Monday, July 30, 2007

CEER 2007 Day 2 graced by more alumni

July 28, 2007 - The last day of CEER 2007 as held at the High School AVR of St Scholastica's Academy. Although for some reasons the number of attendees on the second day was considerably less than that of the first day, the event was still as successful.

Ruby Alfonso was once again the Physics instructor. For Chemistry, Ma. Christina Mate of the UP Diliman Institute of Chemistry was invited. It was a sort of homecoming for Aguman member Cindy Paguio (Kadaya 2005A) as she was one of the reviewers for Mathematics. The other one was another Math genius and Aguman member Buduy Mallari (Lakatan 2006A). Cindy Paguio was a member of the Pautakan Champion team of SSA in 2004 and is an ECE major. Definitely no stranger to Pautakan himself, Buduy Mallari have participated in the Aguman quiz show for 5 times starting in his elementary years. He was also the youngest UPCAT passer of his batch.

President Daphne Villanueva and Externals Vice President Frida Galban were the hosts. Having been given permission by the SSA management, the residents, headed by Kath Gatchalian (Bucayo 2005B) and Fergie Panganiban (Kadaya 2005A) were able to sell drinks and snacks to the participants. The applicants, batch Baskal 2007A, were again present to help out the members.

Interestingly, more alumni graced the second day of the CEER 2007:

Doby Pineda, Tanikala 1986A
Andre Galang, Salagpi 2001A
Dawn Cruz, Kasaup 2002A
Joman Laxaman, Kasaup 2002A
Diane Sarmiento, Kasaup 2002A
Krystel Cruz, Sampelut 2003A
Jade Remigio, Sampelut 2003A
Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A
Hazel Tobias, Kaputul 2004A

The 20 students that gained the highest scores for the 200-item mock exam were (#, Score, Name, High School):
1. 117, Justinne Marie Santos, SSA
2. 113, Roween Annielle Ramos, SSA
3. 112, Erwin Paul Sarita, PHS
4. 111, Joshua Pineda, PHS
5. 110, Abigail Sunga, SSA
6. 107, Crissle Anne Gomez, PHS
7. 104, Chiara Joy Masangcay, SSA
8. 103, Cheryl Toledano, SSA
9. 102, Erika Tuazon, SSA
10. 101, Katrina Aquino, SSA
11. 101, Jodie Malit, SCA
12. 100, Lalaine Yusi, SSA
13. 100, Grace Ann Gumabon, SSA
14. 97, Kaye Ariane Sordan, SSA
15. 96, Lorenzo Miclat, PHS
16. 95, Alyssa Mizhelle Ocampo, SSA
17. 95, Gianna Dela Cruz, SSA
18. 93, Charmaine Bagang, SSA
19. 92, Gelle Ann Figueroa, SSA
20. 90, Eliza Diaz, SSA

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Spotlight: The Shooter



Nickname: Vic/Jun

High School: UAHS

Hometown: Candaba, Pampanga
Aguman Batch: Tanikala 1986A
Degree/s: BS Statistic
Present Location: City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Present Occupation: IT Professional (Systems Administrator)
Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad: Philo 1 & 11
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: UP Variates tambayan

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: Actually, meki-gayo-gayo ku mu. But boy, am I glad I did! Besides, aldo-aldo da keng pupuntalan king Kalayaan, eke pa wari mangapatuki? Little did we know of the hardships to come at the hands of... never mind. Haha!

My favorite Aguman memories are:
the get-togethers/activities.

The best thing about being an AguPip is:
getting to know and becoming friends for life with the other great AguPipol!

Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was:
dorm curfew. Lame, I know, but hey, that's my official answer! I can't reveal the real thing. Hint: it's a tacit rule.

The difference between college life and the real world is:
the classrooms and the number of backstabbers in the real world is waaaay greater (thousand-fold, million- even). Sorry for being so negative, but I think it's best to prepare the residents for what lies ahead.

The best thing about my work is:
I learn something new everyday, and I enjoy introducing new technology to our company.

The greatest injustice in the world is: the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Every single day of their lives!

If I were a female mosquito for a day, I would bite: no one. Pota mika-AIDS ku pa sa.

If time is gold, then what is silver? No idea. Haha!

Message to fellow alumni: Let us provide the residents the assistance they need just enough to help them gain the confidence to do the rest themselves, just like we did in our time.

Message to the residents: Always strive to learn things outside of the classroom.


Kong Jun Martin is the hardworking moderator of the Alumni eGroups.

Monday, July 23, 2007

CEER 2007 Day 1 a smashing success

July 21, 2007 - The first of two installments of CEER 2007 was held at the St Therese of Lisieux Bluiding of Holy Angel University. A total of 210 fourth year high school students attended the event -- which was way more than the expected number of 150 attendees. That's why the mock exam and the lectures had to be held on two separate rooms.

The lecturers for Math were instructors from UPD's Department of Mathematics, Chrisopher Santos and Aguman's own alumna Michelle Fabros (Manyaman 2003B). For Physics, the lecturer was Ruby Alfonso, another instructor from UPD. Aguman's Philbert Pangan (Ambula 2000A) and Marco Lansangan (Kaputul 2004A) reviewed the students in Chemistry.

The video presentation "10 Things You Need To Know About UP Aguman" was during the breaks throughout the program. The antics of host-members Jowie Garcia and Yek Santos with the responsive attendees added fun to the whole-day review affair.

