Friday, February 29, 2008

AguElections for AY 2008-2009

February 28, 2008 -- The Pre-Elections were held at PH 223 to determine the final candidates for the election of officers for AY 2008-2009.

Electoral Board members Adrian Bustos, Hazel Lee, Cyrille Bautista and Daphne Villanueva were present to see the voting proceedings.

Here is the final list of candidates:
For President:
Jennifer Castro (Lakatan 2006A)
Fergie Panganiban (Kadaya 2005A)

For Vice-President for Internals:
Acey Duarte (Bucayo 2005B)
Elaida Castro
(Lakatan 2006A)

For Vice-President for Externals:
Kath Gatchalian (Bucayo 2005B)
Aries Viray
(Lakatan 2006A)

For Secretary:
Felipe Pablo IV (Langgotsi 2006B)
Kevin Peñalba (Langgotsi 2006B)

For Treasurer:
Justin Dungca
(Lakatan 2006A)
Buduy Mallari (Lakatan 2006A)

For Educational Committee Chairperson:
Ruth Henson (Langgotsi 2006B)
Buduy Mallari
(Lakatan 2006A)

For Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson:
Denesse Handumon (Langgotsi 2006B)
Jeremiah Torrico
(Lakatan 2006A)

Keep visiting Aslag Online for the features of the candidates and their GPOA/SPOA!
Dates to remember for the AguElections:
March 6 - Meeting De Avance
March 11 - Elections

Thursday, February 28, 2008

FinComm holds Rummage Sale

February 27, 2008 -- The Finance Committee held a Rummage Sale at Brgy Krus Na Ligas to raise much-needed funds for the organization before the semester ends. FinComm members Anj Herico and Jewel Dela Cruz were present to organize the activity.

The clothes and other stuff sold were all donated by the members for the said rummage sale that lasted from 10am-4pm. Not all goods were sold but a total of P2700 was earned from the fundraiser. Members from other committees also came to help out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two Aguman members run in the USC Elections

Two Aguman members are running for the position of Councilor in the University Student Council (USC) Elections for AY 2008-2009. Interestingly, they belong to two opposing parties. Bang Dizon (Kaputul 2004A) is running under Stand-UP and Paul Feliciano (Kadaya 2005A) is running under Alyansa.

Bang Dizon, 4th Year, BA Art Studies
Stand-UP, incumbent CAL Representative to the USC
"When I was asked if I could run again, I was quite hesitant since I am already graduating. But with the mere fact that they asked me to run, I felt flattered and privileged. But at the same time, I had the burden to continue what I have started the past year, especially with all the issues UP is facing on its 100th year. It's worth it to sacrifice another year to be of service to the UP community. Plus, being at the council provides a training that you can never get anywhere else. Medyu makalungkut mu kasi I could've been active in Aguman, my sorority or any other organization nung eku meg-Council. But I hope you guys could understand, after all, I could not be here (in the USC) if not for your support."

Paul Feliciano, 3rd Year, BS Business Economics
Alyansa, incumbent Junior Batch Representative in the Econ-SC
"As part of ALYANSA, I want to have a balanced USC where it really gives the students much importance and at the same time, being active in nation issues. I want to give priority to the students because the USC is for the students. Given my experience in the Econ-SC, I have many ideas that I want to be realized in the USC. That's why I want the whole party to win because we really prepared for our GPOA for the students. The USC is a numbers game -- you cannot do anything when your proposals are rejected because you are outnumbered. I really encourage you to read all of the GPOAs for you to have an informed decision when you vote. I hope you see that the Alyansa's GPOA is the most comprehensive, student oriented and concrete.
Tinagal ku dahil buri kung magserbisyu kekayu. Marakal ku abalu keng campaign ampong fulfilling talaga ing pamagsuyu kareng estudyanti istung kampanya."

Take note of these dates:
March 3, Monday, 9am-12nn, AS Steps - Meeting De Avance
March 4, Tuesday - USC Elections, go out and visit your respective colleges to vote!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Genmeet Highlights: February 20, 2008

Talents Night of Agyuan 2007B

It was the much-dreaded Talents Night of remaining applicants of batch Agyuan 2007B, Carlo Cortez and Demsen Cosio. Some of the songs they performed were You Are The Music In Me, More Than Words, and Minsan, their batch song. Carlo performed Rivermaya's 214 and Demsen performed Westlife's My Love for their individual prepared performances.

LEFT: Carlo (foreground left) and Demsen (foreground right) perform High School Musical 2's "You Are The Music In Me"
RIGHT: The AguPips!

