Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tribute 2008: Took an oath, and stuck it out 'til the end

Part 1 of 2

Kareng new graduates, congrats! Kareng mag-ayus clearance, good luck!

Congrats to the AguGraduates 2008! It’s amazing to enter UP, but what’s more amazing is to be able to leave UP, not as drop outs, hehe, but basically because you’ve done it all! Salute! Good luck sa real world!

Goodluck ngan ceng WORK!,, wa, magobra nacau, para asopan ye ing org!haha, congrats ulit! (ang taong di marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan di macacarating sa paroroonan) no pressure,,ehe,

To graduating Mems, goodluck to all your endeavors in life! Just keep in mind to acknowledge God in all the things that you do and you will see that everything will fall into place but of course you have to do your part. Do your best and He will do the rest. You can always look back and count on us. Godbless!

To all Centennial grads: congrats! Salamat at walang pasaway sa inyo kagaya ko. Haha Kidding aside, I wish you all the best in your chosen careers. Believe that you will succeed and you will.
~Jean, Kaputul 2004A

Congrats sa lahat ng mga graduating. We'll surely miss you guys. Ate Daph, we love you so much..
~John Carl

Congratulations! Wishing you all the best and happiness in the world! You will always be our lovable ates and kuyas. i will never forget all the wonderful moments that i shared with you. i will cherish them forever. Good luck and God bless. Be always happy and take care always!

Graduating mems, congrats! Ang galing-galing niyo sobra! Astig! Good luck sa career! Muwah!

To all graduating mems, malapit namu ing much awaited event yu. Just want all of you to know that we are all proud of you. It my seem cliché, but indeed, this is not the end, but just the beginning of a new challenge. A challenge that can make or break you. However knowing all of you, I’m positive that you will all have a good career. Sana mu keng pamaglako yu, e sana tuking milako ing pusu tamu keng Aguman, ing lugud tamu keng metung at metung. We are hoping for your continued suport, alalahanan tamu sana ing masanting a agawa na ning organisasyun kekatamu. Again congratulations! We are more than proud to have alumni who are future professionals. Aim high! Good luck and God bless.

Genellen Vanessa "Nel" Kabigting, Kaputul 2004A, BS Business Economics
Rose Angelique "Bang" Dizon, Kaputul 2004A, BA Art Studies
Kristina Corazon "Kitchie" Gallardo, Kaputul 2004A, BS Business Administration
Adrian Francis "Ads" Bustos, Kadaya 2005A, BS
Business Administration
Daphne-Dominique "Daphne" Villanueva,
Kaputul 2004A, BS Psychology
Cyrille Therese "Cy" Bautista,
Kaputul 2004A, BS Business Administration
Hazel Marie "Zelm" Lee, Kadaya 2005A, BS Business Administration
Geleen "Bal" Gutierrez, Kadaya 2005A,
BS Business Administration
Portia Antonina "Porshe" Quindo, Kaputul 2004A, BS Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management
Regina Mari "Rej" Fuertez, Kaputul 2004A, BS Interior Design

Cy, wow, graduating nka. Balamu kapilan pa,neh. Anyang highschool tamu eku man expect na maging close tamu ngening college. But I’m glad that we've become what we are now. Marakal ta na rin pegdaanan – from our adventures keng Marilag kanita to the misfortunes that happened kekatamu king 75 Matimtiman to our happy & fun dinners & Starbucks moments w/ our groupmates. Miss danakang kayabe keng bale. You are one of the kindest, most generous & most responsible people that i know. Thanks for everything.. Love u Cy! Mwah!

CYRILLE! Congratulations on making 2 of your biggest dreams come true the past month, hehe! May diploma ka na, may chever ka pa, haha! Jokmu.
We will miss you, I will miss you. Eka mangalingwan ne. Adyang busy naka with career and love life, don't forget about to keep in touch with us. Mwa!
~Kuya Wexie

Buddy Cy, I will not trigger quote what this application process has been, hehe! Wala lang! Wala akong maisip na intro. Pero anyway, syempre, my message for you could be broken down to 50% app process and 50% personal. So here it goes…
First of all, thank you so much for all the help and support throughout the app process. And when I said “THROUGHOUT,” I literally meant THROUGHOUT! Thanks for not letting me down when I did immature actions without your consent. I thought you would be disappointed with what I did then you’ll leave me alone with the mistakes I did. Ika nga ng iba – BUT NO!! When I needed someone to comfort me, you were there. When I needed guidance, you gave it to me. Thank you so much for that. Siguro kareng egana ganang sinaup mu kaku, ini ing eku akalingwan. Sabi da pin diba, you’ll know who your real friends are in times of adversaries. And with that, I thank the Lord for giving me such a wonderful friend in my life. That’s you buddy, that’s you Cy. Thank you.
Now, gagraduate ka na. Thank you for spending with me a full semester of your last year in UP. Sabi ku pin keka, I am amazed that you did accept my buddy invitation despite your hectic schedule. And I could say it was all worth it! Siguru naman pati keka! Hahahaha! Kapal. Anyway, you did inspire me in so many things in the real world. I saw how you handled well being FP chair, 21 units, and your personal life all at the same time with smiles. Well, I know you had tears behind the scenes but then you showed me how strong you are in facing these things. Aku pin I fear taking so many responsibilities. Thanks for becoming a great example. Lastly, God bless keka papunta keng world of harsh realities. Well, sane naka man e. Kering keri lang yan! Tested through hot flames na ka man e. So, no prob ne yan! Hahaha! Basta pag sweldu mu ah. 50% din dapat kaku, hahaha, joke! God bless buddy in your journey through life. Take care always! Congratulations!

~Buddy Don

Cyrille, thank you keng tiwala, adyang malagad tamung mipagkwentu.

Kitch, maging "lively" ing pisasabyan stung kayabe ka. Aguman won't be the same without you.

Kitch! Well, well, well.. So this is it, huh? Waw, isa kang dakilang estudyante. You survived 24 units. Haha! Congrats! Pakit naka man. Loko, miss danaka. Congrats ult! Mwah!

KITCHIE! Malbe tang American Idol pala ha, haha! Maka-miss ka rin, loka! Haha! Things happen for a reason. Be strong. Love ya!
~Kuya Wexie

Nel, congrats! 3 1/2 yrs. Galing. Good luck sa work, kung meron ka na. Pagaling ka din.ü Congrats ult!

Nel, "HiHiHi!" good luck! (sori ita mu ing asabi ku).

Ads, Bal, Bang, Rej, Zelm, congrats! Congrats!

Adrian, balu ku biyasa naka man eh. Bawas bawasan mu namu ing pambabae, hehe! Peace!

Buds! Yeheey simap mag-graduate na ka ala ng magtext kaku pag bengi at managkat magdinner, ala ng manistorbo magstay late night keng apartment mi, ala ng mumuntang malasing kekami at babalita na mete ne y Eli Buendia, ala ng makipangan corned beef tapos panistyan ne mu ing lutu ku, ala ng kayabeng manggitara, ala na kung kalaban keng DOTA ne conceited ing pen name (Pogi ba naman ing gamit na?), ala ng kayabeng magmovie marathon, ala na kung kayabeng magreview late night keng ministop and a lot more pang-iistorbo! Jokeness. Of course, amiss ku ngan ita! Pramis. Anjang mdalas magkatampuhan tamu keng pamangan haha tska dahil pikon ka haha! Kaya sana talaga semasnan mu nang interview mu para akit da ka pa rink eng UP! And por dat, magre-aff ka pa rin keng Aguman not just for me but for the love of the org. Lagi mu sasabyan na “Buds, be proud of me naman o, sinaup ku niyang Sining” etc..anjang ali ku sabyan keka Buds, I have always been proud of you. So sorry for my shortcomings, I am just a street away, you are always welcome. Thank you for everything. Godbless (Wheew!)

Bal and Hazel, thanks pala nyang sinopan yuku ketang bus station. Ngeni kumu asabi. Sana pala after college mikawani nkayu para makakilala nkayu man aliwang taung pwede yung sabyanang adyang nanu (I'm not referring to anyone in particular here).

