Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spotlight: Bitter Late Than Never

SPOTLIGHT is the portion of Aslag Online wherein we obviously get to know our members a little bit better. ANd for the first time ever (first time ever na naman!), here's JUSTIN DUNGCA!

Nickname: Justin
March 2, 1989
Hometown: Angeles City
High School: Holy Family Academy
Aguman Batch: Lakatan 2006A (Best App, Buddy Que Yan Champion)
Course: BS Business Administration and Accountancy
Best known for: Cs & Is instead of Ks & Ys, bitter, Starbucks, "maynge" patse genmeet, AguJacket


and Jen will make a good Aguman couple because father and mother figure la. Icau nang balang micip ninu ing father, ehe.

Para cacu, y
Fergie ing ideal na girlfriend casi nung mag-date cami ecu cailangan mamaligwa.

Maculai ang buhai sa sinabauang gulai dahil
cung ang alat at asim ng buhay ay tulad ng hain ni inay suspecha co buong mundo'y magiging mapaiapa at masaia!

Ena balung
Michael and Loree na atin cung sinister plan carela. Lintic lang ang walang ganti!

Dapat ena nacu pag-tripan Cuia Rex nung ali
acit na ing ma-headshot! Jowc lang! Your highness!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dakal Pung Salamat, Alumni!

September 20, 2007 - The residents recorded a video message to thank the Aguman alumni who gave generous donations for debt relief. A check of the total monies collected was turned over by Claire Navarro-Espina (1978B) to the resident officers last September 14 during the Mibalik-Tambayan Day.

The donors were:
*Boogie David, 1976A and Julie Riparip-David, 1979B
*Froilan Tinio, 1974A and Narissa Hipolito-David, 1974C
*Blanche Gomez, 1980A
*Chit Narciso-Molina, 1974C
*San-C Pugeda-David, 1976A
*Mae Dizon-Perez, 1976A
*Arlene Roque-Kamen, 1977B
*Lizette Tanchico-Head, 1980A
*Don Yutuc, 1977B
*Roden Yutuc, 1980A
*Claire Navarro-Espina, 1978B
*Dan Manalo, 1977B
*Renan Del Rosario, Charter (debt relief of P10,000)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Genmeet highlights: September 27, 2007

*Formal Interviews of Baskal 2007A were concluded last September 26 (pictures below). The Final Rites for the qualified applicants will have their Final Rites on September 30 at San Pablo, Lubao. Meeting Place is at the McDonald's Dolores Junction. Time of departure for the FR site is at 8AM.

LEFT: Angelica Herico (Applicant) is interviewed by Felipe Pablo IV (Langgotsi 2006B) and Kath Gatchalian (Bucayo 2005B)
RIGHT: Trisha Nacpil (Applicant) is interviewed by Michael Gulapa (Lakatan 2006A) and Thea Lising Kadaya 2005B. Other members look on.

*There's less than a month left before Pautakan 2007 (October 25-27), so the EducComm gave updates for the said project. Members are urged to submit their assigned questions as soon as possible and search for sponsors. The venue for Questions Nights (October 18-24) is still pending.

*It was the grand draw for the Harry Potter Book Raffle by FinComm. FinComm members Lea Dizon, RJ Esguerra and Justin Dungca were there to pick the one and only winner. The winner of hardbound copies of Harry Potter Books 6 & 7 was Trisha Nacpil, an Aguman applicant.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Most Intimidating Members

in·tim·i·dat·ing [in tímmi dàyting]
adjective daunting: instilling fear, awe, or a sense of inadequacy

For Baskal 2007A, it was defined as "tumipun ka pang dakal a lakas ampo sikan lub bayu mo lapitan para papirma". Haha!

Aslag Online surveyed the applicants and asked them to name the 3 most intimidating members for them. Here's what we found out. Mems, alang pikun at personalan!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spotlight: Baskal 2007A

Here's are excerpts from the audio-visual presentation that Baskal 2007A prepared in line with their Workshop Week. Here, they share their personal thoughts about the application process so far.

Part 1: Anj, Jann, John Carl, Khen

Part 2: Mae, Minsky, Neicy, Trish

Part 3: Jewel, Jill, Dondon, Jerome

September 30 - FINAL RITES at Macabacle, Bacolor

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Spotlight: Ala Kung Asabi!

