Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Acquaintance Party set for the 3rd of July

As previously mentioned, the first ever major on-campus activity of the UP Aguman, the Acquaintance Party, will be held on July 3, 2007 at the Balay Kalinaw. The said activity will be mainly organized, as always, by the Membership Committee, headed by the Vice President for Internals, Marco Lansangan.

Here are tasks assignment for the activity:
Food - Educ & FinComm with Bal & Acey
Logistics - Socio with Kevin & Elai
Publicity (Teasers & AVP) - Records with Bong & Daph
Program & Games - Externals with Yek & Marco

Members are asked to be at said venue at 5pm. Party starts at 6pm. Kindly invite as many Kapampangans as you can. See ya!


By San Lucinio
Originally published on Aslag 2004-2005

My friend I have to tell you
Please sit down and hear me out
What I say is something that
You would never dream about

It’s not my fault I couldn’t help it
But what I say is true
Though it’s highly unlikely
I have fallen hard for you

Now that I have started
Please don’t try to interrupt
My confusion is heart wrenching
I’m sorry I can’t be abrupt

The moment we have shared
And tears I have shed
I know I’m not in your heart
I’m just in your head

You try to cheer me up
Whenever I was blue
Though what you gave me was enough
But still I wanted more

You care for me as a friend
With me it’s not the case
You see wherever I go
I always see your face

And now that I have cleared my soul
And bore my heart to you
I know that it will take some time
For me to start anew

My broken heart I must amend
With what, I don’t know
My life has lost its meaning
I must put on a show

And show that I am the same person
You know or you thought you knew
And here our friendship I must end
For I have fallen in love with you

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fresh new school, fresh new start?

By Eternal Elder

The first week of classes have passed already. This is it – there’s no turning back. Tapos na tapos na talaga ang bakasyon. At hindi na rin masyadong tinatamad ang mga profs natin dahil pagkatapos ng default idleness during the first meeting ay nag-didiscuss na sila.

“Fresh new school year, fresh new start”. Ilang beses ko na nga bang na-encounter ang phrase na ito the past few days? Pero sabagay, there’s a ring of truth in it. Kung tutuusin, pareho lang naman start of classes tuwing June at November, but for some reason, iba ang feeling ng June start. I don’t think it’s because June is preceded by the summer vacation. Dahil kung tutuusin, mas mahaba pa ang bakasyon natin kapag sembreak kaysa sa summer break dahil sa summer classes, diba? But the fact that June is the start of a whole new school year, there’s an added thrill.

This is the season na usung-uso ang resolutions. We won’t cut classes (kahit large class pa) anymore. We will start studying a week before and we won't resort to cramming a day before an exam. We will aim for 1.0. Or sige, be more realistic, since things grades don’t change drastically, we won't settle for anything worse than 2.0. Sawang-sawa na tayo sa mga 3.0 at 2.75. We will stop relying on our classmates for our assignments. The library will be our new vacant-period tambayan.

By the end of July, we will have cut our first class already. We will have been late for class 3 times. On a day before the first exam in one of our majors, nagpa-promise na tayo kay Lord na basta’t bigyan lang niya tayo ng 50+ grade sa first exam, hindi na talaga tayo mag-ca-cram come second exam. That way, hindi masyado mahirap bumawi.

By the end of August, we will have compromised our personal cut-off grade of 2.0 to 2.75. And if worse comes to worst, by the end of regular classes, nag-nonovena na tayo sa Parish of the Holy Sacrifice for at least a 4.0 para lang makapag-removals.

Woah, such a gloomy picture to paint on just the 6th day of classes, eh? Hehe! Pero aminin mo, nangyayari talaga ito. Well, unless of course halimaw ka. Tapos BAA or EEE or MBB ka pa. Nako, you’re definitely not from this world, haha!

Well, maybe, things like these don’t happen to most of us, or maybe they are not as bad as these. But the point is, each start of the school year, our pure desire to excel will almost always be tarnished by our old habitz during the course of the school year. Tatamad at tatamad din tayo. Mag-ca-cut at mag-ca-cut pa rin tayo. Male-late at male-late din tayo. (Again, as disclaimer, this only applies to those who are in the relative middle of the Bell curve of responsible students, okay? Hehe).

