Sunday, April 29, 2007

AguMen Dictionary

(Originally published in the printed Aslag, 2nd semester, AY 2003-2004)
By Marc David

– (n.) to court without the general AguPublic knowing about it. Usually, members are shocked to learn that the couple are already going steady. Palpak in underground mu boy, keng tutuki kasi pasakmal mu ne agad.

Bakting – (adv.) one of possible results in underground. Observable symptoms in a guy include reclusiveness, tulala, hotheadedness, among others. Basted (syn.) Dana boy, kasakit na ning panga-bakting mo!

Goods 1. (n.) visual stimulants usually in VCD form but may also be in .jpg , .mpg, .gif. or the more traditional periodical format. Boy, pandam nang goods mo!

Foul – (n.) an incident where one person offends another, usually the offender does this in a subtle way, but nonetheless hurts the offendee. Usually followed by a free throw. A foul which has a stronger implication may merit a technical foul. D***kins! Prrrt! Foul! 2 free throws awarded.

Free Throw – (v.) reward of retaliation allowed to the offendee to the person who committed the Foul. Ot eka tuknang! Ah sige, makanyan ing buri mung labanan? Bahala kang mantun pera keng Pautakan mu ne?!

One Hour – (v.) usually involves the initiator and the invited party to proceed to a convenient computer shop. The initiator and the invited party then rent computers to run programs, most notably CounterStrike, Warcraft, NBA Live, and more recently, Ragnarok (Editor: Dyosme, puro laos na tong mga games na to these days, haha! May mga ganito pa bas a mga computer shops?). Contrary to the lexical meaning of the phrase, one hour usually lasts for a minimum of three hours to overnight sessions. Nanu boys, one hour ta na Condo?

Traffic – (v.) much like One Hour, difference being, the time frame. One Hour can strike anytime, but Traffic much usually occurs en route home. Me traffic kami pauli boy.

Review – (v.) the act of perusing Goods for the purpose of stimulation. Stock Knowledge (syn.) Usually precedes Mag-CR. Hehehe, bayu ku mag CR, mag-Review ku pa.

Mag-CR – (v.) usually succeeds Review. It is the release of bodily fluids through physical stimulation. Batibot (syn). Hokei, mekapag Review na ku, mag CR na ku pa.

Headshot – (adv.) a comment or a remark which let slip the victim’s deepest and darkest secrets. Boy, me-headshot ku keng comment mu.

Golf – (v.) The intake of alcohol through the digestive tract. Usually, sessions last through morning with most of the involved passing out. Ususally done to celebrate a happy moment (e.g. birthdays), but when done because of Bakting, it is known as Clinic. Nanu, Golf ta na boys! Menyambut ya y Phil! He da Man!

Friday, April 27, 2007

First EBS to be held on May 2

By Aguman N&CA

The Membership Committee will hold the first in a series of summer bonding activities, dubbed as EBS or Extreme Bonding Sessions, on May 2, 2007 in time for the Philippine cinema premiere of one of the most anticipated movies of the year -- Spiderman 3.

Spiderman 3 is the third film in the Spderman film franchise based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Sam Raimi returns to direct the third installment whose plot line features new villains, Sandman and Venom. The Philippines is one of many countries who will be able to see the new Spidey movie 3 days ahead than the United States. The US opening is slated on May 4, 2007.

The itinerary for the 1st EBS on May 2, Wednesday, is as follows:
Meeting place at the Aguman tambayan (4-5pm)
Dinner at SM North EDSA
Watch Spiderman 3 (Approximately 7-8pm, actual screening time TBA)
Videoke at Garahe (Pook Amorsolo)
Please text Marco (0927-479-0265) to confirm your attendance, especially for the Spidey movie. The Memcomm will buy the tickets in advance to avoid the expected long queue for tickets before the screening time.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Aguman Alphabet

(Originally published in the printed Aslag, 1st Semester, AY 2004-2005)
By Rex Dizon

If someone outside Aguman asks you what our org is all about and you are lost for words, we’ve come up with something that could help you present Aguman in a different light.

Acquaintance Party. CEER. Pautakan. Sining. Unity Night. Talent’s Night. Sheer genius, right? Meron ba sila nito? Only in Aguman do we have gimmicks that are meaningful, service-oriented and fun-filled all at the same time.

B is for BOI
We don’t really the know the etymology of this term of endearment but come to think of this: have you ever been called a boy even if you’re actually a girl? Well, some of you may not have liked it when you were applicants or new members. But you’re bound to use this term of camaraderie someday, somehow.

C is for crEme OF THE CROP
We’ve got Valedictorians, Salutatorians, Pautakan and Sining material, laudes, board exam topnotchers, student leaders, Most Outstanding Kapampangan Awardees, Palanca Awardees, etc. We’re home to the best of what the Kapampangan race has to offer.

D is for DINE OUTS
It used to be a battle between Jollibee, McDonald’s, Greenwich, LB, LKB & Mang Jimmy’s. Now there's Ate Fe's Kitchen (formerly Village Kitchen), Ambula, Momarc's, Sefali, etc. Sometimes, plain old Casaa will do. It takes every ounce of resistance in your body to not give in to dinner invitations, even if you have an exam or paper due the next day. Once a week, we gather for a family dinner we continue the days’ banter and laughter – like we never get enough.

Hangal. Haller. Pogi (with the different meaning, of course). Matdas ka! Ala kung asabi! Suddenly, we find ourselves saying phrases didn’t consider ‘cool’ back in high school.

You know the saying “May tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita”? Well, in Aguman it doesn’t apply. For gossip in Aguman, especially love gossip, spread not even like brushfire. It is transmitted via, to put it in Dawn’s words, fiber optics. At now there's unlimited texting -- talk about always being 'in the loop sa chika!".

Aguman is like an outlet of any feeling in our subconscious that we let slip through ‘artwork’. Before CSSP prohibited it, our tambayan is one big structure of graffiti. Not to mention our table then. You can see it even our logbook – from simple doodles of , to the more artful Dana y Bangs! Kaynge na naman!.

H is for HOME
Home away from home. That’s what Aguman is to all of us. It’s as simple as that.

I is for IDOLS
Almost every organization has its own set of celebrity look-alikes – Aguman is no exception. On a more serious note, it’s also in our org where we find people to look up to when we were applicants or college freshmen. Our new-found kuyas and ates has taught us a thing or two about college and life.

J is for JOKES
This is something the AguPips seem to never ran out of. Whether it’s corny or witty, has an intended target or just an icebreaker, joking and fooling around has been away of life for us, in and out of the tambayan. Heck, it might as well be an application requirement. I mean, who among us was never asked to tell a single joke when we were applicants?

There are some things you get to learn when you’re in Aguman – from the useful to the trivial, from the philosophical to the humorous, from the good to the not-so-good ones. Some of these are the things you missed out on when you were in protective walls of your high school.

L is for LOVE bug
Isn’t it obvious? Infected people swarming the tambayan makes your tambay time extra sweeter than leche flan. Unless you prefer gelatin, of course. Despite and in spite of recent heart-breaking break-ups, the AguBoys just couldn't help but fall for the AguGirls, huh? Aliwa talaga in maalindug!

M is for MOVIES
Watching flicks is another bonding activity we never get tired of. You just can’t say no when you’ve got 10 people convincing you that Princess Diaries 2 is not a chick flick, or if you finally found someone who invited you to watch Liberated 2 (at least hindi ikaw nag-yaya diba?). And just recently, there's Superman Returns and in a few weeks comes Spiderman 3. I mean come on, magpapahuli ka ba?!

Aguman is a constant source of inspiration (Platonic and Non-Platonic) in every thing you do – may it be in acads (you have people giving you hope when you’re five and fighting), emotional (it’s where you belong) or any kind of endeavor like a fashion show or an article like this!

We are the original Kapampangan organization that not only promotes camaraderie but also service to our people. We’ve been at it for three decades! Can any resto beat that? Apparently not, hehe.

The medium that the love bug uses to spread the epidemic. Something that our AguGirls never ran out of, don’t you think? AguBoys are simply helpless.

One of the most enjoyable weeks of the year. It’s the only night that lasts a week – a period of bonding, frolic and fun. And of course, don't forget, making questions.

Like a previous article said, a quickie at the tambayan can flush out any kind of worry, albeit temporarily. But at least, it’s a welcome breather with the daily hustle and bustle of mind-wracking acads, right?

It’s the immortal memory of what kind of applicants we were. The application period is one of the most memorable periods in one’s Aguman life. And all the highlights – the jokes you had to crack, the errands you had to run. The questions you had to answer, the gazillion trivias you had to research, the stories you had to tell and the secrets you had to divulge just to get a signature – can be remembered through the sigsheet.

One of the major privileges of being in Aguman, it’s our home away from home. It’s a place rich in memories, witnessed a lot of happenings (public and personal) – it’s our refuge.

Most commonly used and most efficient method in Aguman courtship. Its success rate if quite high, compared to conventional Your-Song or Abt-Ur-Luv or Love-Spell methods. Who would've thought na ang isang 'Mommy' at isang 'Boy' ay may lihim pa lang chumechever? Haha!

