinos should learn to be more disciplined (follow our own rules, be more responsible citizens) and be more loving of our country (we can contribute to it in our own little ways).

*Learn to spend your allowance wisely. Decrease unnecessary expenses! Just because you can afford to eat out and go to TriNoma three times a week, doesn’t mean you should. If bored, there are more and less costly ways to entertain yourself or de-stress from acads’ challenges and cruelty.
*Save for the rainy day. It really pays to do so. Especially in your times of emergency or even in your friend’s, hehe. Of course, in our age, a “rainy day” isn’t really something serious. But think about this: isn’t it great to have money to spare when something really worth spending for comes along? At least in those occasional leisure expenditures, you wouldn’t have to bug your parents to finance them.

*Maintain your good friendships. In the interlaced network of people that you know, there are those who are mere acquaintances or colleagues. And then there are your friends. We meet many in the many stages of our lifetime. But as we move on with our lives and maybe even lose constant touch, it takes real effort to keep the bond in the best of our friendships. But then again, the effort is more than worth it. Seasonal friends are one of the worst kinds for me. They’re there when they need you, otherwise, they’re just like anyone else – fleeting and passing.
*Learn to be happy alone. Being ‘alone’ shouldn’t be always equated with ‘loneliness’. Because in many times, some alone time with yourself is exactly the kind of solitude that you need. Take note though, “sometimes” is the operative word, hehe!
*Family is family. I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to have good relationships with one’s siblings or parents, especially in cases when they’re really bad people to begin with, haha! But I think in most cases, we just need to up the communication lines from both side more often to be able to fully appreciate each other. You’ll be surprised at how valuable they can be. You think you have many friends anyway to help you out with your problems? Someday, a situation will come and you’ll see that none of your friends could (or would) help you out and that your family is the only one you can count on in those trying times.

I think that the question of whether we can usher in an era of change, personal or otherwise, is moot. Whether we want to, is the real question. One month down, eleven months to go! Have a better year in 2009, guys.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How John Stole Pictures

Sometime in December 2008, while I was viewing all the photos that I captured using my digicam, I realized that I always aim for a stolen shot.

The slideshow gadget on my desktop always shows the said photos, and that triggered me to share this entry with you guys. Actually, most of the photos aren’t uploaded on my Multiply site.

Important Notice: Walang magagalit ha? :D Peace tayo!

Jill, the Juday fan
Si Jilly na Ploning fan at ako rin daw. So kamusta naman ang panonood ng Ouija as our first Baskal Bonding. Ang next picture ay talang stolen noong birthday ni Anj. All the way the nguso points for directions. Ha ha!

Gboi, ang Tagasampay
Yeah Gboi, you didn’t know I captured this one. Looks like you’re nanampay sa court ng UA habang tayo ay sumasayaw. Hehe! Maybe it was pampaalis ng stress during the Pautakan 2007. Balita ko ngayon makulay na makulay ang love life niya, at sabi ng aking mga mata ay nakita ko silang dalawa twice sa Trinoma.

Ang Tomador
At sino raw itong lasenggang ito? Balita ko ay isang case ng San Mig Strong Ice kaya niyang ubusin sa isang gabi? Sabi pa ng aking source nagiging malibog din siya sometimes. Hay naku, ‘nubiyen. Itago nalang natin siya sa namesum na “Angelica.”

Kontrabida ng Pinanari
“HOOOY!” ang isang pagbulyaw ni Kath noong Final Rites ng Pinanari. Ala masungit daw siya sabi ng mga applicants. Kamusta naman kaya siya ngayon? Sabi ng aking mga tenga, may crush siya sa batch naming noong kami’y nag-aaply pa lamang. Ooops haha! Yun na!

Balikan ang Pagkabata
Ang ating mga Bucayo sisters ay mahilig talagang mag-explore gaya nalang ng atin Memcom head na sinusubukan kung marunong pa siyang magswing/sambitiw. Sa may puno naman ay si Kath na expert pala sa pag-akyat sa mga puno. Ang next picture naman ay kuha noong Tribute 2008. Hindi naman mukhang food critique si Ate Acey noon. Sabi ng aking Plurk timeline ay maraming syang nadidiscover sa school year na ito. Kung ano yun? Aba malay ko.

The Queen of Chocolates
Aba at sarap na sarap sa Sansrival cake ang magmamana ng trono sa kaharian ng mga tsokolate. Isa rin siya sa mga maldita na kinaiinisan ng mga Pinanari applicants kaya noong FR nila ay pinakadami ang bigay nilang sansrival sa kanya para mapigil ang bibig niya sa kakamura, Ha ha! Kamusta naman siya ngayon? Sabi ng Agu Number ngayon may secret admirer daw siya kaya napakaswerte nya at walong beses siyang straight na nanalo sa Pusoy Dos.

Good Girl Gone Bad
“When the sun shines we’ll shine together…” Hello sa ating debutant na ala-Rihanna talaga ang “unang” stockings. Sa birthday ni Anj, hinamon niya ang kaniyang sarili kung ayos pa ang buto-buto niya at hindi pa siya nakakadevelop ng arthritis. Go Mommy ng bayan, agyu mu pang igiling iyan!

Tikman Mo ang Flower
How’s does the flower tastes Mike? Is it good with icing or not? Ha ha! Kamakailan lang ay nalaman ko na siya ang susunod yapak ko bilang emo guy. Oh well, mas bata pala siya sa akin.

Pussycat Doll successfully released.

“Let’s play outshide!” mataginting na nagyaya si Lai para maglaro ng Ultimate Frisbee. Nakontrol naman niya ang sarili niya sa pag-inom ng Tequilla Shots at hindi nagpatalo sa super duper exhaust game. Pagkatapos niyang magyaya at nasa labas na ang lahat napansin namin na siya ang wala, ayun nagbabad na pala sa Jacuzzi at natulog nang mahimbig.

Pancit ala Ferg
What just happened to our King? Nasobrahan siya ng pagkain ng pancit ni Ferg kaya stolen na stolen ang shot na ito. With matching C2 and lumpiang shanghai, baka ibato na niya sakin ang mga iyon dahil dito! Ha ha! Peace Kuya Rex.

So there you have it. Be careful next time when I click that capture button. You guys better be prepared and always be pacute.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

2008B Application Process launched

January 21, 2008 -- The Membership Committee officially started the application process for the second semester for the current school year with the Buddy Bidding held after the weekly Genmeet.

The bidding process had a creative twist this semester. The MemComm and the buddy-mems prepared profiles of the buddy-mems that featured the pros and cons of having them as buddies. Each tidbit revealed had a certain amount that was paid for by all the bidding apps.

