Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ANNOUNCEMENT: Semstarter 2008 + Agyuan 2007B FR details



WHERE: Farm in Bacolor, Pampanga
WHEN: May 31, 2008 (Saturday)
*Meeting Place will be at McDonald's Intersection. AguPips are requested to be there at exactly 7am

WHERE: Villa Antonina Villas and Resort, Baliti Road, Panipuan, CSFP
WHEN: After The FR
HOW TO GET THERE: Sake kong trike keng Baliti, sabnyan yu "Villa Antonina".
*For those who wish to stay overnight, kindly inform Acey Duarte (09174034618)
*Bring some money and lots a food! Haha!

SEE YOU! (",)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spotlight: McHoney


Pax, Hazel
High School: St. Scholastica’s Academy
Hometown: Minalin
Aguman Batch: Kasaup 2002A
Degree: BS HRIM
Present Location: Singapore
Present Occupation: Customer Service Coordinator at Micros-Fidelio Singapore

Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad:
definitely STS at CS Audi. Atin ku classmates from Aguman, atin din from college (HRIM) tas pati abe ku bale. Nang ka-cool makiramdam kareng antics ng Mr. Arcilla kabang marimla at manyaman ka lukluk. Hehe..
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: SM North. Aalala ku every other day ata manalbe kami Aims movies. Kahit nanu mung movies basta manalbe. Hehe…

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: haha!!! Kasi lonely ku kanta tas abanggit na ning abe ku bale about pin king organization da reng Kapampangan, pentunan ke kanyan. Mig-umpisa na pin application process, milabas na kanu Acquaintance Party, etc. Pero tinagal ku pa din. And it turned out na aku ing pinakamakabang tambay hours among the applicants. Haha!!!
My favorite Aguman memory is: playing Pusoy Dos at the tambayan, learning tricks from Kuya Beyts, Peds, Pillbox and the others on how to play the Pusoy Dos.
My favorite UP memory is: Aguman memories
The best thing about being an AguPip is: you get to know a bunch of people whom you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.
Anyang resident ku pa, ing lagi dang bubusit kanaku: ay dakal!! Wang-wang, Moonie, member kanu ning UP Bitaul with Erik as Scooby Doo and Andre as Scrappy Doo..
The good thing about having AguPip housemates is: Ali ka milalako king sirkulasyun. Kahit ali ka makatambay, ababalu mu la deng chismax king tambayan. (Amiss ku la tuluy deng 34G and 34Fabulous! (or is it 34Hotties?)

Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: cutting classes to play pusoy dos at the tambayan
The difference between college life and the real world is: When I was in college, little is expected of me. Now, expectations are big time!!!
The best thing about my work is: I get Saturdays and Sundays work free from worries.
My idea of a dream vacation is: a 1-month trip around the world with Aims ko and some friends (preferably Hong Kong, Paris, New York and London)
If I could buy one thing for everyone I know and care about, it would be: hmmm, this is a tough one… Balu ku na! Sali da kayu kusinera, house cleaner, labandera at mayordoma banta makasagap ku chismis kekau.. haha!
One fun thing about being able to work abroad is: Going to places and meeting different kinds of people
To battle homesickness, I: go out with friends, see movies, go shopping, surf the net. Actually there’s no room for homesickness. Hehe..
A risk/s worth taking is/are: when you feel you have more than 50% chance of winning it.
My weirdest and probably embarrassing habit is: playing with my hair, some sort of curling it with my hand.

Message to the residents:
Enjoy life!
Message to fellow alumni: Get together ta naman!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Undergoing Idol Withdrawal Syndrome

By Team David

Today is one of those times of the year when my sister would ask me, “Oh, karanun mu yata migising ngeni? Ng atin…”

Well my dear sister, today is the culminating point of many months of waiting since January 16. It’s the Results Finale! It’s two hours worth of heavyweight musical extravaganza. So even if I slept just a few hours ago surfing god-knows-what in the internet, I will still get up and get ready. The new American Idol will finally be crowned. And as always, it’s been an amazing journey.