Nominations for Officers of AY 2008-2009

The resident members gathered at the Activity Center of the Vinzons Hall rooftop not only for the applicants' Talents Night but also for the nominations for this year's election of Aguman officers for the next school year.

A total of 54 residents for this semester are eligible to vote in the elections. The Electoral Board is composed of graduating members Hazel Lee and Adrian Bustos (Kadaya 2005A), Cyrille Bautista, Kitchie Gallardo
and current President Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A). The Chairman of the EB is Adrian Bustos.

The deadline of Acceptance or Rejection Letters for all nominated candidate is on Tuesdau, February 26. Pending the approval of the acceptance and rejection letters, the final list of candidates for the Pre-Elections will be posted here next week.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Spotlight: The Kuplings

High School:
Sacred Heart Seminary
Mabalacat, Pampanga
Aguman Batch:
BS Physics
Present Location:
Covina, California
Present Occupation:
IT Consultant
Favorite GE subject:
Humanities – I enjoyed writing a critical review of Eine Kleine Nach Musik one day and Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band the next.
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan:
Back of the Main Library.
I was convinced to join UP Aguman because:
Because it had a high population of beauty and brains.

My favorite Aguman memory is:
First Pautakan – because it was a ground-breaking, fun and worthwhile project, not to mention my alumni high school, Sacred Heart Seminary, won the event. Plus! I saw Rissa’s legs for the first time in her bright-colored lime green dress! Buti namu, buri ku neng talaga bayu ku la ikit! Haha!
The best thing about being an AguPip is:
Being surrounded by smart, interesting and fun-loving people.
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was:
Spending more time in the back of the library than inside.
The difference between college life and the real world is:
It is rewarding to spend the money that you earn in the real world but it is more fun to spend your parent’s and the government’s money in college.
The best thing about my work is:
It pays for my retirement.

Anyang mumuna, ing makibalu mu na pag-lolon ke y Rissa e dina:
Y Paring Noel Sanchez.
Anyang mebalu na kareng egana-ganang tau, ing meging reaction da reng AguPips is:
Some were happy, some were sad, some were misty, some were glad.
She made the "first move" when she:
When she had to study ‘kuno’ the architecture of Claret, buri na abayan ke kanu.
The best strategy to woo an AguGirl is:
Have a sky blue VW beetle.
The hardest thing/part about being an AguCouple is:
Having to attend classes was getting in the way.
The best thing about being an AguCouple is:
Sharing lots of good memories together.
Andyang e tutu or without real basis, asno kahilig kareng loveteam-loveteam deng AguPips kasi: Kasi mailig lang tsismis.

Message/advice to AguCouples or who want to be an AguCouple:
Don’t wait too long...

Message to fellow alumni:
Let’s find ways to support the preservation of Kapampangan culture;
Message to the residents: Keep the Aguman Alumni engaged. Do more projects in Pampanga.

K. Froi and A. Rissa with their kids

Rissa (Rix in distant memory and no longer in use, hehe!)
High School:
St Scholastica’s Academy
Angeles, Pampanga and San Fernando before that, and San Juan Rizal before that, and Tagbilaran, Bohol before that! Makananu Rural Health Physician ya y Mommy – balamu gypsy kami.
Aguman Batch: 1974C
BS Foreign Service
Present Location: Covina, California
Present Occupation:
IT Controller
Favorite GE subject:
English – My English teachers were among the most intelligent people I have ever met. Bilib ku kareng articulate and eloquent mag-English talaga.
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan:
Dugang-dugang Parks and Wildlife
I was convinced to join UP Aguman because:
There is comfort in familiarity – bayu ya pa ing Aguman pero uling Kapampangan la reng members, feeling ku safe ku with my own kind. Balu yu, actually half kung Kapampangan and half Pangasinense. My mom so disapprovingly called me the Kapampangan!
My favorite Aguman memories are:
Lots of memories! The initiation rites – kamua ku kang Ernie Mangune! Masyadu yang Nazi – me-pikun ku lalu na anyang pepaglundag naku keng bangin! Atin pamong blood compact - kasakit na pa nita! And then there was the applicant’s orientation night – Karin ke ikit minuna is Mr. Kupling.
The best thing about being an AguPip is:
Dacal kabolangan king tambayan – It was so much fun – I remember always looking forward in between classes to go to the tambayan and read the log book. Ampong e la mu biasa deng AguPip, masaya la pang kayabe.
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was:
Not making sure there were no policemen in the CAS parking lot before Froi and I fooled around!
The difference between college life and the real world is:
Ignorance is bliss – the less you know about how to earn money, the better.
The best thing about my work is:
I have a life again! Not so in my previous job. You get to a point in life when money or career is no longer the most important thing – your relationships, sanity, health, passions and happiness are.