The utmost cooperation and hard work by the members and applicants ensured the success of the event which was graced by the following alumni aside from (Philbert Pangan and Michell Fabros): former President Celine Dagdag (Sampelut 2003A), CEER 2006 Project Head Hazel Tobias (Kaputul 2004A), Dennis Manabat and Andre Galang (both Salagpi 2001A).

The 20 students tha gained the highest scores for the 200-item mock exam were (#, Score, Name, High School):
1) 157, Adrian Tiamson, HAU
2) 138, Neil Joseph Kabigting, PHS
3) 129, Tristan Gabriel Dizon, DBA
4) 128, Monina Garcia, HAU
5) 122, Mark Vincent Dela Cerna, PHS
6) 118, Euclid Infante, PHS
7) 113, Nicolle Timoteo, PHS
8) 112, Rae John Philippe Carbonel, HAU
112, Maria Kathrina Isabel Sulit, PHS
10) 111, Precious David, PHS
11) 110, Patrick Cura, AUF-IS
12) 109, Jamie Therese Meneses, PHS
13) 108, Kenneth Maghuyop, ACHS-SSC
14) 107, Erin Keshia Maniutac, PHS
107, Luis Raphael Atencion, ACHS-SSC
16) 106, Angelo Bautistia, ACHS-SSC
106, Quill Quioc, PHS
18) 105, Kirsten Nicole Batac, ACHS-SSC
105, Elmina Alberto, PHS
20) 104, Ruby Ann Manalo, PHS
104, Joanna Pauline Cadiang, CS

The second and last day for CEER 2007 is on July 29, 2007 and will be held at St Scholastica's Academy.

For pictures, click here.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baskal 2007A enjoys their Unity Night

July 19, 2007 -- The Aguman members and the applicants of Batch Baskal 2007A held the traditional Unity Night at the Vinzon's Rooftop. As always, it was a night of fun, games and free food! Aside from the mini-dinner the apps prepared, the Unity Night coincided with the birthdays of member Acey Duarte and applicant Migz Esguerra so a number of Domino's Pizzas were served as well. Alumna Zen Galban (Bucayo 2005B) and Di Sarmiento (Kasaup 2002A) also graced the event.

The members were grouped into three and played a number of games.
*Eggplant and egg relay -- players had to push the eggs with the eggplants tied hanging from their waists.
*Toothpick and Polo relay -- using only the toothpicks on their mouths, players had to pass around a Polo candy.
*Exhaust -- the favorite 'padakalan-balu' game! The winning moment was when member Jen Castro pointed out in frantic motion that Loree's answer of "Jeanie In A Bottle" to the category Judy Ann movies should've been "Jeanie, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang".
After the group games came the mem VS apps battle of charades and the name-the-person-behind-the-blanket. Naturally and as expected, the members won. (As if naman pasambut tamu, diba? Haha!)

A genmeet for the final preparations for the first day of CEER 2007 preceded the Unity Night activities.

For pictures, click here!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spotlight: Les Femmes Fatales d'UP Aguman


Nickname: Celine, Cel
High School: University of the Assumption
Hometown: City of San Fernando Aguman Batch: Sampelut 2003A
Degree/s: BA Political Science
Present Location: Makati City
Present Occupation: Program Assistant, Global Marketing Solutions, retailing COF, Chevron Phil, Inc
Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad: English 11! It was well worth the early rise, 7am eh!
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: Dorm!

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because of Haidee! Haha! Bawal plastic diba? Ayaw ni Wendy ng ganun!

The thing I miss the most about Aguman is the people, more than the traditions, they define what Aguman is and Aguman will be. They portray 'home' in Aguman's famous tag 'home away from home'.

The best thing about being an AguPip is you get to be a part of an exclusive group comprising of successful individuals who have respective careers and persevering folks who are striving to stay afloat at Up.

Back in college, the worst rule I broke was hmmm.. dorm rules definitely! Haha!

The best thing about living in a dorm is in my case, the fact that I have met wonderful people at my stay in both Kamia and Sampa. I was lucky to have had great roomies from first year til fourth. I consider these gals as extended fam since they have endured living with me despite my space looking like a bomb site. Most importantly they have been great confidants and allies.

Makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay dahil ayaw ko ng dry! In fairness, mepaisip ku! Translation: Eko buri deng malangi! Haha!

If only I could turn back time I would still choose to fall in love. It's a magical experience worth going through over and over and over again.

The worst thing about men is is that they think that their role as 'manliligaw' ends when someone agrees to become their girl.

What I like in a man is his ability to make me feel like the most drop dead gorgeous knockout beauty on earth – and beyond, haha!

The difference between a boy and a man is the ability of the latter to know what 'commitment' means and is more than willing to be handcuffed to it. The salvation of a relationship depends on the ability of the couple to stick to that they have committed to -- which is loving each other despite everything.

The thing people don't know about love is that it is a sensationalized emotion (more like over-rated kilig) but often times it is taken for granted (especially when the kilig fades).

The best thing about being single is that you don't have to feel guilty when you give excessive time for other stuff and people.

Love, indeed, is my sweetest downfall because I lose all rationality when I fall in love. It is indeed my waterloo. However, despite the fact, I would still choose to love twice over given the perfect fall.

Finding the one shouldn't be so hard if only I am not stuck in believing that I have already found him.

Just because you can rationalize your actions doesn't mean you can expect others to see things your way.

I can survive anything because I have God with the promise to never forsake me, my family with the vow to support me and friends with the guarantee that they've got booze, chocolates et al to make me forget the throbbing pain in my heart. These have been the people who have been there to give me a nice warm hug (or a smack in the head) during the times when I got my heart crushed, left in mid-air or transformed into plain bonkers.