Bang, dakal ka delanan a sakit keng college life mu neh! But i'm glad you made it. Basta magfocus kamu keng gagawan mu.

To my sister by heart Rose Angelique Dizon: Congratulations! You know how much I love you despite our lack of quality bonding time. I guess, sisters we truly are. I am deeply proud of your achievements in academics, university politics and youth activism. (If I’ll trade lives with someone for a day, it would be you. I can’t imagine how I will manage my time with all those extra-curricular activities from dawn till midnight and still have time for some chever! Haha) Always believe that you can do anything you want, anything that will make you happy and fulfilled. And I want to thank you for giving me strength when I have none (remember telling me this almost four years ago on my birthday?). Thank you for trading places with me sometimes – for being the “ate” sometimes. Thank you for calling my name and sharing a smile in front of your peers when you see me passing by – that usually makes my day. Thank you for praying with and for me. Lastly, in as much as I am proud of you, I hope you’ll be proud of me too, soon. I miss you and good luck! Kaluguran daka lalapo hanggang Baguio (malapit yamu kasi ing San Fernando!).
~Ate Jean

BANGadesh! Congratulations, little sister! On the graduation and winning the USC. Pati ketang committee na i-head mu kanyan. (I read Bikoy’s blog, hehe!). Oyta, since mag-MA ka pa rin and all, sana labas-labas ka pa rink eng AguTambayan, adyang emu no halus kilala, hehe. Lagi me agkat ing Aguman kareng USC activities, para lalu tang sumikat keng campus, haha! Oyta, sige good luck keng next school year. Miss danaka!
~Kuya Wexie

Portia-budz, buddy, emu paburen ing sarili mu. By the way, ikayu na bang ______?

PORSHE! Congratulations! Agli, sagutan ke mu kutang ng Dennis ne. DENS, no, ali pa ila. Casual flirting lamu eh, haha!
Anyway, going back, hehe. Oyan ha, edaka mu penayan, peunan daka pa! O ng asabi mu? Pakanta ka kalakas kaku, haha!
Patse mag-work naka and all, you will meet new friends in a new crowd, which is perfectly normal. But don’t forget about us, okay? Dahil gastusan te pa ing trust fund mu! Mag-negosyo kata, remember? Haha! Ampo ilibre mu ku pa keng Maldives, haha! We will miss you, I will miss you. Mwah!
~Kuya Wexie

Guru! Congrats! hehe! emu kami kakalingwan lalo na pag atin na kang obra.. ehehe libre mu kami! amiss da kang sobra sobra.. sana lagi kang maging masaya and sana maging ikayu ng topher ehehe.. sana atupad mu la ngan deng egana-ganang pangarap mu.. Goodluck and Godbless. you will always be our one and only guru. no one will ever replace a great guru like you. haha! your teachings will always be in our hearts. haha! sana a-ipamahagi mu la keng buong mundo reng kekang teachings. eka mag-alala, ipamahagi mi la reng atutunan mi keka.. hahahaha! I love you ate porshe! mwah! you are one of the sisters that i never had! I will cherish all of the wonderful moments that i shared with you! Take care always!
~XOXO, from your HOBBY, Lai

Rej, thanks keng pamagdesign mu keng bale mi. No doubt na maging kang magaling na interior decorator in the future.

REJ! Congratulations, nanu pa ta, pakapata, hehe. Salamat at lagi mu ku agkat kareng handaan mu, mapa-birthday man o tang ngeni, graduation mu. Sayang eku makapunta this time, hehe. Anyway, good luck on your upcoming career. Sana if you have the time or opportunity, bibisita ka Aguman. We will miss you!
~Kuya Wexie

Daph, ang bata-bata mo pa lang gagraduate ka na agad ng college. Congratulati0ns! Hehe. Thanks for everything Daph! Ikaw yung nagpapasaya samin nun sa Marilag. Kahit na inaaway mo lagi ako dahil kay Pooh, ok lang, masaya ka namang inisin,eh. Haha! I’ll never forget our adventures lalo na nung nasa Marilag pa tayo & kapag manual enlistment. You’re like the very little sister that I never had. I just want you to know that you can always knock on our door anytime. Hehe! Congrats din sa 1 year of being our President. You did a really great job. I’ll miss you Daph! Mwah!

DAPHNEDOODLEDEE! Graduate ka na! Pa-cheeseburger ka naman, haha! Halos nasabi ko na ng personal sa Tribute ang mga gusto kong sabihin. So pahapyaw na recap na lang ditto. The Aguman (residents) will miss a unique character in you. Good luck sa med school. I know you want a new environment and all, but keep in touch, okay? We will miss you, I will miss you. Mwah!
Nasukat mo na ba yung sablay mo? Pwede siguru siyang ibalabal sayo at gawing gown, ano? Hehehe!
~Kuya Wexie

Daphne: Ah! Alam mu na yun (yung sa tribute)! Maraming salamat!

Ate Daph! Congrats! Good luck sa Med School! Pag may nambully sa iyo run text mu lang ako singkwenta lang nanunumba ako! Haha joke lang. Thank you for all the support and encouraging words you have given to me especially during those times na ehem alam mo na un! Dami kong natutunan sa iyo at alam ko maia-apply ko yun ngayong term ko. I hope that I will live up to the expectations of people around me. I will try to be a competent leader not only for the benefit of this org but also for you. Yihee! Naniwala ka naman? Joke lang syempre naman nilolook up yata kita! Akalain mo yun?!

Dafingfing dear, congrats! I know you’ll be a great little doctor someday. You will move mountains (oo, kaya mo, go!). I hope the time will come that you’ll head a group of physicians for a medical mission organized by future AguPips. (my gawd, oldie ka na non!) Thank you for inspiring our sisters and brothers (and me!!) in our beloved org. I love you Daphee!
~Ate Jeandoi

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Something Online This Way Comes

By kingofchocolates


As written in our organization’s constitution, Aslag is the UP Aguman’s official newsletter. And just like any other organization’s newsletter, Aslag exists with the important purpose of informing and documenting. But just like the very organization it serves, Aslag has continually evolved, adapting to each change in the environment in which the organization thrives on. It has now become more than just a newsletter, by and for the members.

In its almost 35 years of triumphant existence, the UP Aguman went through harder times. The Aslag was no exception. There were times when, unfortunately, our official publication was not getting the attention and concern that it rightfully deserves. Rightly so, some major changes were in order.

Constitutionally, the Records and the Publication Committee are in-charge of the publication. But the said committee is not the sole entity behind the Aslag’s success story today. The secretary and the editorial team he or she institutes may be the people doing all the legwork, but in actuality, it’s the members who contribute one way or another that’s what has kept Aslag alive and flourishing – members who sacrifice extra time to share their creative talent, and the members who fittingly appreciate the work.

From a simple two-sheet newsletter, the Aslag was re-launched into a mini-magazine. Aside from the usual comprehensive documentation of the organization’s many events, no matter how big or small, it featured more creative work than the usual for the members to enjoy. From the serious editorials and officers’ columns, to the more wacky horoscopes, entertaining member awards and logbook best-of compilations, the major creative changes were well-received.

And now, in a desire for greater efficiency and longevity and adapting to the changing times and technology, from a mini-magazine, it has become a blog. It is yet another major change that has ushered in a lot more creative venues not only for the residents, but also for the alumni who terribly miss the organization that they have once (and still does, actually) considered their family during their stay in the university.

The Aslag may have progressed to a different form, but it has stayed true to its ultimate purpose of keeping the AguPips in the know.

The legacy that the UP Aguman continues to enhance will be for naught in the future if nobody will remember it. It is the Aslag’s very mission to make sure that all the worthwhile projects, the hard work, the wonderful experience, the lessons learned and the spirit of camaraderie will be preserved in history for the future generations of AguMembers to appreciate and learn from.

In its current online version, the Aslag reaches out to its dependable network of alumni who are scattered around the country and the world. Knowing that constant communication between the residents and the alumni is vital for professional, organizational and kinship reasons, it has transformed into a medium that can easily and conveniently be accessible to everyone.