The apps and their respective buddy-mems are as follows:
Krisha (Batchhead) - Kevin
Diana - Jona
Anne - Fergie
Gem - Felipe
Aleks - Minsky
Rain - Trish
RJ - Aries

The Unity Night 2008B will held this Wednesday, January 28, after the weekly Genmeet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sining 2009 Schedule of Events

DAY 1 - February 7, New Era University
8:00am Registration

9:00 Opening Ceremonies
10:00 DEADLINE: Entries for Art Photography
10:00-11:30 Impromptu Speech Competition (English)
10:00-12:00 Essay Writing Competition (English)
Essay Writing Competition (Filipino)
1:00-2:30pm Impromptu Speech Competition (Filipino)
1:00-4:00 Still Life Drawing Competition
Poster Making Competition
Poetry Writing Competition (English)
Poetry Writing Competition (Filipino)
2:30-4:00 Crisotan

DAY 2 - February 21, SM City Clark
10:00am Registration
11:00 Opening Ceremonies
11:30 Declamation Competition
12:30pm** Solo Singing Competition
2:00** Interpretative Dance Competition
3:00** Modern Street Dance Competition
4:00** Rockoustic Band Competition
Intermission numbers
5:30** Awarding Ceremonies

**Approximate times only. Actual schedule depends on number of participants in competitions before it. There will be 5-10-minute breaks in between competitions for any setup changes.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pambobolang Pinanari

It seemed to have been such a long time already.

Other than our Talent’s Night, I can’t remember the last
time when we were complete as a batch. I’m not just talking about the inducted members of our batch here, but I am referring to the Pinanari I know. I am referring to MY Pinanari, who are not just simply my batchmates. You all know you’re greater than that, right? We all know that the term ‘batchmates’ wouldn’t suffice to
describe the relationship that we have. Friendship. Friendship perfectly defines the connection that binds us together.

“Ala pa mang one year a miabe-abe tamu, pero balamu talaga malwat da na kayung kaluguran. Palage ya talaga ing lub ku kekayu.”

I actually don’t understand how you were able to occupy a great space in my heart even if we are truly just starting to know each other. Anyway, I’m not interested to understand how you managed to do it. I don’t need to. I’m just happy that you did take a large part of me.

Hayaan niyo nang ituloy ko ang pambobolang ito. I’ll take this chance to thank each of you for contributing to the person who I am right now. Metung-metungan da kayu for more pambobola!

The PHSians: The Seniors

ATSENG JONA – I must admit. I really doubted you before when we were still applicants. I actually believed that you are an AguMem who was pretending to be an app so you can spy on us. Sorry if I didn’t believe you back then. Even so, I still treated you as a true friend. So, there’s no need to have hard feelings now, okay? Haha!
I know you get irritated when I call you this, so sorry for always calling you ‘atse’ and ‘ate’. Until now, I still can’t call you just by your name because I really respect you. Moreover, I consider you as a real ‘ate’. Biologically, wala talaga kasi akong ‘ate’ eh kaya may tendency na naghahanap ako ng someone to act as my ‘ate’. (Lucky enough, I now have a lot of ate’s in UP Aguman.) So even if it annoys you, I’ll still continue calling you as my ‘Atseng Jona’.
Thank you Atse, for being my ‘ate’ and my love guru. Haha! Those advices of yours were really helpful. The next time I’ll be having problems regarding chever again, expect me to be asking help from you.

HAMPOGI – Ala na, kabolangan na ini. Haha! Joke lang, Ham. Kidding aside, when I remember you, I can only recall the ‘kabolangan’ you taught me. Be proud, at least, I’m learning from you. Haha!
Hamgaling, I’d like to thank you for always lending me your ears whenever I need someone to talk to. E ku pin balu ot ika ing lalapitan ku eh. Pero minsan sina Lawi, Migs at Bencio din. I guess there are just some things that only boys can understand. Hmmm, at ‘di naman ako nagkamali di ba? Lalaki ka naman kasi, right? Haha!
Regarding your chever, your secret chever, the other chever of yours, and your newest chever, I hope you’d be happy in whatever chever path you take. Cheers for a cheverous life to you!

The PHSians: Sentenaryu Babies

BENCIO – You know what? You never fail to amuse me, even in your kalokwans. Kinakarir mo talaga ang lahat ng bagay basta gusto mo at kailangang gawin. Ala kung asabi keng efforts a bibie mu para kareng bageng gagawan mu. I can see you doing your ordinary duties, extra-ordinarily well. Pwede ka nang maging Bosconian! Haha!
I know there are times when you doubt your future, but here’s one thing that you should hear (or read). I’m no fortune-teller but I know that there is a bright future waiting for you. Sa sipag mong iyan! Basta, e ka masyadung magpa-late. Nakakasama na iyon, nakakabawas pa ng pogi points. Lawen mu tuluy ing melyari kekayung Abi, tsk. Salamat for being a caring friend and for being such a cry-baby!
Pagaga! =P

KIM – I know you miss me! Haha! Well, we miss you too. Still remember the time when we were practicing for our talent? Sayang, pinatigil tayo. ‘Di mo tuloy ako nabuhat. Salamat pala for making our talent’s night quite colorful. Metung ka pang pagaga. Haha! Anyway, make sure that you’re already fully recovered when you come back. Papahirapan kita kapag nag-apply ka ulit eh. Haha! Papatigilin rin kita at ang partner mo. Miadya ka loko.
I hope you’ll be back soon.

QUILL – *blush* Haha! Joke! Hail the chever queen of our batch! Akala ko dati ako na ang pinakamalandi sa batch natin, hindi pa pala, dinaig mo pa ako.
Sorry for acting like a child last time when we were in Kalay. Balu mu ne ita. It won’t happen again. I would like to thank you for being true to your feelings. I salute you for that. Now I’m starting to believe that we are better off as friends. Now I know that you were right. Salamat.
Good luck keng pamag-chever mu. Basta metung-metung mu dapat. Huwag mong tularan si Ham at si Abi. Like Ham, cheers for a cheverous life to you!