SPOTLIGHT is the portion of Aslag Online that will obviously... hay naku, as if naman ali yu pa balu nung para nanu yay ini, haha! For the THIRD video Spotlight ever (oha!), we present to you, our ALA KUNG ASABI Diva, our VP for Externals this year: Frida Chia Galban!


Nickname: Frida
January 21, 1987
Hometown: City of San Fernando
High School: Holy Angel University
Aguman Batch: Bucayo 2005B
Course: BA Film and Audio Visual Communication
Best known for: Ala kung asabi! Garahe Videoke Queen, Paula Abdul's Rush Rush, CEER 2007


Jen and Bong will make a good Aguman couple because it all starts in the friendship.

Portia’s secret admirer should come out of the open already because ot naman mo ali? She knows about already, haha!

Hindi na dapat pinipikon si Jomski dahil
mangatwa tana. Dapat balu tanang i-separate ng personal matters tamu bantang e migugulu.

The best thing about getting wasted is eku pa miraras keng makantang eksena, charing!

Kuya Rex should be Aguman’s VP for Romantic Affairs because ninu pa wari, my gosh! Balu na ngan ing malalyari org. Legendary absorber.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talkback: Mibalik-Tambayan Day

Compiled by Michael Gulapa

It was like going back home after many years of not being at the tambayan. Glad to see interaction between alumni and residents. I’m impressed with the enthusiasm of the residents. The org is in good hands. Hope the applicants will be inspired to become part of a lasting legacy. Thanks for the CD kahit hindi ko panahon ung mga kanta.
~Dan Manalo, Alumnus, 1977B

It was definitely tiring, kasi a-exhaust ku talaga reng egana-ganang stock kung icebreaker questions, haha, para mu alang dead air keng pamag-entertain tamu karela. More than the free food and the generous donation they gave us, ing peka-maka-overwhelm were the shared stories. Lalu na itang part na kabang mag-kwentu la reng alumni, sabe turu pa kareng pictures ketang yearbook tamu. Tsaka retang unsolicited but meaningful advices da, eku rin akalingwan ita, atsu kasi itang ‘been-there-done-that’ factor. Masanting kasi itang makipag-kwentuhan ka tas atin kang apupulut a makabuluan keng pisasabyan. At syempre, I can't help but feel prouder of my Aguman family, as if eku pa super proud as it is, haha!
~Rex Dizon, Salagpi 2001A

Sobrang meg enjoy ku! Kahit ating intriga kaku! (Kuya Rex, an eye 4 an eye!) Mepa-wow ku rin kareng alumni tamu. Aliwa la talaga levels! Maka-inspire la rin kasi sobrang successful la ngan. At syempre, thanks talaga keng saup na binye da, maka-touch talaga ing unity between all of us. To our alumni, thank you so much. Ate Claire and Kuya Dan, have a safe trip back to US. Agupips, congrats to us! At sana ali ne magbayu ing tambayan! Mag-improve pweding pwedi!
~Lorelee Sicat, Kadaya 2005A

Makainspire la reng alumni because proof la na we can make it big. Hehe!
~Erika Pagapong, Langgotsi 2006B

Super masaya. Masakit i-explain pero talagang delightful. Balamu aisip ku nanu kaya ing pakiramdam ing welcome na gewa ning Agu para kareng alumni.
~John Carl Gozun, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Masaya! Asna ka-positive ning milyari. Akahalubilu tala ding alumni, asopan daka tamu, mesanting ya ing tambayan. Atin pang bonus a treat na picture-picturan. Hopefully megenjoy la rin kekatamu at keng nostalgia na a-bring tamu karela. Mesane ku ring mangapampangan thanks to this event. Mahigit one week ming pa-practice ing dila mi Keng kapampangan in preparation for the alumni. Mesane kami ring Ate Daph and Kuya Feps mangapampangan thanks to this event.
~Ruth Henson, Langgotsi 2006B

Masaya lalu na at ikit at akilala tala deng mumunang alumni. Sayang ali ku agad mekaratang, ali ku la ikit detang aliwa. Sana miulit ing Mibalik-Tambayan.
~Trisha Nacpil, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Mibalik Tambayan was like coming home and going to the future all at the same time. These residents are an inspiration to me.
~Claire Navarro Espina, Alumna, 1979A