This is one tambayan amenity that improved with our most recent relocation. Before, one had to wear glasses to clearly see Venus’ contemporaries. Now, all you need is a good sitting position for that effective guise of subtlety.

W is for WIT
We exercise in almost everything we do – jokes, comments, graffiti, punch lines or articles. It’s one of the informal training we get when we’re in Aguman. Our humor powered with wit is truly exceptional.

It’s the same with K is for Knowledge. In Aguman you get to experience a lot of firsts (and sometimes seconds and/or thirds…) – love, puff, heartache, videoke singing, leading the national anthem, public speech and a lot more! Not to mention the belly-dancing, floor-climbing and the imitations of !

Y is for YOUNG & OLD
Right now, our youngest member is Buduy and the oldest is Rex. But it’s not only in age that Aguman has youngs and olds – even at heart.
More so, even after decades from graduation, the AguSpirit and AguCulture are still imbued on us. Classic example – just look at how our alumni fool around during their get-togethers or even at the list serve. You’d never see your Mom or Dad doing or saying the things they do -- talking about G-spots and all that jazz!

Z is for ZANY
Zany, Aguman life is simply zany. One moment, it’s fun, next moment it’s no-so-fun. Good thing is, you’re not alone. You have your AguBros and AguSistahs with you.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Memoirs of an Aguman Member

By Lea Wynetta Dizon (Palumpon 1996B)

(Editor's note: The following article was written by an alumna, Lea Dizon. We don't really know when she wrote this, but she shared this last year in the alumni egroups, saying that she 'wrote this years ago and just chanced upon it while going through old computer files'. Nevertheless, enjoy this piece. It's a lengthy read, but it'll be worth it!)

It's funny how things just work out the way they do. One day you're in highschool nervously watching a quiz show, that will establish the status of your school in your province, then the next thing you know you're sharing a bed with a woman, and before you realize what's happening, you're president of an organization and having the time of your life.

At the dawn of the 20th century, amid all the hulabaloo as to who should be the next Collegian EIC, when the Eraserheads were still sizzling hot, Alanis Morisette was the latest craze, and the IKOT fare was still at P1.25, I became a wide-eyed freshman of the University of the Philippines in Diliman. I’ve never felt so proud. Vividly, I remember the last words my Physics teacher left us right before leaving for college, "Ala kung buring daramdaman na makyabeng Aguman kekayu. Mangayabang la reta," he said. I non-commitally shrugged my shoulders, pursed my lips, and blinked continously. I don't know exactly what I was trying to convey, but I knew for certain that I couldn't say yes. I didn't want to be disagreeable since we were parting ways, but I also didn't want to lie. So I did whatever I could, whatever that was. Ha! Little did my teacher know was that I was secretly thinking of tracking these “mayabang” people down, as soon as I set foot on UP soil.

Luckily, I didn't have to do much. My bedmate, Weng, the girl who sleeps below my double deck bed, became a member of batch Diquit-diquit. The semester that followed, everything happened so fast. First I became one of around seven that were ushered into the tambayan as batch “Palumpun,” (as in bouquet of flowers. Don’t ask. It wasn’t my idea. I’ve never used, never heard even, of that word before)--much to the stoic (snotty even) looks of the members, six who rehearsed a day before our apps night at the amphitheater, five who actually performed (while being warned by Yoj Liwanag that since we were flowers we shall wilt in no time), and four who continued through the whole semester. Twice we prepared for our finals, but twice it was cancelled. The sem was finished, still we remained applicants. The third time worked like a charm. At the start of the new sem, I found myself somewhere in Lubao, in all my trashable long-sleeved glory doing the Macarena steps (without the music) under the sweltering heat of the sun. Yes I blind(folded)ly crawled my way, literally, into UP Aguman. I became one of the two members of batch 96.5, the smallest batch to have entered the organization.

When you’re young, active and new, the senior members easily take to you. Maybe it’s the mystery of new blood. Who knows? I learned that in most orgs there was always someone, usually a female (probably because of her maternal instincts), who acts as some sort of matriarch. She takes it upon herself to take the rookies under her wing and teach them the ways of the org. In those days I had Kay Peña and then Tinee Macatuno. From them I learned passion and commitment. When they graduated, I was already a college junior and the president. By that time it became second nature to assume the role of what I would call the alpha female.

Immersed in the Aguman subculture, I soon learned why as an applicant I was once advised by a senior member not to be disillusioned. The life of a member was not as simple as seen from the auditorium of Holy Family Academy, where the Pautakan was held back in 1995. There the members all seemed playful and relaxed. All they did was exchange witty repartees while others waved signs in the air ranging from a subtle “manahimik,” to a more compelling “patugut,” creatively scribbled on manila paper in an attempt to shush the spectators, much to their utter amusement. What I didn’t know was that, behind the scenes, there was so much work that had to be accomplished (although there was also so much fun), squabbles that were resolved (and some remaining unsettled but chosen to be ignored), and people to constantly egg on just to get a project done. What people didn’t see is that it wasn't just about having fun (although it matters a lot) and being cute (even if most were—wahaha!); that there were times where you had to get used to feeling exasperated with members who just can’t seem to get that fact. In many cases, all you can do is accept that in most probability, you're lucky if you got 30 percent of the membership to do actual work, since the other 65 percent would be showing up only during the event itself, while the other five percent did get disillusioned that they decided never to make their presence apparent ever again.

Be that as it may, the bright side was that UP Aguman was a training ground for the life that was to come after college. All those sleepless nights of rushing the questions and arranging the PAUTAKAN, and the arguments as to where SINING should be held or whether or not we should push through with the CEER, all prepared me for my future life in media. UP Aguman was a simulation of how the real world would eventually unfold in terms of dealing with different people, having passion and work ethics, handling pressure, achieving multi-tasking skills, knowing your priorities and developing wonderful time-management capabilities.

Despite the fact that Aguman members shared the Capampangan spirit that essentially binds them, I’m certain that even during its founding, the Aguman members still differed in numerous ways that it is quite easy to classify them into types, types that were evident when I was a resident of the org and I’m sure will still be present in generations to come. I don’t mean to stereotype, but from my experience people take on different roles given a particular group, and Aguman is not spared of this reality. Apart from the "MATRIARCHs" or "PATRIARCHs" that I've mentioned, during my time, present were the “OAs,” who took the org seriously—a little too much. In fact they often forget to have fun. Hence, the title OA (over acting). The "BIDAs" were always the center of attention. They had an effortless air of authority that the other members acknowledged. They were smart and always knew what they were talking about. The BIDAs always walked their talked, which the "PA-BIDAs," sometimes fail to do. The "PA-BIDAs" try too hard to be in the middle of all the action. Sometimes in their effort to become "BIDAs" they end up becoming “KONTRABIDAs” instead. The KONTRABIDAs are the painfully argumentative ones. They enjoy playing devil's advocate, often objecting to everything, that sometimes they seem to be deliberately doing it just to be contrary.

No org is complete without the “LAGU-LAGUs,” the pretty ones who everyone (especially the boys) wants to get to know; they serve as the org's muse(s). Next are the “PA-CUTEs,” the usually funny ones, who in actuality may or may not be cute. However they do think they are cute enough to get away with anything by making joking remarks or by sweet-talking their way out of work, neglecting their assignments and other sticky situations. The “NRs” (no reaction) are the ones who couldn't care less what was happening to the org so long as they could make "tambay" with the other members. The “NEUTRALs” are the ones who refuse to take any stand in any issue. Their main aspiration in life is to maintain the peace in the org. The “YESLANGs,” do precisely that. "Yes lang nang yes." They are so cooperative that you only have to give them assignments and they just do it. Then there are the "NO SHOWs." The NO SHOWs can further be classified into three subtypes. First are the ones who do not show up during meetings or when there is work, but who do show up during the actual event. Second are the ones who only show up whenever they feel like it; now you see them, now you don't. And last are the ones who stopped showing up altogether. I suppose they were the ones who did get disillusioned. Sometimes a member can fall into a particular type but for the most part he or she is a combination of two or more. I for one was a blend of a "MATRIARCH," an "OA," and a "KONTRABIDA." Although I must admit that I was a frustrated "LAGU-LAGU," unfortunately it was only my dad who saw my potential. Oh and I was also the "TERROR" (no need for further elaboration) of my generation. Two years after I've left I still get invited to the finals just to make the applicants' hearts palpitate a little--not that I'm proud of it. It's just an interesting state to be in. For one, I never knew why they were afraid of me. I was stern, yes. Sometimes I get a little louder than usual. But I never screamed and I never cussed. One time a batch head quit after I've had a talk with her! Maybe I had high expectations for the new blood that would sustain the org. Was it so bad to want passion, commitment, and dedication? Was it so awful to expect non-mediocrity? Was it so unacceptable to restrict the applicants from sitting on the picnic table (that got lost and replaced three times during my whole stay in UP. Now the tambayan safely houses the latest table, securely chained and locked to its coco lumber pillars. Why someone would steal a table is beyond me.) until they were members just so they would know their place in the org, something which I hoped for them to work hard for and eventually earn? (I did mention I was OA right?)