So guys, the moral of the story is – maging mabuting iskolar ng bayan. As corny (and as tibak) as it may sound, yun lang naman talaga yun eh. No matter how corrupt or untrustworthy the current government is, it is still responsible for the great bulk of the cost of our college education. We owe to the responsible tax payers – never mind the hooligans that manage to win Senate or Congress seats.

Is it useless to come up with a list of resolutions at the start of the year, even if we know fully well (based on at least five sems and summers worth of botched resolutions) that we are most likely to break them anyway? Of course not. It doesn’t hurt to want to aim for excellence at the start. Imagine when we don’t aim for anything excellent at all. Yun ngang nangangarap tayo, pumapalpak ka pa rin tayo somehow, yun pa kayang wala tayong kapanga-pangarap at all? Because you see, every now and then, with the right attitude and right motivation (and right amount of recreation), we succeed at what we seek to achieve. Every now and then, we exceed our expectations and be truly proud of ourselves. Hopefully, from then on, we can excel at more things in our acads, and in life. (Aaarrgh, nosebleed).

PS. Huwag tayong magpaka-GC at the expense of the way we treat our friends or classmates. Here’s something to ponder about – having good grades obviously makes us good students, but it doesn’t necessarily make us better people.

Cheers to a successful and fulfilling school year for our respective acads, and to Aguman! ^_^

Friday, June 15, 2007

Genmeet highlights: June 14, 2007

By Aguman N&CA

UP Aguman held its first ever genmeet for the school year last June 14, 2007 at the Old Tambayan. To the delight of everyone, it was well attended.

The respective officers presented their initial plans for the semester, based on their semester planning sessions the past summer. If you weren't there, here are the genmeet highlights.

*The Acquaintance Party has been scheduled on July 3, so mark you calendars, AguPips. Venue is TBA, pending some permits and cost issues. Ad hoc tasks for the organization's first major campus activity were already released and can be read at the Aguman logbook.

*For the third year in a row, the College Entrance Exam Review (CEER) will be held on two dates and two venues. It has been scheduled on July 21 and July 28. Venue is TBA as well, pending cost and reservation issues. Sign-up sheets for the reviewer questions assignment are posted at the tambayan. Categories include English, Mathematics and Science (and their respective subtopics).

*As early as the third day of classes, the FinComm has launched its series of minor fundraisers already. First will be Aguman's movie re-run ticket sale tie-up with the UP OBEM with the general assembly's approval. On July 24, there will be a movie re-run of the summer movie Shrek The Third. Tickets will be released to the members when at least three weeks before the showing date.

*All reaffirming members are reminded to submit a Certified True Copy of their Form 5 and two 1x1 pictures for the org's University Recognition requirements. Deadline is on June 18. The said requirements can be dropped at envelopes at the tambayan. Re-aff forms can also be found at the tambayan. Re-aff fee is pegged at P60.

For more details and information, just pass by the tambayan, anytime. Your AguFriends miss you, hehe!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Officers 2007-2008 welcome the residents

Compiled by Records

This is it. Academic Year 2007-2008 has finally and officially started. Here's a welcome by your dear officers who have been working over the summer planning the year ahead for all of us.

Aloha! Acad-mode na ba kayo? Ako ‘di pa, hehe. Summer’s been helluva life! But certainly fun! ^_^ As much as we would like to take an extended hiatus, start na talaga ng klase. So on behalf of the Executive Council 2007-2008, welcome sa bagong acad year! *applause, hehe* There are already the classes that you have to attend, paperworks to complete *hala, kawawa naman ang mga naka-pila pa sa extended reg* and the tambays you’ll spend^_^. We’re all looking forward to another splendid year so I sure hope that we will all work together for the one and only the best, UP AGUMAN! You know, it has less things to do with how many successful years we’ve had, but the people that makes us AGUMAN, so guys re-aff na kayo^_^. It is our 34th year, so let’s rock it! It’s definitely one year not to miss.