NICOLLETTE – Bully! Hmp. ComRes ka nga pala, ‘di na ko nagtataka kung bakit ganyan ka. Haha! Kahit inaapi mo ako at lagi mo akong inaaway, I still love you as my friend. Pasalamat ka kaluguran da kayu ngan.
Gusto ko sanang magpasalamat for always cheering me up kapag binu-bully mo ako. Maybe it’s unintentional, but still, thank you.
Pakataba nga kayo ng kakambal mong si Quill. Pareho kayong payatot eh. =P

The BSDs (‘Benedictine Spirit’ Daw): My Timezone Buddies

BABIGAIL – Tambay buddy! Don’t worry, ‘di kita ilalaglag dito. Haha! I hope this time manong guard will help us with our chever lives. Speaking of chever, sabi ko na sa iyo, ‘di pwedeng hindi ko maisip, marinig or masabi ang salitang iyon eh. In this post itself, I have said it for 22 times! (Including the ones below this message. Bilangan ne kanyan. Haha!) Guard, I really hope we’ll find happiness in our chever lives soon. But before that, ayusan ke pa ing bie ku. I feel so guilty at the moment. I hope everything will turn out to be fine after my confrontation with her.
If you’re still troubled regarding your chever life, don’t hesitate to ask for some advices from me. I’ll make sure that you’ll be having a much more troubled chever life after. Bwahaha! =P
Salamat for being there when I’m depressed. Kaya kapag depressed ka rin, huwag kang mahiyang magyayang kumanta at maglaro sa Timezone, lalo na kung sagot mo.

KAI – Lulupa ka talagang bulate potang lalage me itang hood na nitang jacket mu. Haha! Minsan kapag pumupunta ako ng Timezone, naaalala ko kayong dalawa ni Bencio. Lulupa tamu ngang sira buntuk potang mamyalung tamu eh. Kaso nung minsang nakasama ko kayo, wrong timing naman kayo nina Carou at Babigail, mapanyirang diskarte, mga mukha niyo! Haha! Joke lang!
I’m happy that you’ve realized what your real interests are. I wish I’ll be able to do the same. Good luck pamag-shift! I’m sure you won’t regret it. Who won’t if it’s a world without Math? Hehe.
Thank you for being one of my Timezone buddies, you guys really know how to help me deal with my depressions.

DIANA – I’m looking forward to sing the Meteor Garden theme song with you again. It was really fun, even if we acted like JJs at that time. Haha! Do you still remember that cold floor on the observatory’s rooftop? Haha! Mekarakal kung stars! Behlat! It’s just a pity that the clouds consumed the sky during the time when a lot of shooting stars should be appearing. I hope that someday our wishes will be granted.
Thank you for also being there when I feel down. Basta kapag may problema ka, mag-TriNoma na tayo nina Abi!

ROWEEN – Tama nga si Ham, manaba kayu ngang girls from SSA. Manaba kayu slowly, but surely. Haha! The next time na maglalaro ulit tayong lahat, sana pumayat na kayong mga SSA girls. (Hmm, I think that would be very impossible. =P) Naaalala ko pa rin ‘yung time na tinulungan mo kami ni Tinne. Salamat kabet.

The BSDs: The SBFFs (Sonny Belmonte’s Fans Forever)

RAXIEL – Bro! Sabi ko na nga ba eh, tama pala si Julyn, pinagnanasaan mo pala talaga siya. Haha! Joke lang! Even if it takes your brain such a long time to process jokes and other things that aren’t ‘obvious’, I still salute you for making everyone happy because of how slow you are. Peace! Karok ko neh? Sorry na, baka ipagulpi mo pa ako kay… Haha! =P
Salamat for being ‘slow’. You make us happy because of that. Hindi naman masama ang pagiging ‘slow’ mo and besides, Pinanari loves you for that. Huwag ka na lang magkakamali pa sa pagbanggit ng Math ng paulit-ulit, ita pa ing marok! Again, Joke lang iyon.

JULYN – Big bones, big bones, iyang mga excuses niyo ni Ham ah. Aminin niyo na lang kasi, ‘di kayo kasing sexy ni Fei Ching. Haha!
Salamat for being a ‘big-boned’ friend of mine. It’s because persons like you make me feel satisfied with my current body mass. Haha! Peace! Seriously, I would like to thank you for the times when you listened (along with the others) to my chever problems. Rugo, bakit iyon lang ang pino-problema ko lagi??
Naaalala mo pa ba nung minsang nanghingi ka ng advice? I think you should take your time. There’s no need to rush things anyway. Just go for that someone who really makes you happy. Kung si Raxiel iyon, sagutin mo na siya! Haha! Ma-chever talaga ang buhay Pinanari kaya, good luck! I hope we will all end up happy.

The DQ (Dabog Queen)

MIGS – Kabilis mung mamulayi. Napabilib mo kami nina Lawi at Ham dun sa ginawa mo. Parang nung napabilib mo ang buong Aguman sa pagdadabog mo. Haha! Personally, I wouldn’t do that if I were in your shoes. Insensitive ako eh. Because of that, I can say that she is very lucky. Or is she? Haha! Joke!
Hoy, do me a favor please? Patunayan mong kayang magseryoso ng isang “young” Bosconian. Kahit Bosconian ako, I started doubting if we could really be capable of being serious at our age. I doubted our own kind further lalo na after I broke up with my ex-chever. Or ako lang talaga ang ganito?
Prove it to me that we could also be serious at our age. Prove to me that not all Bosconians are liars like me. Prove it to me na mali ang impression ko with our kind. I know you can. Ang galing mo eh! =P

The HAU-ly Trinity

GC – Ika neh? Istu na ing pagiging bidang kontrabida mu! Mamangun ka kung mamangun pero, ali na ka mo mang-agaw chever na ning may-chever! Manenaya ka, lalapit din si Lawi sa iyo. Hintayin mo lang na matapos sila ni Carou. Haha! Peace Ruby!
Thank you for your very loooooooong patience. Ilang beses na kitang binu-bully at tinatawag na halimaw at GC, buti na lang di ka napipikon. Frankly speaking, I admire you for having so much discipline in your studies. I even wonder how you manage to resist the temptations of going out to have some fun. Often times, Niloloko ko kayo ni Nicollette for being such good girls but I would really like you to keep that up. Huwag kayong tutulad sa akin. Buti ka pa nga eh, aku kasi madalang mu ing tatanggi ku potang ating menagkat. Kayong dalawa ni Nicollette ang mga role models ko ngayon sa aking pagbabagong buhay.