I enjoyed our get-together and had a great time. I have been getting positive feedback about the current batch of residents, so when this invitation came, I didn’t let it pass. I'm glad I met all of you. Keep up the good work for Aguman’s continuing activities and projects are our legacy to our kabalen. Regards to all.
~Noel Sanchez, Alumnus, Charter

‘Nang kasaya ing mibalik tambayan. Kasi mekapagbonding tamu kareng alumni. Pati masaya ing kwentuhan and kumustahan, pinakamasaya pa rin ing food! Haha!
~Justin Dungca, Lakatan 2006A

Kakaibang experience. Parang may kapamilya na nagbabalik bayan. Maraming preparations tapos marami ring pasalubong. Hehe! Masaya na we get to mingle with other AguPips and actually have conversations with them. Sana ganun pa rin when it’s our time to go back to UP and our beloved tambayan.
~Jean Dimabuyu, Kaputul 2004

It was nice seeing how successful the UP aguman alumni have become. As an applicant, I was inspired by them. We can reach places if we just believe in our capabilities and work hard on them.. at agyang marayu na disnan, emu pa din dapat kalingwan ing kekang penibatan, pagmaragul tamu na kapampangan tamu! :D ~Jewel dela Cruz, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Mig-kaswelu ku keng Mibalik-Tambayan ayni. Akilala ku la deng aliwa pang alumni a megbalikbayan. Pero enaman sa ela star deng aliwa karela, pero ing peyborit alumni ku yang excited kung akit eh. Though me-hot seat ku mu ping bagya. Matindi ya talaga i atching Claire. Ing buri ku pa, she texted me that night na somehow made me realize na I'm doing the right thing.. Ha! Love ku ne! Emu peyborit!
~Argel Casupanan, Alumnus, Salagpi 2001A

Makainspire. It makes you want to achieve more with life while listening to their stories and personal achievements. Mipapaisip ka talaga eh. Sasabihin mu sa sarili mo: “I want to be successful too...”
~Jowie Garcia, Kadaya 2005A

Maka-amaze ing Mibalik-Tambayan. Eku aimagine na makanta kadakal tao tambayan, biglang migka-traffic keng left wing ning AS. Kaybat meg-order la pang madakal a foods. Hehe! Makabilib la rin deng distinguished alumni ning Agu. Maka-inspire pag manakit kang successful individuals from the org you’re applying for. Masaya kasi you get the chance to meet them and have their signatures on my sigsheet.
~Diogenes Dy, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Makatula kasi finally a-meet ku na la rin sa wakas deng aliwa kareng minunang agupips.
~Lea Dizon, Langgotsi 2006B

Mainit! Pero nakakatuwang makita ang mga alumni na may nararating sa kani-kanilang buhay. When you think about it, tinahak nila ang daang tinatahak or tatahakin palang natin. They could serve as inspiration for all of us,, ung thought rin na nagbalik sila sa kanilang pinanggalingan proves na worth remembering talaga ing org.
~Romina Goce, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Me-shock ku anyang kadakal alumni keng tambayan pero simap maganaka la kasi mekanikwa kami for alumni page, hehe! Tsaka galante la grabe, kaya madakal foods and drinks the whole event. ‘Mibalik Tambayan’ is a huge success for having interactions between alumni and the org with its mems and apps.
~Anjelica Herico, Applicant, Baskal 2007A

Mibalik Tambayan? Sana mas mapadalas, mas madami makapunta, mas maganda kung sa gabi may inuman (hehe!), para mas masaya! Tapos madaming madami food! Para kain lang ng kain habang nagkukwentuhan! Hehe! Thanks!
~Alvin Bongcodin, Alumnus, Salagpi 2001A

Makatulang mibalik tambayan (agyang aliwa ita ing disnan kung tambayan). My short visit introduced me to fellow oldies (alumni, ikatamu ini) and the residents. It was a testament of the moving force that was and is behind our beloved org. It was a nostalgic moment. Sana mu mas marakal tamu next time. Thanks!
~Natasha Tabucal, Alumna, Tuglung 1998A

Masaya ing mibalik tambayan, afeel mu talaga ing legacy ning org. Asabi ku din na maragul ing pamilya ning Aguman at dapat na abalu tamu ing pegdaanan ning org king kabuuan, greetings to all!
~Buduy Mallari, Lakatan 2006A