To my co-officers (Loree, Gboi, Joms, Jen, Marco, Frida), sana nag-overnight na kayo ‘nun sa’min during our semplanning! Tuloy-tuloy sana ang enthusiasm natin lahat for the org. Whatever plans we made for the sem, sana ‘di maiwan na nakasulat lang sa papel. I know there will be appointments, disappointments and everything in between, and I’m just glad to have you guys as co-officers. Ngayon pa lang salamat na guys. ^_^ Keep inspiring others. Aja!

~Daphne Villanueva, President, Kaputul 2004A

Welcome back Agupips! Ayun lang…hehe (**,)
Ala kung asabi, kabilis masyado ing summer ne. Bayung sem na pin. RE-AFF kayu mu para naman a-experience yu la reng masayang activities na nilaan mi for this sem. Expect yu na marakal bonding activities tulad ng inuman session/videoke nights sa Garahe (Frida, mag iced tea ta namu ne… hehe). Ali kayu sasawang tatambay nung ali mitalwi kayu kareng chismis or worse ikayu ing pagtsismisan. Hehe, joke mu. Oita, ali ta ya paburen ing org. Saup saup tamu lagi para maging successful la reng future events na ning org. Kareng MemComm members, sana maging enjoyable ing stay yu keng Membership Committee. Ali ta la paburen reng future applicants tamu, ila ing kinabukasan na ning org. MemComm da best! hehe (**,)
~Marco Lansangan, Vice President for Internals, Kaputul 2004A

Hey, AguPipol! Still have hangover of the past vacation? Well, better get over it, much as we want to extend our bakasyon, we should be ready preparing for the new sem. We must get back to work. Gumising na tayo sa katotohanan. Pasukan na talaga! Puyat, stress, pimples, eyebags, kape, energy drink, they're all in once more. Hehe! Well, we shouldn't be discouraged by mere mention of these things. It's a lot better to keep a positive attitude. Aren't you excited bonding with friends again? Having happy tambayan session, not to mention you get to stalk your crush ulit (Jen, aliwa ika ini). And most importantly, our already thickly coated brain cells will even be packed with new learnings from the subjects we'll have this sem. As your VP for Externals, I am extending a warm welcome to each one of you. AguPips, let's start this sem with a band! Begin fresh, and with that note I am taking this chance to ask everyone's support for Aguman's first major event, which is the CEER. Indeed, participation of each member is greatly valuable for the event's success. So please I look forward to that. Good luck and may this school year be fruitful for all of us.
~Frida Chia Galban, Vice President for Externals, Bucayo 2005B

Guten tag AgumMenschen! Another academic year has begun and I understand that we're here for our acads but let us be reminded of our duties as mems. The very fact that we've decided to be part of this org and all the hardships we've gone through we can make it big through collaborative effort. We need you, the org needs you. Os iya, tama na ang kadramahan! Hehe! Ang gusto ko lang sabihin ay bayaran na ang mga inaamag na utang! Naku! Haha! DotA na! Visit Aslag Online ne? Records supernova! Wooh!
~Jen Castro, Secretary, Lakatan 2006A

Hi Agupips! Welcome to another academic year. I know medyo may hangover pa kayo dahil sa summer. Pero don’t worry maaga naman ang end of the sem eh, hehe! Anyway, there are lots of things to do this year in terms of acquisition of money for the org. Wala kasi tayong funds e. Sana support niyo lahat ng fund raisiners natin and help in the solicitations and sponsorships kasi we really need a lot of money. Also, we may have tie-ups with UP OBEM. Right now we are tying up with them in their movie re-run of Shrek III. Pati na rin siguro sa August ay maki-tie-up tayo with them, malay niyo Pirates na makuha nila nun. Ayun sana mag-ipon pa tayo ng maraming PET bottles and papers para we have a regular source of income. Ayun lang. Basta support lang lagi sa lahat ng mga activities ng org para we’ll have another fruitful year. And while participating in the orgs’ activities sana di natin makalimutan an gating acads. Hehe. To my finance committee members, magaling tayong lahat! Haha. Sikat ka dahil fincomm mem ka!
~Jerome Caylao, Treasurer, Kadaya 2005A