LAWI – Of course, ika dapat ing susunud para atsu ka keng gitna da reng adwa.
Naaalala mo pa ang mga emo moments natin sa Kalay? Ali na ku bisang mag-emo kaya ali na ku mumunta ken. Haha! Kabolangan tamung Pinanari boys neh? Pero la pa rin talagang sasambut kang Ham, Hamgaling niya kasi eh! Halus kabolangan mu talaga ing apulut ku kekayu. Halus, pero atin din namang aliwang masalese.
Other than being my emo role model, you also serve as my model for having a lot of self-control. Lalo na keng pamag-chever. Astig! It’s really remarkable how you resolved to abstain from a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for one whole year. You will further astound me if you will be able to hold on to that manifesto of yours. Ali ku kasi agyu yan. I can’t promise such a thing, kaya mo nga ako napabilib eh. So while you’re at it, magpakatino ka na rin! Bawas-bawasan mu na ing kabolangan mu. Haha! Agyuan mu dapat yan.
Salamat sa mga panahong nakinig ka sa mga problema ko. Pareho ta kasing ating problema kanita eh kaya siguru ika ing lepitan ku. Next time a chumever ku, balu ku na ing gawan ku. Salamat. =P

KARO – Ala na, barren na siya niyan forever. Haha! At least di ka natalo sa pusoy nung ang taya ay ang pag-graduate mo “on time”.
Tsk, naaawa ako sa iyo. Ang bata-bata mo pa pero kung anu-ano na ang napupulot mo kina Lawi. I understand, napulot ko lang din ang mga alam ko sa kanila eh. Haha!
Hey, the next time na magrereklamo ka na malamig, please, huwag ka kasing magsusuot ng mini-skirt at kakain ng ice cream! Always keep that in mind, will you?
Isa pa, ang bata-bata mo pa, tsismosa ka na. There are certain things na dapat mga matatanda lang ang nakaka-alam. With that, I owe you no more stories to tell. =P
Okay, seriously speaking, gusto kong magpasalamat sa mga panahong pinakikinggan mo ako. Thank you. It really helps when I know that I have someone who’s willing to listen to me.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I know that most of the time, I don’t show how much I appreciate you guys. You probably just think that I bully all of you because it is in my nature, but no, it’s actually my way of complimenting you. I’m really so lucky to belong in this batch, in this group that I call as my friends. Mangabagal tamu man, mapaglakwatsa tamu man, mangabagsak tamu man Math (Or, aku mu pala) I don’t care that much. Actually, I love it when we’re like that. It’s what makes us, Pinanari.

I miss those days.

I hope we can have another batch bonding where all of us could be present. That would surely be fun! But for now, I will try to be satisfied with those memories. I know that there are still a lot of things there, waiting for us. Just like what Bencio said, balu ku marakal ta pang beses mangan LB, marakal ta pang beses manalbe FI, marakal ta pang beses mag-lakwatsa at marakal ta pang beses miabe-abe. So with that, I hope TUMAMBAY na kayo! Kabayu-baywan yu, papaksyun kayu loko. Hahaha!

Not for myself alone,

Bryan Leonard M. Quizon

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sining 2009 coming this February

February 7, 2009 - New Era University
February 21, 2009 - SM City Clark

To join and for more inquiries:
Text JER 0927 803 3350, JEN 0915 331 5457

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Series of Unfortunate Events

These are anecdotes based on true stories. Three fear factor episodes happened in my childhood. Haha! These stories are of the same intensity with that of Jhennybabes falling off a pick up onto the main road full of vehicles when she was in kindergarten. I doubt if you could relate to any of these but I guess you yourself also had childhood experiences of life-threatening proportions. These are my share of those instances where I inched closer to death and nearly saw the light. Enjoy.

I got myself electrocuted when I was at the age of 7. It was on a not-so-big-deal basketball game here in our village where my brother brought me to watch a match between teams I barely knew. I was standing at the courtside when a kid who was at the top of an electric post called my attention and dared me to hold on to a part of the post. He told me that I would experience something electrifying. Since I was a kid and with young age come with curiosity and naiveté, I willingly held the metal and waited. Nothing happened. I looked at the kid with provoking eyes saying “What now, was that it?!”

He then asked me to slip off my rubber footwear and stand barefoot on the cold soil. Thinking this kid was crazy, I removed my slippers confidently because I know removing slippers haven’t caused me much so far. Also, I wanted to prove that he was nothing better than a fraud-aspiring power ranger of electricity. And then it happened. My hands were all of a sudden glued to the post and I could not even lift a finger from the grasp. And damn! I became a live human transmitter of electricity from the electric post to the earth. That instance stole the eyes of the audience from the players to mine; I don’t know what was wrong with those people, who just stared at me when I was at the brink of being toasted alive. Good thing was that some Mr. Einstein got hold of a piece of wood and used it to loose me out of my hold.

I sat and rested for a while, the experience indeed was an electrifying one. My brother took me home immediately. At home I slept, exhausted from the amount of voltage that just passed right through me. I woke up just fine. The only thing was that my hair was still standing at its end. It was then that I realized how I just made a guinea pig of myself for a kid who seemed to be experimenting in physics. And I proved not of the kid’s craziness, but mine. Haha!

My sister had me checked up in a clinic when I was 10 because of severe reoccurrence of allergic reactions. It was not in the clinic of our family’s physician because at that time I think our doctor was out somewhere. Nevertheless, the check up went well and the doctor prescribed a number of things which included a bar of soap, a bottle of lotion, some ointments and quite a lot of tablets. The prescription said that I had to dose 5 tablets a day, which I thought was suspiciously frequent than the normal 3x a day.

Not long after, even before I got used to the meds I felt that the effects were not what they were supposed to be. One night, without warning, breathing started to get so difficult for me. So hard that I could barely stand on my own and I really had to hold on to a wall as I struggled for oxygen. The pain was so excruciating that I already seemed like a fish that was out of the water for too long. Haha! My father, without delay, carried me and rushed to the hospital. For the nth time I was again confined. If only hospitals have Advantage Cards, my mother could already have purchased an oven toaster for the points I earned. Haha!

The diagnosis showed results of yet another allergic reaction from the meds which were presumed to be the cure from my original allergic reactions. We instantly assumed that the fault was of the doctor’s, whom I guess was questioned by medical authorities after for prescribing meds that risked the life of yours truly. From that day on, my family never allowed me to take any medication ever, even the over-the-counter medicines like Biogesic. For years now, I have been relying on natural medications alone.

It was on the latter days of our grade school years when our Scouting teachers decided to have Filipino games as our final activity. We played tug-of-war, kadang-kadang and like. The final activity was the anticipated pukpok palayok, where plenty of candies and cash are just a pot away from a swarm of boy scouts. Since I was one of the smallest in our class, I really had no plans of aggressively pushing my way into the mob because I might just end up battered in trying to keep up with the big boys.

I remember that I was just standing there waiting for someone to crack open the pot. But, unknowingly, I was all of a sudden so close to the pot. I tried to distance myself because I might be hit by the batuta used by the blindfolded kid but I couldn’t because the kids at the back kept on pushing me closer. Minutes later, it was cracked. The kids started rampaging towards the pot’s debris and started picking coins, candies as the flour filled the air. I of course picked those within reach. While I was engrossed with the sweets that came my way, a kid screamed “Teacher, dumudugo ho ung noo niya!”. Nonchalant with what he said, I continued picking until I saw blood dripping to the floor where the candies were. While still picking (haha!), my eyeglasses suddenly became blurred and filled with what I realized was blood coming out of my forehead. I felt dizzy so I stood up since I already had my hands full.