The Aslag has also become a perfect venue to showcase the personalities and creative talent of the members. All the members have to do is take advantage of the chance and contribute. Not only are we able to know what our fellow members are capable of, but also, we get to know them a whole lot better with the many features we have of each other.

The Aslag has turned out to be a vibrant extension of our homey tambayan in the campus. While our physical tambayan serves as a venue where we can bond and enjoy each other’s company, the Aslag achieves the same function, albeit in virtual form – and not only for the members to enjoy, but also for the alumni. The physical and geographical constraints that prevents us from keeping the spirit of kinship alive has now been given a brilliant solution.

Like our organization, the Aslag has come a long way, undergoing many changes to be of better service to all concerned. Who would've thought that it will become this updated, accessible and interactive?

They say that technology develops with the changing needs of mankind. Which one causes the other is another story. But having said this, who knows what other better suited form the Aslag will transform into someday?

The future of Aslag may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure – without continuous efforts by the members to maintain it, the Aslag will not be successful

For now, let us celebrate the success of our efforts for Aslag the past year. With the constant improvements that we make in the blog, we have kept the residents and alumni connected to each other. Forever in the UP Aguman, we all still belong.

LEFT: This is the front page of the Aslag Issue No. 1, AY 2002-2003. The first issue handled by the author. It was a 24-page edition of member's articles, org news and space fillers, haha! The layout was done and finished at Lang's computer at 34G. Frontpage artwork was courtesy of Bong (Salagpi 2001A).

***** ***** *****

“I want to be able to do things that have never been done before.”

I boldly wrote this in my first ever article as an Aguman officer. I wrote this early into my term, so naturally, my statement was teeming of hope and idealism.

But as we celebrate Aslag Online’s successful first year today, I can truly proudly say, I have helped built a legacy I can be proud of.

The Aslag, since its mini-magazine format to its online version today, has always held a special part in my Aguman heart. Not that I am counting, but I have voluntarily and happily sacrificed hours and hours and pays careful attention to every detail just to make sure that I can deliver an issue that will be enjoyed by the members. Eku akalingwan ing experience ku in publishing my first issue of Aslag. Metudtud ku keng tabla ning 34G na alang ulunan, ulas o sapin (eku pa kanita makatuknang karin) para mu ayari ke, haha! But it was all worth it. The feedback and warm reception that was produced by my editorial team’s hard work paid off.

I may never get another chance to allow me to thanks you all:
To all the AguPips (members and alumni) who contributed articles, artworks and/or agreed to be featured in the Aslag (paper and online version), thank you very much for sharing your time and talent and for letting us know you a lot better.

To all who constantly visit, tag and comment, thanks for the appreciation and patronage. Keep doing so, for it is what will always inspire the Aslag Online Team.

To all the silent lurkers, thank you still. Pamparami rin ng hits, haha! Joke mu. But seriously, paramdam naman kayo, the more the merrier! We will be more than happy to welcome you to our online tambayan.

To the new Aslag Online Team, good luck! Love your job, it’s what kept me doing this all these years. Think of how much the members, especially the alumni, rely on this blog just to be connected to Aguman. Elamu bubulad, pero mag-enjoy lang mumunta keni. (I should know, I’ve received messages, hehe). Lastly, I am more than happy and confident with the hands to whom I will turn over this responsibility to.

Now, I look forward to enjoying the Aslag from a reader’s point of view. I know how much hard work goes into putting it up, so I will surely appreciate it well. It was my labor of love. Let it be yours, too.
~Rex Dizon, former Secretary and Aslag Editor-in-chief, outgoing Aslag Online Head

***** ***** *****
For a year now, we saw UP Aguman enter one of the portals of technological innovations. We have stepped up another level and I believe, we are not stopping there. For sure, we will be having a series of more steps to take. But before furthering to that next level, what we have to do is to strengthen the foundation of the steps that we’ve taken already. What we need, in order to do such, are not even great minds, for we already have them. What we really need are considerable pairs of hands, to do work, to manage the transpiration of the great ideas of these great minds.

I would like to say thank you and congrats to the people behind AOL's successful first year. Now, everyone is requested to lend their hands to the next set of people who will man the blog for another successful year.
~Kevin Peñalba, Secretary AY 2008-2009, new Aslag Online Team Head

Monday, April 21, 2008

Successfully Signing Off

By Daphne-Dominique Villanueva, President, AY 2007-2008

In any organization, those who lead will determine its course of activities. They provide it direction. When we started the year, your outgoing Executive Council – Marco, Frida, Jen, Joms, Gboi, Loree, and I, created a vision for Aguman. We intended to successfully introduce fresh ideas. In addition to planning for another successful runs of CEER, Pautakan, and Sining, at least, let us (Executive Council 2007-2008) be remembered for something more.

We planned to transform the organization, renewing the members’ love to the org (residents and alumni alike). One method was to create interactive communications. During our semplanning in May of 2007, we initially planned to require each resident member to communicate with at least 5 alumni para ma-update yung directory, therefore to build bridges with them. But along the course, we discovered that this was unnecessary because there is an incredibly active alumni group that existed. This e-group is the cyber home of 240+ alumni who continue to profess our creed. We have many other alumni not on the list, but the dynamic group keeps growing certainly. This was, personally speaking, my dream for Aguman – that we bridge the residents and alumni, and strengthen that bond – a bond that, like I think, cannot be broken by distance nor age.

With all the plans in mind, we had to work on actions to generate results. We had to mobilize the individual member to a team. There was, I believe, a unanimous motivation to achieve these goals. I was more than happy because despite of our diversity, we shared this same vision. Thus we became one dynamic group, going to carry out the mission.

UP Aguman, in its 34th year, was an assembly of 50+ resident members living not for themselves alone. I would like to think of the past year as the Renaissance — because it was a time of vigor, ingenuity and change. Indeed, it was a year of another successful run for our annual CEER, Pautakan and Sining, but most importantly we successfully introduced new events. We now have our AguBlog, the Aslag Online, that we greet one big happy birthday! We welcomed a new batch of members: Baskal 2007A. We had our very first Mibalik-Tambayan graced by our alumni representing all decades. We held a UP Aguman Week in the University culminating with our very first Mutya Ning Aguman. We participated in events promoting the org and the Capampangan culture in the university such as the Kalye Kultura. We held a Luau Party commemorating the organization’s anniversary along with a Gift-Giving, which was a project of MRSC and UP Aguman for the kids of Sapang Biabas, Mabalacat. There was, of course, the ExeCoun Meetings, GenMeets, AguBondings, the tambay galore. This is all what makes us a happy group of fellow members and friends. But most importantly, we developed a new concept of a dynamic organization. It was indeed a time of achievement. It cannot be attributed to one person alone, or to the Executive Council only. It was the product of a united effort from all the members who unselfishly shared their time, presence, and resources to make that year a success that will be remembered.

Thank you sa lahat nang naki-bahagi sa taong ito ng UP Aguman. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to our partners — our sponsors, especially our alumni.

To the residents, Aguman has been one of the most rewarding experiences and you guys made it all possible. Thank you for the opportunity of leading you. It is both a humbling and inspiring experience for me. Thank you for the great times, the bad times, altogether good memories. To those who have been on this road before and unselfishly shared their advice, thank you for your guidance.

The 34 years has been an arduous journey of discovering and re-discovering the kinship that bound us in the first place. On this journey, it evolved over time and it withstood its tests. There had been bad stretches of roads, but as we discovered, the travel becomes easier with friends around — our companions in this journey, our fellow members and our roster of alumni. Each journey has its own adventures and lessons. Embrace the journey, so you learn as you go. Be guided by integrity, honesty, and service to the Capampangan people and to all Filipinos as well. Imbibe the values of excellence that we learn in UP.

Completing the journey, we (the Executive Council 2007-2008) are humbled to report that we have attained our vision. Now that we close it, may you always come back to the year that was — warm cheers to AY 2007-2008!

Remember, however, that it is never done because the journey goes on. So I now pass forward this challenge to the new officers and residents. Enhance the journey by learning from what we have experienced in the past. Internalize those values and lessons. To the new officers, plan your own path now. What you give to this organization will return to you in hundredfold, so do not be afraid of sacrificing for its wellness. The organization gains lessons as it matures. May you, as individuals, gain the same things, too.