Anyang sinabi ng Daph na ating Mibalik Tambayan by the alumni, I felt excited and at the same time nervous. Ali ku balu kung bakit. Anyang ikit ku la, sobrang ali ku balu nanu ing sabyan. Bigla kung merine keng sarili kung teritoryu kasi aisip ku na deng tau na kaharap ku deng reason kung bakit ating Aguman ngeni. Overwhelming pa kasi ali la hesitant sumaup at baski malawut la, isipan da pa rin ing welfare na ning org. Ing visit da inspired me to love the org more and at the same time to strive harder kasi puru la ngan successful in their respective fields. Congrats kareng alumni and residents!
~Jerome Caylao, Kadaya 2005A

Astig ing ‘Mibalik Tambayan’, ikit tamu ing lugud da reng alumni keng kekatamung organisasyun, it was nice seeing successful alumni go back to the realm where we currently are, making us wonder if someday we could reach the orbit of success where they are. That’s what I like about UP Aguman, because we get to rub elbows with people who made and still makes history. That’s why we should all be proud, dahil manalete kareng uyat tamu ing dayang Capampangan! Rock on!
~Michael Gulapa, Lakatan 2006A

The presence of the alumni gave us a sense of deep connection again with them. The support they give is overwhelming. Like Kuya Gerry (Batch 80) said “Kahit saan and location ng tambayan there is the same warmth of people”. No matter what the org looks like, as long as there is kinship there will always be the UP Aguman that we will all love. Dacal salamat kareng alumni na dinting. Keep coming back.
~Daphne Villanueva, Kaputul 2004A

Monday, September 17, 2007

I Called Kuya Wex a Pig

By App Nic

"The team which will be able to answer the following question correctly shall win this encounter, so guys, no pressure!" said the chubby guy who was introduced to us as the quizmaster, then promptly laughed at his own joke.

"Buta (Baboy ka)." I muttered under my breath, glaring at him. It was the do or die question, and of course we were dead scared. Didn't he know that at that point SSA was ready to use nuclear kunais (if we ever had any) and stab anyone dead for a win? HFA probably felt the same. Of all the introductions in the world, why did he have to use reverse psychology? Why did he have to say 'No pressure'?

A few months later, on June 2007, I was horrified to learn that the man I called a 'pig' was none other than Joeven Rex Dizon, a UP Engineering student, Don Bosco Academy Valedictorian and most of all, UP Aguman's youngest president ever.

I am a Pautakan Baby. For two years, I participated in what my school (St. Scholastica's Academy CSF) believed to be the most prestigious academic competition in Pampanga, UP Aguman's Pautakan.

When I was first told that I was going to be among the Pautakan contestants, I immediately saw it as a heaven-sent competition. It knew it was where I would meet the academic wizards of the other schools and see who the best was. That contest was going to be my chance to bring honor to SSA. Most of all, it was the perfect excuse to skip all of school's misery.

See, my school regards that contest very highly. A weeks before Pautakan 2006, the academic team's schedule were already reduced to half day skeds, so we could have time to study for the competition. Of course, we were marked excused for the classes we missed. If the teacher was considerate, she would give us perfect scores in tests we missed, because 'they're representing the school'. We were comfortably accommodated in the fully air-conditioned library with special privileges and almost unlimited access to books, computers and the internet and other reference materials.

It didn't end there. Of course we studied, but half of the time… we didn't. I and my five other team mates frequently ended up swapping stories when we were supposed to swap information; read 'informative' entertainment materials when we were supposed to be reading textbooks and encyclopedias; visited our favorite websites when we were supposed to take online quizzes and slept when we were supposed to study.

Pautakan to me then was like the magic ticket to prestige, honor and fun.

Yakushi Kabuto once said, "There is nothing today that is going to stay the same tomorrow."

He's right. The last three weeks of my application process, I've seen and read enough to convince me that my idea of Pautakan when I was in high school and now that I am in college cannot possibly stay the same.

Convincing factor #1: Kuya Gboi miserably begging each member to come up with 15 decent questions for Pautakan. Is that what every Educ Com head has to go through to come up with questions which contestants most of the time don't get right?

Convincing factor #2: Kuya Wex's article about Questions Night (ASLAG). You mean Mems actually have cram themselves in someone's house so they can make sure contestants have something to answer to?