The way I see it, Aguman was not by any means a perfect organization (if there was ever such a thing). I think it is its very imperfections that gave it its distinct character. True, familiarity may have bred some contempt for some, but it is also this same familiarity that makes UP Aguman a solace, a comfort zone, a place where you can be yourself with people who understood you. While there were times when I cried during the genmeets out of sheer frustration, it was an org that was home to me whenever I needed one. Particularly when I was just starting out in UP: a feisty yet naive promdi struggling it out in the big bad city. I remember moments when I had to drag myself out of the tambayan to attend class. It was just so comforting to sit there and stare into space. "May opyo ang tambayan," that's what I always thought because once you've sat down in it, you find yourself too lethargic to get out.

I could never think of college without thinking of UP Aguman. It was definitive of my life then. I remember meeting up with the other members at the tambayan for lunch, which then meant buying takeout plastic-covered "nasi ampong ulam" from CASAA (read: Gloria's), placed in those halved styropore containers, and walking together to the tambayan where lunch was had while gossiping about each other's love lives (or lack thereof), and ranting about unreasonable professors who thought it their calling to make our lives on earth as miserable as possible. After a gruelling registration session, it is in the tambayan where people came to vent out steam and to compare notes on their progress.

The tambayan saw not only the planning of Aguman's major projects but also of the members' many gimiks. Of course gimiks then meant a movie (Jerry Maguire, The Matrix, Austin Powers, Armageddon, Titanic, My Best Friend's Wedding, A Bug's Life, Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion, Ten Things I Hate About You, She' All That, There's Something About Mary, Rizal etc.) at SM north right after dinner at Tokyo-Tokyo or Wendy's. Sometimes the UP Film Center was enough to see us through a flick. The movies may not be up-to-date but 20 pesos in a clean and air-conditioned movie house was not a bad deal at all. Extra money bought us a movie's premiere night at Megamall (You've Got Mail), coffee at Beanhoppers in Katipunan (there still weren't any Starbucks nearby), and concerts at the Sunken Garden, UP Theater, or somewhere in Pampanga (Side A or Regine).

The tambayan was also witness to many a courtships, secret meetings, and exchange of cryptic messages between Agumen and women; romances that blossomed out of proximity or absolute chemistry, most of which now have unfortunately soured. Some amours however, are not as lucky to have reached their maximum potential. These loves remained unrequited, and left untouched in the far recesses of one's mind. Joey Montoya of batch 97, was a “crush ng bayan.” His affectionate ways and gentleness, had almost all the girls swooning. There wasn't a girl I knew who, at one point or another, didn't have even the slightest crush on him--myself included. But I was at an advantage because he was my "ka-loveteam." We would call each other "labs" and role play like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. That was fun, but of course he went on to have a real girlfriend (non-Aguman), and the game was over.

What I miss most about Aguman is the friendship that developed over time. We may have had heavy arguments mainly out of conflict in opinions, mostly on how projects should be realized or on how the application should be administered. Particularly since the anti-hazing bill brought about by several deaths during fraternity initiations, was passed. Put together a bevy of smart, outspoken students with opposing convictions in an arena called a genmeet and what you get is an intense, if not heated, discussion, that sometimes leaves everyone exhausted. But at the end of the day you are secure in the fact that inspite of all the fights you have, these are still the people you can always run to for support, that after that, it is they whom you will be sharing a meal with at Ken Afford in Katipunan or at Mc Donald's in Philcoa.

I miss having "delata" dinners with the Penthouse boys, Bondi, Eric, and Joey at their Katipunan apartment. They, whom with their rice cooker-heated canned Spam and canned tuna, never failed to invite neighboring Agu people (ahem!) over to share their quaint dinner. I miss the few bonding sessions at the Sunken Garden. I miss the fund raising activities (although I wouldn't mind not having to go through them again) that we always resorted to because we were always in financial need. We ran (as in around the academic oval) for money (especially after the grand alumni homecoming to celebrate our 25th anniversary, which left us high and dry), we sold 99-centavo tickets and raffled off cakes and Cds. And of course we solicited, solicited, and solicited some more! Once the org sponsored the showing of the movie Maruja (the Susan Roces version, not the Carmona-Rustom starrer) at the UP Film Center. What people expected to be a nostalgic romantic movie turned out to be quasi-horror film. It was comical. The org broke even thanks to the professors who required their students to watch it.

I miss the log book which was always nowhere to be found. And most of all I miss our trip to Baguio. I often said "Baguio is always a good idea." Our trip to the summer capital in 1998 was the single most healing event in our Aguman life. It was then that I felt how much these people meant to me, and how immensely I enjoyed being with them.

No matter how heavy we felt towards each other we knew that we were going to be okay because we shared a certain kinship. Indeed it became our way of life. It was a truth that was enough to remind us of the bond we shared, of the common mission of service we should fulfill. We knew we could sail through rough waters because it was something that we understood was far more important than any tumultous disgreement we can ever have.

Somewhere in the middle of my life in UP the peso suddenly dropped from P26 to P47 to a dollar, Erap became president, the Ikot fare became P3.75, Nino Calinao was shot, the hazing bill was passed, the fraternities were evicted from the AS lobby, Nemenzo became president, and security guards started checking the students’ bags as they enter the buildings for dangerous weapons and bombs. And then suddenly it was over. I graduated. I graduated into the real world, where the arguments are real and the responsibilities are more real. I remember wishing to be done with college when I was still in college. Now that I am, I realize that one should really be careful with what one wishes because it just might come true.

I miss UP and I miss UP Aguman, it sure was fun while it lasted.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Members join Neslee Pamintuan in her campaign motorcade at Sta Ana

UP Aguman residents threw a little support for the municipal councilor bid of one of its alumna, Neslee Pamintuan (Kasaup 2002A) at Sta Ana, Pampanga. Daphne Villanueva, Marco Lansangan, Frida Galban, Loree Sicat, Jeremiah Torrico, Buduy Mallari, Elai Castro and Rex Dizon joined Neslee and the rest of ther partymates during their campaign motorcade throughout the 14 barangays of Sta Ana last April 9.

Neslee Pamintuan finished BA Philosophy in 3.5 years and served as the organization's Treasurer during the second part of the Academic Year 2003-2004.

New Mems Awards 2006-2007

Here in Aguman, we present our new members with fêted awards. Every Aguman generation had its roll in the Hall of Fame and this time three fresh batches *fresh pa nga ba? ^_^* has landed to stellardom in the hottest Bucayo-Lakatan-Langgotsi Edition! In short, pagkain sa basura edition! Harhar! *Drumroll please*!

Acey – Jade Remigio Dalagang Pilipina Award
Diana – Maouie Mendoza Amplifier Award
Frida – Marivic Mendoza Sound of Silence Award (Ala Kung Asabi!)
Kath – Yek Santos Chever Kung Chever Award
Rose – Geleen Gutierrez FHM Award
Zen – Best Batchhead (Bucayo 2005B)

Aries – Jowie Garcia Go Big Time Award
Bong – Adrian Bustos Seminarista Award
Buduy – Marco Lansangan Pusoy Award
Elai – Loree Sicat Blooming Award
Gboi – Erbert Simon Math Whiz Award
Jerjer – Philbert Pangan Geriatric Award
Justin – Rex Dizon Headshot Award
Kenn – Aga Retirado Kalayaan Award
Michael – Jerome Caylao 16 hours Award
Jen – Best Batchhead (Lakatan 2006A)

Denesse – Daphne Villanueva Little Miss Philippines Award
Erika – Lorgi Mindo Just For Kikays Award
Kevin – Mike Peñalba 2nd Generation Award
Lea – Lea Dizon Katukayu Award
Ruth – Nel Kabigting Smiley Award
Felipe – Best Batchhead (Langgotsie 2006B)

'Campaign for 10K' another winning fundraiser

Before the Academic Year 2006-2007 officially ended, UP Aguman ventured with a project dubbed “Campaign for 10K” that aimed to raise full-scale funds for the organization.

For the first time, UP Aguman joined Globe Telecom Pampanga in a project of marketing the company’s simcards. Globe Telecom is the second-largest telecommunications company in the Philippines that carries the slogan: Ang Lakas mo sa Globe. Every quarter, Globe Telecom undertakes similar projects and this time through the coordination of an alumna, Jennifer Canlas (Pamikalugud 1990A), who works with Globe in Pampanga, UP Aguman was chosen to be its partner.

UP Aguman’s Executive Council 2007-2008, particularly the Finance Committee, spearheaded the said project. The members, despite being on summer vacation, fully supported the campaign and sold its allotted 250 simcards at the price of P55 per simcard. Through this collective effort shown by the members, UP Aguman received its P10,000.00 commission.

These funds will be prudently utilized for the notable projects of UP Aguman in the next academic year. The Finnance Committee will likewise continue in its efforts of raising more funds for the organization this summer.

Eksenang Agu!