Anyang mumuna, ing makibalu mu na pag-lolon nakung Froi e dina:
Balamu, balu da na ngan kasi atin lang Stock Market reng AguMen – meaning reng AguGels, Stocks la, kaibat deng AguMen, sasali lang stocks. The Stock Market was a big source of tsismis – everyone kept track of who had stocks with whom.
Anyang mebalu na kareng egana-ganang tau, ing meging reaction da reng AguPips is:
Siempre atin masaya pero atin mu naman malungkut – deng miki-crush kang Froi melungkut la!
He made the "first move" when:
Kupling made harana to me with his guitar – kanta ku ata me-in love.
The best strategy to woo an AguGirl is:
Be a friend first –and don’t take yourself too seriously! A good sense of humor is soo attractive.
When wooing an AguGirl, an AguBoy should never: talk about themselves all the time – you want to make your AguGel feel she is the most important woman since your mom.
The hardest thing/part about being an AguCouple is: Potang ating pate – balu da ngan king tambayan!
The best thing about being an AguCouple is:
Being the First Agu-couple who got married!
Andyang e tutu or without real basis, asno kahilig kareng loveteam-loveteam deng AguPips kasi: Anac kayu pa – deng hormones yu wild la pa! College is the best time and place to find your future mates – dacal selection.
Message/advice to AguCouples or who want to be an AguCouple:
It takes hard work from both parties to keep a relationship going – real commitment means you truly invest in keeping each other together. The key is balance. As much as you have to spend time together, don’t forget to allow your partner to spend time for himself/herself!

Message to fellow alumni:
I can’t believe it’s been 35 years! Katua ta na neh! But I sometimes feel it was just yesterday. Dapat palagi tamung mag-reunion!
Message to the residents: Agyang balid kayu (anti aku) dapat magsalita at mabiasa kayung mag-Kapampangan. Masakit gawan kasi dacal valid a reason pero dapat siguro ating mamie lessons kareng residents a e biasang mag-Kapampangan. That said, I am truly proud of you guys – Way to go!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jann & Ruth win Babarug Pipitik 3

Jann & Ruth will now join the ranks of Rex, Daphne, Paul and Porshe for winning Babarug Pipitik 3: One More Chance Edition. They have won 2 movie passes to Robinsons Movieworld for any movie, at any branch. Felipe & Yek finished 2nd Place, while Justin & Jewel finished at 3rd Place. Their prize is valid until March 31, 2008.

So now, the question is: will they be the first winning pair to actually end up together? Haha!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

NEU wins Overall Championship of Sining 2008

A total of 9 high schools participated in the Day 2 of Sining 2008:

Angeles City National High School – Special Science Class (ACNHS-SSC)
Brightwoods School (BS)
Don Bosco Academy (DBA)
Holy Angel University (HAU)
New Era University (NEU)
San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies & Schools (SLRCSS)
St Ann Colleges (SAC)
Systems Plus College Foundation (SPCF)
University of the Assumption (UA)

This brings to 12 the total number of schools who participated in Sining 2008. Pampanga High School (PHS), Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS) and Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trade (DHVCAT) also sent contestants for Day 1 events.

It was indeed a very colorful day for young Capampangan artistry and talent as the different schools battled it out in the 6 different competitions of the day: Declamation (3 participants), Solo Singing (12), Chorale (2), Interpretative Dance (6), Modern Street Dance (6) and Rockoustic Band (10). Sining 2008 proved to be the biggest so far not only in terms of number of events but also in number of contestants. Registered contestants on the dance and band events almost doubled from last year’s turnout.

There were some problems like when DBA’s music stopped for many seconds during their performance in the Interpretative Dance Competition, and when there were some clarifications on the Rockoustic Band Competition rules. But in the end, they were resolved and everyone inside the mall premises enjoyed the kids’ show which truly celebrated Capampangan young talent.

Tarlac-based Capampangan band Mernuts also performed before the Awarding Ceremonies. The band is famous on the Youtube for translating modern Pop-R&B songs and performing them in Capampangan. They delighted the crowd with an unplugged version of their three songs: Alang Kalibe (Irreplaceable), Payung (Umbrella) and Aliwa Kang Talaga (an original).

LEFT: The Sining 2008 Day 2 audience at the SM City Clark Event Centre
RIGHT: Mernuts performs their Capampangan songs

Each Top 3 placement in all events is worth a corresponding number of points that will be tallied to determine the Overall Winners. In the end, New Era University once again emerged as the Overall Champion – their second consecutive championship.