Convincing factor #3: Ate Ferge saying that if thirty thousand were the budget allotted for Pautakan, twenty grand goes to trophies and medals. Aguman actually spends that much for Pautakan? (To think that there was a time in my life when I was ashamed of my 2 nd runner-up medal…)

Convincing factor #4: Educ Com's first workshop activity: How to be a paper boy/girl. They have a training for something we contestants often deem trivial?

The way I see it now, Pautakan is a magic ticket to sacrifice, effort and fun.

I realize where I went wrong about Pautakan during my high school days. I only appreciated what I was getting, I never even thought about what Aguman was giving. When contestants arrive there, all they have to do is wait for the contest to start. They just write answers on a piece of paper or press a buzzer and speak, and voila! A medal. They don't have to make questions, allocate funds, coordinate with people and fix technical stuff. After all this, mems don't get even the smallest medal. The only fun part gets to be being with your friends.

I made myself oblivious to how much difficulty mems went through so I could have a reason to skip classes and enjoy academic team life with my friends. Now that I'm seeing 'Pautakan The Making', I grow an appreciation for all I used to ignore, and a pride for all I used to be ashamed of. To me now, Pautakan is not just an event, a contest or an excuse – it is the fruit of dedicated labor and fervent passion, with friendship as the bonding consolation.

My application did not only change my perspective of Pautakan – it also changed the way I saw Kuya Wex. Indeed, there was more to what the senses perceived about the chunky quizmaster who always said "No pressure!" in the most inappropriate times. My first conversation with him on a quite Wednesday afternoon at the tambayan during the early days of my application lead to nothing but admiration and respect for one of the most sensible and dedicated people I have ever met. Kuya Wex, my apologies for calling you a pig then. 'Buta' has been replaced with Sensei. I hope to learn a lot from you.

My most embarrassing Pautakan experience:

"Manang, twenty na Haw-Haw po." I told the vendor while the losers pool contestants continued to lash at each other.

"Hi. Ikaw si Neicy, di ba?"

I looked up to see a tall guy with braces and glasses.

"Musta na?" he said, smiling weakly. His voice was somewhat sleepy.

I just stared at him, not knowing what to say. Who was he?

"Natatandaan mo ba ako? Ako yung kaibigan ni Lance. Nagkita na tayo noon." he said, searching for a trace of recognition in my blank face.

"Ha?...". I really couldn't remember if I knew him. I just stood there, unsure what to do. He stood in front of me, also looking unsure what to do.

Talk, I willed myself. You're embarrassing him, whoever he is. Talk!

"Um, kailangan ko nang balikan yung team mates ko." I finally said, rushing to SSA's place. I did not even want to see what his reaction was.

Moments later, I remembered my Haw-Haws. And his name. Roman.

'Sensya na no'n, Mike.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alumni from all decades grace Mibalik-Tambayan Day

September 14, 2007 - The Aguman tambayan at the Odd Wing of Palma Hall was jam-packed with members, applicants and visiting alumni for the Mibalik-Tambayan Day. The alumni who graced the whole-day affair were as follows:

Meliza Santos-Henares, Charter
Noel Sanchez, Charter
Dan Manalo, 1977B
Claire Navarro-Espina, 1978B
Meng Tinio-Arreza, 1976A
Vicky Keys, 27-One 1979B
Gerry Pangan, Siklab 1980A
Martin Cruz, Sapunggul 1993A
Natasha Tabucal, Tuglung 1998A
Mennen Dicuangco, Ambula 2000A
Alvin Bongcodin, Salagpi 2001A
Argel Casupanan, Salagpi 2001A

Despite the morning downpour, it was still a great day for bonding and reminiscing as the visiting alumni shared a wide variety of fun stories during their time -- from Aguman couples back then, daring activism endeavors, on how thin they were before, to old Final Rites misadventures. Gems of wisdom about life, love and camaraderie were also happily shared by the alumni to the eager members. The members dressed the part, donning their brown Pautakan 2006 and green Sining 2007 shirts, as they introduced themselves to the alumni members one by one and updated them on the organization's present undertakings. The applicants were also present to help out in entertaining the alumni members. They were able to bravely ask for their signatures for their sigsheet's Alumni Page. There was a seemingly unlimited supply of free food and drinks, care of the visiting alumni themselves.