Let us celebrate UP Aguman and its 35 years of existence — 35 years of love and friendship, of family. Keep us alumni excited!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bonggang Bonggang Pagsitsit Ng Mga Starlalu

By Toy T. Oyang

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)
Malapit nang ma-reveal ang secret mo na pilit mong tinatago. Mag-ingat sa mga taong pinagkakatiwalaan mo dahil isa sa kanila ang magtratraydor sayo. Swerte ang taon na ito para sa'yo lalo na sa pag-aaral. Magpasalamat ka at hindi ka mag-eexceed sa MRR, sakto lang.
Lucky number: 2 (Number of years ng delay mo sa UP)

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Maraming tao ang maiinis sa fashion statement mo ngayong summer dahil sa choice of colors mo. Baguhin mo ang sarili mo bago pa magbago ang pakikitungo ng mga kaibigan mo sa'yo. Baka ipagpalit ka pa nila sa iba dong.
Lucky number: 4 (Keber lang, di ka naman naniniwala sa horoscope. Kilala kita!)

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)
Sa susunod na buwan, may mangyayaring malas every Friday. Huwag isuot ang sumusunod na kulay ng damit: pula, kahel, dilaw, berde, lila, itim, puti, maroon at brown. Ang Uranus ay nakalinya ngayon sa star mo kaya swerte ang kulay na asul.
Lucky number: 5 (Bilang ng damit na asul na meron ka)

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)
Huwag seryosohin ang crush. May gusto siyang iba. Ang atupagin mo ay yung crush ng crush mo. Matutong manira ng ibang tao dahil makakatulong ito sa iyong pagkarir na sadyang bonggang bongga. Learn to see the signs.
Lucky number: Null

LEO (July 23 - August 22)
Sa summer na ito, swerte ang buhay pag-ibig mo. Makitxtm8 ka dahil sweswertihin ka sa larangan ng EB (eyeball loko, e me balu kuno). Asahan ang di inaasahan. Swerte ang pagkain ng Tuse with ikstra rice sa Rudek's (with matching *ting* ng bell).
Lucky number:
0927-3458256 (itxt me, magreply ya pramis)

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Isang magandang sorpresa ang iyong matatanggap sa buwang ito. Mag-ingat sa mga prof mo. Basta, mag-ingat ka. Binabalaan na kita. Kinakabahan ka? Pwes, kabahan ka na ngayon pa lang.
Lucky number: 3 (read as TRES)

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Ahhh... Atin yang bayung bag. Tataba ka, big time. Maghinay hinay sa pagkain dahil ang planetang Venus ay ang pinakamalayong planeta sa star mo ngayon. Sweswertehin naman ang lovelife mo. Babalik ang pag-ibig ng dating kasintahan. Go go go while the flag is still up!
Lucky number: 500 (Required calorie intake per day to maintain figure)

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)
Huwag bilisan ang panliligaw at huwag din namang bagalan dahil wala ring patutunguhan ang ambisyon mo. Mahalin mo ang lahat ng taong nakapaligid sa'yo, kahit yung anak ng nagfo-photocopy sa tabi ng tambayan mo. Sa susunod na linggo, malas ang makitulog sa ibang apartment at mamalasin din naman ang roommate mo.
Lucky number: 7 (Guide mo to: seven days ang malas mo)

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)
Huwag ka munang umasa sa lovelife, pag-aaral at friendship -- mamalasin ka sa mga ito. Kung gusto mong suwertihin, manlibre ka. Nakalinya ang planetang Jupiter at Mercury sa bituin ng Sagitarrius. Sweswertehin ka sa pera. Pero mananakawan ka naman. Wala rin di ba? Ipanglibre mo na habang maaga pa.
Lucky number: 35 (Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!)

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)
Mag-ingat sa kalsada dahil malaki ang chance na masasagasaan ka. Magkubli sa bahay sa susunod na tatlong araw at mag-aral nang mabuti. Malaki kasi ang tsansa na babagsak ka sa subject na sinusummer mo.
Lucky number: 5 (read: SINGKO)

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Manimalid ka? Oini ing panyu, salwan me. E ka indredus ne? Magtapat ng nararamdaman sa taong napupusuan. Aminin na ang nararamdaman- obvious naman eh. Isang di inaasahang tao ang magpapakilala sa'yo. Swerte ang buwan na ito para magpapayat, kaya iwasan ang pagkain ng makakasamang pagkain.
Lucky number: 300 (Tatak Gucci ing panyu eh)

PISCES (February 19 - March 20)
Mamalasin ka sa lovelife dahil pamumunuan mo ang isang grupo. Umilag sa paggamit ng petnames (beh, bunch, etc). Ang planetang Neptune ay nasa side mo ngayon. Makakainam sa karir mo ang pag-iwas sa gastos. Matutong magtipid dahil mag-aabono ka nang malaki sa susunod na semestre.
Lucky number: 500,000 (Ito ang kailangan mong online votes/rice/tissue/pera para tuloy tuloy ang pagsikat mo)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let It Flow Like The Milk And Honey Of The Promised Land

By pekepate

It is either your thoughts are as grand and as many as the hoarded rice of affluent people and your paper as small as a ‘post-it’ OR your thoughts as less and as bad (I thought of using ‘stupid’ but I didn’t want to make it redundant) as the brain cells left in Erap’s head and your canvass as large as the tarpaulins of Bayani Fernando.

In both situations, one thing is apparent, and I hope that it came across to you just as it came across to me, that writing, in general, is not as easy and as appealing as “one, two and three”.

This article is about the difficulty tagging along the process of writing. And believe it or not, thinking about the preceding sentence took 30 minutes of my life. I won’t focus on the technicalities involved in the process, not because it will take weeks of my life, but because, I don’t know much about them.

I asked several people for their thoughts on what makes writing difficult and “unappealing”. And I thought of discussing their answers here. The thoughts which I was able to gather are the following:

1. “Mahal kasi ang bolpen/lapis ngayon eh, rice shortage kasi.” – Of course, this answer is stupid and wrong! Well, the one who gave this answer was actually trying crack a joke. So, why did I still include this? You see, stupid thoughts are still thoughts, and more often than not, from these thoughts we come up with works which are brilliant and correct.

2. Time Constraint – Almost everyone who writes is subject to this, unless you are Brian Gorrell and you have all the time in the world except money and a boyfriend. Most of the time, if not, deadlines are given. And this does not only add-up to the difficulty of writing, but may even affect the output and thus make people not write at all. But still, there are times wherein creative juices are fast flowing during this constraint. Perhaps, it is just a matter of treating it as a challenge and of properly handling pressures.

3. Fear Of Being Criticized – Who likes them? Sometimes, even the constructive ones are hard to swallow. But everyone knows that they actually help. Written accounts (i.e. articles) which are of public consumption won’t escape the critical eyes of the reading world. Actually, fear of criticisms brings about another good thing. It will make you conscious the whole time you are writing (oh ‘di ba, less mistakes!). Besides, there is always a chance for one to redeem yourself or moreover to get even to that someone who’ll lambaste your work! Haha!

4. Bad Topics – Syempre naman! Like the topic of this article. Well, it is not that bad. But who will actually write about how hard it is to write? Well, this is where the purpose comes in. When you have a good purpose, like this one, you’ll make good out of the bad.

5. Lack Of Inspiration – Well, personally and for a lot, it is something I need but it may not be the case for everyone. But for sure, it is something helpful. Nonetheless, it is always fine to look for an inspiration when you feel like writing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that that inspiration should be a ‘someone’ and can always be a ‘something’. And then you’ll notice that all the thoughts and creativity hibernating inside your mind will flow like the milk and honey of the promise land.

I believe that the aforementioned are the most common problems why writing has become a stranger to many. In fact, every now and then, it seems that I don’t know ‘writing’ as much as I think I know it. If ever you noticed, the five thoughts mentioned are actually not problems at all. In fact, some, if not all, actually present solutions.

Now the real purpose of this article is not just to present the abovementioned but to encourage everyone to give writing a shot. And who knows, you might love it. Besides, writing has also some benefits which you might want to discover yourself!