By Binibining Bangs

Tadaaa! Welcome sa bagong portion dito sa ating munting Aslag, na kamusta naman, thanks to our late contributions ay late na naman?! Anyways, sa kawalan ng idea kung paano pupunuin ito ng artiks, inihahatid sa inyo ng Aguman News and Current Showbiz Affairs ang jaya-jayang version ng Eksenang Peyups! O diba, ka-level ng Aslag ang Collegian! At least tayo, may perang pang-photocopy! Hahaha!
At para sa ating maiden debut, hulaan portion tayo sa see-through blind items.

1) Da who itong mem-gurl na takot na takot na sumakay sa Ferris Wheel sa isang perya noong Questions Nights? Nung una, ay dayang-dayang pa talaga siya sa pagsakay, but she eventually gave in. Ang result, may-I-scream-if-you-wanna-go-faster ang drama ni mem-gurl! Kaya ayun, after 4π radian turns ay pinatigil ni mem-gurl kay manong machine ride operator ang naturang Ferris Wheel upang tapusin na ang kanyang kalbaryo. But wait! There’s more! After another 2π radian turns ay pinatigil din ng isa pang mem-gurl ang ride. Josme! Clue: Ang unang mem-gurl ay miyembro ng isang dugu-dugu gang. Ang pangalawang mem ay ever-popular sa pag-shedding ng tears kapag major app events. Itago na lang natin sila sa mga name-sung na Kuratong-Baleleng Gang at Foreverly Ann Pag-cryalu.

2) Da who itong dalawang ex-chorvas na tila na-miss ang golden days of yore ng kanilang pagsasama? Habang busy ang lahat sa paggawa ng questions noong nakaraang Questions Nights, aba, aba aba! Sila’y pumuslit sa garahe to play a quick game of hoops. At ang nakakakilig pa, ay may kumustahan on the side pa sila habang nagbo-bola. Wushu, muling ibalik ang tamis ng pag-ibig ba ito? Clue: Ang dalawang ex-chorvas na ito ay parehong nagka-UTI na may isang taon ang pagitan. Itago na lang natin sila sa name-sung na Remus Julius Caligula at Cynthia Tasha Batumbakal.

3) Da who itong mem-gurl na known for her mega-uber na kakatuwang adventures and misadventures? Ilang araw pagkatapos niyang matagpuan ang kanyang na-lost na Math notebook sa Dean mismo ng CAL , ayun, nagkaroon siya ng isang life-changing realization – na ang mega-uber sikat na Pinoy dessert na halu-halo ay may ‘laman’ pala! Oha! Wonders of wonders dava?! Kamusta naman na after 48 years ng pagsubo ng yelo na may gatas na may ‘crispies’ (AKA pinipig) on the side pa, saka pa lang napansin ni mem-gurl na may a whole new world of sangkaps na itinatago pala itong halu-halo na nabili niya. Clue: Kamakailan lang ay laging nag-yayaya na kumain sa McDo Philcoa si mem-gurl para sa kanyang quest for the million ketchup sachets. Ayan tuloy, sa sobrang ketchup na nakuha ni mem-gurl, napilitang mag-sara ang McDo Philcoa. Itiago na lang natin siya sa pangalan na Deedee-Dash V! V as in Roman numeral #5 – kasi she’s barely 5 feet. Bwahaha!

4) Da who itong mem-gurl na supposedly ay pa-siga-siga at matigas pa compared to most mem-boys. But no! May-I-crylalu ang drama ng tigasin mong lola! Pagkatapos niyang mapanood ang isang barely audible birthday message video ng kanyang pinaka-aasam-asam na sabon este papa-lu, ayun, hindi na talaga napigilan ng tigasin mong lola na mapaluha sa sobrang galak. At pagkainip na rin siguro. Kasi naman ano! After 48 years ay wala pa ring nangyayari sa pag-iibigan nila! Clue: Si mem-gurl ay hindi taga-Pampanga. Yun na yun! Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalan na Juday Caylao!

O ano, na-guess niyo ba ang mga da who natin? Well, well, well, kung sa dami ng napaka-not-so-subtle na clue ay hindi niyo pa rin sila ma-gets, itanong niyo na lang kay Kuya Wexie. Dahil for sure, alam naman niya ang lahat nang itow! Chismis King kung Chismis King!
So ayan, kita kits na lang sa aking susunod na episode. Kayong may mga tinatago diyan, yung mga pa-simple but grapol pa kung mag-jamoves! Mag-ingat kayo! Walang mga inosenteng pangyayari ang hindi pwede lagyan ng malisya! Etchos na!

Confessions of a Fincomm Head

By Cyrille Bautista

ZERO! A FAILING GRADE FOR FINCOMM! Getting just a passing grade in 114.1 is as miserable as having a failing mark for all the so-called efforts of the Finance Committee. Who could be that someone who gave us, the Finance Committee, a mark as low as zero? I guess he or she has convincing reasons for that score. Nevertheless, from my point of view, it is a very selfish act. I could have accepted a 1.

Last semester was really a one heck of a semester. I became a student who had no interaction to the outside world. So maybe it was my fault why Fincomm’s performance and visibility were graded as very poor.

What noticeable action did Fincomm do last semester? We had relatively decreased the average collection period for the reaffirmation fees. We managed our limited resources, our cash, and dispensed it to the expenses of CEER and Pautakan. We gradually paid our debts to the alumni and other members.

However, this semester is quite different. Aside from the fact that I have given up my course, the committee made some changes within. We have standardized our sponsorship proposals. We have set our individual quotas for acquiring funds for Sining 2007. Although the forecasted expenses exceeded the actual expenses incurred during the said event, the finance committee, together with my co-officers (and Marco who temporarily lent us his cash), were able to manage the discrepancies. We were able to open a savings account for the organization. This semester, we also launched the 'Babarug Pipitik II: The Spanking Hot Edition' which became a venue not only of generating ample profits but also of building bonds among members.

In short, we really did not have any major event or fund raising activity to brag about. However, little do members know that being a fin com member or fin com head is such a tough job. Our work is not just a
one time big time task that is assigned to us to be accomplished within a short span of time and within the time frame of an Aguman event. It is a multi-faceted job that requires dedication and passion. It requires patience and determination to attain our goal that is to provide money for the realization of the projects of UP Aguman. Truly, it is hard to market our org and our org activities. But it is the challenge we boldly accepted.

On a lighter note, after all the kakeseran (keser- kailangang seryosohin) or the mushy ideas I’ve imparted, being a Fincomm Head is not only about dealing with money but also about going through the whole process and experiencing how it is to be a treasurer. (Although, I’ve wished hard that our consti should have been amended as soon as I’ve taken the position so I could have a title of VP for Finance which sounds more impressive. Right?) There are a lot of benefits. I get to sign twice on the sigsheets of apps which I think is fun. I get to hold a sum of money (to hold and not spend on personal needs!). I get to see the various sides of my co-officers (when they get too serious, when they worry too much, when they ask for money, when they address some org issues and a lot more) and witness those different looks. I get to compel my members to do these Fincomm tasks. I get the impression of being a rich girl (although I am not!J). I have a position and I have something to write on my resume. I get to go through one enriching experience.

Anomalies. Irregularities. Inconsistencies. Abnormalities. In this kind of work, these all happen when it comes to making the receipts and disbursements equal. All these will happen when I do not act the way I should and do not perform my duties. Trying to fulfill the expectations is hard. But I guess it is just a matter of how you play the game. At the end of the day, it is not about what others think but more importantly about what you have contributed and learned.

Hosting Q-Nights the 2nd time around

By Rex Dizon

11.19pm, October 29, 2006

I knew I will be requried to write an Aslag piece about hosting Questions Nights (Q-Nights) so I figured now is the perfect time to do so, while the feeling and the memories are still fresh. So here it goes!

Apparently, it’s my second time or rather, it is our house’s second time to host the arduous Q-Nights. The first time was 3 Pautakans ago when I was the President. Our house is probably second to Bang and Kong Mike’s residence in terms of adopting the AguPips for the Pautakan preparations. Aba! Akalain mo, Dizon din sila! Hehe! I guess being hospitable runs in the Dizon line, haha!

Like before, I was SOOO excited. I (and Kuya Argel, as Memcomm) had so many plans to make each night a night to remember. But in terms of the enjoy factor, I honestly think I failed as a host. For starters, I didn’t have much time to prepare. Sagad la reng exams ku until the day before the Q-Nights start. Plus, Kuya Argel wasn’t even there on any single night! So we weren’t able to carry out any single gameplan we had. More so, partially thanks to Frida (haha!), we had this cold epidemic the whole week! Each morning is a sniffathon for all of us. A couple of our org chicks even had asthma attacks. Lastly, I still had this effing machine problem that I had to pass at the end of the week, which prevented me from fully enjoying the Q-Nights. Basta for me, Q-Nights 2006 could've been way way more enjoyable for everyone.