When I looked at everyone, all I saw was a reddish crowd full of frightened faces. My teachers came rushing and carried me to the clinic to be treated. As I was lying on the bed, I heard my teacher explaining to the principal. He said that I was hit by a fragment of the palayok just above my right eyebrow. They didn’t bring me to the hospital since it was only skin deep and didn’t really fractured my skull (di naman nabasag ung bungo ko). We were all just thankful that it didn’t hit my eye nor my eyeglasses that would have worsened the situation and would’ve bore me lifetime consequences. Thank God I was not tall at that time for that fragment could have hit me in the eyes, nose or mouth or even the neck. Haha!

So that’s it. Haha! Hope you had fun reading my childhood misfortunes. And mind you, it was really hard picking candies and coins especially when your eyeglass is covered in your own blood. So far, side or after effects from these scary events haven’t surfaced yet so I think I’m growing up normally and fine. Although back then, I seriously thought that I got smarter and got into the Top 5 because of the electrocution. Haha!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mukha Mo: My AguQuotes of the Year

AguPips say a lot of things everyday. Some talk about profound stuff, some play around, some express their opinions. What you don’t know is that sometimes, whenever something you guys say really strikes me, I later write it in a piece of paper and then make it my sticky-note of the day (or the week, or the month…) Here, in random order, (Haha, parang beauty contest lang!) is a list of AguLines said in the past year that stood out the most to me. :)

“Aco ang tunay na Nic. Feel my ngala-ngala. It’s rough.”
-Justin Dungca, goofing around at Pinanari’s Induction

As far as I know, no part of Kuya Justin has ever been inside my mouth or any other orifice for that matter, so how he got to claim that my ngala-ngala, whatever that is in English, is rough, is a big mystery. Oh, well. I luv you Kuya! ^_^

“Ma, caracalcunagewamepagalnacungmaglinismibagsaccupainawanacu.”
Justin Dungca, when asked how he will tell his mom that he failed BA 114

“No, boys are insensitive that way.”
-Rex Dizon, reaction to my statement ‘Men are insensitive that way’.

“…a girl can do those thoughtful things to a guy and not be in love with him.”
-Rex Dizon, during a kinda serious YM consultation

“I learned from the powerhouse mems… yung mga type na kahit ordinary mems lang sila, alam nila kung ano ang dapat gawin.”
-Rex Dizon, during a casual YM chat

“It will be fine because I know I have taught you kids well.”
-Rex Dizon, reaction to my statement that I don’t know what Aguman will do without him

“Hindi naman kayo magiging enemies after the relationship if you’re good friends to begin with.”
-Rex Dizon, during a casual walk back to the tambayan

“Kahit ano’ng gawin ko hindi ko talaga maisip kung anong pleasure ang nakukuha nila sa anal. I mean, pagkatapos mong tumae ang sarap nga ng feeling na nalabas mo na, pero ganon din ba yon? Pwet pa rin yon, e!”
-Rex Dizon, on anal sex

As you can see, ginawa ko na rugung guidance counselor si Kuya Rex! But kidding aside, I’m just glad I have him to talk to both whenever I have nothing to do and when there’s a chip on my shoulder.

“Actually keta ya ngan mag-start ita, e. Pag a-feel mu na e mu ne kailangan.”
-Yek Santos, on break-ups

Trust the reigning queen of chevers to come up with a statement like that!

“So should you look for love or wait for it to find you?”
-Kevin Penalba, while walking to 34G after the Lantern Parade

“How do you know that it’s love if you’ve never felt it before?”
-Kevin Penalba, same walk to to 34G

“I’d rather fall for friends because I believe that to build a relationship, you need to build trust, and you build trust only through friendship.”
-Bong Roque, during a YM chat

I wonder what’s up with the Matimtiman Boys at bigla silang nagsasabi ng ganyan kabonggang mga bagay! In pure, unadulterated English, mind you!

“Gusto ko naman, e… Pero malay ko ba na ganito kahirap?... Di bale… sige kaya yan... Kahit ano nalang...”
-Buduy Mallari, on being Educ Head
While I generally don’t approve his ‘sugod’ way of doing things, I must admit that Buduy really gets the job done. It amazes me how Agu-events still turn out to be successful despite all the setbacks we encounter.

“Pag porn wala namang dialogue.”
-Marco Lansangan, reaction to my allegation that he learned German from German porn films

Sorry naman, I obviously watch a lot of porn, ne? Hindi ko alam kung bakit laging related sa sex ang topic ng conversations namin pero I do learn a lot listening to Kuya Marco’s wholesome (and otherwise) bits of wisdom.

“For your information, HRIM is business administration with culinary arts.”
-Felipe Pablo IV, defending his course against… nakalimutan ko na kung sino, e.

“Hindi porque mas bata tayo ibig sabihin tayo ang mali! Kahit ano pang sabihin niya, customers are always right!”
-Felipe Pablo IV, reaction sa statement ng antipatikong staff ng 7/11 na ‘Hindi lahat ng customer tama’

The embodiment of Dydyness to the highest level is not only a cordon bleu, a singer, a dancer, an actor/actress/agu-mem/rodic’s staff impersonator, stylist, photography enthusiast, lector and gym buff – he’s also a good source of AguQuotes.

“Enaku mag-asawa, papagaral ku nalamu reng wali ku!”
-Ate Loree, on being the eldest of six

“May class ka pa ba? Samahan mo naman ako sa lib… mag-stalk tayo…”
-Acey Duarte, during a random tambay time

“…Ot makanta la reng nipples ng Piolo, pambabayi la…”
-Yuan Carlo (Happy now? ^_^) Gozun, random ranting before the PBC seminar

Wala lang, nung narinig ko silang sinabi yon hindi lang ako makapaniwala… Okay, I take that back, yung kay Ate Loree lang ang unbelievable, yung kay Carlito at Ate Acey in character yon. Peace!

"Syempre ding parents ku buri de ing Econ kasi mas marakal job opportunities, makanta…pero inisip ku talaga buri ku ketang masaya ku… balu ku naman mas maging masaya ku king Socio kesa Econ… kaya meg-shift naku.”
-Jill Te, on her course shifting

Aw. All I can say is that I had nothing but admiration for Jill after hearing her say this. ^_^ Jill, I miss our Bible study sessions! Ngeni kasi ala na kang gagawan nung ali mag-stalk prof, e.

“It’s not about breaking traditions. It’s about breaking your promise.”
-Trish Nacpil, on her ever famous fall-out with her buddy
Ahehehe, no comment na lang. It’s all water under the bridge now naman, e.