At the risk of sounding like I am the contestant, well, having watched every single episode of the current season for the first time (I don’t get to watch the audition episodes before), it does feels like I’ve taken the great Idol journey myself. Wednesdays and Thursday evenings will never be the same again. Gosh *with matching gasp ala Archuleta*, this actually sucks!

While American Idol obviously changes the lives of its contestants forever, most especially for the eventual ultimate winner (and its runner-ups, actually), in my case, it changes my life significantly, at least as far as my weekly routine is concerned for the first four months of the year.

This time next week, there will be no more downloading of live performances so that I can overplay them the whole week on Winamp or on my cellphone when I am on the go. No more downloading of studio versions from YouTube and converting them to MP3 so that I can overplay them some more. No more downloading the original artists of the performed songs – this is one of the best things I like about Idol, it exposes me to a whole new music before me generation. No more frequenting the various online Idol forums, blogs and commentaries so that when I talk about Idol with friends, I can act like so authoritative and all-knowing about Idol like I am Nigel Lythgoe’s personal confidante. No more torrenting of the episodes, as if watching the episode on cable TV 4 times in a single day isn’t enough. No more texting of my predictions on who will be eliminated to Gboi, Justin and Kong Doby and gloat whenever I get it right. No more weekly dose of my favourite Idols. No more Davids, Carly, Michael, Ramiele, Kristy Lee, Brooke. No more.. no more. Oh my, this is depressing!

On the plus side, this means I can go out on Wednesday and Thursday nights already! Because whenever Idol is around, I make it a point to be comfortably at home come 6pm. I even watch the replay at 8pm and 11.30pm, as if by some twist of fate, they will sing new songs and be treated with another hour of music treat. Sometimes, when I have nothing to do, I catch even the 1.30pm replay the next day. But hey, who am I kidding? It’s not like I’m the type who goes out on weeknights or any other night for that matter. Idol has been my life the past few months. Not only do I watch and listen Idol, I even effing eat, breathe and live Idol! One night, I even dreamt i was best buddies with Archuleta and that Michael Johns was a big brother. Haha! Haaay, now what am I gonna do during these time slots? My brain is gonna seize in boredom!

This season has not been perfect. The Top 12 were eliminated out of order making the latter weeks before the Finale feel quite underwhelming. The first Filipina who really had a chance to win it all blew it with her poor song choices and clothes. There were too many themes that catered more to my grandparents than teenagers and young adults like me who actually have the passion to vote vigorously through each week (I would if I lived in the US). The ratings are down and there were too many gaffes and negative rumors against ‘The Powers That Be’ and their plants and 'chosen ones' that made me think more than usual if Idol really isn’t rigged. But hey, I still watch and it’s my choice. No matter how frustrated I become, Idol just always gets me drooling over the Idols like a high school kid, crying as if they’re my own sisters or brothers when they get eliminated. Only Idol had me standing on my bed clapping after a goose bumpy performance. I can't help it, really.

EDIT: So David Cook won. For the first time in three years, menyambut ku keng Idol pustahan! Woohoo! A record breaking 97.5 million votes. Wow. So what do you think of the Finale? How about the result? Shouldn’t it have been Archuleta instead? (Hell yeah!). Do you think David Cook’s coronation cheese schlock Time Of Your Life will debut at the Billboard #1 just like the previous Idols (well, except Jordin)? Do you think the crap that is Pinoy Idol will get the same number of votes in its own Finale? (Yeah, more like divided by 1 million!). Who was your favorite non-Idol performer in the results Finale? Comment, comment! And don’t forget to click the ads that-must-not-be-named!