Being the host, is SOOOOOO mapagal! Believe me!
Another reason I wasn’t able to prepare much for it was because the night before, I slept early and woke up late the next day because I knew that once the Q-Nights begin, a whole week will have to pass by before I get any decent amount of sleep again. Mig-reserba ku talagang tudtud! But the thing is, Pautakan has always been close to my heart, even before I was officially an AguPip. To be the Pautakan head is a mini-frustration for me, so that’s probably why I am so involved in it every year, to think that I am not even from Educcomm. So all in all, I still enjoyed the Q-Nights after all.

Unfortunately, some traditions involved in the Q-Nights were discontinued. For the time in many eons, there wasn’t much work of art on human skin! The only victim was Ngot (who developed white varicose veins) and Fergie (who had a botched manicure). Well, I am partially to be blamed. I am the oldest among the Q-Nights campers, I should be the one to carry the torch, continue the legacy, hehe! Pero ala eh, metamad ku, I was too sick and too worried about other hosting matters to bother with it. So next year, Agupips, por pabor! Ibalik ye ing tradisyung ita! Magdala kayung madakal na pentel pen!

Luckily though, for the first time, the meals for the AguPips weren’t much of a problem. Kudos to whoever thought of meals sponsored by committees. At least, ali pane ing host ing meperwisyu keng ipalaklak kareng AguPips, haha! For me, peka-manyaman itang handa ng Celine. Syemps, it was a complete smorgasbord – tasty beef, sipo egg and creamy leche flan! Medyo miparakal pin eh, up until Monday, atin pang baka. Geesh, I was eating the leftovers for 3 days! I felt that if I didn’t stop, I would start moo-ing already! Haha! Special mention to my Ate Joi’s spaghetti, hehe! Too bad, only a handful of the Agupips got to taste it.

Let me end this pagninilay-nilay by saying that despite the hassle, este HASSLE, hosting Q-Nights will always be enjoyable. The truth is, Q-Nights is STILL a group effort, even if only one person is burdened with the hosting chores. For that, many many thanks to everyone who came and helped out! Q-Nights will never be as fun without the myriad of people that come day in, day out!

Kristle, Ngot, Jade, Dawn, Lang, Joman and Dadai, our esteemed alumni, for dropping by. Lalu na y Ngot, twice ya pa meg-overnight eh. Jang rugung balu tana man ngan kung bakit atsu ya lagi and pepa-rebond ya pa for Q-Nights, diba? Hehehe!

To our perya at St Jude, thanks for adding a little spice to our Q-Nights! Jang rugung Catterpillar and Ferris Wheel mu rugu ing agyu mung i-offer, at least mekapag-unwind and mekapag-bonding kami pa ring AguPips!

To Jasper, Daryl and Justin, for always being so makulit! One reason I offered our house the second time is because of these kids, I knew they would enjoy the company of the AguPips every day and every night. True enough, lagi la ping maki-ingredus kekatamo, emo? Haha!

To Dang Nena and Divine, for graciously serving us during our meals! And syempre to Kuya Dennis and Ate Joi – for making payag to offer our house once again, to think na balu na ng Ate Joi makananu kapagal mag-host, hehe!
Kareng egana-ganang meg-overnight, edanakayu metung-metungan! Naku, pasensya nakayu, ali ya aircon ing bale mi! Ditak pa ing kutsun! Pasensya nung ali kayu masaleseng meka-tudtud. Eh bale, meging masaya tana man, salamat keng Diner Dash, Feeding Frenzy, Cakemania and Deal Or No Deal, haha!

So there! To my successor, kung sino ka man na maghohost ng Q-Nights next year (Yikes! Para ng beaty queen! Haha!), good luck na lang sa iyo! Hehe! Joke! Seriously, saludo ako sa iyo. Not all mems are willing enough to sacrifice a week’s worth of quality sembreak rest and sleep. Just don’t think about the hassles, just think about how you can help in the success of the project, and the fun that comes with it. Mapagal ing Q-Nights, but if you and the rest of the mems play their cards right, it can also be uber fun!

Tribute 2007: To Happy Endings

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

It happens every year when there will be people who have to say goodbye. In our regard for you who have been family for the best part of our college years, we wish to share our sincerest love.
Not for ourselves alone.
This oath my friends are what created every other legendary Aguman member that sat on the benches of our tambayan. While you are all eager to sashay your way to the “bigger world”, remember to share this oath with others.
Graduation provides an opportunity to exercise another oath made: Forever in the UP Aguman I will belong. You may have bid your farewells, but you are and will always be part of this org, of this family. We in UP Aguman are very proud of you. To happy endings and new beginnings. Kudos!

Hazel “Zel” Tobias
BA Public Administration
Kaputul 2004A
Buddy, just wanna thank you kareng ganaganang gewa mu for me. God knows makananu ku ka-thankful na ika ing binye na kaku. You’re the best! Congratulations kareng accomplishments! You deserve them! ‘Sta stay happy and lovely! We’ll miss you! God bless, love lots! ~ Erika
Boi, congrats! Eku balu ng sabyan keka, hehe. basta balu mu na ita, nung ali pa, text mu naku mu, hehe! ~ April

April “Pril” Parilla
BS Statistics
Kaputul 2004A
No words can express how fortunate I am to have met you. You are kind, smart, funny, sexy. Sige na pen! And ravisant. Never did it come to my mind that friendship and trust cost so cheap. Sulit na sulit ang P80! My continuing journey inside the Aguman would be simpler and effortless if it weren’t for your thoughtful gestures and helpful hints. Because of you dear buddy, I feel blessed. I still have a long road to tackle but knowing you’re with me and I know you will always be, I know I can be better than what I am now. Please take care of yourself. Though often times you may not hear this from me. I love you dear Buddy. I mean it, thank you so much, for saving this prodigal buddy of yours time and again. Stay happy! ~ Jowie
Si April? Tahimik, mahinhin, habulin ng boys, kikay, masipag mag-aral, religious, at higit sa lahat – maganda! Pero seriously, si April ang pinaka-astig na bestfriend, sa buong universe! Hahaha! Congrats ‘Pril! Yehey graduate tana! Sana magka-BF ka na! Bakanta maka-relate naka kekami, hahaha! Yun lang! ~ Hazel

Argel Joseph “Gel” Casupanan
BS Computer Engineering
Salagpi 2001A
I’m one of the members/alumni who’ve known Argel from the time he was an applicant up to now that he is graduating. Kulelat ya yan niang aplikante ya, pero binawi ne niang mem ne. He’s an active mem, or should I say hyperactive? Haha! He contributed so much for the org. I’ve seen his sleepless nights during his Pautakan and the other Pautakans, and when he made great plans for the MemCom. That’s one of the things I admire about this guy, he puts his heart to what he does. Most of the new mems may not be able to see this, but trust me when I say he loves Aguman so much. Now, he is graduating – the org will miss its go-to-guy when it comes to making Physics questions in Pautakan, the ultimate “sawsaw” guy (‘cause he meddles or concerns himself with other matters apart from his committee’s or literally mahilig yang sasawsaw ‘pag ating magjoke king tambayan!) The org will never forget this one wacky, loud, silly guy who never failed to put smiles and bring laughter to the mems. To you ‘gel, in behalf of the org, God bless you in all your endeavors. Show the outside world what you’ve got. Remember - you’ll always be loved by the org you love. ~ Maan

Israel “Kers” Suarez
BS Architecture
Kasaup 2002A
Tuwang-tuwa ako nang makilala ko si Israel noong first year kami. Siya kasi ang unang kapampangan na nakilala ko tapos arki din siya. Ako yata ang nagyaya sa kanya na pumunta sa acquaintance party ng Aguman noong 2002. Pero siya lang ang tumuloy sa application. Siya pa ang nag-encourage sa akin sumali, pero third year lang ako na-convinceJ. At noon ko lang nalaman na “Kers” pala ang tawag sa kanya. Itanong niyo na lang sa kanya kung bakit naging Kers ang nickname niyaJ. Tulad ng tipikal na kapampangan: palabiro, masayahin, masipag, mabait, ma-diskarte, mapagmahal at maraming chicks??? Biro lang, marami lang siguro nasisilaw sa kagwapuhan at ka-machohan ni Kerong. Pero alam kong loyal yan sa kanyang girlfriendJ. Ganun yata pag isa ka sa “Matimtiman Boys”. Mabuti siyang kaibigan, nakikinig sa mga kwento mo at kahit anong ibuhos mo sa kanya. Malupeeet mag-drawing yang si Kers, at magaling mag-design. Tunay na Aguman at tunay na tao. Kers, maraming salamat sa pakikinig at tulong (sa arki at sa paggawa ng mga backdrop). Nalalabi na ang mga araw natin dito sa UP. Hehe. Sana maging makabuluhan ang mga ito. Kita-kits na lang sa arki world: sa projects, sa board exams! Ingat and God bless. ~ Nins