Message to fellow alumni: Hello po! In behalf of the resident mems, they plead for your generous assistance. They do accept gifts and advice but they need cash, haha! Our mantra says it all, right?

Message to the AguPips: Acads: shoot for the moon! Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars. Meaning, go lang ng go, effort means 3.0 sometimes. Hehe! Lovelife: Dyan tayo magaling, keep the fire burning! Haha! Sa org: habang maikli ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot, kapag humaba na huwag gupitin. Also, like family, you can't choose your siblings, so put up with your differences, you are not required to like or love one another but you are required to work together.

Nickname: Di
High School: Holy Family Academy
Hometown: Angeles City
Aguman Batch: Kasaup 2002A
Degree/s: BS Clothing Technology
Present Location: Katipunan parin, hehe!
Present Occupation: Buyer at Infants Department, Robinsons Department Store
Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad: Comm III (Practical Speech Fundamentals)
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: Hmm.. track oval siguru. Mandakap fireflies.. hehe!

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: My best friend Carol was joining so I decided to join as well. Tas me-addict naku tambay.

The thing I miss the most about Aguman is: the people talaga — my family away from home. I miss the laughter, the jokes. I miss being in the tambayan, makipagkwentu mu after a long day. Miss ku ne din itang Cloud 9 na bench, hehe!

The best thing about being an AguPip is: you get to experience the behind the scenes of the biggest happenings in Pampanga — CEER, Pautakan, Sining! Naks! Favorite experience ku questions night. And since bully ku, favorite ku din pag Final Rites! Bwahaha!

Back in college, the worst rule I broke was: ala eh, good girl ku.

The best thing about living in Dormitoryana is: no curfew. At Dormitoryana, we have gazebos na pwedi tambayan especially ding couples. Super cozy. ‘Tas malapit pa gana-gana—Rustan’s, National. Ala pa problem food, kasi whatever you feel like eating, lumwal ka mu dorm and lakaran ing whole stretch ning Katipunan akit mu na buri mu kanan.

If only I could turn back the time, I would have been less of a brat.

The worst thing about men is that women can spend all day trying to look good for them and they never notice.

What I like in a man is his ability to make a woman feel like a princess. Kahit paminsan-minsan mu.. hehe!

The difference between a boy and a man is a boy will give you headaches and heartaches. A man will give you love and commitment.

The thing people don't know about love is that it’s holding on and not giving up. It’s about having faith and believing. It’s not all magic — it’s commitment through and through. Love is about second chances.

The best thing about being single is that you get to know yourself better — your likes and dislikes, without influences.

Bebi Joman is my sweetest downfall because he made me realize that even the best can sometimes make you cry and break your heart.

Finding the one shouldn't be so hard if only “the one” will cooperate. Minsan kasi ikit mu ne kasu masyas ya buntuk! Or mulala ya! Tas mantun ya pa aliwa ne! Hmph!

Just because you can hide the tears, it doesn't mean you can stop the hurting.

I can survive anything because I know that with a dose of patience, everything will fall into place.

Makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay dahil: err, shucks! I’m stuck! Ali ke balu sagutan ini! Hmm, pass namu. Whole day ku ne isipan, ala talaga!!!

Message to fellow alumni: Miss you guys na!!! Sana we’ll get the chance to go out soon! I miss having fun with you guys! Tambay ta naman!!! Hehe! Karing Kasaup, reunion naman ken!!!

Message to the residents: Luguran ye ing org. It’s not all about fun—it’s work and dedication. Be there when the org needs you. Tsaka pala, karing girls—don’t fall in love with AguBoys, look for AguMen, hehe!

Nickname: Ann/Maan
High School: Guagua National Colleges
Hometown: Betis, Guagua
Aguman Batch: Ambula 2000A
Degrees: BS Family Life and Child Development, MA in Reading Education (continuing)
Present Location: Pasong Tamo, Makati City
Present Occupation: Nursery 2 Head Teacher
Favorite GE Subject when you were an undergrad: PI 100 – “Natuwa ako nang lubos kay Sir Atienza noon.” Aganaka ku kanita me-fascinate kung sobra kareng things na eku pa balu kang Rizal. Aldo-aldo lagi ku atyu Main Lib to read. As in! Favorite kung diling babasan kanta is about his retraction.
Favorite non-Aguman Tambayan: 34G – it always felt home there, pati nyang tyu la pa ri Lang king second floor. I miss the dinners, Thursday movie marathons at kapag babagyu at alang classes. I miss the people, reng “ninuno”. Haha!

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because of Ate Joyce dela Cruz. Nyang minuna hesitant ku, pero dyang ikit ku na la katarayan reng alwa, kebs, masaya lang kayabe reng batchmates ku at ri Glenn, Lang, Marc, Edong, Kuya Bondi, Kuya Mike, and deng alwa pang “pundasyun” ng panahung ita. ;p

The thing I miss the most about Aguman is being a resident mem, the pips, and the old tambayan (kadakal e ne!). Yup, I am still happy kapag gatherings pero aliwa talaga pag you’re “in” it, itang part ka king planning and pagal. At kung magnet ya ing tambayan ngeni, I think mas ing old tambayan. It’s circular kasi tapus pag padatang ka, center of attraction talaga.

The best thing about being an Agupip is being one! Yapin na ita! Dyang madakal issues minsan king org man or within the mems, masaya pa rin. I found home here.

Back in college, the worst rule I broke was: not signing ON (overnight) in our logbook in Sampa not just once! Our dorm manager reprimanded me, “Anong klase daw akong babae at kung saan saan napupunta.” Sobrang kamwa ku kanta, mengaga kung todo hanggang meg-hyperventilate ku pa. Hay, Ma’am Jimenez talaga!