Come on! We want to know just how creative you are!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Household To Remember

By kingofchocolates

Mikikit tamu keng tambuyan. Sabe-sabe tamu mag-lunch keng CASAA o mag-dinner keng Philcoa o kari Atching Fe. Sabe-sabe tamu rin luluwas. Mipanagkat tamu patse kailangan (more like ‘bisa’, haha!) tamu mag-mall. Neng kayi pin, abe-abe ta pa mag-library, anti mong seryoso tang manigaral pero ing tutu na nyan, mipanyismis tamu rin bandang talwi. And for those of us who are lucky enough – may orgmate ka na, may chever ka pa! Haha!

In short, with all our activities and bonding moments, we AguPips spend so much time with each other as it is. It’s one thing to be in frequent company with orgmates, right? But what if in our whole time we spend in the big ol’city, we’re with them even after class and mall hours? Can it get any better than that? It was not uncommon for some AguPips to live together even from way back. Although I think the reasons for such is a fair mixture of chance and necessity.

Rex tries to review for an exam in EEE 103, while Andre plays Yoshi's Egg on Rex's PC
RIGHT: The closet on one of 34G's rooms, kaybat neng lininis Rex. After 2 days, megulu ne ulit, haha!

I have been living with at least 1 AguPip all my college life. I shared a room with Dennis (Salagpi 2001A) for the first 1.5 years. The rest of my college years (don’t bother counting), I was fortunate to live with more AguPips – an apartment-full of them, in fact, at ‘The 34G’.

The 34G. No AguPip today is unaware of the legendary Aguman household. You’re probably thinking I am exalting our own apartment by describing it as if it isn’t a cramped two-storey, two-bedroom, wooden-walled apartment with a leaky ceiling right smack in an eerie compound on a shady neighbourhood. But I tell you, its reputation precedes me and my stay in Aguman.

God knows what Lang is doing in this picture, hehe!

RIGHT: Adyang linipat ne y Phil, madalas ya pa rin bibisita keng 34G. Mamyalung yang Worms keng PC ng Lang.

No other Aguman household probably has lasted this long and stood the test of moving AguHousemates and AguHouseguests through time. It all started in June 1999 when 3 members – Ricky (Sakmal 1992A), Fabz (Tayid-Tayid 1997) and Lang (Diquit-Diquit 1996A) – decided to live together in one apartment in 34B Lt J Francisco St, KNL. Eventually, Fabz was replaced by then new member Macoy (Tuglung 1998A). Ricky also eventually moved out. But by 2000, together with more AguPips, Lang and Macoy moved to a bigger unit that can accommodate more housemates thus making the monthly rent way cheaper. The 34G was officially established.

For the past 8 years, 34G has lost and gained housemates. When Marco moved into the apartment in January 2007, he became the 16th AguPip to consider the place his or her home away from home. Of course, if we count in the AguPips who ‘lived’ in 34G but never actually paid rent (we call them ‘annexes’), the number is bigger. (Relax, I am not going to reveal any names, hehe!). A few months after Marco moved in, Buduy (Lakatan 2006A) became the 17th AguPip to have officially lived in 34G, but only for the summer term. He temped for Michael who was on summer vacation.

LEFT: Argel lies on the floor during one of his 'tampururut' moments
RIGHT: Frequent visitor Yek and Joms make some Christmas snowflakes to decorate the house with

Like any other Aguman household, 34G plays a more important role in Aguman affairs than what members realize. It is practically an extension of the tambayan – all the noise and laughter, and that even includes all the ‘kalat’ like rummageables and other org paraphernalia. The walls of the place have witnessed a lot of Aguman events and bondings and have heard all sorts of issues from its housemates and the members that visit. Different batches of Executive Councils have convened there. Some of the housemates even discuss Aguman issues, both organizational and personal, even during the wee hours. Members from all committees often meet there to prepare for the organization’s different endeavors. And it’s not just pure org business. 34G has also hosted numerous birthday celebrations, get-together dinners, movie nights, sleepovers (intentional and circumstantial) and bonding sessions. In a nutshell, it has seen the many personal ups and downs of Aguman and its members.

LEFT: Renz studies his lessons while Arnel looks on from the outside.
RIGHT: Rex takes a scoop of the Dennis' ice cream treat.

They say familiarity breeds contempt. Yes, it’s true. But it comes with the territory anyway. No other experience has taught me more things and lessons in life than living with the organization’s best people. So yes, the pros definitely trump the cons – to the words of Simon Cowell – by a mile.

I was fortunate to live long enough in 34G to let me undergo the many changes in life that has made me a better person today. Okay, maybe it is way too longer than what I probably would've wanted, hehe, but hey, things happen for a reason. When I moved in to 34G, I was the youngest, most naive, dependent and innocent housemate. But I was surrounded by the best set of older brothers and sisters so I learned and mastered the ways of the world (and of the org) in no time. Heck, in just a year of ‘training’, even my Elder housemates dreaded my headshot hirits, haha! Like I always say (you’re probably weary of this phrase), “I learned from the best”.

I admit though, there were many times when I wanted to move out for a number of many different reasons (mainly mood swings). But at the end of those manic episodes, I’ve always realized that I cannot do it. I thought, how could I possibly deliberately cut myself out from a place that has actually helped define a huge part of my being. And I also knew, I should stick around if only to pay it forward – I’ve become the ‘Elder brother’ now.

Housemate Mike poses with Fergie and Kevin during one of the Wednesday dinners

RIGHT: Members converge at 34G in preparation for the Acquaintance Party 2007

I dedicate this piece to my current housemates, Argel (Salagpi 2001A), Renz (Kaputul 2004A), Joms (Kadaya 2005A), Michael (Lakatan 2006a) and Marco, as well as to all previous 34G housemates: Andre (Salagpi 2001A), Kuya Arnel (Tipun 1999A), Bong (Salagpi 2001A), Buduy (Lakatan 2006A), Ate Claire (Palumpon 1996B), Hermie (Ambula 2000A), Kuya Langski (Diquit-Diquit 1996A), Macoy (Tuglung 1998A), Philbert (Ambula 2000A), Ate Sai (Ambula 2000A) and Ate Tin (Ambula 2000A). Pati na rin kareng Annexes whose names I should not divulge. You know who you are, haha! Cheers to all the cherished memories that we’ve had in our humble apartment. That’s considering both the good and bad memories, hehe, which were all there to make college and apartment life a little more interesting and meaningful, right? Hehe! The 34G has survived all these years, despite the many misunderstandings, break-ups, house mishaps and rental increases. And I hope it will survive in the years to come, if only to allow future members to have the same wonderful, lessons-laden, and life-changing experience that all previous 34G housemates have had.

Bale-Balayan with AguPips

By kingofchocolates

Since we’re on the topic of AguHousing (read other post here), here’s a list of other Aguman households in recent years. Or in other words, ‘deng baleng Aguman na disnan ku’, haha!

60A Magiting / 37 Matipid / 75C Matimtiman / 120 Maginhawa
Housemates: Beyts, Phil, Fedz, Emil, Paolo (Ambula 2000A), Macoy (Tuglung 1998A), Bong (Salagpi 2001), Reyjell, Ryan, Kers & Darryl (Kasaup 2002A). Ela ngan meging housemates na sabe-sabe ne. Grabe naman ita, balamu dormitory na la keng dakal. Haha!
60 Magiting was one of two legendary AguHouseholds during its time. Huwag ka, nakapag-host pa sila ng Unity Night, something 34G was never able to do given its minimal space. Patse ene makauli ing metung a AguPip kanita, madalas lang maki-overnight kareng 60 Magiting gentlemen. Like 34G, tambakan ya ring org paraphernalia, hehe. Unfortunately, in the middle of 2004, kinailangan dang mako kasi pelakwan dala uling lasakan dane kanu ing apartment complex da. They then transferred to the said addresses above. One by one, some of the members moved out due to work reasons and they eventually disbanded (disbanded? Parang boyband, haha!) when its remaining housemates eventually worked in the Makati / Mandaluyong area.
PS. Last month de pa lesakan detang bale keng 60 Magiting, after 4 years since pelakwan do reng AguPips. Sayang, this AguHousehold could’ve lived longer.