Dennis Rey “Dens” Manabat
BS Geography
Salagpi 2001A
I have not played “Speed” with anybody as spirited as kuya Dens *haha! “sandali lang Daph, dahan-dahan” haha!* He is blessed with that biting intelligence and always tranquil feel. When he comes around, siguradong naka-cap yan, pero ngayon, ang hair niya sumasabay sa galaw, haha ^_^ natural pala yun, kala ko rebond. I really had a hard time searching for his peekchas to put sa tribute at Aslag, camera shy daw kasi, haha! Kuya Dens, dacal salamat sa lahat *oha, half-kapampangan yunJ* You don’t know how much thankful I am for having you as a friend, really. You are one of the very few people that understand the phrase “being-there-for-you.” He has this unique way of making people happy. He has a lot of love for God and for …J the org. I will miss you kuya Dens! Take care! Aja! ~ Daphne

Zenicar “Zen” Galban
BA Political Science
Bucayo 2005B
Ateng, ala kung asabi lakwan mu naku. Ala nakang pakner in crime. Hehe. Seriously, I’ll definitely be sad pag ali da naka abe. Makapanibayu. Balu mu naku man emotional ku, ay ikata pala. Ala talagang makanyan, alanganaman panalangin ku eka grumaduate. Well I just hope the best for you. This is it. It’s your turn to shine. Knowing you, balu ku naman you’ll excel. Agyu mu patalakad bale ampong saling wheels, I just wish whatever venture you’ll take maging masaya ka at kuntentu ‘coz I think ita ing importanti. Ocge, umiyak ku pa. Eku na kinakaya. ~ Frida
TE zen, pwede bang pa-extend ka pa kahit 1 year mo? Hehe. The thought of you, our dearly beloved ate and batch head, leaving us is sooo unacceptable! Pero nang akarapat mi diba? In the end buri ku mu naman na maging successful ka king career mu. Goodluck keka. Sana atupad mu ngan pangarap mu. Bukayo loves you and we will miss you sooo much. Manlibri ka neh? Hehe. ~ Kath

Maria Jean Avy “Jeandoi” Dimabuyu
BA English Studies
Kaputul 2004A
Dapat na ba akong magbigay ng message? Makakasama ka pa naman namin ng one year diba? Ehe…ate Jean, naku! Isa sa mga pinakamabait at corning agupip na nakilala koJ Pero in fairness, she can surely brighten your day kahit super duper corny ng mga jokes niyaJ Isa rin siya sa mga pinaka-OC na tao na pwede mong makilala…pramis, ‘di yan titigil sa paglilinis hangga’t may kalat! Isa rin sa mga agupip na sobrang nagpapahalaga sa org. Official photographer ng Aguman kaya pag yan gumraduate na, mawawalan ang Aguman ng taga-upload ng pix, eheJ Pero kahit ganun pa man, alam naman namin na lalabs mo kami at patuloy pa din naming mararamdaman ang presence mo. Luvshoo ate Jean, Ingat parati. Di ko sasabihing we’ll miss you kasi magkakasama pa tayo! Ehe! ~ Fergie

Maria Luisa Rosario “Mao-uie” Mendoza
BS Business Administration
Kaputul 2004A
Ate congrats! Sa wakas, graduate ka na rin! Goodluck sa career! Mamimiss kita. ~ Ruth
Si Ate Mao-uie? Mami-miss ko siya kahit isang taon lang kami nagkasama…astig na buddy, you should get to know her moreJ Over sa sungit pero normal lang yun, pag nakilalala mo pa siya, lalo mo maa-appreciate…unpredictable? kasi dapat pang kilalanin. Indi dapat kalimutan…exclusive na tao and yet, I like her the way she is…buddy, I like it! hehe! ~ Rose

Haidee “Dei” Tungol
BS Business Administration
Sampelut 2003A
Sugar and spice. Si Ate Dei yun. People may have the impression that she’s suplada but I can attest that she’s not. This drop-dead gorgeous is one of the sincerest people I have ever met. When she tells you she knows how you feel, it’s amazing that she really does *hugs por you ate dei* She can also humbly give justice to her goddess-like name *deity username nyan sa laptop, di ba? haha!*.
Ate Dei, Na-miss ko na yung PI days natin kay Ramos, haha^_^ My summer then couldn’t have been better without you. Thank you for sharing those little stories that made us closer, thank you for the gift of trust because nothing can get any better than that, thanks so much! O ano, nakarating ka ba SM Bicutan? haha^_^ Congrats! Keep safe always! ~ Daph

Niña Reanne “Nins” Gomez
BS Architecture
Kaputul 2004A
Ate Niña is responsible and will never let you down even if she is busy. She is sweet and has a very angelic face. I wish her good luck and congrats. Though we have not spent that much time with each other, I still learned a lot from her. Dedication and discipline made her keep running in the track of life. I am really lucky to have met this wonderful woman. ~ RJ
Chikinins, good luck on your future career! I know you’ll make waves budz! ~ Joman

Leah “Lei” Salta
Bs Business Administration
Sampelut 2004A
Ate Leah is smart and strong-minded. She definitely deserves the award “not for herself alone.” Ibang klase ‘yan! Super masipag at magaling na head, she will definitely go places. She is passionate, hard-working, and a proven-and-tested true friend to the very sense. Carl Jung once said: The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed *oha, ginamitan ko pa ng chemical analogy, haha!*. That’s what happened to me when I met my Ate LeahJ Congrats buddy! Salamat sa lahat-lahat-lahat ^_^ Keep inspiring other people! UP Aguman will definitely miss such a wonderful person like youJ Daan ka pa din parati ah. Take care! *big hug* ~ Daph

Mary Rose Celine “Cel” Dagdag
BA Political Science
Sampelut 2003A
Celine is a beautiful person, inside and out, just like me. Haha! Kidding aside, Celine is a strong person who knows how to handle life’s pressures with grace. Pero minsan, baliw ‘to. Crazy. Nuts. Berserk. Silly. Foolish. Heart. Hehe corny. Minsan lang naman yun. Pero kahit ganun s’ya, mahal ko ‘to. Aylabyu pare! ~ Ngot
Wali, congrats!ü Yehey! Graduate na din kayo! Don’t be too excited to get a job ok? Rest ka pa at mag-enjoy… After having a long vacation, good luck naman sa job hunting! I know you’ll find the right job for you and I’ll pray for that of courseü. Stay pretty! I love you so much! Mwah!ü ~ Jade

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Babarug Pipitik 2: The Spanking Hot Edition

The Babarug Pipitik is the UP Aguman's official Valentine Season fundraiser that is now on its second year. It is a money contest wherein people can nominate and vote for their favorite loveteam that may be composed of a member, an applicant or an alumni. The 2006 winners were Rex Dizon (Salagpi 2001A) and Daphne Villanueva (Kaputul 2004A).

Now on its second year, this year's Babarug Pipitik is dubbed "The Spanking Hot Edition". After almost two weeks of voting and eliminations, Paul Feliciano (Kadaya 2005A) & Portia Quindo (Kaputul 2004A) were declared the Ultimate Loveteam with 650 votes last February 13. The couple had their dinner-date at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe during Valentine's Day.

The 1st Runner-up was the tandem of Kers (Kasaup 2002A) & Zen (Bucayo 2005B) with 581 votes. The pair won a dozen pieces of Cello's Doughnuts. Aga Retirado (Kadaya 2005A) & Ruth (Langgotsi 2005B) won Toblerone chocolates bars after placing 2nd Runner-up with 240 votes.

This project is annually organized by the Finance Committee.

Accolades to thirteen UP Aguman members

Year-in and year-out, the Aguman tribute gets bigger and better — more fun and certainly more surprising. Last March 22, 2007, thirteen graduating members were invited to a pseudo-Tribute party at the Vinzon’s Rooftop. This year however the anticipated actual Tribute was held at a rooftop along Baluyut St, Brgy. Krus Na Ligas.

The Tribute 2007 was definitely not going to be the traditional affair. Until an hour and a half before the 7pm event, almost none of the guests were sure they’d been invited to a Tribute. They only found out after a premeditated abduction complete with blindfolds and a kidnap vehicle. They were one-by-one abducted and brought to the venue.

They climbed to the rooftop with blindfolds. Upon reaching the top, they were asked to remove their blindfolds and were surprised by the overwhelming attendance of 50 undergraduate members and alumni. Candles that were beautifully lit and the plants that were arranged surrounding the venue added to the already stunning ambiance provided by the night sky and stars spraying the rooftop.

The graduating members were received with applauses; dinner was first served then we together watched a 20-minute video presentation especially prepared by batch Lakatan 2006A. The video reminisced the good old college and Aguman days--memories that will eternally be remembered.

The night was made extra-special by the lighting of candles by the graduating mems. The present graduating members shared touching messages to the family that they will be leaving behind. They likewise received stirring thank-yous and goodbyes from selected members and alumni. It was formally concluded by the release of balloons. Tribute 2007 was made possible by the incoming Executive Council with the kind collaboration of all undergraduate batches. Congratulations to our graduates!

Tibo Nga Ba Ako?!

By Thea Lising

Para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam, galing ako sa St Scho at oo, nagkaroon na ko ng ka-on. Naging “kami” nung first year ako at fourth year naman s’ya. Her name is Cherry. Girl na girl ang name n’ya ‘noh? Which agrees with her naman, kasi girl na girl din s’ya.