If only I could erase a part of my life, I would erase the part when I started living for someone who did not give a damn about what we went through.

The worst thing about men is their cliché break up line/s: “It’s not you. It’s me. You deserve someone way better than me.” Why do men say that but find someone else to love? Does that mean we’re better than the one they choose to love? I do not think so. I believe some men are just too coward to face confrontations, to explain elaborately. But the hell! After all what you’ve been through together, all you get is just, “I do not know.” Haaay..

What I like in a man is his commitment. Any man can love a woman’s good attributes but not any ordinary man can love a woman at her worst may it be physical or behavioral. It is quite easy for a man to get a woman of his dreams but a man who truly knows how to love keeps her.

The difference between a boy and a man is that boys don’t cry but men do. Haha! Gasgas na to. Actually, there is not much difference between them. It is not age or maturity that defines a man, it is his actions. I rather have a boy who loves and keeps me than a man who cannot even stand up for me.

Makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay dahil arrrrrrgh Rex! This is the most difficult question! ;p

The thing people don’t know about love is nothing. There is nothing I know that other people don’t know about love. I believe I am not an isolated case. But if I may correct one thing I believe is a misconception, there is no such thing as true love ‘cause that will be redundant. Love, in nature, is true. And I believe an ended “love” is not love at all. Love is boundless, unending. Just what was the thing I just shared with him then? I do not know.

The best thing about being single is being free - free from disappointments, from self-destruction. People tend to forget about themselves when they love. Being single has its downsides as well, especially if you have been so accustomed to being with someone you love and someone who loves you back. But I am glad I found me again.

‘Budatsing is my sweetest downfall because yes, he had hurt me terribly. I had sleepless nights. Everyday was a torture. But I was happy when we were still together, so happy. He made me feel like I was the most gorgeous and precious gf in the world. We were ready to spend our whole lives together. But it had to end. Now I know why. I just hope knowing will make me understand why.

Finding the one shouldn’t be so hard if only we are willing to let go of the person we once thought was “the one”. Just because you can forgive, it doesn’t mean you can forget. Haha! So cliché again. But that says it all.

I can survive anything because I love living. Life is too short and precious to grieve forever. Tears may trickle down my cheeks once in a while but they can’t wash away my zest for life and my quest for true happiness and the “real” one.

Note: I am not looking for someone who will love me better than he did or for someone who will love me more than I can love him - just someone who will simply love me and who will be with me in my best and is brave enough to see me through my worst and still wants to keep me.

Message to fellow alumni: Guys, I miss you sooooo much. Thank you for making my stay in the org worthwhile. Distance and time may separate some of us pero ikatamu deng tipung dyang dekada pa e miaakit siguradung mipagtrip at busit pa rin, kwento galore, and simply have fun once mikit-ikit ulit. Pag mekaluwag luwag ta na, let us not forget to give back to the org that once cradled and gave so much to us.

Message to the residents: Youngsters! ;p Aguman more than an org is a family, I know you know and feel that by now. In any family ena man puro saya, eyu rin kakalingwan magobra and balu ku naman na madakal nala pegbayu reng pipol since us. Aguman has opened a lot of doors for me. I experienced some, if not most, of my happiest moments when I was a resident mem as well. It taught me to lead, to follow, to obey, to break rules, to have fun, to love... I know Aguman will have the same effect on you guys. Enjoy every minute Agupips! As Mel (Ambula 2000-A) said, “Love the org and the org will love you back.”

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Untold Story of 'Ogwarts

The following text is just a product of the author's imagination and it was first published at the 1st issue of Aslag AY 2003-2004. It has been re-written in tune with the current times, hehe, and posted in line with the Harry Potter month of July!. It's supposed to tell the adventures of other Hogwarts students not mentioned in the Harry Potter series. The setting for this piece is one of the early chapters of the real Book 1.

“Do you want me to accompany you, Ron?” asked Mrs. Weasley.

“Geez, Mom,” answered Ron, “I’ve been watching my brothers do it all these years. I can manage.”

“Alright, dear, go on or you’ll be late for the train to Hogwarts.”

“I’m on it!” shouted Ron, as he pushed his cart of baggage into the barrier between platforms nine and ten.

Not long after the boy was gone, Mrs. Weasley went through the barrier as well.

According to the large clock at the arrivals board, it’s five minutes before eleven o’clock. Just then, an airport taxi came rushing to the unloading area with three extraordinary passengers on it.

“Aydana, bilisan yu!” said a plump boy with thick glasses. He’s supposedly only fourteen years old, but his looks will tell you otherwise. He doesn’t have the usual pinkish complexion that most white British teenagers have. He doesn’t even look like a black British chap either. In fact, Purdue Owlsight isn’t from Britain at all – just like his two other companions.

“Ika kaya magdala karening bagahe ne!” snapped Malcolm Moony, a tall, handsome but skinny boy – somewhat the opposite of chubby Purdue. “Jays, bayaran mu ne ing taxi!” commanded Malcolm, as he struggled with three extra-large trunks of baggage, together with the cab driver.

“That’ll be
€5. Your trunks are quite heavy, you know,” grumbled the old taxi driver.

“Here, and that includes the tip we promised you. And I’m gonna throw in a Seattle’s Best gift cheque as bonus,” said Jace Scuarebucs (pronounced Jake Squarebucks), as he handed the driver a tenner.