34F, KNL
Former Housemates: Maan, Mennen (Ambula 2000A), Pax, Joman (Kasaup 2002A) and Syel (Sampelut 2003A), and one non-AguPip housemate and AguAnnexes, too, hehe!
When the adjacent apartment unit of 34G was declared vacant, some AguPips wasted no time in procuring the prime real estate spot, hehe! It quickly became an extension of 34G. Lipat-lipat la mu reng 34G and 34F pips to the other unit – maki-ref la reng 34F, makibanyu la to each other patse occupied la reng CRs da at mamaligwa la, mag-movie nights la together, at madalas lang salu-salung mamangan ampo gigimik neng bengi. At least tipid keng taxi, diba, haha! Too bad, the setup only lasted for 1 semester for half of the housemates graduated that year at eno mika-time mantun kapalit.

37 Marilag / 75A Matimtiman / 51C Matimtiman
Former Housemates: Daphne, Nel & Cyrille (Kaputul 2004A), Loree (Kadaya 2005A)
Current Housemates: Porshe (Kaputul 2004A), Jen, Elai (Lakatan 2006A), Denesse, Ruth (Langgotsi 2006B) and Anj (Baskal 2007A) for the current summer term. They also have one other Kapampangan housemate.
While 60 Magiting was formed by PHS alums, 37 Marilag came about courtesy of HFA alumnae. The current housemates of the biggest (in terms of floor space) Aguman household today now conveniently stay at 51C Matimtiman. It has become the new center of ‘ExeCoun power’ that was once held by 34G as Jen is the current President of our organization. Her other housemates were also candidates in the last elections. While some other households have more incumbent officers, well, aliwa pa rin talaga ing power ning Presidente, ne Jen? Hehe! While 34G has become a frathouse, then 51C is its lady counterpart – with all the perks and drawbacks, hehe! Madalas ya ring pitambayan, pipag-overnightan and gagawang venue for orgwork ing 51C given its spacious sala. At atin lang TV! Madalas la ping makipanalbe reng 34Guys keni dati eh, hehe.

Balara Pips
Current Housemates: Aries, Jer (Lakatan 2006A), Lea (Langgotsi 2006B) and Mae (Baskal 2007A) and other non-AguPip housemates
They are made of PHS alumni batch 2006. Huwag ka, ila mu ing Aguman household na ating internet, hehe. Oneng medyo malaut ya kasi ing bale and dakal la rin non-AguPip na housemates, kaya eya meging tambayan extension ing bale da.

90 Maginhawa / 75 Matimtiman
Former Housemates: Adrian (Kadaya 2005A)
Current Housemates: Bong, Buduy (Lakatan 2006A), Felipe, Kevin (Langgotsi 2006B)
Nuko naman, suking-suki de reng AguPips y Mamita, ing makibandi ning apartment complex keng 75 Matimtiman, haha! The current housemates otherwise known as the Mini Stop boys just moved in this summer. I am betting that this is the biggest Aguman household today, in terms of the housemates’ total weight and mass, haha! Adyang mag-umpisa pa ing adventure da as housemates, for sure, since this household has 2 incumbent officers (just like the Balara household), it will be a house force to reckon with.

3P, Dormitoryana
Former Roommate: Jean (Kaputul 2004A)
Current Roommates: Pie (Kaputul 2004A) and Fergie (Kadaya 2005A)
Technically, this is not a household for it’s a dormitory room (a posh dormitory at that, hehe) and adwa nala mung AguPip, atin la pang aliwang roommate. But anyway, it deserves a mention for historic reasons. Actually, throughout the years, Dormitoryana has been home to quite a lot of AguGirls. Thus, the dorm knows nung ninu-ninu ngan deng AguBoys na dinalaw para mag-lolo karela, haha! Madalas ya rin pipag-overnightan ini for AguGirls.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


By D' Ref

Today, we start celebrating the anniversary of Aslag Online! Today's two poems dedicated to Aslag Online is just one of many special posts to commemorate the feat from today until April 22. So visit Aslag Online daily and enjoy the updates specially prepared by the Aslag Online Team. Mag-comment kayu ne!


Macamateng cataimican
Ibat queng papel a mesucsuc
A mesalicut queng suluc
Papel a mecalinguan
Siualang ali mepaciramdaman

Ibat queng pamanisip daring talentadu;
Binage da queng nanung mumusu
Kabira, mepacirut la reng miyembru
Queng susulung cahun, liningun la

“Syapo! Online ne!”, ara.

Melabas ing metung banua
Asneng cadacal binisita
Queng bawat suluc ceti yatu
Queng bawat linabas a panaun
Residenti man o alumni
Misanmetung ing siuala
“Ali mu para cecatamung dili”,

Magpasicang gulisac da!

Miaslagan: Mesilo, Mekabalu, Miakit

By Emerlinda

Sasabe ya keng pali ning panaun
Mapali, asasangap balamu alimum
Mabilis, kakalat anti mo ning rabis
Ing bayu, ing luma, ing tsismis

O nanu abe, miaslagan naka ba?
O makamulala ka pa rin ken at manulu wawa?
Makiaslagan naka!
Magkwentu, mangalat, magnakbag kakilala
Mamara, magmayabang, mangutang, mangilala

Tau mang abroad, Tau ring Pilipinas
King Aslag, andyang nokarin, makapisabi, makapagkilala
E mi na mo intindyan nung anak ka pa o matwa

Basta’t balu me ing lawiwing Kapampangan
At manalete keka ing dayang Aguman
Aslagan muku, Aslagan daka, Mipanaslag kata!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some Summer Announcements

*Guys, nokarin king Angeles ampo San Fernando niyu buring GAWAN ing CEER? We need your reactions/suggestions. Just comment on this post ne.
*Also, together with the Educational Committee, mag-start tana gawang Reviewer for CEER 2008 so that we'll have enough time to edit it. Manipun nakayung questions revolving around Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Analogy, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary, etc. We'll announce soon the final questions assignments.

*On April 22, 2008, we'll celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Aslag Online! Yey! For that, the Aslag Online Team has prepared a week-long celebration for that -- a week's worth of daily updates! And to top it all, we'll unveil Aslag Online's new look! Tadaaa!
*So any AguPip (alumni and/or resident) na interested mag-submit articles for this anniv week or for summer or just about any kind of article, just comment on this post with your ideas / suggestions. You can send articles to

*Magdala tamung rummageables for our Rummage Sale. Kareng megdala na, salamat! Kareng ali pa, please, andyang nanu mu okay mu. Pwede ring bags, stuffed toys, appliances, shoes. Anything you will bring, madagul nang saup para keng org.
*Ala pang permanent date for it though. Kasi pag-isipan pa ing place/s nung nukarin magtinda and mag-depend rin keng dakal dareng malan and stuff. Nung ekayu mag-summer class, padala yu la kareng mag-summer. Please support this fundraising project.

*AguPips, residents and alumni: we will be making a portfolio about PAUTAKAN this summer to present to DepEd for our planned accreditation. If you have picturess, articles (or if you want to make one), please send them to, thanks in advance!
*It is important that we accomplish this goal this summer uling eno mag-entertain accreditation keng DepEd once meg-start ne ing school year.

Kareng mag-summer, tatambay kayu! Mag-EBS tamu! For more summer fun, hehe! One Team AguPips!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Summer Greetings Galore! 2008

Karing co-officers ku, miadya tana. Haha! Joke. Let’s rock’n’roll!

Trish, dakal salamat talaga keng microbeads. Ene ba naman buring pagamit Mommy, baka kanu marinatan ya, hehe!

Dydy Joms! "Magttrabaho" ka na this summer no? Lagot, I can sense na may malas na mangyayari. Naku, pag kinutoban ako, nagkakatotoo...

Lai, nukaring tamu mag-beach? Todo exercise tana para makapag-2-piece bikini ka ta, haha!

Woi Yekker-kins, ninanu naka? Bigla kang menahimik ah! Busy ka yatang che-chever?! Haha!