And the countdown to the next American Idol season on January 2009 begins! Ninu na naman kayang kapustahan ku kanita?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spotlight: Multi-tasker


Nickname: Arvz / Bibay / Bibz
High School: St. Scholastica's Academy (SSA)
Hometown: City of San Fernando
Aguman Batch: Tuglung 1998A
Previous Positions held: VP for Externals, AY 2000-2001, AY 2001-2002
Degree: BA Public Administration
Present Location: Guiguinto, Bulacan
Present Occupation: Dakal! TESDA Specialist II at TESDA RIII, Events Coordinator/President at my very own Popcorn Events Production and President at again my very own Thinkbox Corporate Consultancy Solution. Freelance writer too at different publications.

ARVEE (middle, wearing yellow) goofing off with the band Talk Sick who
performed at the Rock for Charity concert organized by Popcorn Events
Production last March 16, 2008.

Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad:
Comm III. Parang naglalaro lang. Fun siya.

Favorite non-Aguman tambayan:
Kamia – tulog tulog lang, hehe, and SM North.

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because:
Super bait ni Kong Bondi (then MemComm Head) sa amin (me, Joyce and Dice) noong Acquaintance Party.

My favorite Aguman memory is:
Just hanging out with my fave people in UP. I even miss a few classes just to do this!

The best thing about being an AguPip is:
the friendship and camaraderie. Being an AguMember helped me develop my personality and leadership skills. It made my resume impressive. It even helped me find one of my forte: events organizing!

Anyang resident ku pa, lagi dang bubusit kanaku ing:
pagiging 'jealous buddy' ku kang Glenn. While I was still a resident, hindi siya nagka-buddy. Once lang siya nagkaroon, hindi pa natuloy, kasi pati sa Kamia, naintimidate sa akin. Kaya everytime na may Buddy Bidding, medyo off-limits si Glenn. Haha!

The difference between college life and the real world is:
In UP, you are with your equals and are almost always on the same wavelength. In the real world, it is not so easy to be understood. It is so frustrating at times when they don't get you.

Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was:
Hmmm...cutting classes? Laging maximum 6 absences ako per class, hehe! Well, except STS. 3 times lang ako pumasok dun. =P

The best thing about my work is:
having a sense of fulfillment. It makes me happy that I get to do things I love and earn at the same time.

The greatest injustice in the world is:
there are a lot! hirap mamili!

The most over-rated celebrity is:
Heart Evangelista though thank God laos na sya now. ha!

If I could food-binge on something for a day without health consequence, I would eat:
Sta Rita's sansrival! It's the best. Nothing is like it. Starbucks' sansrival came close but not quite. Kakaiba siya talaga.

My favorite guilty pleasure is:
food, eating. Gluttony is my favorite sin.

If I had more free time, I would:
spend them all with my fiancé and my family. I don't have a lot of free time but when I do get some I just hang at home with my loved ones.

The thing that annoys me the most is:
slow people, mga walang common sense, mga walang diskarte. I hate repeating myself. Maikli ang pasensya ko.

Message to fellow alumni: Hope to see you soon! Sa mga kasabayan ko sa Aguman, hope to see you guys on my wedding. I already told you about the date diba =)
Forever in UP Aguman we will belong! Keep the org's spirit alive in your hearts!

Message to the residents:
Enjoy your stay in UP especially in the org. Love it! You are lucky to be in Aguman!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Aguman officers invited to be speakers at a youth camp

The Bayung Abak Foundation (BAF) has invited UP Aguman to take part in the San Marcelo youth camp for less privileged young adults. The youth camp is a 5-day affair that will be held on May 19-24, 2008 at Hotel Pat’il Beach Resort, San Antonio, Zambales.

Given Aguman's track record on service and youth leadership in UP Diliman and Pampanga, Lebeaux Gonzales, BAF’s representative who is one of the organizers, has requested for the UP Aguman officers to hold one of the four featured talks on the final day of the youth camp. It will be about youth leadership and healing for the youth camp delegates, who are all aged 18-21.

Four members of the Executive Council, namely Jennifer Castro, Acey Duarte, Aries Viray and Jeremiah Torrico, will represent UP Aguman on the said youth camp because only four people can be included in the all expense paid accommodation.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Aguman holds another Rummage Sale

By Jen Castro

April 26, 2008 – UP Aguman turned a profit of more than 3500 pesos on its rummage sale, its first fund raising for the summer term, on Saturday, April 26 at #1 Marilag St., UP Village headed by Justin Dungca, the Finance Committee Chairperson.