Here’s the final and complete list of winners from all the events, from Day 1 to Day 2:

“The colors that remind you of your Capampangan heritage”
1st – AJ Lumanlan (BWS)
2nd – Marachele Mendoza (PHS)
3rd – Amy Rose Tayag (NEU)

“Kulturang Kapampangan na maibabahagi mo sa ibang Pilipino”
1st – Ian Bencio David (PHS)
2nd – Joseph Carlo Vital (DBA)
3rd –Kimberly Castro (NEU)

“What makes a Capampangan stand out in a crowd”
1st – Maria Viennina Reyes (BWS)
2nd –Erin Kieshia Manlutac (PHS)
3rd –Kiyoko Francisco (MHCS)

“Mga simpleng bagay na pwede kong gawin para mapanatili ang aking pagiging Kapampangan”
1st – Girlen Marie Milleza (MHCS)
2nd – Rhoger John Manalo (DBA)
3rd – Merrygel Siqui (NEU)

“What I want to say to my fellow Kapampangans”
1st – Aeron Salientes (DBA)
2nd – Mikee Mercado (BS)
3rd – Rose Lhyn Gaviola (NEU)

“Sa anong larangan ako sisikat, bilang isang Kapampangan”
1st – Jericko Samson (UA)
2nd – Mikee Mercado (BS)
3rd – Kariza Masangcay (NEU)

“Pampanga: Today and Tomorrow”
1st – Rafael Gatus (DHVCAT)
2nd – Jomarie Lagania (PHS)
3rd – Christian Cunanan (DHVCAT)

(Relyenung tugak, sizzling sisig, polvoron and turrones de casoy)
1st – Lorena Villareal (PHS)
2nd – Jung Youn Son (BS)
3rd – Charmaine Pinlac (DHVCAT)

1st – Carlyn De Guzman (NEU)
2nd – Mel Yza Sunga (NEU)
3rd – Jose Manuel Marcon (BS)

1st – Shermaine Delos Santos, John Jervin Torres, Roana Yalung (NEU)
2nd – Marel Rivera, Philip Lorena, Chester Liangco (DBA)

“Appreciating one’s own language”
1st – Alyana Marie Bermudo (NEU)
2nd –Hil Vargas (DBA)
3rd – Angelo Mamangun Jr. (HAU)

1st – Mary Jen Gozun (NEU)
2nd – Leanne Canlas (UA)
3rd – Miguel Rivera (DBA)

1st – Angelic Choir (UA)
2nd – NEU Glee Club (NEU)

“Pinanari: Rediscovering the Colors of Capampangan Artistry”
1st – Teatro Busko (DBA)
2nd – UAHS Dance Troupe (UA)
3rd – San Lorenzo Dance Troupe (SLRCSS)

LEFT: Teatro Busko (DBA) during the Interpretative Dance
RIGHT: Head Turners (ACNHS-SSC) during the Modern Streetdance Competition

1st – Head turners (ACNHS-SSC)
2nd – Intensity X (DBA)
3rd – Eranians (NEU)

1st – Akushka (NEU)
2nd – Free To Play (BS)
3rd – String Life (NEU)

NEU, 180 pts
DBA, 115
BS, 85
UA, 70
PHS, 60
MHCS, 20
HAU, 5

Sining 2008 Day 2 was once again graced by many Aguman alumni:
Powie De Guzman, Siklab 1980A
Frank Madlangbayan, Bisaclat 1981A
Weng Pangilinan, Diquit-Diquit 1996A
Marc David, Tuglung 1998A
Maan Laud, Ambula 2000A
Melissa Malazarte, Ambula 2000A
Analyn Delos Santos-, Ambula 2000A
Mennen Dicuangco, Ambula 2000A
Argel Joseph Casupanan, Salagpi 2001A
Andre Galang, Salagpi 2001A
Dennis Manabat, Salagpi 2001A
Joman Laxamana, Kasaup 2002A
Diane Sarmiento, Kasaup 2002A
Mike Peñalba, Sampelut 2003A
Celine Dagdag, Sampelut 2003A
Leah Salta, Sampelut 2003A
Hazel Tobias, Kaputul 2004A
April Parilla, Kaputul 2004A
Zenicar Galban, Bucayo 2005B

LEFT: Akushka (NEU) during the Rockoustic Band Competition
RIGHT: UA Angelic Choir (UA) during Chorale Competition


Thursday, February 7, 2008

UP Aguman presents: Sining 2008, Day 2






Interpretative Dance

Modern Street Dance

Rockoustic Band

GUEST PERFORMERS! Mernuts, the Capampangan band who popularized Capampangan translations of the latest Pop-R&B hits such as Irreplaceable, Big Girls Don't Cry and Umbrella on Youtube, will perform.