Welcome sa mga AguPips and good luck sa ating acads. EducComm prepared some exciting activities and events for this sem. First, yung ACLE. Expect our ACLE to be more Kapampangan-oriented para mapromote yung org. Next yung Questions Night. EducComm will prepare a lot of those 'bonding sessions' like videoke and all but still preserving the essence of the Questions Night. Yung mga traditions din, ibabalik. Sana, Hehe! Then yung Pautakan, hala, good luck sa ating lahat! Basta, surprise na lang. Pinaghahandaan na namin yung para mas maging exciting. Expect it to be Anyways, enjoy sa Educ, bew blooed, mas exciting, mas masaya, kaya Educ na kayo!
~Gboi de Padua, Educational Committee Chairperson, Lakatan 2006A

Ola mems! New school year, new classmates, new crushes, new love, Newton.. Haha! (corny!). So prepare yourself because this year is gonna be an exciting one! Experience the Cha-Cha (EDITOR: Actually, it's called ChUpA, hehe!) the bonding sessions (i.e. videoke! and more!) and the new AguActivities. Kaya re-aff na! Kung hindi, mag-sisisi ka. Ika nga, you'll miss 15/16 of your life kapag di ka nag-reaff! Haha! Ta ta!
~Loree Sicat, Socio-Cultural Committee Chairperson, Kadaya 2005A

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spotlight: The Legendary 'Bird'


Nickname: Lang
High School: Home-schooled (Don’t change this. =>)
Hometown: Guagua, Pampanga
Aguman Batch: Diquit-diquit 1996-A
Degree/s: BS Architecture, BS Interior Design
Present Location: Ghana, West Africa
Present Occupation:
Contracts Engineer
Favorite GE subject when you were an undergrad:
Nat Sci Series
Favorite non-Aguman tambayan:
Archi Lobby (pugad ng pretty Archi girls)

I was convinced to join UP Aguman because: I enjoyed hanging out with Darwin (Duque) and the gang. Plus Yoj (Lintag) showed me the ropes during my first few weeks as a freshman.

The thing I miss the most about Aguman is:
The questions nights/weeks especially when my favorite members are around

The best thing about being an AguPip is:
the friendships you build and keep

Back in college, the worst rule I broke was:
“Students are not allowed to join fraternities/sororities in their freshman year. It constitutes grounds for automatic dismissal.” So the idiot freshman joined in his first month on campus. (At least he bailed out early.)

The best thing about living in 34G is:
When Mennen (Dicuangco) comes knocking at the door in the middle of the night unexpected. Because you get chills and goose bumps when you open the door and don’t see anyone there. (Peace, Nyor!) Second place: food deliveries!

The greatest injustice in the world is: Little children forced to work rather than enjoy their childhood.

If I were a female mosquito for a day, I would bite: Mike Arroyo’s heart surgeon at the most critical part of his bypass operation.

The most over-rated celebrity is: Paris Hilton (though her video shows she does have some other skills)

If time is gold, then silver is: wisdom

What makes Ghana similar to the Philippines is: Blatant and widespread corruption

Message to fellow alumni: See you soon!

Message to the residents: Don’t give Daphne too much grief. She still wants to grow an inch or two. Okay, maybe two inches is pushing it. At least let her get to 5 feet. =>

Message to 34G housemates: Have the water closet replaced before the crack worsens. Unless you enjoy breathing in your own and each other’s doodoo.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Talkback: 2nd EBS & Langgotsi Induction

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

On the first weekend of June, 23 Agupips swam their hearts out at the Rio Vista Resort, Bacolor Pampanga.
Here's a lowdown of what happened.

*Ano pa nga ba, kundi swimming galore for almost everyone. Justin, Ruth, Lea and Adrian didn't swim (nagpapakipot pa).
*Grilled tilapia and garlic hotdogs, and salted eggs were served for dinner.
*The Induction Rites of Langgotsi 2006B was held, after waiting forever for Erika, haha!
*Power was off -- the whole night.
*Inuman sessions! Wasted kung wasted, ne Marco? Ne Jowie?
*Tapos ayun, lights off na. Teka, brownout nga pala, so matagal nang patay ang mga ilaw, haha! Basta, nagsitulog na rin ang lahat.
*For all the juicier details, see Eksenang Agu The Rio Vista Edition!