Rummageables were collected from the residents and also from Jun Martin, an alumnus, through Aries Viray, Vice President for Externals.

Five officers and three members looked after the rummage sale, namely: Jen Castro, Acey Duarte, Aries Viray, Jer Torrico, Ferg Panganiban, Anj Herico and Don Dy, respectively.

Kapagal pero ayos mu kasi dakal naman penakitan! Akalingwan mi pin magpicture-picture kasi dakal sasali at ditak kami mung magbante. Atin ya pang part II ining rummage sale keng May kaya mems please do bring more rummageables! Congrats keka tamu!,” Jen Castro said.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Overworked, Underpaid

By Mommy's Girl

"A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials, heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine, desert us when troubles thicken around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts." - Washington Irving (1783-1859)

MOTHER’S OCCUPATION: Housewife. When I was younger, I have always secretly wished to fill out that space with an occupation other than housewife. I had this impression that housewives or mothers in general had the easiest jobs in the world. What could be easier than being in the house for the entire day, the T.V. just within your reach and without a boss to nag you about what to do?

I even used to feel indifferent towards working moms complaining about how difficult it is to be working and being a mom at the same time. I never considered motherhood as a job at all. Later on, I realized that I was all wrong. As I grew up, I got to get a close relationship with my mom. We became like best friends. We tell everything to each other. One day, I asked her, “Hindi ka ba naiinip dito sa bahay? Ikaw lang mag-isa at wala kang ginagawa?” Her reply was, “Naku, kung alam mo lang, ang daming kailangang gawin dito. Para ngang walang katapusan eh. Gigising ka ng maaga para magluto, maglilinis ka ng bahay, maglalaba ka ng damit. ‘Kaw pa din mag-iisip pa’no i-budget yung pera. Masaya ka na kapag makakapagpahinga ka ng maaga.” It actually took time before what she told me sank in. When it did, I realized being a housewife more so, being a mother, is not all cakes and ale. It was a job all in itself. Being a mother requires the entire twenty-four hours of each of your day and the full seven days of your every week. It allows no absences or leaves. It does not grant vacations and to top it all off, it does not provide any monetary payment.

The Filipino description for mothers, ilaw ng tahanan, perfectly encapsulates what a mother’s role really is. A mother provides the light her family needs through the guidance she gives them. If man was God’s masterpiece, mothers were his greatest masterpieces. They are this all-in-one package specifically made to suit our every need.

If we just seriously think about it, we owe them everything. Yeah, we’ve heard of this a thousand times but it just speaks of so much truth. Our very existence depended on our mothers. When we were born, they have gambled their lives just to give us ours. Let me ask you, can you still remember the first words you uttered? Or perhaps the time you took your first steps? Silly questions, I know. Of course not one of us has a clear recollection of these events in our lives. But there is someone with whom in her heart, these memories are vividly etched and these are our mothers. They are our light, our solace. Moms are perhaps the most self-sacrificing, selfless, compassionate and loving creatures ever to walk on earth. They were our first mentors. Our mothers are also our source of comfort in our times of distress. When we were kids, it was their hands we hold during stormy nights when we feel afraid of thunder. Now, as grown-ups it is still in them that we find solace whenever we encounter problems, be it in our acads or even in our love lives. It is their name we call when we are lost or in pain. Whenever we loose track of our paths and go wayward, they wait for us always ready to take us back again.

For all AguPips, we live far away from our moms for most part of the year. Mother’s day is just one day and it is obviously not enough to show these special women what they really mean to us. I personally find it perplexingly ironic that in one whole year, given its 365-day length, only one day is allotted to give honor to the most important person in each of our lives. I think it would be a good idea to make our moms feel special and loved not only on mother’s day but on every chance we get. It is the least we could do to repay her besides; it does not require that much. All it takes is just a warm hug, a kiss or the sincere utterance of I love you and thank you po.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

AguPics of the Year

By Bb Bangsamoro

Hello, AguPips! How's your summer so far? Have you gone swimming in the Maldives, bathed in Boracay or went surfing at Siargao? Such a shame, I myself have not found time to engage in some sun-loving endeavor!