And the cab driver drove away with a huge smile on his face, laughing at how much he was able to earn from his last three passengers, whom he thought were tourists. He couldn’t help but smile about what just happened the past hour – he was in front of the line at the cab terminal when the three emerged from the arrivals gate. The good-looking of the three approached his taxi.

“Excuse me, can you drive us to King’s Cross in fifteen minutes? We need to meet someone and we’ve been running late and if we don’t get there our lives will be doomed. We’ll pay an extra euro of course.”

“Fifteen minutes is too short a time, King’s Cross isn’t that far but with the traffic –“

“Ten euros!” bargained Malcolm.

“Hop in!” said the driver finally.

They were speaking an absurd language full of syllables with k’s and they looked like Asians. And they were laughing boisterously every now and then throughout the journey from the London airport to King’s Cross. The driver hated these kinds of passengers who act as if they own his car. So he planned to increase his usual fare to gain some sort of revenge.

So as he drives away from the train station almost an hour after, the taxi driver just can't help but get excited over the €10 and the coffee gift cheque he has just received for his first trip of the day. He hopes that his string of good (and shrewd) luck will last the whole day. Little did he know that the €10-note and gift cheque he thought he had will return to a P10-bill later that evening when Jace’s charming spell wears off.

“Dana ning driver a ita! Pasalamat ya mamaligwa tamu nung ali, atakman na ing sakit..” complained Malcolm, as he punches his left palm with his right fist and throws imaginary punches into the air.

“Nuco naman," argued Jace, “Banua-banua namu mamirapal tamu eh,” as he prepared to go into the barrier between platform nine and ten.

“Dana makananu kaya, mipatudtud ya pa y Malc,” mused Purdue, ”Asne pamo kasakit gisingan!” he bellowed to Malcolm, as he sprang out on the other side of the barrier. One could see a scarlet steam engine train waiting next to a platform packed with people. A sign overhead said “Hogwarts Express, Eleven O’Clock”. There is a wrought-iron archway where the barrier had been, with the words Platoform Nine and Three-Quarters on it.

Malcolm Moony, Jace Scuarebucs and Purdue Owlsight are all fourth year Ravenclaw students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They’re Filipinos by blood and hail from the province of Pampanga. This explains the strange tongue they use everytime they converse amongst themselves – Kapampangan. They are the only Kapampangan students in Hogwarts. In fact, they’re the only students who grew up in the Philippines. They were able to get a letter from Hogwarts because their fathers are wizards and are from Great Britain. Their fathers are the best of friends. They met their Filipina mothers (also the best of friends, coincidentally) when Purdue and Jace’s fathers accompanied Malcolm’s dad in the Philippines on an official Ministry of Magic business.

Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there between their legs. Owls hooted to one another in a disgruntled sort of way over the babble and the scraping of heavy trunks. The first few carriages were already packed with students, some hanging out of the window to talk to their families, some fighting over seats.

“Sorry naman, eh sa mepuyat ku nabengi eh,” claimed Malcolm, as they all pushed their carts of baggage down the platform into the train.

“Ushuuu. Ninu-ninu casi ca-text mu nabengi eh!” teased Jace, “Ica talaga, mahilig cang pepesus! Tas memaninum caiu pang Purds.” Ü

“Ay dana syempre, sayang no man deng binakal kung Red Horse ne,” said Purdue in defense.

When they finally found an empty carriage for themselves (they ordered a first year named Neville Longbottom out of it so it became empty), Malcolm, looking out to the window, noticed the red-haired Weasley family.

“Oyng! Kinulangut ne ing anak na!” chuckled Malcolm, as he saw Mrs. Weasley rub the youngest boy’s nose.

“Antayu? Sus, den palang kamag-anak ng Archie Andrews den eh, remarked Purdue.

“Nano? Bacit Archie Andrews?” asked Jace.

“Te retang keng Archie Comics, bugok!” cracked Purdue.

“Ha? Err, ali cu manalbeng MYX…”

“Loko Jays, kaklak mo. Scary..” said Malcolm. He and Purdue always intentionally mispronounces Jace’s name

“’Comics’! Itang chickboy na red buwak,” explained an irritated Purdue.

“Iiiih, sorri naman, ecu casi balu,” said Jace, as he buried his head down his criss-crossed arms.

Suddenly, their compartment door swung open, and a cheeky boy with a wavy air walked through it.

“Bongers! Dana, boy! Komusta!” said Malcolm as he gave Herbert Reuben De Studdard a high five.

“Sasanting tamung animal ah,” added Jace.

“Errm, ta-lagah maka-nini,” bragged Bongers.

“Puta ka Bong, e naka mebyasa mag-Kapampangan! Diba pekapanabilin mi keka mag-practice ka keng bakasyon?” yelled Purdue. “Damo, nanu gewa yu nitang maid yu!”

Herbert Reuben De Studdard is another fourth year student of Hogwarts. He is not Kapampangan unlike the other thee (he hails from Scotland) but is able to comprehend a little of the language since he was raised by a Kapampangan maid. He has grown fond of his nanny because his parents are too pre-occupied with their respective works (his dad has a shop in Knockturn Alley and his mom is a writer at the Daily Prophet). He usually still has difficulty expressing himself in Kapampangan although he does have mastered how to swear, taught none other than by the three hooligans, especially Purdue.

“Nakpu-ta, don’t slag off my nanny. Meni-garal yaku mu din naman ngan eh!” reasoned out Bong.