*Approximate times only. Actual schedule depends on number of participants in competitions before it. There will be 5-10-minute breaks in between competitions for any setup changes.

For last-minute registration and more inquiries, text:
LOREE: 0915 982 4507
DAPHNE: 0927 914 9848

Monday, February 4, 2008

Spotlight: Perfect 10*


Nickname: Poet (no "w" please)
High School: Don Bosco Academy
Hometown: San Fernando City or is it City of San Fernando?
Aguman Batch: Abe-Abe 1991A
Degree/s: BA Sociology / MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (ADMU)
Present Location: In front of my laptop
Present Occupation: Channels Area Manager, Innove Comms., Inc. (a.k.a. Globe Broadband)
Favorite GE subject: Math 1. Reason: first time to learn Statistics and Calculus courtesy of the great Salesian education system.
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: None. The Aguman tambayan before (circa '90s) was strategically located in front of the Palma Hall Ladies’ CR. Where else should I be?
I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: They are a bunch of crazy people where I would perfectly fit in. Hell! I went to UP because I wanted to join Aguman! Another reason would be because they lacked good-looking people so they badly needed me on their roster.

My favorite Aguman memory is: Sexually abusing blind-folded neophytes and cutting classes to play tong-its or pusoy dos.
The best thing about being an AguPip is: Sexually abusing blind-folded neophytes! Disguising beso-beso and friendly hugs as just that. When you become an Aguman there's no such thing as walang malisya. Hehehe, sorry guys... you just got busted!
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: to sneak-in at Yakal pretending to be Noel Mutuc only to be busted by the lady guard, collared and dragged outside at 2:00 AM.
The difference between college life and the real world is: Back in college I had sex once a week. Today, once a year na lang.
The best thing about my work is: (Since me and my wife are both Globe employees) I get to boss around my wife when I am at their branch. At home, it's an entirely a different story.

Anyang mumuna, ing makibalu mu na pag-lolon ke y Jenny e dina: Maniwala kayu kanaku. Y Jenny ing meglolo kanaku. Ing mikabalu kanyan ay dina Greg Bituin, Francis David and Kathee Dijamco.
Anyang mebalu na kareng egana-ganang tau, ing meging reaction da reng AguPips is: OMG WTF?!?
She made the "first move" when she: told me to come over their house asking help on her paper. When we were left alone in their sala she raped me two times.
The best strategy to woo an AguGirl is: traditional stuff like chocolates, flowers, love letters (snail mail), poems and showing her your credit card.
When wooing an AguGirl, an AguBoy should never: wear spray net.
The hardest thing/part about being an AguCouple is: The Paparazzi. Being always compared to Brangelina and TomKat.
The best thing about being an AguCouple is: Common friends, shared experiences and same things to laugh about/at. Come to think of it, being an AguPip is like getting married. The day you get married is the day you start living your life "not for yourself alone." Aaaaaaww…
Message/advice to AguCouples or who want to be an AguCouple: Never let go of your AguPartner. Notice how many of our alumni (especially those in the Yahoo! Groups) still have hang-ups to this day. Aminiiiiiiiin! Don't make the same mistake. Go ahead and multiply.

Message to fellow alumni: Nananu ta pa? Minum ta na!
Message to the residents: It's better to be sorry than safe! Rock n' roll!!!

Nickname: Jenny
High School: East Central Colleges
Hometown: City of San Fernando
Aguman Batch: Pamikalugud 1990A
Degree/s: BA Public Administration
Present Location: In front of my PC
Present Occupation: Account Management Specialist at Globe Telecom
Favorite GE subject: Soc. Sci. 2, I had a very cute prof!!!
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan: Sigma Delta Pi tambayan (I had lots of friends there).
I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: all my friends at Kalayaan Residence Hall joined UP Aguman. And I heard that the "Dingdong Avanzado" look-alike is a member already.
My favorite Aguman memories are: playing pusoy dos at the tambayan, hide and seek at Vinzon's Hall and Sunken Garden at 12 midnight, and watching last full shows at SM City together.
The best thing about being an AguPip is: having lots of friends.
Back in college, the worst rule I had broken was: dorm curfew.
The difference between college life and the real world is: after graduating, I realized: maraming bobo sa real world! Hahahaha!
The best thing about my work is: I get to meet and help a lot of people.