Heniwey, let us support the rummage sale this third week of April! Tsaka pala pabalu yu naman kung magsummer kayu ne? Para balu tamu ninu la reng makasaup keng rummage sale tamu, not only that para rin mainvite kayu pag atin tamung EBS galore! Bwaha anjang emu pabalung magsummer ka abalu’t abalu mi mu rin ta, pag migkataun, miadya ka! x_X

Mike, loko ikayu nab a? Kalwat na! Haha!

Ate Zel, me and buddy will miss you so much! Especially him,ahihi!

Frida & the rest of the Garahe Gang, shet, amimiss ku ne ing Garahe! Dakal naku ulit apractice na songs, hehe!
~Laging 99 ing score, hehe! Feeling!

To Ate Daph who taught me a lot of things and for sharing w/ me moments i will cherish 4ever.

K. Argel? Komusta ne man ing bale ngening ikamung dili? Eka tatakot? Hehehe! Ika ah, pota galang ninu-ninu uulit mu ah? Eye mamantsan ing bed ku. Pero ok mu, marinat ne rin naman eh, hehe!
~34G Landlord

Hello! Kapilan ing sem planning? Kapilan ing summer getaway? Tuki ku! Hehe!

Kuya Wexie, thank you thank you. This may sound insulting, but I hope it’s not. When I feel I failed again, I sometimes think of you. I don’t know where you get your strength, maybe it’s your faith or your family and friends; but it’s admirable. Because I know you can do it, I know I can do it too. Por dat salamuch. Enough of the drama, I wish I can bond with you more at sana this Saturday or the next Saturdays pa neh? Kung di pwede, mantun tang aliwa! By the way, thank you for inducting me into the Council of Elders and I hope I’ll get more training from you. Hehe love you kuya.

Tuttifrutti! Binibigyan na kita ng go signal, hehehe! Go, go, go! For more summer colors of LOVE.
~VP for Romantic Affairs

ATE DAPH!!! Kailangan nating magkita! May ibibigay ako sayo na ikagagalak mo! Haha!

LOREE, ika ng bahalang mamili para kekaming CINDY. Balu mu no man ding taste mi. Good luck king practicum!

Don2, ngeni pa turu mu nacu accounting, para ali cu masipa,,ehe

Aries! Galingan mu ha? Agyu mu yan. If you need help, text mu ku mu. Willing ya rin y Ate Leah sumaup. God bless.

Pips! sino gusto mag-CWTS sa Clark? Tara, sabay sabay na tayo sa 8!

Batchmates! Denesse, Erika, Kevin, Ruth!!! May nakalimutan ba ako? Hehehehe... Lea! Di man tayo nakapag diwang ng ating anibersaryo. FYI, March 18 yun... Sino ba hindi magsusummer sa atin? Teka! Si Ruth pala sa UP Clark!! Sana di siya matuloy... hahaha! Joke...

MomiFerg, dalawin mo kami ni Kuya Bong ha! Hehe!

Sana ating mag-summer kareng 34G para naman eku lonely balang bengi, huhu!

ANJ, iniirog ko! anong bulaklak ang gusto mo?

Jen, turu mu kung maglolo, neh. Para apasagut ku ne bayu mayari ing summer, haha!

AguPips, meyari nanaman ing metung a sem, sana masalese nala man deng grades tamu! Ehe! Amiss dacau ngan, maliban careng magsummer class, after 1 week micit tana nanaman, ehe!

Ate Ace, abatan taya ne? Sopan mu ku! hehe! Siya may kasalanan ng lahat ng ito.
~Ang kasama mong kumain sa Sisig Boy

Jeandoi, I don’t know where I get my strength, ehe. Basta’t go lang nang go. We’re here for you. We love you whatever happens.
~K. Wexie

KUYA REX, aLa pa bang bayung series?

Budz (Ferg),, ala ne pala itang mug,, apamye neng coia cu cetang inaanac na,,ehe, panayan ceng datang e tita cu ult,,

Buddy Kevin and Fergie, take care of each other. Haha (Parang deathbed wish ang dating noh?) Kebs, dapat kulitin mo si pherg sa mga econ stuffs nyo. Pag nag-aaral ka, inspire meng magaral rin! Ene man tamad, naman ya pa, matako yamu tudtud!haha Ferg, kapatad, remind mo nalang si kebs na di masyadong magandang magpaka-GC noh? Haha Hanggang sa susunod na ilibre nyo ako ng starbux! Love you both.

Joms & Michael, you’re stuck with 34G and my house rules, bwahahaha! Sayang, I thought a-solo ku ne ing room yu, hehehe! Eh bale, this means more late night bondings for the 3 of us, with boyband background music to boot, wehehe!
~Insomniac Big Brother

ATE DAPH, kelan tayo pupunta ng Palawan? Lilibre mo ko di ba? KEBS kasi KJ na GC pa! Di naten siya sasama! =p haha..

RareJob Tutors, thank you for conducting the good lessons, haha! (Spot the grammatical error! Hehe!)
~Tutor ID: 99

Ex-Kalai Girls, Angge, Trisha, Jewel, Nic at Minsky! Awww... Di na ako makakadalaw sa Kalai... T.T Hehehe, galingan niyo! Sa mga magdodorm sa inyo, maging mabait kayo! Anj, malamang di ka na makakapagdorm.

Jen, Aguman President ka na pala, di ko man lang nalaman. Galingan mo!

Ate Ruth, thanks sa bedspace mo!

Kareng younger alumni, kapilan ing gathering? Ala? Paging Ate Leslie, Edong, Ate Nat, haha!

ANJ and BONG, kelan foodtrip? Text yu ku! Haha!

Agupips! It was great spending one school year with all of you! Thank you so much for all the moments (happy, bad, exciting, bloodrushing hehe, and heartwarming) I will never forget. I am looking forward to spending another year with you, my 2nd family.

Elai, thanks ceng gift,, sana emu nacu man apagaga,,haha

ATE PIE, goodluck king pamag-OJT! Libre Libre!

Cuia Rex, Gboi, masambut nacau nanaman cacu canian ceng pustahan tamu!,, like last year,,ehe

Guys! mamimiss ko kayo,, huwag niyo ko kakalimutan..

To my buddies, Marco, Mike and GrandBudz Anj, orange 4ever!love you all buddies!

Sagli mu! Atin tamu kanung Rice Crisis?! Noo! Ing extra rice ku! Haha! See you soon kinships!

Ola! Magandang araw sa inyong lahat!!! Sana maging mainit ang summer natin!!! Pero sa mga makakakita pa sa akin, magiging mas mainit ang summer niyo! Haha!
Let's all have a beautiful and a worthwhile summer ahead!!! God bless us all!!! Nakakamiss kayong lahat!!!

ExeCoun, good luck cecatamu, sana asopan taiang masalese ing org,, saup-saup tamu ngan!ehe,

Loree! Makasake ka bang airplane kanyan?! Haha!
~K. Rex

Aceykins! Magsusummer ka ba? Kapag nakikita kita, "survey", "paper" at "cramming" ang naaalala ko. Ahehehe...

Budz (Jewel), canyaman ning cake,,ehe, tnx!

Kareng malbe American Idol, go David Cook, haha! Rock on!

Ruth, mamimiss kita ngayong summer. Pano na matatapos yung kino-compose nating kanta niyan? Haha!

Chust, pasalamat ka e meyari laban tamu Wii. Kung hindi you’ll suffer your worst defeat in tennis! Bwaha!

AguPips, magrecruit tamu marakal this coming school year ha. Feeling ku, marakal la ring mag-apply. Tin naku 3 buring iinvite, kaya, let's prepare for the app process.
~John Carl

Kuya Marco! Kailan nga ba yung FR date? Di o pa nasasabi ulit sa mommy ko eh...

Ferg, sorry di ko pa nabayaran yung huling week! Pakaltas na lang sa sahod ko, hehe! Kita-kits summer!

AguPips, enjoy the summer,, sana pala macapagdala caiung rummageables for our fundraising,,ehe,,

Wexie, Maldives tana? Haha. Thanks keng egana-gana, balu mu nala nanu la reta. Basta itang coffee shop tamu patalakad ta yua someday, hehe! Love you! MWah!

