Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Six AguPips graduate with honors

With additional information from the Diliman UP Date Online

April 26, 2009 – Frequent rain showers plagued the whole week but the sun shone just in time for the 98th Commencement Exercise of the University of the Philippines Diliman. The members of the Class of 2009 from all the colleges and their proud parents trooped to the University Amphitheater at 3:30 in the afternoon for the said graduation rites.

National Artist for Literature Dr. Virgilio S. Almario delivered the keynote address to some 4,500 graduates. Joseph Segui, a BS Mathematics summa cum laude graduate, delivered a message in behalf of the graduates. This year, Segui is joined by 17 other outstanding individuals in graduating with top honors. One of these summa cum laude graduates is Ma. Theresa S. Pamintuan (Kaputul 2004A). Nicknamed Pie to the AguPips and her close friends, she obtains a BS Business Administration & Accountancy degree with a GWA of 1.20. A few months ago, she was part of the winning team of UP CBA in the 10th Inter-Collegiate Finance Competition (ICFC) sponsored by the Financial Executives of the Philippines (FINEX).

The respective recognition rites of the rest of our proud graduated orgmates were held throughout the whole week. Five other remarkable AguPips also graduated with honors.
Also, last April 22, the newly graduated residents were feted to the Aguman alumni association with a simple fellowship dinner with the alumni officers and resident officers.

April 21, 2pm, College of Arts & Letters
Jowie Brent “Jowie” Garcia, Kadaya 2005A, Cum Laude, BA European Languages

April 22, 4pm, School of Statistics
Mary Therese “Thea” Lising, Kadaya 2005A, BS Statistics

April 24, 8am, College of Engineering
Marco Lansangan, Kaputul 2004A, BS Chemical Engineering

April 24, 4pm, School of Economics
Jerome “Joms” Caylao, Kadaya 2005A, BS Business Economics
Paul Neilmer “Paul” Feliciano, Kadaya 2005A, Cum Laude, BS Business Economics

April 24, 4pm, National College of Public Administration and Governance
Gary Lawrence "Gary" Patawaran, Kadaya 2005A, BA Public Administration

April 25, 8am, Asian Institute of Tourism
Anna Kathrina “Kath” Gatchalian, Bucayo 2005B, Cum Laude, BS Tourism
Ohrelle Kim “Kim” Marcelo, Kadaya 2005A, BS Tourism
Lorelee “Loree” Sicat, Kadaya 2005A, Cum Laude, BS Tourism

April 25, 1pm, College of Social Sciences & Philosophy
Anne Christine “Acey” Duarte, Bucayo 2005B, Magna Cum Laude, BA Linguistics
Mark Andrew “Andrew” Santiago, Kadaya 2005A, BA Philosophy

April 26, 9am, College of Business Administration
Demsen Rachelle “Demsen” Cosio, Agyuan 2007B, BS Business Administration
Kristina Corazon “Kitchie” Gallardo, Kaputul 2004A, BS Business Administration

April 26, 10am, College of Architecture
Eleaze Valerie “Yek” Santos, Kaputul 2004A, BS Architecture

Some of these newly graduated AguPips were officers in the organization. Marco and Acey were a former Internals Vice-Presidents, during AY 2007-2008 and AY 2008-2009 respectively;
Joms was a former Treasurer, AY 2007-2008; Pie was a former Educational Committee Chairperson, AY 2005-2006; and Loree was Socio-Cultural Committee Chairpersons during AY 2007-2008 and Yek during AY 2006-2007. In the coming school year, two of these graduates will take up Law: Andrew at UP and Jowie at Ateneo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Wish

Inside a Picture Unfading

The picture lastingly suspended,
floating in their memories.
It was their picture that frequently reminded
how a moment,
remains, forever, just a moment.
He remembers,
how her hand firmly held his shoulders.
She remembers,
how his hand softly held her waist.
They remember,
how they got frozen,
deep in the middle of the dance.
Just the two of them,
framed and still in the moment.

It was during a short pause
from the local waltz,
when their smiles were real,
and their sweat were tears,
of joy, of sorrow and of anxiety.
In their minds,
She thanked God, for having this moment.
He cursed man, for it was just an instant.
They both hoped, for this pause to linger,
as long as they wanted it to.
Still frozen, their eyes gazed through each other’s soul,
Seeing themselves happy together,
But no, not in this world, never.
So in their hearts, they cried
as how the triple harmony,
of their movements, their music and their heartbeats
ended with just one step.


Someone, whom I admire, once told me that I should cherish every moment in my life. He told me that a single moment happens only once. Though it may seem to be repeated, it is not exactly the same as the one that preceded it. He also told me that I should value the person whom I shared that time with, more than the occasion itself.

Just like everyone else, I also have my own set of memories and persons that I treasure. Though a lot of things have changed, those that I have valued still remain close to me. Well, at least most of them. As much as I want to follow what he had told me, I simply can’t. Things change. They never stay the same, although some things seem to be.

Still, I would want to believe in what my friend told me. I hope that these things that I hold on to at present would last, just as how he told me so.

Whoo! Congratulations pala queng Aslag Online! Just like everything else, it has also changed. Tutwa ne rin! And if the plan pushes through, baka ma-replace ne into a real website! O ha! Nang asabi mu karin? Haha! Congratulations din kareng meg-contribute, kareng masisipag magsulat, kareng mag-maintain AOL at kekatamu ngang AguPeople. Ali ne man siguru magluwat nung ali tamu ngan meg-effort para keni. Cheers to another year of clicking the you-know-what! Haha!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Aguman alumni and residents hold fellowship dinner

April 22, 2009 – UP Aguman alumni, led by its President Rene “Powie” De Guzman (Siclab 1980A), welcomed Aguman’s fresh graduates to the alumni association in a get-together at Metrowalk, Ortigas around 8:30 in the evening. He was joined by two other alumnae, namely, Melina “Meng” Tinio-Arreza (1976A) and Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A). The new graduates who attended were Acey Duarte (Bucayo 2005B), Marco Lansangan (Kaputul 2004A), Yek Santos (Kaputul 2004A) and Lorelee Sicat (Kadaya 2005A). The new resident officers were also invited to join the fellowship for their formal introduction to the alumni members and also, share plans for the incoming academic year.

Unfortunately, some of the alumni who earlier confirmed for the gathering weren’t able to make it. Nevertheless, it was definitely a fun night for those who came as the officers and alumni shared stories, future plans and experiences over food and drinks. Get-togethers like this surely bolster the kinship between Aguman residents and alumni. The night ended with goodbyes and good lucks as our graduates and the new officers face their respective new challenges ahead of them.

Summer Fellowship. Alumni and resident members of UP Aguman gather over dinner for
business and pleasure. The Alumni Association Officers formally met the new resident officers
and welcomed the newly-graduated members to the association.

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