Anyang mumuna, ing makibalu mu na pag-lolon nakung Poet e dina: Greg Bituin, Kathee Dijamco and Francis David.
Anyang mebalu na kareng egana-ganang tau, ing meging reaction da reng AguPips is: OMG! WTF?!!!
He made the "first move" when he: kept on visiting me at our house every Saturday night (kunwari dadakitan naku para mag-attend kaming Singles for Christ). Then, he volunteered to help me with my paper and suddenly kissed me. Ali na na atiis ing lugud na kaku!
The best strategy to woo an AguGirl is: give her chocolates and flowers. Mag-work pa kaya ini ngeni?
When wooing an AguGirl, an AguBoy should never: stare at other boys! Bwahahaha!
The hardest thing/part about being an AguCouple is: sorry, I just can't stop laughing about the "hardest thing/part" phrase. Something else comes to mind, hahaha!
The best thing about being an AguCouple is: we have shared experiences and common friends.
Message/advice to AguCouples or who want to be an AguCouple: Go for it. It is worth it! Or you would forever be wondering what might have been...

Message to fellow alumni: Kapilan tamu lumwal ulit?
Message to the residents: Congrats and keep on having fun!

*Title was given by Kong Poet himself -- "
kasi kareng pictures mi lupa kaming number 10. Y Jenny itang 1 uling payatut ya, yaku naman ing 0 for obvious reasons."

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Babarug, Pipitik 3: One More Chance Edition

Amiel & Pax. Joms & Dadai. Phil & Thea. Lang & Pie. Jowie & Hazel.
Who will be the next AguCouple?
(Will they actually be a couple eventually? Haha!)

*Open only to SINGLE Aguman members. Straight and heterosexual pairings mu ne.
*Previous winners: Rex, Daphne, Paul & Porshe are not eligible to join. They've had their chance, they didn't take it, sorry, hehe!

*The rule is simple, vote for your favorite AguLoveteams and back-vote for anyone that stands in the way of their blossoming love! Bwahahaha!
*P10 is needed to nominate a pair and place them in the Voting Board. They automatically get 5 votes.
*Each vote or BARUG is worth P1, and each back-vote or PITIK is worth P1 as well. ANYONE (even non-Aguman members) can vote or back-vote.
*There are 2 Elimination Days: February 6 (Wednesday) and February 9 (Saturday). The pair with the lowest net votes (total of barugs and pitiks) will be automatically eliminated.
*For each voting day, a pair must receive 40 net votes to stay in the game. Otherwise, they will also be eliminated.
*On the last 2 voting days, February 11 & 12, secret balloting will be employed.
*Voting starts February 4. Closing of voting period will be on February 12, 6pm. Results will be revealed after.
*Prize for the winning pair is, of course, one more chance at love! Wushu! Edi libreng date, nan pata, pakapata!
*You can vote to Joms, Anj or Buduy. Nung alalu, pwede to any member na makapamye karela. But make sure to text Joms (0905 366 6866), Anj (0915 969 2016) or Buduy (0916 381 9550) about it.

FinComm will send nightly updates on the Loveteam Standings. So come one guys, magpa-vote nakayu kareng kaklase yu! Magpa-pass around nakayung lata kareng classes yu, sabyan yu donation para keng lablayp yu, haha!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

DBA and NEU share lead after Day 1 competitions

A total of 8 schools competed in the Day 1 events of Sining 2008 at New Era University.

Brightwoods School (BS)
Don Bosco Academy (DBA)
Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trade (DHVCAT)
Holy Angel University (HAU)
Mary Help of Christians School (MHCS)
New Era University (NEU)
Pampanga High School (PHS)
University of the Assumption (UA)

Impromptu Speech (English) Competition
“What I want to say to my fellow Kapampangans”
CHAMPION: Aeron Salientes, DBA
2nd: Mikee Mercado, BS
3rd: Roselhyn Gaviola, NEU

Impromptu Speech (Filipino) Competition
“Sa anong larangan ako sisikat, bilang isang Kapampangan”
CHAMPION: Jericko Samson, UA
2nd: Mikee Mercado, BS
3rd: Kariza Masangcay, NEU

CHAMPION: Shermaine Delos Santos, John Jervin Torres, Roana Yalung, NEU
2nd: Marel Rivera, Philip Lorena, Chester Liangco, DBA

The Essay Writing Competitions (English and Filipino) were held in morning.
Theme for English: “What makes a Capampangan stand out in a crowd”
Theme for Filipino: “Mga simpleng bagay na pwede kong gawin para mapanatili ang aking pagiging Kapampangan”

The Poetry Writing Competitions (English and Filipino) were held in the afternoon.
Theme for English: “The colors that remind you of your Capampangan heritage”
Theme for Filipino: “Kulturang Kapampangan na maibabahagi mo sa ibang Pilipino”

The Poster Making Competition was also held in the afternoon.
Theme: Pampanga: “Today and Tomorrow”

Similarly, the Still Life Competition was held in the afternoon. The subject for this competition consists of some popular and unique Capampangan delicacies and dishes: sisig, relyenung tugak, polvoron and turrones de casoy.