During the short meeting with the current officers, Claire Navarro-Espina, together with Dan Manalo, Meng Tinio and Gerry Pangan, officially turned over the generous monetary assistance by the different Aguman alumni members from all over the world to be used for debt relief and future projects.

Despite the tiring preparations and arrangements, with success and meaningful experience of the day, the alumni and members alike hope that there will be another Mibalik-Tambayan Day soon.

For more pictures, click here.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Genmeet highlights: September 13, 2007

*Final preparations for the Mibalik-Tambayan Day were discussed by the EVP, Frida Galban. Before the genmeet, the members shot a 'thank you' video for the alumni at the old tambayan.

*The first batch of AguJackets will be partially released this Saturday, September 15. Members who ordered for the first batch are encouraged to complete their payments before they claim their jackets.

*MemComm held the Mems Quiz for Baskal 2007A. Neicy Nicdao was declared the Champion with 144 points. In a close second was Jerome Ocampo woth 140 points. Jann Nicolas placed third.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Spotlight: Doby-doo-bi-doo


Nickname: Doby
High School: Jose Abad Santos High School (formerly PHS, now PHS again!)
Hometown: Macabebe, Pampanga
Aguman Batch: Tanikala 1986A
Degree(s): BS Economics (1989), MBA (1994)
Present Location: Hong Kong
Present Occupation: Treasury Head, BPI Int’l Finance (HK) Ltd.
Favorite GE (General Education) subject when you were an undergrad: both in my very first sem -- PHI (Prof. Rico Azicate – changed my traditional view of Phil. history) and Pol. Sci. 11 (Dr. Dodong Nemenzo – first real intellectual and progressive mind I encountered up close)
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: Econ Lib (with secluded cubicles where you can sleep hehehe…)

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: all my HS classmates were members.

My favorite Aguman memory is: Pautakan, buwisitan / kulitan / indredus, movie watching with co-members (Highlander - there can be only one! SM City North Edsa opened on my 3rd year in UP.).

The best thing about being an AguPip is: speaking Kapampangan and sounding German, being among the noisiest dormers (neck-to-neck with the Cebuanos), and being envied by many boys in UP for having some of the prettiest co-members!!!

Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: dorm curfew. There aren’t too many stringent rules in UP .

The difference between college life and the real world is: that there aren’t enough weirdos and free thinkers outside UP! The best thing about UP is the “real world” preparation. The education and the atmosphere make you street-smart.

The best thing about my work is: getting the latest news here and abroad real-time.

The greatest injustice in the world is: unequal distribution of power, wealth and resources.

If I were a female mosquito for a day, I would bite: all the corrupt politicians and inflict them with dengue and malaria.

If time is gold, then silver is: probably not time. Taksyapo nanu ne mang klaseng kutang ini?! #@$%^)(*&!?>+=

Message to fellow alumni: Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind ­­‑ Samuel Ulman

Message to the residents: Carpe diem! Thanks for keeping a very important facet of the alumni’s past alive.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

EducComm launches Pautakan 2007

September 6, 2007 - The EducComm, headed by its chairperson Gboi De Padua, officially launched one of Aguman's most famous events, the Pautakan 2007 during the week's genmeet. It will be held at the University of the Assumption on October 25-27.

The rest of the Pautakan details and the committee tasks are as follows:
Date: October 25-27
Venue: University of the Assumption (defending High School Champion)
Theme: BUGNUS: Sapuak ning Cabiasnang Capampangan

Heads: MARCO and CINDY
*Judges (Deadline: September 28)
*STS (with Externals)

Heads: FRIDA and BUDUY
*Contact with alumni

Heads: JEN and JOSEF
*Teasers, Posters, Streamers
*Registration and contest materials
*Deadline of teasers: September 13

Heads: JOMS and FERG
*Co-presentor – P5000;
Major Sponsor – P3000;
Minor Sponsor – P2000;
Full-page Advertiser – P1500;
Half-page Advertiser – P1000;
Quarter-page Advertiser – P750;
Donor – P500
Line Advertisement - less than P500

Heads: LOREE and RUTH
*Trophies and medals
*Tokens for Judges
*Pautakan 2007 T-shirt
*Deadline of trophy and medal design: September 25