Here are the people's feedbacks on the swimming semstarter:

Makatuling ing ali magswimming! Siguru nung eku mu meging utusan (tagabuhat, taga kwang nanu-nanu), I won't realize that I'm worthy, ehe!

Masaya! Salamat sa mga dumating! To Jowie, first time ko makakita ng lagim sa banyo! At may bago nang Rounin -- si Erika! Wohoo! Grabe! Ansarap lumangoy sa tubig after mag-trekking! Sayang lang talaga at nag brownout. Congrats sa Langgotsi!

Sumakit yung mga muscles ko sa kamay tsaka napuyat ako! Hehehe! Pero kahit ganun, sobrang masaya naman!

Quotable quotes:
"Anong point mo?... Wala! Gusto ko lang ng ice.."
"Puro macro, macro na lang ng macro, pwede namang micro, bat di kaya micro!"
"Bakit 5 years, pwede namang 6 years?!"
"Puro intrinsic, extrinsic, putangina, di ko naman alam ibig sabihin nun eh.. tanaydana!"
"Kayo kaya ang magtatapon ng bola.. Tanga!"

Maaksyon ang Semstarter!! Mula sa mga nalaglag sa duyan, natulog sa CR, gumapang papasok ng pinto, tumakbo sa takot, AguLympics, nasugat sa pagbukas ng corned beef, nosebleed sa 'microcosm', trekking, at higit sa lahat, ang pagkadiskubre sa Rounin na si Alab! At marami pang iba! Masaya ang 1sit outing with AguPips kahit walang kuryente! Solid nakakapagod nga lang at wasted yung iba. Pero astig! Ayus!

This summer was probably the lowest point of my college life and the Aguman semstarter was definitely a refreshing experience for me. The smiles and antics of the AguKids and oldies like me, haha, were contagious. Di pwedeng di ka sumaya lalu na swimming parteeh close to mother nature pa! Ba best ang hotdog! At syempre, I can't get enough of the picture-taking! Salamat kay the IV at may official pose na tayo! Haha! It was a happy start for my last (last!) sem in UP. I'll still be seeing you guys at the tambayan. Haha! Congrats to Langgotsi 2006B!

The Semstarter was a blast. Even if the power went out. Sayang, the whole place would've been our concert hall, hahaha! It's the sleeping part that always sucks, hehe. Not enough space to sleep on. Not enough sleep to have in the first place, hehe! While the whole weekend resulted to body aches that will probably hound me the whole week, it was still so worth it. The moments were priceless.. By the way, gising ako for most of the time, so kilala ko lahat nang nasa blind items, hahaha!

It was one helluva night! It was full of fun, laughter, arguments (regarding the OFWs, hehe!), screams, tears (from the inductees), stupidity and foolishness (like swimming at 4am, half tipsy, half asleep). Hehe! In spite of the brownout and other unpleasant sights and smells, the event turned out to be fine. Congrats Loree! Congrats din to our newly inducted mems!

Sayang kasi nagbrownout. Congrats pala sa ating lahat especially sa batchmates ko! Ang saya mag-swimming! Walang chlorine ang pool. Thanks kay Dens at Loree sa swimming lessons. Wala na ako masabi! God bless!

Sobrang memorable yung experience for me kasi Induction din namin yun. Masaya din kasi I got to bond with the mems and my batchmates. I got to realize din how much I missed the Agupips. Fulfilling din kasi at last nagpay-off na lahat ng efforts namin nung app process. Finally, mems na kami! =)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Eksenang Agu! The Rio Vista Edition

By Binibining Bangs

Woohoo! At long last! After 48 years. Nakasulat na naman ako dito! Balita ko, masyado daw madali yung mga blind items ko the first time. Kaya this time around, medyo pahihirapan ko na kayo!

Since katatapos lang ng Semstarter, why don't we all feast on the juicy things that happened there, diba!?

Da who itong mem-gurl almost dramatic ang entrance sa pool? In fairness, siya ang unang nag-change costume into swimming apparel sa lahat ng mem-gurls. Pero sa huli, siya rin ang pinakahuling nag-tampisaw sa pool. Eh paano ba naman, sa sobrang kalokang agaw-pansin na sarong niya (kulur sapphire blue, with fading effect pa), hindi magkamayaw ang mga mem-boys, pati na rin ang mga mangagawang Pilipino na naroroon din sa resort. At isa pang in fairness, kahit dripping wet na siya at lahat pagkatapos mag-swimming-swimming, very intact pa rin ang kanyang 'chinchunsu' sa mukha, hahaha!