Despite being of different races, Bong started hanging out with Malcolm and his gang when he accidentally bumped into Jace in the Ravenclaw common room. Jace just arrived from the library with his columnar parchments when Bong came rushing towards the portrait hole. Already an hour late for an exam (Statics of Magical Bodies), Bong didn’t notice Jace walking through – BLAM!

“Cabira! Ot ena lauen ing dadalanan na!” whined Jace as he picked up his assignments, which he copied from a classmate named Diomedes Dydykins, “Manga-patacla ia iata.”

“Sorry dude, I can't help you pick up your things anymore”, said Bong as he walked out the hole, ”I’m not going to the bathroom, I’m late for an exam.”

At dinnertime at the Great Hall of the same day, Bong approached Jace at the Ravenclaw table to apologize for the bumping incident. Jace accepted the apology, but wondered why Bong understood what he commented in Kapampangan. And the rest, as they say, is history. They went on to give his nickname – taken from the name of a Filipino senator that has a great resemblance to Bong’s face, because the three Kapampangan natives had difficulty in pronouncing ‘Herbert’ – they always unintentionally skip the ‘h’.

“Dota tana! I missed playing over the summer,” said Bong.

“Haha! Wa sige! Nanu yan tsu keng bulsa mu?” asked Purdue, pointing at Bong’s pockets.

“I’m bringing some Filibuster Fireworks. There were still a few left from our trip to Hogsmeade last year,” said Bong, bringing out a handful.

They spent the next thirty minutes playing with the fireworks. One just hit the compartment door when it opened and the boy whom they bullied out of the room they were occupying is back, but this time he had a girl with him. She was already wearing her new Hogwarts robes.

“Has anyone seen a toad? Neville’s lost one,” she said. She had a bossy sort of voice, lots of bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth.

“Nang pakialam ku keng karag mu?” snapped Malcolm.

“I’m sorry?” asked the bewildered girl.

“Nope, we haven’t seen any toad hop by,” said Jace.

“Uhm, are those Filibuster Fireworks?” asked the girl, referring to the toy Bong was crutching in his hands, “I’ve read about those, you can buy them at a jokes’ store in Hogsmeade, right? You must be at least third years then, because lower years aren’t allowed to go there yet.”

The four blokes wore weird and sarcastic smiles.

“Anyway, we’ll look for the toad in the other compartments. Meanwhile, you had better wear your robes, we’ll be at Hogwarts any minute,” said the seem-to-know-it-all girl.

And she left, taking the toadless boy with her.

“Another nerdie first year I bet,” blurted Bong.

“Uapin! Ü”, added Jace, “Mag-biasa-biasa!”

They went on to finish up the remaining Filibuster Fireworks until a voice echoed through the train. “We will be reaching Hogwarts in five minutes’ time. Please leave your luggage on the train. It will be taken to the school separately.”

And so the four quickly pulled in their robes.

“Haay, another year at Hogwarts,” said Malcolm.

“Another year of magic,” added Bong.

“Another year of mischief,” smirked Purdue.

“Another iear of fun,” said Jace.

“Ah loko, matdas la kanyan kekatamu!” cackled Malcolm as the four of them gave each other high fives.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Genmeet highlights: July 12, 2007

By Aguman N&CA

*It's crunchtime for the CEER 2007 preparations. The publicity streamers have been put up and schools have been invited. CEER Day 1 will be on July 21 at HAU while CEER Day 2 will be on July 28 at SSA. The schedule for both days is as follows:

7-8am Registration
8-9am Opening Remarks
9-12nn Mock Exam for the Reviewees
12-1pm Lunchbreak
1-2pm Subject 1 Lecture
2-3pm Subject 2 Lecture
3-4pm Subject 3 Lecture
4-5pm Distribution of mock exam results

*FinComm's movie re-run tie-up for Shrek The Third is on July 24, 5pm. Sell your tickets already, mems! Deadline for payment remittance is on July 23.

*Batch Baskal 2007A had their Buddy Bidding after the genmeet. Here's the buddy-pairings for this sem's batch of applicants, (buddy-app & buddy-mem, Bid amount):

Migz & Jean, 1400
Jann & Ruth, 1200
Jill & Fergie, 750
Jerome (Batchhead) & Acey, 700
Jewel (Treasurer) & Justin, 700
Naicy & Jen, 600
Don (Asst Batchhead) & Cyrille, 250
Anj & Michael, 200
Khen & Buduy, 200
Mae & Gboi, 100
Trisha & Jowie, 100
Gladys & Jer (late applicant)
John Carl & Felipe
(late applicant)
Minsky & Elai
(late applicant)

*Unity Night is on July 19, 6pm at the Vinzon's Hall Activity Room (rooftop). Alumni, young and old alike are very much welcome to attend.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Genmeet highlights: July 5, 2007

By Aguman N&CA

*CEER preparations are in full gear with 2 weeks left before the first day of CEER 2007. The date and venues have been finalized -- July 21 at the Holy Angel University and July 28 at St Scholastica's Academy. A Jollibee booth has been planned to be set up to provide food and drinks to the CEER attendees on July 28.

*The EducComm called for the passing of more questions for the CEER reviewer. Educ Chairperson Gboi De Padua is the booklet OIC. The committee has also called for suggestions for Aguman's participation in the ACLE for the first sem.