Anyway, highway, let’s get down to business. I was tasked to throw in a few good comments on the Best AguPics of the Week we've had in our blog that our hard-working Aslag Online Team has chosen. I am counting down the most favorite and popular Kodak moments of the AguPips. So technically, it's called "AguPics of the YEAR", duh! And since Gossip Girl is back, I'm gonna channel my favorite chikadora. So here we go! Englishan na 'to!

In random order! (Hey, pretty much like calling in the Top 10 finalists in Miss Universe, haha!)

Mr Suave
Model: Renz da man!
Photographer: Rexie the Elder
Clothes by: Shopping Center
Shot at: The 34G

Spotted at the 34G, Engineering Suite, R in a very very intimate Zoolander-ish position whilst asleep. You just had to pose like that, eh? Cueshe pictorial much? This is a stolen shot, apparently and obviously. Who would want to be photographed this way, anyway? 34G Guys, careful, careful, you are harboring a paparazzi on your legendary apartment.

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Dydykins
Model: Joms & Felipe, da original Dydys!
Photographer: Ewan, yung isang taga-SM. (Uuuy! Nag-date pa sila sa SM for the pic, hehehe!
Clothes by: Philippine Nationa Police, at Ate ni Felipe (Hmm, baka kay Felipe talaga yung boxer shorts, haha!).
Shot at: a studio

Spotted at a photo studio, J & F, dressin' up and dressin' down for a Buddy Getup photo-op. Nice work, Dydys, you've won yourselves the Best Buddy Getup prize for that. But what's that smug look you've got, J? F is so into the role, but there you are, with your mind somewhere else? Like you wanna poo or something? Tacked-in shirts have been invented, by the way. It would be nice if you get yourself some.

Kahit anong posisyon, basta makapasok!
Model: Migz Zubiri at Jhenny Babes
Photographer: Jeandoi (Di kaya siya nagselos?)
Clothes by: Ewan, di naman kita eh. Pero may sponsor sila toothpicks at Polo (the mint with a 'ole!)
Shot at: Vinzon's Rooftop

Spotted at a parlor game during Unity Night, M and J, trying their earnest to pass on the Polo candy. Looks like the pressure is really on, what with all the hands on J's head trying to manipulate the position este situation. Be careful M, you don't know what you're getting yourself into. And maybe next time, you can finally finish not only the parlor game, but the application period as well.

Makuha Ka Sa Tingin!
Model: Step-dydy Yekkerkins, channeling Jodi Sta Maria
Photographer: Rexie The Elder ulit
(teka, bakit ba lagi na lang siya?)
Clothes by: Bayo and khakis by Her Bench. Plus some wig of a wicked witch from the west!
Shot at: Vinzon's Rooftop

Spotted at a Talents Night shindig, Y wearing a fabulous wig. That night was such a letdown, the members themselves had to step up to make the night much more entertaining and interesting for everybody. Suits you perfectly, Yekkers. You've nailed the Maldita persona in all its classy glory. You put the 'Y' in b*tchy.

La Vendetta
Models: Jilliebeans, Momi Ferguson and Jewel-bunch from the blue buddy family!
Photographer: JangKarl! The next Colget Fresnes Star!
Clothes by: Maui & Sons. With some lei from Divisoria.
Shot at: Simple Asia Restaurant

Spotted at a Luau Party, the single ladies of the Blue Buddy Family wearing a very vengeful look. What do you want a revenge for, girls? Hell hath no fury than cheverless women scorned, eh? Maybe the boys in your life are not just up for the challenge. Paging Colgate Guy, Eagleman, and Rummage boy, kindly find your guts as soon as possible. Unlike diamonds, these girls' waiting period is not forever.