“I love you all!” -Elai Castro, during Kuya Rex’s pre-Christmas-post-Birthday party.

Hehe, and I quote Kuya Argel the morning after the party (haha, dun nako nakatulog e!) “Eku mipatudtud nabengi kasi mangapakayli ku pag daramdaman ke i Elai na sasabyan na ‘I love you all!’ I love you too Ate Lai!

“Define nonexistence. Is it the presence of nothing or the absence of something?
-Mike Gulapa, during a random chat at the tambayan

Syempre nosebleed ang quote ng resident philosopher! Sige nga, tapatan nyo yan!

"Anong Barney-barney? Walang Barney-barney sa Math 109! Suppose that Barney is purple prove that Spongebob is yellow, ganon?”
-Gboi de Padua, on the horror known as Math 109

Hindi ko alam kung anong pumasok sa isip ko at nag-sit in ako sa class nay an for a whole sem. Traumatic, bongga.

“You’re not the person I thought you were.”
-Jen Castro, on... secret!

“Aku rin minsan masasakitan ku king course ku, pero atsu na ku keni, diba? Alangan namang ugse ke pa.”
-Jen Castro, on course shifting

“Kaku pa naman, aku namung pakipaten mu, ali mu reng wali ku.”
-Jen Castro, on why she slapped an adult neighbor when she was in high school

“Di ba king Bible lalapit la ring anak kang Jesus kayi babawal da la, sabi na paburen yu lang lumapit kaku. Dapat makanta tamu rin.”
-Jen Castro, convincing mems to attend the gift-giving

Babies and children are two things I definitely don’t enjoy around me, pero syempre di ko siya matitiis dahil siya ang aking one and only AguBuddy. Besides, I don’t want my skull to be crushed.

There you have it, folks! Yung mga di ko na-mention next time nalang. Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Talkback: Hello 2009!

Resolutions or Goals for 2009

JILL ~ I want to go on a much-needed diet, invest more time in relationships, and read two non-acad related books every month.
ALLANDAIL ~ Pumasa sa thesis at gumraduate sa october; mairemove ang physics 72.1 hahaha; maayos ang kakareformat na laptop!
BRYAN ~ Mahirap mang gawin, magpapakabait na talaga ako. Matagal ko na yatang sinasabi to, haha! Di ko na papabayaan ang Math 53 ko. Magigising na ako nang maaga. Yes! Sana agyu ku, haha! Magpapass na ako ng mga machine exercises on time. And most of all, titiil na muna ako sa pag-chechever (ali ku yata agyu). Sige na nga, hindi na ako titigil. Babawasan ko na lang! =P
REX ~ lose a lot of weight para sa summer, hindi na nakakahiyang mag-swimming, haha!; To nail my two remaining subjects and finally graduate; to find a good-paying job and finally start saving for the future! Sana makapag-travel naku rin somewhere, adyang malapit mu, hehe! Donations are allowed.
FERGIE ~ Kailangang magpapayat para king grad pic next sem, haha!; Austerity, help me God!

Enaku pa-late king first subject ku, dalasan ing pamagtambay, yes, haha! Pataba.
CINDY ~ New Year's resolution ko na lang every year ang hindi ma-late. Palage maglilinis ng room!
JEWEL ~ Less messing around, more study hours, less coffee, more alcohol este water and fruits (for more healthy living). Yey! Haha!
GBOI ~ Magpapapayat na ako; I will try to see the bigger picture in every situation; Focus sa acads; Chumever nang seryoso; Give time to my high school friends and family.
NICOLLE ~ Gain weight! :X

Hmm, ali naku gagawang makanta eh. Kasi ing pamagbayu ditak-ditak, ali minsanan. XD
DONDON ~ Resolution: Ibalik ang masipag kong sarili. Goal: Maging summa standing ule.
BENCIO ~ Continue reading the Bibe and seeking for God.
MIKE ~ MORE happiness, wisdom, friends,courage and control. SAVE more lives, trees, energy, time and money. AIM for a higher, better, healthier existence. SHARE some more drinks, movies, knowledge, love and life. MAINTAIN, GAIN, CHOOSE and BALANCE.
JOHN CARL ~ Cliché: Mag-aaral nang mabuti; Magpapakataba nako; Tatangkad din ako; Magmamahal nang ‘di lubos, ‘di kulang; Bibisitahin ang mga High School classmates and friends; Mag-iipon ako para sa SLR camera. Ayokong magpabili sa mga parents ko; I will love my family even more; Mas pag-iisipan ko ang aking mga desisyon sa buhay. Nakakainis kapag kailangang mamili sa dalawa; Mag-eenrol ng voice lessons! Haha!

1. Be a good girl and try not to absent! This is my last semester (hopefully) for Obama's sake!; 2. Never get drunk with El Hombre Tequila! So yeah, okay lang sa Red Horse, vodka...etc; 3. Wear more "decent" clothing; 4. Control my temper; 5. Try to flirt. *evil laugh*; PS: balak lang naman ang mga ito...haha!
TRISH ~ Lose some pounds kahit 2 lang, basta makapagbawas lang ng timbang; Sana maging masipag nakong mag-aral; learn self-control; learn about time management.
RUBY ~ Maging better AguMem. Whew. Magpakapayat kung bagya. Ilako ing laziness. Tsaka ditak-ditakan ilako ing shyness.
JEN ~ Ali naku mag-extra rice talaga pag dinner. Dinner mu naman, haha! Exempted ing lunch. Sana dakal tamu pera! Power! Haha!
ACEY ~ Iiwasan ko na ang pagiging "stalker" (iiwan ko na kay nic at kay diana ang pagiging master stalker, haha :D; Magigising na'ko nang mas maaga at babawasan na ang pagiging takaw-tulog. Magrereply na'ko sa mga text messages kahit kaninu pa sila galing.. hmmm.. basta may load ako, hehe; Sasagutan ko na ang mga sarbey ng AOL kagaya nito, hehe.. *peace AOL team*; Lagi na'kong makikipag-usap sa Kanya :D (for my more "serious" NYR, just visit my multiply page. i'll be posting them there soon.. ahe, may ganun?!?)

I will quantify who/which to prioritize; I will try to lessen my vices.
ERIKA P. ~ To be punctual (I hope) and avoid laziness. Go for a more FABULOUS year! Haha! =D

Welcoming the New Year!