*It was the Applicants Orientation that night. Nine applicants were in attendance who determined their batch name and elected their batch heads and assistant batch heads. Baskal 2007A's batch head is former applicant Jerome Ocampo while Diogenes Dy is the assistant batch head. The other applicants present were Jewel, Nick, Jill, Migs, Jann, Khen and John.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Talkback: Acquaintance Party 2007

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

Enjoy! It served as a bonding activity for everyone including the alumni. Looking forward for more bonding moments as such.
~Erika, Langgotsi 2006B

It’s so fun that I want Acquaintance Parties to be held year round! Haha! Yun nga lang, siguradong walang mapapapayag na SguPips para mag-organize ng ganung ka-haggard na event nang paulit-ulit! Kaya naman saludo ako kay Kuya Marco and the rest of his gang, the other committees and the rest of the AguPips for a job well done.

~Kevin Peñalba, Langottsi 2006B

Masaya, maingay, magulo at masarap ang pagkain! May nakilala pa akong cute eh, ahahaha!
~Kath Gatchalian, Bucayo 2005B

Uber bitin! Pero kahit gahol sa oras, uber saya naman! Sana sa Unity Night mas maraming game! Hehe!
~Fergie, Kadaya 2005A

Da best..
~Buduy Mallari, Lakatan 2006A

Everyone else highlighted the positive things, which were true. So for improvement, I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate! Hehe! The Acquaintance Party has always been an enjoyable night. Bitin mu talaga kasi up to 9pm tamu mu pwede keng venue. Mas madakal pa sana time for fun games ang kwentuhan. The food was good naman (thanks sa sponsors na nakuha), especially the ham & cheese sticks. I saw first hand kung paano pinaghirapan i-prepare nina Yek at Marco yun, hehe! Pero sana hindi tinipid masyado, kasi syempre, Acquaintance yun, dapat reasonably bongga talaga – more food, and prizes (kamusta naman na walang prizes? kahit candy lang). And as usual, asna katamu kaynge at kagulu. But wait, isn’t that the point? Haha! But all in all, congrats to all mems (in fairness, sinugud la talaga Balay, hehe!) especially the project and ad hoc heads. Tuluy-tuluy lang ang sipag.
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

Masaya naman and enjoy ing party! Siguradu madakal mehikayat apps na makyabe. Sayang mu pin at kulang ing food. On a positive note, etamu mu expect na madakal munta kaya makanta. Sana sign ini for a better year for us and the org.
~Justin Dungca, Lakatan 2006A

Masayang-masaya! Bigatin yung mga guests! Haha! Sana mag-apply la ngan detang dinatang. Makamiss la reng alumni.
~Elai Castro, Lakatan 2006A

Ang saya-saya ng Acque! Mas sumaya dahil madami dumating na mems and alumni. Ang sarap ng food, kahit tikim lang nagawa ko! Haha! Congratz Buddy Marco!
~Loree Sicat, Kadaya 2005A

It was nice seeing new and old faces – friends, better friends, best friends and even ex-enemies. Hahaha! Peace!
~Krystel Cruz, Sampelut 2003A

Makamiss, sobra! Me-serve kami masalese, can’t complain!
~Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A

Masaya! Medinan kung chance magskirt, haha! Joke!
~Ruth Henson, Langgotsi 2006B

Fun ya pa rin Acquaintance! Lalu na dakal alumni dinatang compared dati. Sensya na munchkins pa abie ku guys, sige next time! Hehe! UP Aguman forever!
~Maan Laud, Ambula 2000A

The best ang Acquaintance Party natin! I didn’t expect na maraming guests ang darating! Ang saya din ng games! Hehe! At least nakapag-interact yung mems with the guests. What made it more fun is yung pagdating ng mga alumni! I realized how much we missed them. It was good to see them again. Pero yung best part talaga was the picture taking session!
~Denesse Handumon, Langgotsi 2006B

Hay naku! Ka-ngarag ever ang party preps and the night itself! Akalain mong hanapan ako ng baso ng guests at wala ako mabigay! Hay! Kaloka! Haha! Pero despite all that, it was sooooo fun. It was relieving na tumatawa naman ang mga guests sa jokes namin. Chaka, nakakamiss mga batchmates… Haay, parang kelan lang.. Haha! Go Aguman! Fight!
~Eleaze Santos, Kaputul 2004

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Acquaintance Party 2007 a success

July 3, 2007 – the Acquaintance Party was successfully held at the Balay Kalinaw. The rest of the members came in full force in support of MemComm’s first major project of the year. Baked zitti, pansit, banana bread and ham & cheese sticks was served. Lutong Bahay and Latasia were the food sponsors.

A total of 20 guests came in and enjoyed the food and the games prepared by the MemComm headed by Marco Lansangan. They were given Aguman brochures and bookmarks prepared by the Records.

Angelica Herico, BS Industrial Engineering, ACHS-SSC
Trisha Nacpil, BS Computer Science, ACHS-SSC
Jerome Ocampo, BS Chemical Engineering, ACHS-SSC
Jann Nicolas, BS Mechanical Engineering, ACHS-SSC
John Carl Gozun, BS ECE, CS
Carla Francesca Guinto, BS Statistics, GNC
Diane Abigail Baltazar, BA Political Science, GNC
Khersien Bautista, BS Economics, HAU
Paula Marie Magbojos, BS Community Development, HAU
Diogenes Dy, BS BAA, HFA
Kimberly Mendoza, BS Psychology, PHS
Portia Baluyut, BS BAA, PHS
Jona Salvador, BS Computer Engineering, PHS
Mary Criselle Mallare, BS BAA, PHS
Rosalyn Mae Sto Domingo, BA Communication Research, PHS
Minsky Goce, BS Architecture, PHSA
Jane Balatbat, BS Chemical Engineering, PSHS-Main
Krisha Kerr, BS Chemical Engineering, PSHS-Main
Jewel Dela Cruz, BS Business Economics, SMA

A considerable number of alumni also graced the event:
Mary Ann Laud, Ambula 2000A
Alvin Bongcodin, Salagpi 2001A
Ryan Aga, Kasaup 2002A
Jen Manalang, Kasaup 2002A
Israel Suarez, Kasaup 2002A
Diane Sarmiento, Kasaup 2002A
Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A
Krystel Cruz, Sampelut 2003A
Kristle Kerr, Sampelut 2003A
Aileen Jade Remigio, Sampelut 2003A
April Parilla, Kaputul 2004A
Hazel Tobias, Kaputul 2004A

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

CEER 2007 to be held on July 21 & 28

The final dates and venues for College Entrance Exam Review 2007 (CEER) have been finalized. Members, please be guided accordingly.