To You Know Who You Are, alam ko pa yung ginawa mo nung nakaraang tag-init! Akala mo nakalimot ako?! Naku, pag magsusummer ka, I swe*r babagsak ka subject na isusummer mo! Hmp! Akala mo...

Jewel, o nanu, Eya ba talaga sweet y _______? Alang cake? Hehe!
~K. Rex

Hello AguMems! Musta naman ing bakasyon yu? Kering-keri ba o parehas tamung migkaprof na kalupa ng Marcelino Pan Y Vino na kasaman ing bakasyon?! Tarumpampam ya ita! Nakuu panirang tula! Nga pala, ali naku makakalikasan ngeni haha! Afifeel ku ne yata ing maturity? Aba, daig ke pa ing mig-retreat ngening summer dakal ku apagnilay-nilayan keng biye ku pati pin ing biye-biye daring aliwang tao ikwa ku nang arealize rin e haha! Now, who’s talking about maturity?

Justin, di ba magsusummer ka? Ayusin mo ha? Para di matanggal yung isang A sa degree program mo... Hehehe.. Ikaw din Buduy.

Anj, thanks ceng gift certs, agamit cu ne ing metung,,

Kuya Marco, good luck sa ES 12!

Justin, wala namang malisya diba?
~Bugaw mo

For the Agupeeps: naman! I miss you so so much. Alam ko naghibernate ako but it doesn’t mean I love you less. Haha Kadrama! Thank you for making my day a lot better even if I just received the worst news ever. Oha, ganyan ang effect nyo sa akin! Love the org and love one another, haha Still, I’m not going anywhere.
~Lola Jeandoi

Kebs, tara, mag-jogging-joggingan tamu keng St Jude oval, hehe!

Kuya Rex! Malapit na birthday ko!!! Regaluhan mo ako ng charger noh? Kahit second hand! Haha! Joke lang...

Summah's here! Para sa mga mag-ssummer classes, i-enjoy na natin ang mga nalalabing araw. Haha.
~John Carl

Minsky, shift ka na para makasama mo na siya

Johnnykins! Magsusummer ka ba?

Ate Daph, may bagong number ka na! Ehehe! No more stalkers. Kumusta naman pala ang lovelife? Ehehe!

Ate Acey, mag-ice-cream tayo this summer, yey!

To my bestfriend Elai, thank you for supporting and loving me even in my worst mood.

Piepie, 8 months namu and your angel will come home! Yihee! Godbless keng bigtime a internship! You always give your best in everything and I know you’ll impress your workmates this summer. Enjoy, meet new people (but keep us!!!) and keep on learning. Also, find time to read leisurely. Balu mu naman, magka-library tamu pa! Haha I miss you and I love you.

Cy! Mipakananu naka?! Kapilan ing handaan mu? Hehe!
~Kuya Rex

Ate Thea, may bagong tabas ka bang shirt? Patingin naman.

Fergie & Pie, o makananu kanyan, itamu namu mitagan keng Katips Dinner gang tamu, hehe. Likwan danaka tamu dina Dadai and Ate Maan, huhu. Eh bale, patse mag-dinner tamu, ila pa rin pisabyan tamu, bwahaha!
~K. Rex

Loree, awww.... Bumalik ka na kasi sa Matimtiman! Balita ko magbubuhay PAL ka na daw? Weeehhh!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Ayusin mo!

Kita kits na lang sa summer, hehe!

Happy summer everyone! Karing mag-summer class, see you guys around UP! Sana magkakaklase tamu. Kareng mag-GE, ikayu nang bahala kaku! Haha! Kareng ali, enjoy keng bakasyun! One Team!

To (toooot), wag mo naman akong siraan! Gusto mo ba talaga magsiraan na lang tayo?! Sige, I accept the challenge!

Felipe, oh ano, napilit mo na si Kevin?
~ComLec wannabe

Summer na, enjoy enjoy tana, good luck to all graduates!

Buds! Musta naka? Grabe, hangga ngeni ali daka pa alilibre. Madakal naku utang keka. Don’t worry, malapit nakung makabawi keka. Text-text namu. Miss you, mwah!

Kareng atin summer jobs ken lalu na retang RareJob tutors, patikman yu nake man kareng sweldu yu o, mag-summer saya tamu, hehe!

Ate Daph, good luck sa med school!

Sana OK ka, ikayu, tamu ngan this summer.

Lai! Magsusummer ka di ba?! Tara! Let's get physical! Dapat may diet plan tayo! Got2BFit! Salamat pala sa help nung naghanap tayo ng bahay! Nameet ko pa yung long lost friend ko na si Iola! hehehe...

Langgotsi, I MISS U GUYS! When next bonding? *hugs*

Ate Bal, penge ako key-chain! Haha!

Jilliebeans! Malapit ku ne akit ing GG ku, hehe! Joke.
~K. Rex

To my co-officers, you're the best! We rock! Sana magbonding tamu parin paminsan minsan.

Kuya Aids, dinan ng chicks, haha!

Yek, thanks for being my ‘older’ sister. Hehehe. Dakal tan a rin gewang kalokwan and connivance together. Haha! Miss danaka. Love you! Mwah!

Jen! Grabe, Youtube star naka pala ah. Le-level naka kang Janina San Miguel, haha! Sayang, blurry ya ing video, ali masyadu obvious na ika ita, haha!

Ate Ruth, good luck sa grade natin sa Math, haha!

Mike, o nanu na? Anong petsa na? Nang panayan mu?!
~You gave me 2 pieces of you-know-what

Ate Yek! Naalala kita nung gumawa ako ng cheesecake! Haha!

Dadai & A. Maan! Mimingat kayu ken. Pasalubong ha? Hehe!

Aga, sana pumasa tayong removals!

Porshe! Mag-Coffee Academy tamu! Manyaman naman karin, diba? Ampo mura. Haha! Magkapresyu yamu ing cake and frappe amo, haha!
~Starbucks Buddy

Sa mga taga 50-something Matimtiman, tayo tayo lang kumain ng pasta noh? Haha! We'll be in touch more kasi I'm gonna make lipat na near you! Oh di ba? Can't get enough of you guys! Haha! Salamat pala sa pagkupkop sa akin nung kasagsagan ng Hell Week ko.. Hehehe... (Which, BTW, ngayong sem ko lang talaga na experience)

Housemates, thanks for all the memories. Sorry nung masungit ku minsan, hehe. We still have more or less a month together. For that, let’s have more fun. Hehe. Love you guys! Mwah!

Ate Jen, swimming naka dali!

Gboi & Justin, miadya nakayu, gagaling nakung manulang milako keng American Idol, haha!
~K. Rex

Den, kalian na tayo maglalasing kasama si Elai? Hehe!

Kareng malbe PBBTE+, go Byoti, Robi and Josef, haha!
~PBBTE+ Addict

Ate Daph, see you next sem, haha, joke! Congrats!

Baskal, I miss you na guys! Bonding dali!

Agupips, have an exciting summer!

Cy, mantun na kang condo ta. Hehe!

Bong, Buduy, Kevin, sa April 8 ha? Settled na dapat lahat.

Ate Mikai, gimik tayo! Kitch, gimik tamu rin!

Kareng mag-summer, sopan na DepEd, aha, paaccredit tane ing Pautakan, haha! Rakenrol!

Kareng new officers, congrats! Galingan yu. Ali ye paburen ing org. If kailangan yu ing financial support, text yemu y April, haha! Joke mu ita. Baka paten naku April, haha! Basta agyu yu yan. Moral support asaup mi, hehe. Good luck and God bless!
~Hazel, Kaputul 2004A

Waaaah! Miss ku ne ing org! Syempre y Marco din most especualy, hahaha!

Hello kareng egana ganang Baskal!!! Ena mituluy ing ice skating tamu!
~John Carl

Bes & Mike, enjoy the summer at Clark, haha!

Muningski! Bakit ka nagpalit ng phone? Sana naman matuluy na an gating suburban getaway bago ka mag-med school, hehe!

AguPips, thanks keng Tribute!

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