Lady in the Water
Model: Rio Aquamarine Irrawaddy Nieves, Mutya Ning Aguman 2007
Photographer: Rexie the Elder (Si Rex si Rex, si Rex na walang malay..)
Clothes by: Jen (tang twalya ampong balabal) and flowers and garland by 34G
Shot at: 51C Matimtiman's 1st floor CR

Spotted at the 51C Matimtiman CR, a very, very wet Kevin, with all the flowers, pearl garlands and Tide bubbles to boot, giggling and feigning shyness while being prepped for a pictorial. Really now, K, you actually think we'll fall for that demure facade of yours? When we all know how much you love water and ramming an umbrella each chance you get? Watch out K, one of these days, the dark clouds will rain on your parade.

Model: Justin-bunch
Photographer: Michael
Clothes by: Basta signature! Hindi naman nagsusuot ng fake si Justin eh
Shot at: Villa Pablo IV, Floridablanca, Pampanga

Spotted at some undisclosed location in the Mushroom World, Justin-bunch, hopping and puffing to rescue his beloved 'precious jewel' from the evil and vile clutches of... (err, teka, wala naman siyang karibal, diba? Haha!). It seems like J-B more than willing to do anything for his love, no matter how hard, whenever, wherever. Even if mud ruins his Mossimo top, Levi's jeans and Havaianas flip-flops. Like what they say, planting rice is no joke.

The Day the Dydy Died
Model: Dydykins and Tyranore (extra si Neicy, look closely)
Photographer: Roman
Clothes by: Ewan, nakapambahay lang siya.
Shot at: Roman's Residence

Spotted at St Augustine Subdivision, Felipe-kins, being attacked and eaten alive by a dinosaur. It's about time! Mabye the poor T-Rex has had enough of the idiosyncrasies of F. After all, F is one helluva big boulder of meat! Rib-eye, Sirloin, New York or classic Baby Back Ribs? What kind of cut do you like? Here's some toothpick, Tyranore, you don't wanna have some pieces of F stuck on your sharp teeth!

The Assassin
Model: Tutti Frutti, the churky warrior princess!
Photographer: Rexie the Elder (Si Rex na ang tanging kasalanan ay maging anak sa labas!)
Clothes by: Sale sa SM Clark
Shot at: Some rooftop sa KNL

Spotted at a secret headquarters, Tutti Frutti wielding her very powerful and destructive weapon of choice. The question is, what will she use it for? Is it to fight the forces of evil? Is it to shoo away some ferocious monsters? Or to discourage her many suitors? Handle that equipment with care R, you don't wanna cut anybody's balls off. Na-ah, do they even have any to begin with?

Lipstick Jungle
Model: Tutor Loree!
Photographer: Elai Bes
Clothes by: Maiksi & Co
Shot at:
Some rooftop sa KNL

Spotted at her place in the jungle, the original RareJob tutor, all flirty and seducy! Indeed, this colorful girl, works hard for the money. Well, well, no other AguGirl has proven that one can still be sexy, naughty and b*tchy, with all the pressures or orgwork, acads and chever on the side, more than this lass from Bulaon. Have some Off lotion, L. You don't want dingy mosquitoes sucking the sassy life out of you.

They say that to know people well, you must catch them off guard. It's when they think that no one is looking that they let out the real them -- little suppressed monsters, aching to be let out and have some spanking hot and goofy fun! Watch out for more precious and caption-worthy still shots of your AguPips. After all, time and time again, we've proven we're such camwhores!

There you go, Upper Aslag Insiders! Hope you enjoyed this fresh new serving of okray, chismax and dits. As for me, I'm gonna go to church now and hear mass. It's Sunday after all and I'm gonna pray the featured AguPips here won't hunt down and kill me before I even get to plunge on a fresh cool swimming pool this summer, haha!

I know you love me, XOXO
Bb Bangsamoro!

PS. Nosebleed ing English! Enaku bisa next time! Haha!

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