June 21 - Holy Angel University
June 28 - St Scholastica's Academy
Time: 8am-5pm

Tentative list of lecturers:
Michelle Fabros (Mathematics)

In line with the CEER, here's an artik!
Entrance exams: major alalahanin kapag fourth year ka na. Syempre, hindi ka makakapasok sa isang matinong university kung hindi ka magte-take nito. By this time, only a few of your fellow seniors ang nakapili na ng course at college or university. Yung ilang naman, iniisip pa kung dito pa rin sa Pampanga mag-aaral or luluwas ng Maynila or aakyat ng Baguio. At mas marami sa inyo ay ni hindi pa sigurado sa kanilang napiling course. Although majority sa inyo naman ay napilit ng mga magulang na mag-Nursing, diba?

Anyway, hindi naman dapat katakutan ang mga entrance exams. If you think about it, wala naman silang itatanong na hindi mo pa napag-aralan nung high school diba? Problem is, naalala mo pa kaya lahat-lahat ng itinuro sa iyo mula 1st year hanggang 4th year? Haha! Isa pang problema ay kapag pataasan ng scores ang labanan. Kapag kasi marami ang gustong pumasok sa isang university, hindi enough na passing ang score mo. Dapat ay one of the best ka talaga – gaya ng sa UPCAT. Each year, more than 60,000 students from both public and private schools take the UPCAT, umaasang makapag-aral sa premiere state university ng Pilipinas. At dahil around 10,000 lang available slots sa lahat ng UP Campuses nationwide, kailangan na paghandaan mo nang maigi ang UPCAT. For example, alam niyo ba na sa mahigit na 14,000 applicants for BS Nursing sa UP Manila, 70 lang tatanggapin?

Most common preparation for an entrance exam are review classes like UP Aguman’s College Entrance Exam Review (CEER). I'm sure yung iba sa mga classmates mo ay nag-review lessons na nung summer pa. Hindi mo nga naman kasi ma-re-review sa isa or dalawang araw at gabi ang more than 3 years worth of lessons. Reviews are always a great help but they’re not guarantees.

Don’t expect that doing some studying the night before your exam will do you any good. The probability na lilitaw ang mga mismong ire-review mo ay napakaliit. Mas maganda na matulog ka na lang nang maaga or huwag kang mag-puyat para maganda ang feeling mo when you take your exam. Research studies have proven that when you feel okay during an exam, your mind will perform better and you’ll actually improve your chances of remembering and analyzing things properly.

Ang pinaka-effective na paraan to get flying colors sa iyong entrance exam ay dapat na sinimulan mo na 3 years ago pa: ang mag-aral nang mabuti mula 1st year pa. Aside from the fact that some entrance exams like the UPCAT take into consideration your high school grades together with your test scores, ang pag-aaral nang mabuti ay ang iyong ultimate review. A dependable stock-knowledge is a big contributing factor to ace your entrance exams. There’s a saying that only the real geniuses get into UP, not the bookish ones who know nothing more than what is in your textbooks. The inside joke is that while only the geniuses enter UP, ang mga masisipag naman ang nakaka-survive at guma-graduate on time.

If you’re not the honor student type, don’t fret na wala ka nang pag-asang pumasa sa UPCAT or sa mga ibang admission tests. Meron akong personal testimony dito. Out of the 15 who passed the UPCAT in our 180-strong batch, only 5 are medalists during our graduation. At eto pa, 3 sa kanila ay iyung tipo na hindi mo iisipin na may tinatagong talino, iyung paloko-loko lang. at huwag ka, ECE pa ang course nung isa while not even the 1st Honorable Mention awardee made it, kahit non-quota pa ang course niya.

Just so you know, UP Colleges don’t sort their applicants entirely based on the applicants’ overall UPG (University Predicted Grade – which is a weighted score of your high school grades and UPCAT results). Your UPG is divided into different subgrades – the different subjects included in the coverage of the UPCAT. Certain colleges sort their applicants according to subgrades more crucial to their academic fields. For example, Engineering students are preferred to be good in Math, so all engineering courses sort their applicants according to their Math UPG. Simply put, kung importante ang Math (or other subject areas) sa course mo, yun ang may mas mabigat na bearing sa final score mo. Syempre, sa mga medicine-related courses, mas importante ang medical sciences grades and scores like Biology and/or Chemistry UPGs. Sa mga social sciences and arts-related courses, mas importante naman ang English UPGs. And so on and so forth.

Lastly, hindi mawawala ang factor ng luck. Kaya samahan mo na rin ng taimtim na dasal kay Lord ang iyong exam preparations. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. Kung hindi ka man pumasa ng UPCAT, don’t worry. May kinabukasan pang naghihintay sa iyo. Mag-aral ka na lang muna nang mabuti sa ibang university at transfer ka na lang sa UP after 1 year. Hehe!

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