Da who itong mem-boy na natulog na lang sa CR? Nako, dahil ba sa wala nang mahigaan, kaya doon na lang siya nagpwesto? Hahaha! Sabi niya sa mga kainuman at kakwentuhan sa swimming pool ay mag-wiwiwee lang siya, pero hindi na siya nag-McArthur! Ni hindi nga alam kung saan siya nagpunta hanggang sa madiskubre na lamang na siya pala ay na-stuck at nag-lock pa sa may inidoro. Huli siyang natagpuan na palutang-lutang sa swimming pool bago siya tuluyang nakatulog sa matinong higaan.

Da who itong tatlong mems na ito na nagkaroon ng isang heated argument about, of all things -- UP people going and working abroad? Kamon mamon! Laban kung laban ang debate! Haha! It wasn't a fair fight, dahil it was 2 against 1, with matching gatong by another mem pa on the side, na never mong magegets kung kaninong side ba talaga siya!

Da who itong mem-boy na sa sobrang hangover yata sa pagkatalo sa Seagames ay hanggang sa pagtulog ay olats pa rin sa puwesto sa mga higaan? He almost didn't make inside the room, haha! Kamusta naman na saktong nakapasok lang ang upper body niya sa pinto, habang ang kanyang mga paa ay nakatiwangwang sa doormat! At wag ka! Nagsuka pa ang lolo niyo sa mga tsinelas! Ewwwness!

Da who itong tatlong mems na dahil nga sa wala nang lugar sa kwarto (nako, obvious ba na kulang ang room? Eh magmula kanina, problema sa higaan ang puno't dulo ng mga misadventures, haha!) at nagmistulang pulubi na lang at natulog sa mga cottage in the middle of the damn cold brownout night? Nilamuk-lamok tuluy sila! Haha! At kamusta naman, kahit nakatulog din sila sa kwarto nang gumising na ang mga sleeping beauty na mems, one of these mems don't even remember ever sleeping sa mga kubo! Talk about amnesia! Haha!

Da who itong mem-boy na naglaro (at naburu sa pagiging taya) sa water touching ball? Kamusta naman ang paghagis niya ng bola sa mga tinitirang kalaban? Mula sa facial expression hanggang sa lakas ng paghagis, may galit talaga, hahaha!

Da who itong 2 mems na kunwari ay hindi DAW mag-su-swimming kaya naman they didn't bother to bring any swimming paraphernalia?! Pero wag kayo, hindi rin nakatiis ng lolo at lola niyo! haha! Dahil ang lola niyo ay nakahiram ng extrang damit at ang lolo niyo naman ay umuwi pa talaga para kumuha ng damit. Oha! Yan kasi, pakipot pa kayo! Hehe!

Da who itong mem-gurl na waging wagi bilang Pinakamagaling na Aktres para sa natatanging niyang pag-ganap sa Gabi ng Langgotsi Induction? Papunta pa lang sa katayan station, nako, humihikbi na ang lola niyo! Kailangan pa siyang adminiteran ng epi at iresuscitate para huminahon, haha! Ang isa pang mem-gurl ay Pinakamagaling na Aktres naman para sa natatanging pagganap sa fantaseryeng Rounin! Aba, may natatago pa lang fire power ang lola niyo ala Juris at Thalon! Haha! With matching party girl outfit pa ha!

Da who naman ang 2 bagong-bagong induct na mem-boys na sa sobrang kaseksihan ay naglakas loob na magduyan duyan.. nang sabay.. sa isang hammock? Kaya ayun, hindi na nakayanan ng pobreng hammock ang dalawa kaya ito ay bumigay, haha! At wag ka, nagturuan pa sila kung sino ang salarin!