Siguro ngayon naguguluhan na yung iba sa inyo dahil pa’no nga naman nangyari na naging mag-on ang dalawang babae na straight naman pareho (dahil sa ayaw n’yo at sa gusto, straight talaga kami pareho)? I firmly believe kasi na you can enter or have a same-sex relationship kahit na you are both straight. Alam ko marami na ang magdi-disagree sa’kin pero this is what I personally believe.

Sa isang exclusive school for girls kung sa’n ako nanggaling, normal lang ang pagkakaroon ng ka-on. Ang tawag nga namin kapag may nanliligaw sa’min na babae ay “pinapasukan” kami. (Oo na, may nag-point out na sa’kin na medyo “green” and suggestive yung term namin pero yun talaga tawag namin dun eh).

Ang pagiging expose siguro namin sa ganitong paniniwala ang nagtatak sa aming isip na wala namang masama sa mga same-sex relationships mapa parehong babae pa sila o parehong lalaki. Pwede mong sabihin na lumaki kasi kami sa isang environment na hindi nagma-matter kung babae ka o lalaki, lahat kayo pare-parehong pwedeng magka-crush, ma-inlove, maligawan o manligaw sa kung kanino man. Kapag kasi galing ka sa isang co-ed school, parang implied na na ang mga babae magkaka-boyfriend at ang mga lalaki magkaka-girlfriend. Sa amin naman, parang walang implication, libre ka kung gusto mong magka-boyfriend o magkaroon ng ka-on. Pwede mong sabihin na mas open minded kami sa homosexuality compared sa isang galing sa co-ed school. Although I have to admit na sa amin, may implication na kahit minsan lang sa high school life mo na magkakagusto ka o may magkakagusto sa’yo na kapareho mong babae. Marami ang nagsasabi na siguro daw kung may mga lalaki sa St. Scho wala masyadong mga mag-on o kaya naman kaya daw kami nakikipag-on dahil walang nanliligaw na mga lalaki sa amin. Siguro nga ganoon, meron sigurong iba na ganoon ang reason sa pakikipag-on. Personally? Hindi yun ang reason ko.

Nung nasa elementary ako, mayroon akong mga lalaking mga ka-barkada at friends ko pa rin sila kahit nung nag-high school na sila. Madalas ko namang puntahan sa Don Bosco ang kuya ko every time na may event dun, kung saan nakikilala ko ang nga friends and classmates ni kuya. (So hindi mo pwedeng sabihin na wala akong kilalang boys or manliligaw kaya nagkaroon ako ng ka-on).

Nakilala ko naman si Cherry nung nagpapractice na kami ng sayaw namin para sa Intrams, ka-team kasi namin yung class nila. Naghiram s’ya ng pamaypay sa’kin kaya kami nagkakilala. Nung mga sumunod na linggo, madalas s’yang dumadaan sa labas ng classroom namin at nakikipagkwentuhan. Hanggang sa maging magkaibigan kami. Hindi nagtagal, tinanong na niya ako kung pwede bang maging kami. Siguro mga limang beses ko pa s’yang tinanggihan bago ko sya tuluyang sinagot (dahil sa pagseselos ko sa isang batchmate ko kaya ko s’ya sinagot). Akala ko noon mahal ko na s’ya, na na-inlove na ako sa isa pang babae. Hindi pala. Paano ko nalaman? Kilala n’yo na siguro ang taong nagpa-realize sa’kin nito. Tama, si Phil nga (sorry Bei, important sa explanation eh).

Marami similarities sina Cherry and Phil pero ang nagpa-realize sa’kin ay yung difference nila. The difference of my feelings for them, that is. Napag-isip-isip ko na yung naramdaman ko for Cherry ay love for a friend, a very special friend pero still a friend none the less. Nung kasing kami pa, para kaming magkaibigan. Yung kwento-kwento, magsusumbong ka sa kanya kapag may kaaway ka o kaya problema. Sweet din kami, pero nahawakan lang n’ya ata yung kamay ko once saka isang kiss sa cheek lang nung Pasko na kami pa. Possessive din ako nung kami pa ni Cherry, nagseselos ako kapag may ibang girls na nagpapa-cute sa kanya pero pag boys ang nagpapa-cute, kinikilig pa ako para sa kanya.

Na-realize ko na kahit sino’ng friend kong babae ganoon ang pakiramdam at pakitungo ko, parang wala naman s’yang lamang sa kanila. Which is napaka-iba sa kung paano ako makitungo at pakiramdam ko para kay Phil. Sa friendship kasi, iniisip mo yung makakabuti sa kaibigan mo pero sa paggawa mo ng mga
desisyon, ikaw pa rin ang nagdedesisyon, kadalasan gagawin mo pa rin yung pinakamabuti para sa iyo. Pwede kang gumawa ng mga bagay ng hindi kinukunsulta ang mga kaibigan dahil buhay mo naman ‘yun eh. Ganoon ako mag-isip at gumawa ng desisyon noon. Kahit pa kami ni Cherry noon, ka-on ko s’ya, ang pakitungo ko sa kanya ay parang isang kaibigan lang. At sa pagkakaalala ko, ganoon din s’ya sa akin.

Ibang iba ito kapag nasa isang seryosong relasyon ka. Ang paggawa mo ng mga desisyon ay nakadepende na sa kung ano ang nakakabuti sa inyong dalawa na, hindi yung mabuti lamang para sa’yo. Yung mga bagay na dati hindi mo na ipinagpapaalam parang biglang gusto mo nang ipagpaalam kasi ayaw mong masaktan yung minamahal mo, kahit pa hindi mo naman sinasadya. Mas self-centered kasi kapag friendship lang, mas iniisip mo ang sarili mo kaysa iba. Sa romantic love naman, parang nagiging mas importante yung kasiyahan ng partner kaysa yung mga gusto mo. Minsan, nagsi-seem petty yung mga bagay na big deal sa ‘yo dati nung single ka pa compared ngayong may ka-relasyon ka na.

Kaya ko lang siguro naisip na romantic love na nga yung nararamdaman ko dahil sa amin nun, ok lang kung makaramdam ka ng ganoon. Napagkamalan kong yun na yun at kulang yung mga experiences ko para mai-classify at ma-define ko ng maayos kung ano ba talaga yung nararamdaman ko para kay Cherry. Na-overwhelm lang siguro ako at inakalang ang pagseselos ay equivalent sa pagmamahal sa isang tao. Siguro nga kung nasa isang co-ed school ako ay maiisip ko na kahit nagseselos ako sa mga umaaligid kay Cherry ay dahil possessive talaga akong kaibigan at hindi ako magco-conclude agad na mahal ko na s’ya. Pero dahil nasa exclusive school ako nun, mas naging mabilis na nag-jump ako sa ganong conclusion kesa sa ano pa man.

Kagaya ng lahat ng mga relasyon, mayroon ding iba’t-ibang klase ng mga same-sex relationships. Hindi ko sinasabing lahat ng same-sex relationships ay friendship lang, napagkamalan lang na romantic love. Ang sinasabi ko lang ay sa kaso ko, yun ang realization ko. Posible naman kasi na ma-inlove sa kapareho mo’ng kasarian, wala naman kasi dapat na limitation ang love eh. Siguro dahil nai-dikta na sa’tin na ang tama ay ang babae at lalaki na magka-relasyon at wala ng iba kaya pangit o mali sa mata ng karamihan ang anumang taliwas dito. Sana na lang, i-respeto natin ang mga taong iba ang paniniwala kaysa sa’tin.

So, tibo nga ba ako?! Bwahahahahahaha! HINDI!

Summer Greetings Galore!

Compiled by Aguman N&CA

Hi sa Lakatan na parang Justice League. Hi din kay Lois Lane ng buhay ko. Hope I’ll be your Superman someday – Clark Kent

Jomski, Good luck keng dorm life mu. I don’t think you’ll ever find roommates / housemates as fun, as supportive and as great as we are – 34Great

Hello Pinas! Hi to my pretty roommates Pie and Ferg (nokarin na ka? Haha) – Jeandoi

Kuya Kers is truly one talented artist, a great buddy and a don romantico ü. Congrats buddy! – Cel

Cy, Babo, babo, babo, puru naka mu babo! Ala na kang bonding time with us! Haha! – Groupmates

34G pips, thank you sa accommodation! Sa uulitin? Haha! – Kevin

You-know-who-you-are, someday, I’ll make you pay! – You must not know ‘bout me, haha!