JILL ~ Pig-out and spend time with family and watch fireworks from our house
ALLANDAIL ~ attend the New Year's Eve mass. Kumain ng bulalo (tradition sa amin every Noche Buena at Medya Noche).
BRYAN ~ When the clock strikes 12, tatalon ako! Haha! Para naman tumangkad ako, desperado na eh, haha!
REX ~ Do some vital 2008 introspection. Magtextbrig ng mga New Year's greetings and messages. And syempre, grill some BBQ sa may harap ng bahay, and chat with my friendly neighbors, hehe!
FERGIE ~ Gumamit ku bedsheet king samsaman barya! O kaya palis ampo pandakut! Haha!

Lundag! Haha!
CINDY ~ Nagsuot ng polka dots, naglagay ng barya sa bulsa, tsaka kinalampag yung batya para mag-ingay!
JEWEL ~ Eat ham. And more ham!
GBOI ~ Barya sa bawat bulsa na suot, wear lucky color (black para sa akin) or red or green or orange para pampaakit ng swerte, open yung cabinets and windows para pumasok ang swerte sa bahay, open lahat ng ilaw sa bahay and appliances, ipagulong ang kiat kiat and gold coins. Magpaputok, lagyan ng pera yung lalagyan ng damit and bag, barya sa loob ng sapatos, 12 prutas and grapes and kiat kiat sa pintuan and many more! Feng Shui master na ata ako sa dami ng pampaswerteng sinusunod namin.
NICOLLE ~ Devour lots of food! Wohoho!

Tumalon! It never hurts to try. Libreng mangarap! :)
DONDON ~ Mag-aral. To start the New Year right!
BENCIO ~ Attend the mass and spend the rest of the evening with my family/reunion.
MIKE ~ Mangan dakal, mamanlundag, mamangun, magkaynge
JOHN CARL ~ Kill! haha!

Text brigade!!! The agupips, my old friends, my cousins, my boyfriends, my ex-boyfriends, my future boyfriends; Grab the camera and have another photo shoot with my familie!; Wear my polka dots dress and JUMP 20 times!!!
TRISH ~ Tumalon para tumangkad; Dapat atin kang load keng New Year bantang atin kang load the whole year, haha!; Watch the fireworks with my family.
RUBY ~ Linundag ku, hehehe! Megpasalamat at menyad grasya keng Diyos. Tsaka megpakalobo (mengan) at melbe magpaputuk.
ABI ~ This year's New Year's Eve celebration has been different for our family. My cousins and I prepared a special program, mala-Tribute for parents ang dating, complete with games, special numbers, video presentation, prizes at syempre lots of food. It was fun and it served as a bonding event for our family. After the program, sama-sama naming hinintay ang pagdating ng 2009. Naglusis ang lahat tapos kainan na.
JEN ~ Meg-jebs ku, haha! Miparakal pangan. Masakit ku atyan kabang magpamakbung e. Peste.

Half an hour before 12mn: reflections at quiet moment with the Lord (sa kalagitnaan ng pagpapaputok ng mga excited mag-ingay). Pinagmunihan ang mga past mistakes na uber dami pala at siyempre mga happy moments din na mas marami naman, hehe. Nagpasalamat, humingi ng tawad, humiling at ipinaubaya ang 2009 sa Kanya :D; Itang usual na gagawan mi, mengalansing barya (for more.. money, ehe!) at meglulundag (tatangkad pa rin ako, haha!).. pero ali ku mekyabeng mangalantog at magsinding fireworks ngeni, ilben ku la mu.. hehe; January 1, morning.. sinimba.. wala pa ring tatalo sa pagsalubong at pagsisimula ng bagong taon na kapiling Siya.
MIGS ~ Welcoming 2009 was a bit lonelier than the previous New Year celeb. Less relatives came to our house. What we did is the usual: we prepared Media Noche, watched over the neighbor's fireworks, haha, and made sure I made the first thing to do for 2009 right.
ERIKA P. ~ Mass before midnight (last for 2008); New Year Party -- NO SLEEP (Food! Family! Fun!). Waited for the 1st sunrise of the year; Mass at Sta Clara (first for 2009); hit the mall; Get together party (Capati clan) til wee hours. Non-stop activity -- just the way I like it!

Greetings Galore!
JILL ~ Baskal, Happy New Yeaaar! Batch bonding tana dapat, itang ice skating tamu 1 year neng mauudlut. Aylabyuuuu!
ALLANDAIL ~ Happy New Year to all. :) That's all.
BRYAN ~ Happy New Year AguPips! Mag-bagong buhay na tayo. =P
~ Happy New Year Pinanari! Mga mukha niyo! Kakalimutan ko na ang lahat ng atraso niyo. Pero hindi ang mga utang niyo. Haha! Joke. Samasnan ta nala reng bie tamu.
~ Happy New Year din kay Manong Guard. Mahal ka namin. Haha! =)
REX ~ To my orgmates, batchmates (jusko, meron pa ba, haha), co-Elders, housemates, bonding mates, Plurkmates, my little brothers and sisters, my country men! Happy New Year. Masaya ku kasi abe dakayu pa rin for the past year keng UP and even outside UP, haha. May we all survive whatever comes our way in the coming year. Not for myself alone.
FERGIE ~ Anj, Try ko talaga pumpkin, di ko talaga napansin yung change of date eh.
~ Bong, palis ku from Baguio ha? Haha
~ Carlo, ii, nag-message ako sayo. Mag-message ka din saken, haha!
~ Ate Pie, gagraduate ka na! Huhu! Huwag mo kong iwan! =p Juk lang! Yieh. Ngeni pa icongratulate da naka.
~ Ate Jean, enjoy lang sa med school! Huwag masyadong papahawa sa mga tukling. =p
~ Kuya Wex, balamu gelatin ya tang top ning cake a gewa ku! Haha! Mipasobra ku yata Ferna. Pero sabi ng wali ku, pwede neng pagtiyagan! n_n Chenks!
~ KaTresLoveless ku, sana this year makakilala nakayung chumever kekayu.
~ Buddies (Phoebe, Justin & Jill), Happy New Year! Oi, except for Justin, mag-buddies na kayu man! Go and MULTIPLY! Kabud! Haha!
~ AguPips: 2008 has been a good to us, may 2009 be good-er! Haha! Joke. Let's continue this legacy and rock on! Sining is fast approaching, it's crunch time bebe! =)

Happy New Year! God bless and more powers. Hahaha!
CINDY ~ Happy New Year sa lahat! Miss ko na kayo, especially Kadaya!
BUDUY ~ Happy New Year, AguPIPS! Sana atupad tala ngan deng resolutions tamu. 2008 was a rollercoaster and it was fun to ride and scream with Aguman. Let's welcome 2009 with a bang! Tandaan, sa labas magpaputol, huwag sa loob, hehe, Happy Rockin' 2009!
JEWEL ~ Baskal! AguPIPS! Have a blast on 2009! Kareng mag-celeb birthday (duh, meaning kekatamu ngan =p), God bless another year to look forward to. Pakasaya!
GBOI ~ AguPIPS! Magbago na kayo, maging mabait na kayo like me. Haha! Magpakatino na tayong lahat! Haha! Happy New Year!
~ High school friends, kausapin niyo ko, tapos na hibernation stage ko! Happy New Year!