Da who itong pa-tweetums na mem-gurl na binulabog ang buong sanka-Rio-Vistahan sa kanyang makabagbagdamdaming awiting Sometimes I Run, Sometimes I Hide by Britney Effing Spears?! Haha! (Duh, alam ko naman na Sometimes lang talaga yung title nun no..). Hinarana niya ang mga bagong gising na AguPips habang sila ay nag-aalmusal. Mabuti naman at hindi sumakit ang tiyan nila sa tinig ng lola niyo. Haha!

Da who naman ang 2 mems na pinakahuling nagising? Kamusta naman na bihis na bihis na ang lahat samantalang nananaginip pa ang 2 marahil na rin sa sobrang ka-su-swimming at kaiinom? Wasak kung wasak! Hehe! Ayun tuloy, nagising sila na pinagmamasdan ng lahat, haha!

Clue? Wala! Wala nang clue clue. Bwiset kayo.. Para naman mahirapan kayo! Bwahaha! Kung hindi niyo alam kung sinu-sino ang mga ito, well, kayo kasi, hindi kayo sumama! Mamatay kayo sa intriga, haha! For sure naman na pag-uusapan at pag-uusapan ang mga ito sa tambayan at sa logbook in the coming days. Sa susunod na okrayan na lang! Laters!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Spotlight: It's All About The Moolah

By Aguman N&CA

SPOTLIGHT is the newest portion of Aslag Online that will obviously, spotlight (duh! haha!) the AguPips so that we can get to know them better. As if naman hindi niyo pa alam, eh pangatlo na to. Up next we have tadaaaa! -- Jomski Chemical Caylao ang ating matinik na Treasurer! He's not supposed to be next eh, but he was begging us to interview him, so eto, nakakaawa naman. Haha! Joke lang.. Pero sinuhulan niya talaga kami to do this..

Fullname: Jerome Venzon Caylao
Nickname: Jom'z, Jomski
February 23, 1988
Hometown: Angeles City
High School: Holy Family Academy
Aguman Batch: Kadaya 2005A
Course: BS Business Economics
Best known for: Cam-whore, antukin, gutumin, GC awardee (as Gawad Chancellor para sa Natatanging Mag-aaral sa Tag-init) (wuy, seryoso to, masipag na talaga siyang mag-aral, "Pastilan!", "Ot eka tuknang!", pagtitinda

So, you're an officer again. You're not gonna resign yet again, are you? Hehe!
Well, it depends. Haha! Joke lang. Hindi na no. My major concern naman kasi before was my health so I resigned as EducComm Chair. I’m very much into my work now pero I won’t be as present as before kasi all my subjects are in Econ and BA.

¿Le tiene deseó siempre ser el Tesorero? (Have you always wanted to be the Treasurer?

No, despues yo dimiti el año pasado yo quise ser miembro regular. (No, after I resigned last year, I wanted to be a regular member..)

Hmm, about that. Before the Pre-Elections, you kept on declining the position. But come Election proper, during the grilling of the final candidates, you were singing a different song..
I never really liked the position. I just wanted to be a regular member. That I still said during the grilling. I remember I said that there are still members who are better than me. I was really telling the mems to vote for ‘Abstain’. Pero they didn't listen. The questions were also futuristic, like if I won the elections what would I do, so I can't keep on answering because I don't like to be the Treasurer. Besides nakakahiya na kasi if I resigned again.

You'll be in your junior year, are you not worried that your acads will be affected, especially with more of your Econ and BA majors coming up?
Very worried! Lalo na our hardest major subject in Econ is taken during our junior year. Kaya nga I really can’t promise much this first sem kasi my priority right now is my acads. I just hope that my committee mems would cover up for my absence pero I would still be doing the major stuffs so no worries!

Do you agree that sanctions should be introduced for 'financially delinquent' members?
Not sanctions siguro.

So what, instead of sanctions?
Hmmm… my plan kasi is to post their names in big bold letters in the tambayan. Yun lang, para naman mahiya sila na. Makita ng ibang tao na they take no regards to their dues.

Eh paano kung financially hard-pressed talaga, at hindi sinasadya na hindi makapagbayad?
Ay yun kasi I really give exemption to those na talagang walang pambayad. We know naman who they are.