Thanks Daphee for the patience, Hehe! – Jeandoi

Rjei, so, miras naka keng Vicks stage keng ES. Pa-exempt naka this summer, neh? Rakenrol! \m/ – I'm-so-glad-I’m-thru-with-ES

Congrats to the new IVP, my hon, Marco. We are very proud of you! Though we may not be together physically (hahaha), I will always keep you in my *tut* hahaha – April

Kitch! Takshapu mo! E danaka ikit! E naka pepakit, Hehe! amishu! – Porsche

Hello Buddy Kevin! Kaputul ’04, (di na tayo nakumpleto, hay naku), baby batches especially to huggable boys of Lakatan ‘06A. Love you ol! – Jeandoi

Miss World, it isn’t goodbye after all, haha! Ituluy tana tang pamag-gym ta keng University Hotel! – Jogging Partner

Kadaya, nanu ng milyari? Kapilan tamu kaya makapagbonding? – Fergie

Sexy ‘tol Celine, congrats! enaka mabatuk ka nako? Hehe! – Jeandoi

Ate Maan, Fridays will never be the same when you’ll fly away! – Wexie

Hi guys! Kelan summer escapade natin? at… para kay *toot* kung mayroon, wag ka na mahiya! Tapatin mo na! – Eerol

Loree, se-sexy ah. Dimple, hug-hug kayo ni F**DY, haha! Ruth, kumusta na ang mga favorite ‘cartoons’ mo? – Portia

Kitchie, Makanyan naman ing market share mo kareng lovelife mu. Steer away from the bad boys, dearie, hehe! – Kuya Rex

To my buddy Jeandoi, kung atin ku talagang buri kanta, that is to have a home here in UP, I’m fortunate enough for having known UP Aguman, moreover for having you, kasi, you opened fully the ajar doors of Aguman for me. Siguru pin, kung ala ka, I would have toiled even more. I hope abalik ku keka ing agawa mu kaku.. I hope na mamusni tapang aliwang pasbul. Dacal a salamat! At sana king tutuki, my thanks will be in form of deeds na. – Buddy Kevin

Yekky-yummy-umpkin, wuy, pamang-gawang bale ing atupagan mu keng Bicol ne, ali nung nanu-nanu pang extra-marital activities on the side, haha! – Chever Problems Go-To Person

Hello din pala kay Michelchay (na palaging tumatambay sa agu), Timoi (na mukhnag tambay talaga), Sandigan Bratz (Levz, Caloy, Kevin, Alex, andami pa), textbuddies na di ako pinapatulog (Deo, Omar, Jamer na pasaway, Levs ulet), Myron, Ceej (thanks for the DLSU pass, hanep), Keysi (miss na kita sobra), Hiskul Kada, hehe, love you ol! – Jean Avy

Hehe! Ate Jean, sana mabasa ng mga friends mo greetings mo sa kanila, Haha! Alabshu! Mami-miss kita. Take care always okay – Daphee

To the smallest AguPresident ever, height doesn’t matter, don’t worry. Ipa-batch project mo sa Langgotsi yung apple-box mo, para hindi ka mahirapan kapag nag-gegenmeet! Hehe! – The youngest AguPresident ever

Mga graduates! Congratulations! San ang blow-out? Imbita niyo kami ah, hahaJ Good luck sa lahat ng endeavors! – CD

AguPips AKA Residents, I am 100% confident that Aguman is in good hands this coming year and the years that would follow. Galingan yu lagi. Not for myself alone… – Rex, Salagpi 2001A

Lai, ooh you touched my tralalala, hahaha! – ChowTime

Acey-kins, Mahal kita, pero di mo lang alam.. Lagi mo na lang akong dinededma.. – Secret Admirer

Congrats sa lahat ng graduates ng Batch Kaputul! Good luck sa atin!!! – Mao-uie

Jen, environmentalist ka pala neh. Mahal na mahal mo pala ang kaLIKASan, hehe – Housemate

Kevin & Buduy, Ultimate Hunks! Gawin bang study center ang apartment namin?! Haha! – Landlord

Kuya Wexie, balu mu na ita, haha. Balu ku namang ami-miss mu naku, haha. Basta thanks keng egana-egana, as in egana-egana. Balu mu na nanu la reta kaya eku nala i-enumerate. Osimap naman emu naku masyadong lalambingan, haha! Nung ika namang ating kailangan, just call my name and I’ll be there. Love you! Mwah! – Porsche

Tres loveless, loveless nga ba yung dalawa? – Loveless pa din

Paul, pansinan mu ne man ing Aguman. You know how I moved heaven and earth para misadsad ka, please don’t let that go to waste. – Buddy

Langgotsi, congrats kekatamu! – Kevin

Belated happy birthday Kuya Marco! Pro-pusoy! Kelan ang inuman? Excited na ko Loree

Portia, I love you, too! – Chemical

Ate Daph, tapos na ang math at ang lakad para sa kalikasan, haha! – Kevin

Celine, atin ku pakilala keka. Ultimate Hunk ya, as in! Aljur ya lagyu! Enaka pabren nini! – Johnny Bosco

Jomz, balu ku namang ami-miss mu naku. Don’t wori, amishu too, haha – Portia

UP Aguman, thanks for making my college life so worthwhile and enjoyable. So many lessons I’ve learned, different people I’ve met, they are all priceless, and I owe it all to you. Thanks a ton! – Dens

Thanks sa 21 heads! You’re all cool! – Hand

Yek, bat eka mikisingit king pila? Hehe! Amishu! – Porsche

Sorry dun sa few greetings na hindi na-include, uber sorry, hindi ko kasi na-save – Daphers

Langgotsi ‘06B, CONGRATULATIONS! We finally made it through ‘together’…thanks for everything. 4ever be Langgotsi at heart! Lovelotz! – Erika

Jen, Secretary ka na pala, hindi ko man lang nalaman. Good luck na lang sayo – Likas

Daph, hapi bertdei! Haha
! I’m so sorry, tumatanda ka na, tumatangkad ka ba? Hehe! Joke! Haberdei! Mwah! – Poring Rain

Thank you sa Aslag staff at sa lahat ng masugid na contributors! Love yah guys! – Editor

How To Be A Good President

By Celine Dagdag

It has been days since the time when I decided to write this piece. Two hours later, Daphne compelled me to write the same piece. This is supposed to be a parting piece for me as President. Anyhow, I have decided to write my own "how-to" list (yeah, from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days). This time it is entitled, “How To Be A Good President”. Needless to say, I have learned all of these things the hard way. If I could turn back time, I would have done some things differently. Anyhow, as I have been mentioning quite so often nowadays, “What’s done is done”. Oh well, I hope you learn something, especially if you are secretly aspiring to become President someday.

Bite your tongue. Seriously, though it is my personal flaw to be blunt, sometimes, it is critical to learn how to shut your mouth. For one, if one is talking to a person outside the organization, one has to choose his words carefully (SINING anyone?). In official organization businesses, one does not just speak for himself but for the whole organization as well. It is on these instances that cursing and all other foul words becomes sacrilege for a President. There are a lot of people in UP who can speak so much about so many things, but only few know when to shut up. Be one of them.

Never be late. As President, one must always be on time. It stems from the responsibility of a President to be a model to all members. Being late is considered a curse of the Agupips. How I wish to see the day when it becomes a myth.

Learn to juggle. Remember your final interview? I still remember mine. Of course, just like the rest of us, I was asked about my priorities. I really can’t remember what the order of importance of my priorities was but I remember placing God above everything else on the list. Of course, reality bites. I think in my case, they all did happen. Really. There are times when everything happens all at the same time and you have to choose which ones to give your attention to. I am not a hypocrite to say that as president I placed the organization on top of my priority list at all possible moments. In cases like these, one just has to really know what decisions would be more critical. Thesis or final interview? Anniversary or Christmas party? One in 10 Years family reunion or CEER? Of course there is a difference, no matter how we deny it, if you are the president making all of these decisions and if you are a “regular member”. The stakes are higher for a president. It is important in this case that the members themselves are understanding. After all as president, you can only do and give so much. And it is also quite unfair to ask a president to just stop living his life for the organization. Key word: balance.

Accept the reality that you are only human. Being President, his mistakes are crucial. But being human, they are also inevitable. One has to forgive oneself of these “Siyet, megkamali ku moments”. But sometimes, mistakes are so big that damage control would only be the only answer to the problem. But bear in mind that mistakes are just not meant to be repeated.

Walang personalan, trabahao lang. As I have mentioned in one of my speeches, the organization is a family composed of different individuals with different characteristics and attitudes. And like in any other family, petty or full – blown quarrels mixed w/ sama ng loob are unavoidable. As president one is still part of the family, heck, one is so not exempted from these quarrels. To quote Kuya Ryan, “Respetu mu”. Sometimes, no matter the effort one just don’t jell with some people, it is on these moments that one has to be professional and not let the personal “thingies” get in the way of the tasks. And, personal fights, are that, personal. They must be settled outside of the org.

911!! Yes. It is not a sin to ask for help. When one is swamped with so much to do, it is not disgraceful to unload some of the duties to other officers or members. Also, dial the same number if one is in need of advice from the alumni or the elder mems.

Commend in public, scold in silence. Praising should really be done in public, it is the most apt thing to do when commending someone. Reprimanding someone should ideally be done in private.

Love thy position. Being president is intoxicating at times. But one must always remember this famous line from Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Responsibilities become less of a nuisance when one loves what he does. Love it. After all, it is not everyday that one is chosen to lead.

I am gonna miss being the President. I am gonna miss the organization. Last words, "Isang malaking good luck!"

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