Merry Happy New Year sa lahat!(",)
JONA ~ Merry New Year to all AguPIPS and the people of the world! =3
DONDON ~ AguPIPS! Happy New Year! Masaya ku afefeek ku na ngeni kung makananu kasaya maging parti ning pamiabe-abe at pamikalugud king org. Wishing all of you the best this 'lucky 2009' and more AguYEARS to come. To all AguPIPS, especially to.., thanks for making my 2008 a year to remember. Hope this 2009 would be another. TC.
BENCIO ~ To my AguFamily, Happy New Year! Thanks king egana-gana. After all, I may say that It was never a wrong decision to join Aguman, rather, a big blessing! You're one of the reasons why this year turned out so great! Daka ku agawa and I never thought na agawa/gawan ku, pati cross-dressing! Haha! Grabi. Thanks guys, I know that a better year is yet to come. May God continue to bless you and your family. Love you all!
MIKE ~ MASAPLALANG BAYUNG BANWA AGUPIPS! masaya yang tune ing milabas na banwa, sana anti nia mu rin ning tutuki at mas masaya pa,, MIABE-ABE, MIPAPANANTABE, MIPANYADSAD, ALANG TITIPLAD! AGUMAN MASIKAN!! :)

Happy New Year king Records & Publications Committee. Kaluguran da kayu ngan.
LOREE ~ Bes! ---Thanks for sharing another year with me! Love you!
~ Jen--feeling ku puro rice tsaka kakanin ing pengan mu! musta naman ing timbang?hehehe
~ Marco--ekapa miminum! pota mituran kang kwitis!
~ Mike--sana mabawasan ing time allotted mu keng pamanudtud.
~ Anj--HAPPY 18th!!! Love you grandbudz!
~ Ham--More bondings this year! :)
~ Kuya Rex--panagan mukung strawberry cake neh? Gudlak kareng graduation requirements ta!
~ Nic, Justin---Watch sex tamu!lol!
~ Carou--nice to have you keng orange family tree. :)
~ Jer--Goodluck keng Sining! Agyu mu yan tsaka atsu kami mu para sumaup anytime. :D
~ Tres Loveless---atin ng mag-apply! Kapilan kanu orientation tamu? sana this year maging alumna tana ngan ning sub-org tamu.hehe
~ AGUPIPS, dakal a salamat for making this year extra special. You're
really the best. Love ya'ol!
TRISH ~ AguPIPS, amimiss danakayu. Boring ing vacation na alang AguHapennings, dapat AguGalore lagi.
~ Anj, happy birthday!
~ Wewe, amiss yu. Minta ku Guagua anyang 30.
~ Ate Friday, how's the baby?
~ K.Gboi, yung gift ko na dapat last Christmas pa? Asan na? Ahaha! (Abi, don't worry, di kami talo ni K. Gboi, haha! Peace!)
~ Ate Daph, see you soon!
~ Mommy Zel, kailan ang family reunion natin? Ahehe!

Happy New Year Aguman! May these year be more fruitful and may it bring more blessings to us. Let's face 2009 together. Yeah. Manatilin masiyahin.
ABI ~ Happy New Year kinships!
JEN ~ Happy New Year nang bonggang bongga AguPips! Yaha!
~ Lawie! Ing chocolates ku?! Matdas naka kanyan?
~ Mike, ilben me itang year-end special na ning GMA? Makapali yang buntuk! Grabe.
~ Don, you're going down! Kapamilya rocks! Haha!
~ Kevs, nanu asabi mu kang Sarah Geronimo anyang meg-Single Ladies ya? Bebengga yay atchi amu!
ACEY ~ AguPips! Bayung banwa na. Sana aenjoy ye ing bakasyun at ing dakal a pamangan. Kanyaman mamangan ne? Sana mikasya ta mu pa king tambayan, hehe :D Sabesabe tamung magdiet / mag-exercise! Balik eskwela na, acad mode na ulit, yehey! Yehey nga pin ba? Samasnan tamu ne. Sana ali na masigla ding taga-sumangid bantang makapanigaral tamu king tambayan, haha! Good luck kareng tutuking events tamu. Tara magparty/lumwal tamu! God bless kekatamu ngan! *mwaaah* *hugs* :D PS: Bisa kayu bang mag-pasalubong party? hehe..
~ MemComm! kapilan tamu ulit mag-pizza? Hehe. Good luck king 2nd sem app process preps! :D
~ Feps, may utang kang "baked goodies" sa kanya.. :P
~ Frida, congrats king kekang uber wonderful blessing! God bless kekayung adwang baby Franco :D
~ CSSP peeps! ala mu.. a-miss ke ing AS ngening bakasyun, haha!
~ Kas114 prof, bayung banwa na pu! dinan mu na kaming grade, please, From Kas114 student
~ Para kay Luigi: May pasalubong si Feps sa'yo.. (dahil nagbake siya nung christmas break eh :D, Ngmamahal, Princess Toadstool
~ Green family (aka Dydy family), let's DYDYcate our plans and aspirations for this brand new year to the Lord! cheers to 2009! MagDYDYwang tayo ngayong 2009!

Agupips! Happy New Year! Dakal a salamat keng egana-ganang masasayang memories anyang 2008, nawa'y makagawa tamu pang mas masasayang memories this 2009. Nawa'y maging masaya at masagana ya ing kekaung new year! Mwah! Miss you all!
~ Bes, apinyuyir! Salamat keng egana-gana haha! Pasensya na ka kanaku pag susumpung ku.. nawa'y maging masaya at masagana ya ing new year mu.. hehehe! Sana makapantun tanang boypren! Hahaha! Lab u bes! Mwaaah!
~ Housemates, happy new year! Salamat din keng egana-gana.. salamat keng pamanatindi kanaku.. haha! Thank you ulit.. sana mas maging masaya tamu pa ngening year ayni.. lab u ol! Mwaaah! Miss da na kayu!
~ Lakatan! Apinyuyir! Salamat keng egana-ganang masasayang memories! Haha! Sana makapag-bonding tana ulit.. hehe!
MIGS ~ Thanks AguPips for a well-lived 2008, especially Pinanari! Special mention to Nyny: Balu mu na ita.
ERIKA P. ~ Happy New Year! AguPIPS! A prosperous & fabulous 2009 to all! Me loves UP Aguman much'much. Proud Langgotsi! Hugs to everyone!

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