What style of leadership will you use on 40+ people?
I really don’t now right now kasi di ko pa nakikita how enthusiastic yung mems maybe when I see them this coming semester alam ko na. Haha! Ang hirap kasi based on my 2 years experience in Aguman every year iba ang approach ng mems toward the org. So let’s see.

But you're one of the org's leaders, shouldn't you be the one taking a more active stance?
Well, kasi I think na you should have a feel of your members before acting. It is dangerous na you act immediately then your members don't like your approach of running things. Like what happened last summer, when I posted something, I never realized that the mems would react that way. At least when you get to feel your mems you understand them more, so your relationship with them is more at ease..

Yeah, that was a ‘controversial’ logbook issue. So what do you think really went wrong there?
It was a total miscommunication between the mems involved. Hindi gaanong nagkaintindihan and there were outbursts of feelings. Honestly, I got really affected with the mems' response. Pero it's part of the job so deal with it professionally.

By 'affected', you mean what? Angered? Embarrased? Hurt? Rejected? Violated? Aroused?
Angry, hurt, everything. Even affected my acads that time. Pero that was before so I have nothing against those mems. I totally forgot everything. Everything is just fine.

Things are alright now, right? As far as you, Lakatan and other people are concerned?
With me, yes. Sana with them too.

How do you feel that you're mainly in charge of paying debts that were incurred many many years ago? First year high school ka pa lang yata noon..
Second year, actually. I’m very challenged and stressed na. Kasi naman when it comes to money matters you can’t expect a lot from the members pero I think they would realize the gravity of our financial status. Besides I would not make a better Economist kung wala akong magawang tama as a treasurer.

Do you have any new big time fundraising activities in mind?
I’m planning a lot of tie ups for the year lalo na with OBEM kasi I like the idea of re-runs and madaling makipag-usap sa kanila because I’m part of the committee that organizes the re-runs. Para the org will learn from tying up and then we can organize our own re-runs. A re-run kasi requires little capital pero a lot of profit. Pati yung sale. Pero we’ll start from tie ups para hindi mabigla.

How about small time ones?
I just launched the first one. Collecting PET bottles so we can sell them. Actually the PET bottle collection is for the whole year para hindi nawawalan ng source of money ang org kahit konti lang. Yun lang and yung mga fundraisings ng dating treasurers.

What concept in Economics do you think will help you in your term as the Treasurer?
HAHA! Maximize the org’s ability to save money! Given little capital we have to maximize the capital in order to get the maximum profit na we would save and not spend! Para in the coming years we would not be as poor as we are today.

You're always picked on by Kuya Rex, your housemates and the Lakatan boys. Aren't you napipikon?
Syempre napipikon pero I think may araw din sila! Haha. Besides dun lang sila masaya so let them be. Pero sana hindi naman lagi. I mean kasi honestly at times I really get irritated kasi sobra na yung pang-aasar. Tapos di pa tumitigil. Pero more often than not naman I enjoy them picking on me. Hehe. Tuloy lang!

You live at the legendary Aguman residence, the 34G. What can you about it being like the unofficial hotel ng AguPips na ginagabi?
Sana lang no magdala sila ng banig nila para hindi sila nakikitabi! Haha. Ok lang naman the more the merrier, huwag lang itaon pag meron exams! GC na ako!

Marco and Loree will make a good Aguman couple because they love each other. Haha!

The best perk about living in 34G is no curfew!

If there are no rules for a day and I could be outrageous then I would rob a bank para Aguman would have lots of money!

I feel that my being mayabang annoys other people.

Econ people are better than BA people because we party more than them! Haha..

Message to the AguPips:
Ayun AguPips, sana you’ll support the fundraisers of the Finance Committee. We have a lot of work to do to have a better financial position. We cannot do everything in a year pero we’ll do it one step at a time. I just hope that you would be as energetic with our fundraisings as in our major AguActivities - Pautakan, Sining, CEER.. Basta expect a lot from Fincomm kasi ang poor natin! Sana lang we would pull everything off.

Message to the Execom:
Yehey! Kaya natin to! We may be a young batch of Execom pero sana we would be one of the most remarkable Execoms Aguman ever had. We may have diverse views pero as HFA taught me there is unity in diversity. Yo vos quiero! Haha

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