Heads: Gboi, Pie and Rjei
Questions Assigments:
General Science: Buduy (head), Cathz, Jann, Jill, Aries
History & Current Events: Fergie (head), Acey, Kitchie, Nic, Khen
Mathematics: Cindy (head), Kenn, Adrian, Trish
Arts & Literature: Ruth (head), Jowie, Jer, Minsky
General Information & Trivia: Josef (head), Elai, Porshe, Jewel, Mae
General Science: Buduy (head), Bal, Felipe, Allandail, Anj
History & Current Events: Pie (head), Loree, Cyrille, Justin Andrew
Mathematics: Cindy (head), Thea, Diana, RJ, Dondon
Arts & Literature: Ruth (head), Jen, Yek, Jean, Denesse
General Information & Trivia: Rjei, Gboi, Rex (heads), Frida, Kevin, Kath, Kim
Biology: Fergie (head), Daphne, Joms, Lea, Michael
Chemistry: Gboi (head), Marco, Rose, Erika, Ome
Physics: Josef (head), Bong, Aga, John Carl

Spotlight: Cheeks Speak

By Aguman N&CA

SPOTLIGHT is the portion of Aslag Online that will obviously, spotlight (duh! haha!) the AguPips so that we can get to know them better. For the second video Spotlight ever, we present to you, in time for the launching of the Pautakan 2007, our Educational Committee Chairperson, Gboi De Padua!

Nickname: Gboi
September 11, 1989
Hometown: Mabalacat
High School: Angeles City High School - Special Science Class
Aguman Batch: Lakatan 2006A
Course: BS Mathematics
Best known for: Mental multiplication, Pussycat Balls member, Elai, his Cheeks, mala-Sergio-ng katawan (Go figure! Haha!)

Gboi and Elai will make a good AguCouple because (supposedly) they were meant to be!

Kevin ing peka-'malandi' kareng AguPips ngeni kasi atin yang "secret" chever! Haha!

A pair of shorts are better that a pair of pants because
mas comfy ang shorts! Haha!

The worst thing about having to commute to Makati and back everyday is waking up early, getting home late and riding the MRT with strangers.

The hardest part about saying 'I love you' is
saying it with earnest and sincerest feelings in front of the one you love.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Genmeet highlights: September 6, 2007

*The week was Workshop Week for the applicants, Batch Baskal 2007A. And last genmeet, their outputs for the MemComm, FinComm and SocioComm were presented to the members. The apps also showed an audio-visual presentation for the members, featuring their individual reflections of the app process so far (video to be uploaded soon in this blog). The members' critiques were pretty intense, but rest assured, the apps were able to learn more about Aguman orgwork.

*The EducComm, headed by its head, Gboi De Padua, officially and formally launched its annual project, the Pautakan 2007. The Pautakan tasks were assigned to the different committees.

*Final preparations for the Mibalik-Tambayan with the visiting alumni on September 14 were discussed.

*FinComm reminded the members and applicants to sell their Harry Potter Raffle Tickets and remit the payments by September 25. Solicitation letters for the Pautakan will be released on September 10.

*The Aslag Online Team will be giving special prize to the Top Commenter of the Month starting this September. The current resident members are eligible, so AguPips, keep those comments and tags coming!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

FinComm launches raffle fundraiser

In line with the recent hype for the release of the final installment of the world-famous Harry Potter book saga, UP Aguman, through the Finance Committee embarks on another book raffle for the said bestseller. The last time Aguman had a Harry Potter Book Raffle was in 2003 when two generous alumni members -- Minnie Alfonso-Lau (Batch 1975A) and Mae Dizon-Perez (Batch 1976A) donated one copy each of the 5th book of the Harry Potter series. The said fundraiser also served as Batch Kasaup 2002A's batch project.

This time around, Doby Pineda (Tanikala 1986A) has donated a copy of the 7th book of the Harry Potter Book Series to be used as an attendance incentive for the residents. Minnie Alfonso-Lau has volunteered again to help out again, this time donating another copy of the Book 7. Maan Laud (Ambula 2000A) also volunteered a fresh copy of Book 6. So with the benefactors' permission, the Finance Committee decided to use the extra copy of Book 7 and the Book 6 for a fundraiser instead.

Each raffle tickets costs 99 cents and is worth a chance to win both Books 6 & 7 of the Harry Potter series. The draw date will be on September 27, 2007.

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