The winners for these events will be announced on February 9, Day 2.

DBA – 35 pts
NEU – 35 pts
BS – 20 pts
UA – 15 pts

UP Aguman would like to thank the following, for sharing their valuable time and expertise in judging for the Day 1 events:
Mary Ann Laud (Ambula 2000A) for Impromptu Speech – English
Francisco Guinto for Impromptu Speech – Filipino & English
Homer Gallardo for Impromptu Speech – Filipino and Crisotan
Felix Garcia Impromptu Speech – Filipino and Crisotan
Ed Aguilar for Impromptu Speech – English and Crisotan

Sining 2008 Day 1 was also graced by the following alumni:
Mary Ann Laud, Ambula 2000A
Mike Peñalba, Sampelut 2003A
Powie De Guzman, Siklab, 1980A
Weng Pangilinan, Diquit-Diquit 1996A

See you all on the second and final day of Sining 2008 on February 9 at SM City Clark!

For further inquiries and last-minute registrations, kindly text or call:
LOREE 0915 982 4507
DAPHNE 0927 914 9848

UP Aguman presents: Sining 2008, Day 1


Art Photography

Deadline of Entries

Impromptu Speech - English


Essay Writing - English
Essay Writing - Filipino

Impromptu Speech - Filipino


Crisotan (Kapampangan Poetry)


Poster Making


Still Life Drawing


Poetry Writing - English
Poetry Writing - Filipino

We invite everyone to watch the Impromptu Speech and Crisotan Competitions of SINING 2008 at the NEW ERA UNIVERSITY, City of San Fernando.

For inquiries, text/call:
LOREE 0915 982 4507
DAPHNE 0927 914 9848

The 'Second Place' Champion

By Mike Gulapa

Dragging my way out of bed on a Saturday morning wasn’t easy. But that day, I was forced to do so. It was the first day of my school’s first time in joining Aguman’s Sining. Excited? No! I was displeased rather than being hyped for this competition. Come on! It was scheduled on a weekend, which was my favorite part of the week! How could I be grateful? Moreover, this competition unlike the other ones I joined before didn’t exempt me from class. Sayang! Rather, it consumed my supposedly blissful Saturday just so I could relive like Baltazar for a day and write poetry. Nice. Just nice.

Since I had no choice, I just comforted myself with 5 reasons. First, allowance on a weekend was great, which will be unspent because the school will be shouldering all the expenses. Second, I’ll see my friends and we could hang out after. Third, I’ll be having a ‘Certificate of Participation’ and an ambassador of goodwill recognition which I could add up on my collections. Fourth, I’m doing my school a favor. Lastly, this will be counted on the extra curricular points which would push me closer to becoming the batch’s valedictorian.

But still, these motivations didn’t overshadow my 2
nd place syndrome. Wondering what the hell was this syndrome? Actually I just coined this term, I don’t know if it really exists but I think for me it did. Why? To be honest I never actually won in any inter-school competition. I don’t know why but every time I was so near in bagging the elusive First Place; I always end up being the 1st runner up. It was like in a beauty pageant where only two ladies are left, holding hands waiting for the announcement of the runner-up, and then winner. In my situation, I was always the one who gets called next. But if I’m to consider 2nd place as winning, then I could say that I haven't won a lot, really.

These frustrations made me feel a little unenthusiastic in every competition and in different endeavors. I had this nagging feeling that I was never going to be the best at anything at all. Exaggerated as it may sound, but it was these insecurities that always dispirit me. So as I ascended the steps to the threshold of the event, my light head and heavy heart seemed to weigh me down.

The gun was fired, the competition has begun. One by one, the different events were held and I still wasn’t able to match the zeal exemplified by my colleagues. Even more, witnessing my classmate kicked some asses on the Impromptu Speech competition kind of frightened me, ako lang ata ang di nag-prepare. So I just read some poetry from a book I brought while waiting for my turn, so I could at least say that I had preparations for the event in case the hosts would ask, hoping that it would add up fire to my dying flame of confidence. I even took note of some words that might be of good use, but I never thought that these words would save my life minutes later. And then the moment came — the 3-hour Filipino Poetry Writing competition has begun.

The theme was “Sining bilang salamin ng katotohanan”. Oh my God! What was that supposed to mean? I wasn’t even sure of what my definition of sining was and what exactly is katotohanan! And at that specific moment, I pressed my panic button deep inside, because I was asked on-the-spot to write and express my thoughts, in a poem even, on two very ambiguous words — art and truth.

The clock started ticking and my seatmates fired off with their pens as they started scribbling stanzas. It was as if they all had brightly lit light bulbs over their heads. I was practically blinded by them! Damn! They obviously are already on their trail of thoughts while I was still busy squeezing my brain for some creative wisdom.

Only minutes had passed and to my surprise, someone was already done. Wow! Halimaw yun! I suddenly felt the pressure and it became so intense! So I resorted to my survival instinct and wrote something from my own understanding and interpretation. I had no choice so I used the words I memorized because it seems like they were the only ones juggling in my head. An hour has passed and almost half of the contestants were done. “I’m gonna lose again”, I thought to myself. Two hours and fifty minutes after, the last contestant on the table — which by the way was me — finally finished and handed over his piece. At last, the agony was put to an end.

It was over. I didn’t come the day after for the Awarding Ceremonies and I had no plans of coming anyway for I already had a bleak prognosis of a certain defeat. For me, the competition was over even before I ‘held hands with the soon to be proclaimed winner’.

But life can be pretty surprising. At the time when the Awarding Ceremonies were being held at SM City Pampanga, a text message was sent to me with the words “Man, ang galing mo!”

What?! Was that sarcastic? Did I make it to the 2nd Place yet again? My heartbeat raced as my phone went crazy and started beeping, receiving messages from my coach, friends, and colleagues. Everyone’s congratulating me! I can’t believe it at first, until it was confirmed, that apparently, I won! Yahoo!

That was my first and last 1st Place win in an inter-school competition and the medal awarded to me was the biggest I ever had. That triumph put an end to my era of drama of not being the best. The feeling of being able to outwit all the delegates from schools all over Pampanga was just priceless. Finally, I was able to taste something that before I only had a glimpse of — I was a champion at last! I even remember one of my colleagues saying “Baka next year niyan isa ka na sa mga organizers nito”. I didn’t entertain the idea, not knowing that her words would amazingly flesh out months after.

The champion feeling didn’t last long because a month after Sining, I graduated as my batch’s Salutatorian. What can I say? Is it really my fault or is it just fate that always places me second? I couldn’t help but think and be bitter about it. Until, I went to college.

UP made me realize a lot of things, one of which is there’s more to life than being obsessed with figures and rankings. In UP, it doesn’t matter whether or not one placed 1st in competitions back in high school. Awards were merely titles but not privileges. There, you cannot brag nor boast about it, because they won’t care more of what you have become. I have realized that I should’ve just enjoyed every competition back in high school and learned rather than worrying myself for possibilities of humiliation and defeat. I should have trusted my capabilities and be confident of my talents. I should have gone to the awarding ceremony and had a picture of the giant gold medal around my neck with my future orgmates. I should have. These should-haves would have been lessened if only I put more faith in myself more than the desire of winning.

Finally, I learned that in this journey I should have always taken steps despite the fear of falling and having bruised knees because in the end, losing and mistakes won’t count. What will matter is the person we turned out to be — not naïve, but a person who is wise and beautifully molded by experiences.

It was then that I have come to appreciate being a 2nd Placer. And it is not a discredit to be one, considering that there was only one better than you but you were better than several others was indeed, already something to be proud of. And in my situation, I must be more proud because not everyone reaches as high as second place with such consistency. Haha! Besides, being second gives room for improvement, reminding us that we can’t always be the best but we can always be better. Enjoy the wonderful Sining experience! You’ll never know that you might be one of us months or years after!

Mike represented San Lorenzo Ruiz Center of Studies and Schools in Sining 2006. Back in high school, he was the Vice-President in class (1st to 4th year), Peer Counselor’s Club, and the Associate Editor of the school paper — all positions that are SECOND-in-command. Up to this day, he still complains that in his Certificate of Recognition, his second name and surname were erroneously spelled. He became an Aguman member 7 months after.

Friday, February 1, 2008

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Kevin, 7.9
10. Michael 7.3

Stats for January 2008:
*103% decrease in comments. Which is best explained by the 50% decrease in posts, hehe.
*87% decrease in tags. Pero y Justin, 47% increase in tags! Mebana ya siguru keng brand new laptop and wifi keng boarding house da, haha!
*16.8% increase in visits! Controversial la reng Poll questions eh, hehe!

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